Top 5 Greatest Driver Lineups in F1 History Ranked

28 jan 2021
27 840 visningar

Throughout history there have been some incredible driver lineups with so much talent in one team, that they go down in history as some of the greatest partnerships and rivalries ever. In this video I give my top 5 greatest driver lineups and also talk about why these driver combinations are so special.
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  • I’d say senna and prost should’ve had higher chemistry because in 88 they were really chill together

    SaltSalt9 dagar sedan
  • Mansell 11-7 prost? The heck

    SaltSalt9 dagar sedan
  • So Hamilton/Alonso get 5 Talent and 3 Chemistry. But they are behind Prost/Senna who get 5 Talent and 1 Chemistry. Sry, but that doesnt make any sense at all! This List is really the worst thing u ever put online on this, usually good, channel.

    Hans WurstHans Wurst26 dagar sedan
  • Hamilton and Alonso is one of the worst Line-Ups ever. They both f*ck*d eachother so another Driver from another Team could take the Title. 😅 Chemistry: -10

    Hans WurstHans Wurst26 dagar sedan
  • Hamilton Rosberg has to be there... one the most dominant pairs.. both having a decent number of poles and wins & both winning the title.. unlike vettel and webber...

    Rishabh 31Rishabh 31Månad sedan
  • Kimi x Seb Talent : 3.5 or 4 (I can't decide lol) Chemistry : 5++++

    IanIanMånad sedan
  • well, rosberg and hamilton is intense as well

    CL RenCL RenMånad sedan
  • Young fans thinks rosberg is good driver but fans who watch him early now he is very worst

    Enes ImamiEnes Imami2 månader sedan
  • Hamilton Alonso 07, Hamilton Rosberg 13-16, Senna Prost88-89, Piquet Schumacher 91 (3 time world champion against a future world champion at Benetton) Prost Hill 93

    Andrew BryceAndrew Bryce2 månader sedan
  • 2:01 prost?

    Xenon nXenon n2 månader sedan
  • Funny that you consider Mansell and Piquet better than Mansell and Prost. Even if the Ferrari was a worse car and didn't achieve much, Prost was more talented than Piquet

    MafiousBJMafiousBJ2 månader sedan
  • Undoubtedly Ayrton Senna is the greatest F1 driver of all time.

    Victor AndradeVictor Andrade2 månader sedan
  • Dunno how Jim Clark never made the list, that said, very knowledgable kid and great to see your enthusiasm for f1....... just subscribed fella, something I rarely do.........Keep up the excellent work

    ian Huntingtonian Huntington2 månader sedan
  • If there's not gonna be 2 hamilton lineups it's fake. U snubbed rosberg, defintly. But Senna is always a good argument.

    timothywesauertimothywesauer2 månader sedan
  • Villeneuve Scheckter the most underrated driver lineup, the best of the late 70's like 4,5 with talent and 5 with chemistry

    Lorenzo RSNLorenzo RSN2 månader sedan
  • 6. Jenson Button and Lewis Hamilton 2010-2012

    Wolverine 60fpsWolverine 60fps2 månader sedan
  • Hamilton and Alonso chemistry should be at max 2 and Senna Prost chemistry dead zero.

    Pate Pulkkinen/vtecPate Pulkkinen/vtec2 månader sedan
  • Make it after 2 years ,with hamilton and rusell at #2 or #1

    Bhavish ShahBhavish Shah2 månader sedan
  • Others are Stewart/ Cevert Peterson/ Andretti Villeneuve/ Pironi And there are many more

    Phantom096Phantom0962 månader sedan
  • I agree Aldas Senna/Prost the best. They say it was Prost who told Ron Dennis that they should get Ayrton. Prost will always have my respect for doing that.

    Phantom096Phantom0962 månader sedan
  • Why does your voice not match your face?

    Chevy DyallChevy Dyall2 månader sedan
  • no one no one at all Aldas putting pictures of the worst moments on the podium between hamilton-bottas (russia 2018) and Vettel-Webber (Malaysia 2013)

    Frank BaningFrank Baning2 månader sedan
    • I must also say Hamilton and Rsoberg should. be there maybe instead of Prost and Lauda, just because of how intesne it was especially in 2014 and 2016, in my opinion probably the second toughest and greatest lineup of all time just behind Prost and Senna.

      Frank BaningFrank Baning2 månader sedan
  • Ham/Ros should have been on the list

    Toyin ButlerToyin Butler2 månader sedan
  • I know you're a Brit, but there is no way you can say Hamilton is better than Alonso. He was more sucessful thanks to Mercedes, but Alonso is one of the best ever. And we all know that Verstapen would also beat Lewis in an equal car.

    NducationNducation2 månader sedan
    • Alonso already inferior to a rookie Hamilton. Let alone facing this current spec Hamilton

      MadjayaxMadjayax2 månader sedan
  • I’d place Alonso - Hamilton above even Senna - Prost. Those two were that good.

    MACMAC2 månader sedan
  • Bottas and Hamilton, Oh wait...

    Loknath ShankarLoknath Shankar2 månader sedan
  • Nice!

    Daniel SouzaDaniel Souza2 månader sedan
  • Niki Lauda The Computer and Alain Prost The Professor

    Kira_3AQ7Kira_3AQ72 månader sedan
  • 3 out of 5 chemistry with Alonso and Lewis ,WHAT!

    Adam HearneAdam Hearne2 månader sedan
  • That's pretty spot on. Clark and G.Hill may pip Mansell and Piquet though.

    Cameron PetieCameron Petie2 månader sedan
  • i ve heard that mclaren almost signed schumacher in 96 b4 he went to ferrari.....also ferrari wanted to sign hakkinen in 99, could u imagine mika an micheal in the same team during that time !!!! the field wouldve been destroyed !!!

    Joshua CoombsJoshua Coombs2 månader sedan
    • Ferrari intended to sign Hakkinen in 2000 but Schumacher basically veto'd it by implying that if Hakkinen joined then he (Schumacher) would join another team. Ferrari realized they'd lose Schumacher if they signed Hakkinen so they signed Barrichello instead (who at that point hadn't won a single race). Schumacher actually got an offer to drive for McLaren in 1999 but Ron Dennis couldn't grant him his wish of having the same position he had at Ferrari, "undisputed number 1 driver". This is the prime reason I hold Schumacher's greatness in doubt. He never had a good team mate. While Senna was measured against Prost in the same car, Prost was measured against Lauda and Hamilton was measured against Hamilton we never saw how Schumacher would have been against Senna, Hakkinen or Alonso in the same car.

      James ShuntJames Shunt2 månader sedan
  • honestly mate you need a radio show or a commentary job of some sort

    Omar El haredyOmar El haredy2 månader sedan
  • Hamilton and Rosberg even though they had the best car they were wheel to wheel every race swapping wins each race and the chemistry they once had started to go and it was very fun to watch at times

    xT__syflex Mwaddy2006xT__syflex Mwaddy20062 månader sedan
  • You look like a mini Gordon Ramsey..

    No Shit!No Shit!2 månader sedan
  • Nico & Lewis maybe

    Joel SamJoel Sam2 månader sedan
    • yeah, they would maybe hit top 5 of the hybrid era

      IvanIvan2 månader sedan
  • I think Barrichello and Peterson are underrated. But how did you miss Hamilton vs Rosberg?

    duxandrespashaduxandrespasha2 månader sedan
  • wheres Maldonado-Grosjean tho

    Mathis LeeMathis Lee2 månader sedan
  • You look like Gordon Ramseys son

    niuean3000niuean30002 månader sedan
  • What if: Senna and Prost got along well in McLaren and after their season together? Also they were supposed to be teammates at dominant Williams. What if Senna didn't die? What if Alonso and Hamilton got along well and the spygate never happened? McLaren could've had more titles than Ferrari. P. S. I believe there is an error on Mansell-Piquet. You put Prost's name instead of Piquet.

    John Martin CantorneJohn Martin Cantorne2 månader sedan
  • They never won a world title together, but in terms of talent Hamilton Button is up there.

    DomwbafcDomwbafc2 månader sedan
  • The problem with having a really good driver lineup, it is like a double-edged sword. When you stick two world champions on one team or a rising star and a world champion, it usually doesn’t end well. If both want to win the driver’s championship and they are on the same team, feuds will occur and a lot of drama can sabotage the team’s success.

    Alan AngcaoAlan Angcao2 månader sedan
  • Are you the child of Gordon Ramsay?

    Simon 69Simon 692 månader sedan
  • The first one is suprisingly should've been a movie about it.

    Luke Daniel GalonLuke Daniel Galon2 månader sedan
  • Hamilton and Alonso is a 1 on chemistry! How about Farina and Fangio, Farina beat Fangio to the first title. Also missing Jim Clark and Jackie Stewart should be first both 5 star drivers and 5 star chemistry, aka batman and robin...... demand a recount!!

    Craig MoyCraig Moy2 månader sedan
  • Fangio and Moss only a 4 on talent? WOW. I probably would put the Hamilton/Alonso chemistry lower. Anyone fancy Verstappen/ Ricciardo?

    Jim ElliottJim Elliott2 månader sedan
  • Kimi Raikkonen & Felipe Massa, Jackie Stewart & Francois Cevert and Niki Lauda & Clay Regazzoni should be a consideration somewhere (but more on a Top 10/15 list). However, Hamilton & Alonso shouldn't be anywhere near this list- never won a championship due to politics and wrecked their team's chemistry and frankly just as ineffectual as Leclerc & Vettel. And imo Hamilton & Rosberg should be no 2, broke so many records together despite poor chemistry (but assisted by 3 brilliant cars)

    Crystal RacingCrystal Racing2 månader sedan
    • @Ivan Kimi-Massa won 1 WDC & 2 WCCs together (could've been 2 WDCs if it wasn't for certain incidents throughout 2008). Kimi-Montoya had more talent, but JPM kept crashing out and left F1 with his tail in between his legs. DC was too slow to help Kimi during 2003

      Crystal RacingCrystal Racing2 månader sedan
    • raikkonen-massa doesn't really best raikkonen-montoya or even raikkonen-dc

      IvanIvan2 månader sedan
  • Petition for hair routine video lol

    Alif Akmal Abdul HalimAlif Akmal Abdul Halim2 månader sedan
  • British bias as usual

    naeem jamilnaeem jamil2 månader sedan
  • You Failed to Mention their Attitudes towards each other later in their careers,(Sena, Prost) I know, you're a baby..

    MaliVinnyBMaliVinnyB2 månader sedan
  • Lost my respect when said that Lewis is the greatest driver of all time

    Domingos NetoDomingos Neto2 månader sedan
    • ?

      Robert AlexeRobert Alexe2 månader sedan
  • No maldonado and grosjean? I am sad

    Kevin HanandiKevin Hanandi2 månader sedan
  • Lewis is not the greatest of all time.

    Naveen KumarNaveen Kumar2 månader sedan
    • would argue is he even greatest of the hybrid era (2014-onwards)

      IvanIvan2 månader sedan
  • rub salt into a wet face, making sure not to eget any into your eyes. leave it for as long as you want and wash off. repeat for a week and all spots go away.

    lpi avelinolpi avelino2 månader sedan
  • You forgot the legendary 2015 Lotus lineup. Romain Grosjean AND Pastor Maldonado 😳

    BlaziTheEdgelordBlaziTheEdgelord2 månader sedan
  • next top 5 worst line ups.. I think Alesi and heidfeld are one of them.. (not they where bad drivers, (Heidfeld was a Mclaren junior at that time) , but they crashed twice into eachother that year..

    Jori BremerJori Bremer2 månader sedan
  • If Lando and Sainz are not here...imma be sad Edit: they not here but I'm not gonna argue. Dope stuff

    Utkarsh GautamUtkarsh Gautam2 månader sedan
  • Rosberg and Hamilton, just because of their shear dominance in the Merc, even if there was resentment amongst the two drivers. 4 out of 5 for skill and 2 out of 5 for the drivers relationship. It’d be awesome to see Russel in the Merc, just to give Hamilton a challenge.

    Marcus PerilliMarcus Perilli2 månader sedan
  • Aldas looks like mumbo jumbo

    Rishen ReniRishen Reni2 månader sedan
  • No one going to talk about mick mazapin

    Soham BelgeSoham Belge2 månader sedan
  • ricciardo verstappen

    Agustín EchevarríaAgustín Echevarría2 månader sedan
  • You must Perhaps do a Top 5 drivers who never won Driver's title Aldas!

    Rasal vRasal v2 månader sedan
  • Gordon Ramsay just disrespectful not to include Jim Clark Graham Hill

    Hamza EsatHamza Esat2 månader sedan
  • Clark and Hill, Gilles and Pironi are missing :/ maybe make a top 10 vid instead of 5? :)

    Patricio RiveraPatricio Rivera2 månader sedan
  • At 2 or 3 I'd put Hamilton Rosberg

    DeaathlessDeaathless2 månader sedan
  • ricciardo vettel ricciardo hulkenburg sainz leclerc perez hulkenburg button hamilton ricciardo verstappen sainz verstappen GROSJEAN MALDONADO

    Shaurya ArvindShaurya Arvind2 månader sedan
  • lewis-nico ain't shit?

    Syaufi ShaharuddinSyaufi Shaharuddin2 månader sedan
  • i thought fangio n moss is a famous combo in F1

    Syaufi ShaharuddinSyaufi Shaharuddin2 månader sedan
  • Wow Fangio and Moss wow that was probably op

    Hank FieldsHank Fields2 månader sedan
  • are we forgetting Hamilton and rosberg?

    Ya Boiii MarcusYa Boiii Marcus2 månader sedan
  • Clark and Hill I think needs to be mentioned as well Clark being one of the greatest racing drivers of all time and Hill of course being the only man in history with the triple crown. Either way this is a fantastic video keep up the great work.

    The GooliganThe Gooligan2 månader sedan
  • For me, it was Senna and Prost. Not because of anything other than my father introduced me to F1 during this time, a 11 year old boy in 1988... Ahhh i remember those days sitting there with my dad, he had his cigarette and his beer, the enthusiasm he had for F1 as he drank a beer and cheered on. He made me a lifeling F1 fan back then. Years Later, two days before my 17th birthday, I was with my dad when we unknowingly watched Senna die... To see my father react so emotionally.... my dad was the toughest man i ever knew, he cried that day... is something ill never forget.

    q3aryokoq3aryoko2 månader sedan
  • Mclaren 07’ chemistry should be 1

    yyxy2002yyxy20022 månader sedan
  • Another level qualifier is a understatement lol Senna beat Prost by 1.5 secs around Monaco and 1.7 secs around Suzuka. Senna just had a bad habit of crashing into backmarkers in the race😂

    Spiffy TuberSpiffy Tuber2 månader sedan
  • ppl do forget Piquet is a 3 time World Champion fr

    Le-WiiSsLe-WiiSs2 månader sedan
  • I’d be cool to have a top 5 greatest grids

    _pl 29_pl 292 månader sedan
  • 1:39 why is the wins Mansell 11-7 Prost? Not Piquet?

    2E (16) Yuen Chung Lam Ivan2E (16) Yuen Chung Lam Ivan2 månader sedan
  • My top 5: Piquet-Mansell (Williams 1986 and 1987) Lauda-Prost (McLaren 1984 and 1985) Prost-Senna (McLaren 1988 and 1989) Mansell-Prost (Ferrari 1990) Hamilton-Alonso (McLaren 2007) And some good line-ups but they were together for a short time: Piquet-Schumacher (Benetton 1991) Piquet-Lauda (Brabham 1979) Hakkinen-Mansell (McLaren 1995) Senna-Hakkinen (McLaren 1993) Rindt-Fittipaldi (Lotus 1970)

    TomásTomás2 månader sedan
  • Alonso-Hamilton Chemistry rating should be a -3 at best.

    RedCometXIIIRedCometXIII2 månader sedan
  • Senna is kinda overrated.

    aydan khaliqaydan khaliq2 månader sedan
  • My top 5: (based on individual talent) 1. Fangio and moss 2. Senna and Prost 3. Clark and hill 4. Piquet and mansell 5. Alonso and Hamilton.

    aydan khaliqaydan khaliq2 månader sedan
  • "firstly, his taste on woman, secondly, he plays golf and I play tennis, thirdly, he lost 3 championships and I won 3." -Nelson piquet

    aydan khaliqaydan khaliq2 månader sedan
  • just going to point this out it says strongest pairing not most explosive pairings for those picking rosberg.

    Gigsaw SoljierGigsaw Soljier2 månader sedan
  • For me : 1) Senna-Prost 2) Hamiton-Alonso (even if, for me, Alonso is better than Hamilton...) 3) Moss-Fangio 4) Lauda-Prost 5) Hakkinen-Coulthard

    AloterAloter2 månader sedan
  • Hamilton Rosberg (The GOAT and only person to beat two 7 times WC) cemetery (4 at the start and 1 at the end) Talent 5 I would place them in second place right behind McLaren 88/89 boys

    Nace LovrenčakNace Lovrenčak2 månader sedan
  • imo the duo rosberg|hamilton is missing. Crazy rivals who pushed each other day in day out

    Sonl wSonl w2 månader sedan
  • What's notable about these is that none of them lasted very long. Mansell and Piquet were only teammates for two years, as were Senna and Prost and Prost and Lauda, while Fangio/Moss and Hamilton/Alonso were only one year (although maybe the former would have lasted longer if Mercedes hadn't pulled out at the end of that 1955 season). I think Jim Clark and Graham Hill at Lotus could be up there as well, as could maybe Hamilton/Rosberg at Mercedes. One lineup I think could be one of the greatest ever lineups in Motorsports generally, and I know this isn't an F1 lineup but still, is Jamie Whincup and Craig Lowndes for Triple Eight Race Engineering in the V8 Supercars Championship in Australia, both in longevity (they both drove full time for the team from 2006-'18 and Lowndes still co-drives with Whincup in the championship's Endurance races like the Bathurst 1000) and success (the two have taken around 170 race wins between them during their time as teammates, including 6 Bathurst 1000 victories (four of them together in the same car) and Whincup has taken seven championships).

    Dominic BardenDominic Barden2 månader sedan
  • Daniel and Max has gotta be there

    Zak WheatonZak Wheaton2 månader sedan
  • In 10 years time, we will put Leclerc Sainz on this list

    Edi CziszterEdi Cziszter2 månader sedan
  • i am really missing rosberg here

    Peter MoreePeter Moree2 månader sedan
  • Prost and Senna didn't actually hate each other. They were bitter rivals, but in the end, they were friends. Prost was actually one of the guys who carried Ayrton Senna's coffin in his funeral.

    Wil KentWil Kent2 månader sedan
  • I would have given ham an alonso a 1 out of 5 for chemistry. Did you watch the 2007 season?

    Josh SmithJosh Smith2 månader sedan
  • I would have put Hamilton Rosberg instead of Hamilton Alonso tbh

    Dehydrated BowserDehydrated Bowser2 månader sedan
  • HAM ROS - 3 years, astronomical stats

    Adam JanasAdam Janas2 månader sedan
    • 4 years actually

      Adam JanasAdam Janas2 månader sedan
  • Senna-Prost duo driving McLaren MP4/4.. The sheer amount of dominance oozing out of that is ridiculous tbh.. 2 of the greatest drivers of all time driving the greatest car of all time.. It can't get better than this...Just can't

    Aditya sreenuAditya sreenu2 månader sedan
  • Senna is definitely the fastest qualifying driver of all time... And it really isn't close... 65 poles in such a short career and beating Prost in poles 26-4??? Yeah, not even close, no discussion at all. Prost however more than made up for it with his equally good race craft and masterclass judgement while racing and setting up the car. And yes, it comes as no surprise that this is the strongest line-up of all time. Glad you didn't put Lewis and Nico, because they had had like 95% pole positions in the hybrid era (not counting 2013). That was clearly car speaking and not drivers. Who would ever even think Rosberg was capable of being a champion before he was handed a car literally almost a second faster in both qualy and race pace.

    Vitor FerreiraVitor Ferreira2 månader sedan
  • If Charles Leclerc becomes a World Champion, him and Seb will be, definitely, among the top 5. However, that's with only talent, and not with results.

    Vitor FerreiraVitor Ferreira2 månader sedan
  • I was surprised not see Rosberg and Hamilton on the list

    cynicalobservercynicalobserver2 månader sedan
  • Vettel and raikkonen is the best lineup of all time

    ZUNORUSHZUNORUSH2 månader sedan
    • tbh if we're only talking about raikkonen's lineups then raikkonen-montoya is greater and even raikkonen-coulthard and raikkonen-massa could have an edge over

      IvanIvan2 månader sedan
  • 1. Massa/Raikkonen-Ferrari Constructor’s Champions of 2007-2008 2. Vettel/Raikkonen-Ferrari 2017-2018 runner ups 3. Alonso/Raikkonen-Top Dog Ferrari Dream Team 4. Prost/Senna-Top Dog McLaren Dream Team 5. Rosberg/Hamilton-Explosive Mercedes Dream Team

    Elijah PrasadElijah Prasad2 månader sedan
    • if your going to be ferrari biased at least put schumacher-barichelo top cuz 5titles. and both won constructors with other teams too. alonso-raikkonen would of been epic in say 2007 but 2014 it was dour Massa was decent a certain tracks but never a champion the fact he was a corner away from champions says alot about hamilton tbh

      Gigsaw SoljierGigsaw Soljier2 månader sedan
  • Jim Clark and Graham Hill gets forgotten quite easily, Hamilton and Rosberg is one that goes under the radar too. But I agree, Senna and Prost is the ultimate rivalry, and they just make everyone else look like children, such was the immensity of their rivalry.

    MattGPMattGP2 månader sedan
    • Jim Clark gets sadly forgotten when the talk is about the greatest of all time. For me he is at least top 3. Probaly even higher. His Win % for that time was unbelivable. He nearly matches Hamiltons win % even though the cars in Clarks time broke down every second race or so. Jim Clark is the most underrated driver ever.

      Hans WurstHans Wurst26 dagar sedan