Why I’m Starting to Worry About Ricciardo’s Move to McLaren

2 dec 2020
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Daniel Ricciardo is unquestionably one of the best and fastest drivers on the F1 grid but, time is ticking for the 31 year old as he makes his move to McLaren where he will face a new challenge in Lando Norris and a pivotal moment in his career, as to whether or not he made the right move leaving Renault after 2 years of building them up.

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  • Just wanted to say that this is a video I've been working on for a few days so I needed to release it today despite all of the crazy news in F1 recently, don't worry videos on Russell and also Mazepin are coming very very soon

    AldasAldas4 månader sedan
    • @muhammad nabil Ric better than verstappen or hamilton? You can argue no 3 but definitely not no 2

      Nicolas Ortega DibildoxNicolas Ortega DibildoxMånad sedan
    • @Nicolas Ortega Dibildox Ric no 2 and Perez no 4

      muhammad nabilmuhammad nabilMånad sedan
    • @Kenan Altaf It's good for them to have the new engine in 2021 so that they have 1 year of learning about the engine before the 2022 show starts.

      Pol Via OrtegaPol Via Ortega3 månader sedan
    • Here’s why I’m not worrying about Dani to McLaren. You have Lando as his teammate who is always fun to be around so chemistry between those two will be high because they like each-other and also McLaren will have Mercedes Power Unit next season so if anything they should hopefully be stronger next season and I reckon they could possibly take a fight against Redbull if all is well

      Tragic UpsetTragic Upset4 månader sedan
    • F1 is BORING!!! Proven by Sakhir and Russell. Since Nico left, Hamilton has had no competition. He must be bored stiff.

      onesoloving1onesoloving14 månader sedan
  • Lol the McLaren is a much better car and he gels much better with Lando. Those are the 2 things I think he values. A competitive car and a healthy team dynamic.

    Aashish EapenAashish Eapen12 timmar sedan
  • He will be fine.

    Raph WalkerRaph Walker4 dagar sedan
  • This is when this video should be deleted before I even watch in 2021

    Waseem UmarWaseem Umar9 dagar sedan
  • I had the same thoughts last year but after seeing the mess that is Alpine's manegment, their bulky unstable car and the Renault PU beeing the weakest on the grid i think you can say Daniel made a really good move.

    ZecZec11 dagar sedan
  • Mmmm......you completely ignored the leadership capabilities of Zac Brown; Danny’s biggest threat is the group of very talented young guys including young George down in Williams sitting in the wings; we are in for some interesting seasons in the future, unfortunately championships are 50% talent & 50% being in the right team at the right time

    Stuart FergusonStuart Ferguson11 dagar sedan
  • He's in the Top 3

    Mantavya SharmaMantavya Sharma29 dagar sedan
  • He should have stayed at Red Bill in all honesty. Verstappen is a spoilt brat and Danny Ric was the last driver to slap him up.

    Pietro DPietro DMånad sedan
  • I'm not labeling Lando Norris as a sure fire champion, I see him for what he is. A lucky young lad with talent, but not much apart from that..yet. If Ricciardo is not starting to win races like 3 or 4 this coming season he is finished for good...and I have the feeling that is what gonna happen, mucking about in mid field and slowly degrading and falling out from grace and fading away like Hulkenberg did. I wish Ricciardo win the title this year, I hope and cheer for him but reality will be the mid field mucking about.. McLaren looks shit sounds shit goes like shit..

    MikkaMikkaMånad sedan
  • His move to McLaren will pay off in 2022 mark my words.

    Varun GandhiVarun GandhiMånad sedan
  • Daniel will be a top contender in the mclaren. His talent is undeniable. Maybe win a few races too. Let’s hope. Go Daniel.

    Johnny2TimesJohnny2TimesMånad sedan
  • Were Ferrari "capable of building a race winning car" last year ?? ,Not and stay within the rules ..so No You can have no doubt they knowingly fielded an illegal car , and that the FIA was going to do nothing (just imagine the fines any Ferrari rival would have gotten) and hide as many details from the public as they could . And anyone who isn't worried about the continued proliferation of ex Ferrari personnel in the higher tiers of the FIA is ignoring the history of F1 and Ferrari International Assistance.

    EvilrocoEvilrocoMånad sedan
  • I’m not...

    Trevor ShawTrevor ShawMånad sedan
  • Spitting facts about Renault my friend. Renaults engine is very good on the straights.

    LockPickingMechanic LPMLockPickingMechanic LPMMånad sedan
  • I don’t see how he’s so rated

    RamoneRamoneMånad sedan
  • He drove that RBR well, he helped develop Renault more than it had in the last few seasons. Ricci is going to just help develop that McLaren into a title challenger within the next 2 seasons. Mark my words. I speak with 25 years of following this sport.

    अमित त्रिवेदीअमित त्रिवेदीMånad sedan
  • Daniel was far to good a driver for Renault. It didn't take him long to realise they just didn't have what he needed. He's at the age now he doesn't wanting to be wasting time. He's smart and knows what he's doing so he see's McLaren are on the up, especially with this Merc Engine. Christian Horner was a fool putting Max above Daniel the way he did. I know Max is a fantastic driver but that was a foolish move. I wouldn't even be surprised if Horner wanted Daniel to step back a bit and allow Max more glory hence the fights on track. Daniel's there to win, simple. I'd love to see him get a good percentage of podiums this year, he definitely deserves it. I also can't wait to see the new driver pairing. Poor Lando 😂 "did you grow any yet" Come on let's get this season started!!!!

    Melanie MearsMelanie MearsMånad sedan
  • 😂😂best thing he’s done

    007dunphy007dunphyMånad sedan
  • Good video dude.😃👍

    Callum BurtonCallum Burton2 månader sedan
  • Lando was number 1 driver at Mclaren last year?? I would have to doubt that opinion Aldas lol.

    James LeeJames Lee2 månader sedan
  • I don't see what other choice he has. Merc is locked down. He's not going back to RBR. The next choice is McLaren. He may actually win another race this way.

    Full of MischiefFull of Mischief2 månader sedan
  • You should do a deep dive on team strategy. You'll find that Renault should've done a hell of a lot better this year, not due to car performance, but because of poor strategy. It's quite alarming. Glad Danny is gone to Mclaren.

    Herve TranHerve Tran2 månader sedan
  • Ricciardo is running out of time

    nashvin joshuanashvin joshua2 månader sedan
  • I can't disagree with anything you've said.All I would say is this. You can't under estimate the instinct of a top driver like Ricciardo to know whether a team is likely to get him where he expects to be in the time he has available to potentially win a championship. His gut no doubt told him that whilst in a more competitive car at R.B it was unlikely to happen any time soon and perhaps he felt that Renault's progress although better this year was not likely to live up to the claims they had promised him. Perhaps he just knew things that we didn't. Then it comes down to a gut feel with McLaren headed in the right direction, Mercedes engines, new very good management and a team stooped in a history of winning. It's worth a try and what do I have to loose? He's not a guy that's doing it just to make up the numbers and he's not going to die wondering either.

    Graham SerleGraham Serle2 månader sedan
  • On Dec. 2nd 2020 you posted a/this video saying you're worried about Ricciardo's move to McLaren. Then on Feb. 5 2021: You post a video informing us that Sainz's move to Ferrari worries you. After some long deep (often disturbing) thought and quiet reflection I've come to the conclusion that... You worry to much.

    Aberama GoldAberama Gold2 månader sedan
  • I'm expecting that McLaren will be even a little better in 2021 than 2020, so you're secure about Dani Ric, I think renault/alpine will go down to haas and Williams territory, and hope that alpha romeu can be a bit better than last year, I wish to see Kimi in the points again

    Joao CaladoJoao Calado2 månader sedan
  • you should make another video about Sergio Peréz.

    Demoliciones de MéxicoDemoliciones de México2 månader sedan
  • i belive Ricciardo is moving from team to team for the reazon that he want to be in a team which consider him as 1, think abou it, when in redbull he flew after the first season with verstapen, in renault he flyes when alonso is coming... like if he is afraid to measure him selve against real good pilots, afraid to let be seen as always number 2 as he was with bettel and were going to be in redbull,. but i think he shoudl stay in Renault to prove himselve infront of alonso and show as Rosberg did bisede Schumacker as hamilton did. greetings excelente video as always ;-)

    Demoliciones de MéxicoDemoliciones de México2 månader sedan
  • In a Mercedes he would beat the Drama Queen Black Panther on Hollywood Hamilton, Hamilton is a Pussycat Doll such a Mimimi

    Slavenko KosticSlavenko Kostic2 månader sedan
  • Renault: brings back world champion fernando alonso to improve McLaren: MEME

    Agustín LaraAgustín Lara2 månader sedan
  • dude, mclaren are headed for a huge step up in the years to come, the most renault have coming is a sidewards step AT MODT if not a step backwards.

    DILO GOD !!!DILO GOD !!!2 månader sedan
  • Idk. I think it was a smart choice to move to McLaren. The team has improved significantly in a period of 2 years. Now they’ve returned to Mercedes power. They have the remedy to be a title contender tbh

    James VadenJames Vaden2 månader sedan
  • There is no sure fire future champion ever!!! Even if the driver is good enough that is only one piece ti a massive puzzle and nobody knows when and where it falls together.

    Alan luscombe8aAlan luscombe8a2 månader sedan
  • Dont think its a mistake just because renault has dropped hints of leaving the sport and mclaren has not. I think it was a mistake to leave red bull but thats done and done.

    Alan luscombe8aAlan luscombe8a2 månader sedan
  • How can you say Leclerc is outperforming his car but Danny isn't? There were 8 better seats than his in 2020 and he still managed 5th in points. That's the very definition of outperforming the car.

    Full of MischiefFull of Mischief2 månader sedan
  • Aldas & Aldas Subscribers (click on the subscribe button if you don't subscribe to Aldas) - wanted get a sense if you still stand by the theme of this video or has the recent machinations at Renault/Alpine (eg Cyril's departure), Alonso and new Team Boss change your mind?

    David ColiDavid Coli3 månader sedan
  • I doubt that Ricciardo is worried about his move to McLaren’s Formula 1 team

    Nathan_1617Nathan_16173 månader sedan
  • Please stop with the background noise!

    Miguel MonrealMiguel Monreal3 månader sedan
  • iv been watching your channel from beginning... i love when i open SEworld and see your analysis video. keep it up man. hope u reach 100k soon

    Robert MagnussenRobert Magnussen3 månader sedan
  • McLaren have a good car already and add the Mercedes engine can only make it better but Renault only seem to get their act together md season 2020 and by that time Zac brown had his man that he had been after since 2017

    leongt1954leongt19543 månader sedan
  • I am new F1 fan and I am looking forward to 2021. I have been binging F1 on youtube and the videos with Ricardo and Norris are just great. I hope they can keep that up as teammates and really looking forward to rooting for both of them next year. Go team McLaren.

    JediOfTheRepublicJediOfTheRepublic3 månader sedan
  • mclaren>renault

    Hobson McMasterHobson McMaster3 månader sedan
  • I’m sure Mclaren and Racing are getting a good laugh at this video.

    Aaron SorensenAaron Sorensen3 månader sedan
  • lando norris is a bit overrated to me

    Federico d'EsteFederico d'Este3 månader sedan
  • Is a McLaren really going to DNF that much more than a Renault? Having said that... "I'm losing power! I'm losing power. I can't. It's bwoken. It's bwoken. **** anti-stall!" -Lando Norris

    Peter BakPeter Bak3 månader sedan
  • Don't worry, he's moving to a team that has just got new investment and THIRD in the constructors, FYI, they were 9th just 4 years ago. I'm not worried at all, with his experience, he will be able to push Lando too and together, they could be challenging RB and even Mercedes, maybe not for the title, but at least for wins and podiums. After Max and Sergio at RB, I think Mclaren has the strongest drive lineup for 2021, excluding Mercedes because Lewis hasn't been confirmed yet. Ferrari, Aston Martin (Racing Point) and Alpha Tauri come next, in that order. As for Renault (Alpine), they've made great progress with Daniel spurring them on, I just hope with Fernando Alonso coming back to his great team, they can carry on the work together, such that come 2022/2023, we could have a 5-way fight for the title.....

    Magnus TanMagnus Tan3 månader sedan
  • Covid is a scam

    David CarrollDavid Carroll3 månader sedan
  • But isn’t mclaren the only team that can change the chassis for 21season bec of new power unit

    Jan KotnikJan Kotnik3 månader sedan
  • In 2021 both Alonso and Ricciardo will not be battling for race wins. And in 2022 anything can happen. Period. Only think we can say that we kinda know for sure is that in 2022 McLaren will have the better engine and will have had already 1 season to adapt to the new engine.

    Pol Via OrtegaPol Via Ortega3 månader sedan
  • I think mclaren are clearly out performing Renault so Daniel going to them is clearly a good choice and I think he'll easily get some podiums during the season, it's clear it'll be red bull and Mercedes at the top but I'd put mclaren in 3rd easily

    micheal stanilandmicheal staniland3 månader sedan
  • Mclaren is the better team even the Ferrari seat would be better than Renault, should have waited.

    LoweLowe3 månader sedan
  • Nobody other than a Mercedes driver (i.e. Lewis) is going to win the championship in 2021. So this is all about 2022 and beyond. Mclaren with the Merc engine probably has a better shot than Renault/Alpine.

    Pravin PillaiPravin Pillai3 månader sedan
  • Didnt we talk about this at 2019 already

    Charles LeChairCharles LeChair3 månader sedan
  • RIC shouldn't have ever left RB.

    S KS K3 månader sedan
  • No way he made a mistake, his seat is taken by Alonso, he is the one with the worst carrier choices :-P

    BillOverthereBillOverthere3 månader sedan
  • I'm just glad that we have so many competitive cars. I feel like the gap between midfield and front runners has gotten very tight this year. We have Mercedes, Red Bull, Racing Point, McLaren, Renault and (in LeClercs hands) Ferrari have delivered podium worthy cars. I'm not including Alpha Tauri because their win was a lucky hand dealt and they don't have the consistency. But seeing that McLaren, Renault & Racing Point have all improved so much and achieved at least 3 podiums each since the end of 2019.

    ShonaShona3 månader sedan
  • Probably didn't want Alonso as a teammate...i don't blame him really

    Andam_101Andam_1013 månader sedan
  • I started watching this video and was confused why my name is visible... wait...

    Aldas GrigaliunasAldas Grigaliunas3 månader sedan
  • Would like to think McLaren + Mercedes + best overtaker means a world championship for mclaren in 2021

    D_HongKongVideosD_HongKongVideos3 månader sedan
  • I think Renault’s limit is podiums I think McLaren will have a higher ceiling in the long run and will compete for wins in the future

    Juan CenaJuan Cena3 månader sedan
  • Ricciardo has just Alonso’ed his career

    cynicalobservercynicalobserver3 månader sedan
  • Hmmm I'm torn. I really like Daniel BUT I also think this is Lando's chance to stamp his authority! Going back a few years Carlos was talked about as 'a potential future champ', and to be honest I think Carlos has driven better than ever in the last couple of years, but still Lando is right up there with him. I think Daniel will find that Lando is no push over - and Bring it on Lando!!!!

    MrArchie800MrArchie8003 månader sedan
  • Totally agree with your analysis. It was not a conindidence that he beat Vettel in his first season at Red Bull and fared so well against Verstappen. FYI, the music is slightly too loud and thus distracting a little from listening to your voice.

    Water fasting & moreWater fasting & more3 månader sedan
  • Australia is gonna be a good race lol

    JohnathanJohnathan3 månader sedan
  • How can you compare Riccardo, Villeneuve Moss with an average driver like Barrichello ??

    Florent SFlorent S3 månader sedan
  • He’s getting a Ferrari seat anyways.

    JozhJozh3 månader sedan
  • Pérez on this video: AM I A JOKE TO YOU???

    Pato SheridanPato Sheridan3 månader sedan
  • Lol why are you worried. Mclaren ended third.

    Dino JaggerDino Jagger3 månader sedan
  • when he mentioned McLaren Mercedes I was like "eheh.... MercLaren"

    bruno daysbruno days3 månader sedan
  • He's chasing the money, knowing he won't be WDC ever.

    O RO R3 månader sedan
    • @Bernie Sutton It _does_ have an ounce of truth. The drivers must think about their lives after F1 as well. He left RedBull to join an inferior team, however his salary skyrocketed. Now he leaves a team that might be as good or better than Renault, but again his salary can (potentially) be much bigger than at Renault. A smart driver will understand that there's a balance between trying to win WDC and trying to take in as much money as possible while in F1.

      O RO R3 månader sedan
    • Everybody is entitled to an opinion. There is requirement for that opinion to have even an ounce of truth

      Bernie SuttonBernie Sutton3 månader sedan
    • Everybody is entitled to an opinion. There is requirement for that opinion to have even an ounce of truth

      Bernie SuttonBernie Sutton3 månader sedan
  • Good, maclaren got a pair of clowns. entertaining

    Carlos EscaleraCarlos Escalera3 månader sedan
  • Renault promised the world, and delivered nothing in the first year, his decision to join McLaren makes perfect sense. Why would you be worried? He's far better off with Zak Brown, than Cyril.

    RaidersRaiders3 månader sedan
  • There’s no real sign Renault will be more competitive next year. At absolute worst hes gone sideways.

    Adam RichardsonAdam Richardson3 månader sedan
  • Anyone think Renault or Alpine or whatever the fuck they’re called are overrated for next season? Alonso coming back, I like Ocon, but I still think Danny Ric mad the right move

    Duval In The WallDuval In The Wall3 månader sedan
  • Unfortunately there are going to be a lot of head games and Lando has to grow up fast without his big brother. The 2021 midfield is going to be a pissing match between the already established team new school drivers vs the incoming old guard drivers who have to save face. The team managers better set the grounds rules from day one or there will be a lot of carbon fiber flying with yellow flags.

    peter rabbitpeter rabbit3 månader sedan
  • In hindsight McLaren finished P3 in the Constructors Title. Renault P5

    Chris TamblynChris Tamblyn3 månader sedan
  • Com’on he’s joining McLaren not Skoda

    Bughatii LovrenBughatii Lovren3 månader sedan
  • sainz move to ferrari is way worse long term than ricciardos move to mclaren

    Ryan CudaRyan Cuda4 månader sedan
  • This has aged well.

    Christopher ThompsonChristopher Thompson4 månader sedan
  • He won't regret it. McLaren is starting to return to where they once where, they are only 1-2 seasons away from winning a race again (they should have won in Monza). I don't feel like Alpine will be as good in the future like McLaren will be. Ferrari will also come back.

    Cedric AsdfghjklCedric Asdfghjkl4 månader sedan
  • 11:27 man wtf , Hamilton wasn’t a better driver than Alonso . Mclaren gave him a faster car because he is British and they still scored sam amount of points.

    Stjepan JurisStjepan Juris4 månader sedan
  • I like your videos

    F1sherman52F1sherman524 månader sedan
  • Does anyone think that Ricciardo has a chance to go to mercedes as I think next year bottas will be kicked and hamilton will retire in next 2-3 years !! George Russell and Ricciardo will be such a great combo !!!!!

    Shrey ThakurShrey Thakur4 månader sedan
  • Do you still think he made a mistake?

    Omkar GovekarOmkar Govekar4 månader sedan
  • I think Aston will take the fight to the RedBulls next year..... McLaren and Renault so lock horns

    Lington DanielLington Daniel4 månader sedan
  • Peréz is the best Mid Field driver PERIOD

    Lington DanielLington Daniel4 månader sedan
  • He seems to make some questionable decisions.... But I hope everything works out

    Lington DanielLington Daniel4 månader sedan
  • DR is joining a team that has consistently improved over the last 4 years, and overtook the team in which he departs this year in the constructor standings.. In addition to that, they get the reliability of Mercedes power for next year. The chassis has been excellent, particularly the front end as remarked upon by Brundle several times. I can't honestly believe you're questioning his mentality! We know hes a beast - he will grab the bull by the horns and ring every bit of performance out of it. He is every bit as good as Max Verstappen as proved by their time together at Red Bull so in my opinion I think this is a daft talking point..

    James CastletonJames Castleton4 månader sedan
  • It’s the right decision, I hope McLaren Mercedes team up to give him a contender car.

    Deepak KapoorDeepak Kapoor4 månader sedan
  • If Renault is asking Alonso than we know that Renault doesn't have any faith in Riccardo.

    Mark KnoopMark Knoop4 månader sedan
  • McLaren have gotten P3 in constructors, they have new investors buying into the team, provided they can turn out a good car with the new merc power unit they’ll have. I might be optimistic but ricciardo back on the top step? Maybe

    Michael SaintMichael Saint4 månader sedan
  • In formula one you need two things for a championship, the best car and a 90% 'good' team mate. Just ask Lewis

    Dino's ShedDino's Shed4 månader sedan
  • ... Top 5? Top 3 thank you. LeClerc hasn't proved to me he's better than Ricciardo. LeClerc beat an old and out of form Vettel, something Ricciardo did except Vettel was the current consecutive 4 time world champion... Oh and LeClerc won a couple of races when the car was, and let's be real, cheating, and who did he have to beat? That's right, an old, out of form Vettel. LeClerc is a good driver, but he's not up there yet it's just the usual Ferrari hysteria. Only Ham & Max are, talent and result wise, superior to Danny Boy.

    Paddy McPaddy Mc4 månader sedan
  • McLaren's biggest benefit this year (and probably next) was two points producing drivers, the truth is Renault out developed every other mid field team over the season and RP lost points over the brake duct issue and Perez's Covid hiatus. They will be getting the best PU next year but Mercedes reliability isn't what it once was.

    john jonesjohn jones4 månader sedan
  • He’s also getting a Mercedes engine in the McLaren, may support his decision.

    Chris SharpChris Sharp4 månader sedan
  • No, don't worry. They get Mercedes engines next year !!

    Keith PowellKeith Powell4 månader sedan
  • which music in background?\

    Shreyash TripathiShreyash Tripathi4 månader sedan
  • @Aldas - I hear you but - history shows repeatedly that it's Alonso that moves at the wrong time.... I also feel deeply that Ocon and him will clash energies - like history has also shown before.

    Graham HobbsGraham Hobbs4 månader sedan
  • Red bull made a mistake by making it a hostile environment towards him. He would be a great partner for Lewis at mercedez.

    MrStorageheaterMrStorageheater4 månader sedan
  • Lol, why are you playing down Ricciardo and McLaren like they're instantly gonna take a step backwards or not perform in 2021. McLaren was bred from motorsport, right now they have one of the best management and have the ability to create a title contending car. As for Ric he's consistent it may take time for him to get to grips within the team and car but once he does hell be a force to be reckoned with. If anything, this McLaren and Ric relationship will not disappoint.

    Dankious MemeiousDankious Memeious4 månader sedan