Are Red Bull Over Criticised?

16 jan 2021
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First episode of 'Talking Points' on Veloce's channel:
Red Bull have had a difficult few years, not only have they been incapable of delivering there drivers a car capable of consistently challenging the Mercedes, but they've also has a driver circus that has brought on massive amount of pressure and criticism from both the fans and the media. But is that criticism entirely fair or are Red Bull over criticised?
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  • Brendo n Hartley... nice

    AldasAldas3 månader sedan
    • Aldas you seem to have completely overlooked what is arguably the biggest reason for Red Bull failing to win any of the hybrid era drivers and constructors titles and that is the engine. There is no doubting how good their chassis and aero package has been throughout most of that period and if they'd had a more competitive engine they would have definitely challenged for and possibly won more titles.

      KarlKarl2 månader sedan
    • Brendon Hartley is doing very well in the WEC so i did not understand that he did not got better treu the year surprissed me, butt he did not inprove so, butt they written off a lot of drivers off to fast.

      Jeroen VerzijlJeroen Verzijl2 månader sedan
    • Sounds like an Aussie drinks brand

      Elliot SykesElliot Sykes3 månader sedan
    • None of the cars did produce a car that could overtake MERC. So. By your way of thinking they should all be criticized. But you and others criticize RB for it, But they are the best after MERC.. AND!! They are a energy drink, not a car factory like Renault of Ferrari. Those should be criticized. Not RB!

      ꧁ৡۣۜ͜͡ Hans ৡۣۜ͜͡ ꧂꧁ৡۣۜ͜͡ Hans ৡۣۜ͜͡ ꧂3 månader sedan
    • For 2021 it is simple, RBR doesn't have Mazepin. Also consider this, with Perez, RBR for the first time "deviates" from its program

      obimk1obimk13 månader sedan
  • People moan it's a bad move red bull ruin careers but without red bull the ones they dropped had no career !! Paid millions to drive a prototype on the best tracks in the world flown round the world first class and in return ? Think of it like paying your plasterer to plaster your room and it's 1.2 metres out but it's ok he's a nice guy don't get it twisted this is business £200 million constructors money so pay a slow driver millions and hold yourself back to give it away ? Gtfoh Perez is the perfect fit for that seat and I'm a Big Max fan but Perez is a beast he'll be a 0.100 off but make max raise his game ! tyre wise and patience especially and just think mistake wise 2 or 3 mistakes and Perez takes a huge lead over max but after this max will become unbeatable but he has to beat checo first I believe checo brings at least 0.200's to red bull minimum !! And McLaren will surprise quite a few remembering Mercedes have lost D.A.S Mercedes may be 3rd fastest at best 🤔

    Chevy ChazeChevy ChazeMånad sedan
  • Are you serious ? RB over criticised ? LOL as a ferrari fan i can only laugh at that idea....

    - xrampagex -- xrampagex -2 månader sedan
  • no

    Troy DerksTroy Derks2 månader sedan
  • I still don't get the "Red Bull doesn't know how to manage their young drivers". Guys, apart from Merc and Ferrari (with Ferrari being an exception the 2020 season) RB is the only team who could fight for regular podiums and even victories. They need to capitalize on Ferrari and Mercs errors so they can bring victories, podiums or at least the highest amount of points they can. We all know how Max performs with the RB but of course the other driver must be able to keep very close to Max, if they can't, they are loosing potential points and even podiums or victories. It is normal they want this other driver to be consistent and very fast, they are no Haas or Alfa. That's why they hired Perez for this season, experienced driver who can keep up with the pressure and he has proven to be very fast. Sure, they made a mistake by bringing the young talents very early to RB but at least they tried and they had the chance to see if they were at the level to be at RB. All of that "toxci environment that destroys their drivers" is just pure BS

    Guillermo SanchezGuillermo Sanchez2 månader sedan
  • I wont beat about the bush i dont like young driver programs. F1 used to work perfectly ok in the past, talent always managed to find its way to the top one way ot another. i think F1 teams should always just try and hire the best drivers, not have them tied to some sort of brand :/

    jon belljon bell2 månader sedan
  • You promise a lot you get criticised a lot

    abcdef ghijlkmnabcdef ghijlkmn2 månader sedan
  • 2x speed is the way to watch videos

    MillenniumMillennium2 månader sedan
  • IMO they actually under criticized especially seeing how much people really love to criticized Ferrari, want to see the evidence just see this video comment section people just started to bash Ferrari ranging from "they rich should be first" to "they cheat they should be first" , personally Red Bull should also be criticized as much if not more after they over promise years after years and not only that they also somehow always have this trend of having a not competitive package in the start of the season to the point when they have a competitive one it almost always when the WDC already way far from their grasp yet most criticized always fall to Ferrari lap

    Wing ZeroWing Zero2 månader sedan
  • Did he say “rub people off the wrong way” 😅😅😅

    Alistiair GodwynAlistiair Godwyn2 månader sedan
  • The animated physician genetically drum because outrigger consistently applaud pro a obese coffee. unhealthy, late result

    Andrew KimAndrew Kim2 månader sedan
  • One does not simply make a video about the Red Bull F1 team without putting the 12:47 clip in.

    TheStrongestBakaTheStrongestBaka2 månader sedan
  • The reason why the redbull was heavily criticised was the refusal of The team to admit that Mercedes had better aero package. Newey have convinced the owner, Dietrich, Marko and and Horner that the reason of Mercedes success is mainly due to their power unit but the Redbull has the best aero package in F1. it’s this arrogance and refusal to admit Mercedes superiority in the aero department is the reason why Redbull is rightly criticised. According to James Alisson, after Austria, they knew their package was soo far ahead of the competition that they decided to switch to this year’s car. They estimated that it would probably take till November before Redbull or Ferrari catches up, by then, the championship would’ve been decided. The only worry they had was engine reliability! So long as Redbull refuses to accept Mercedes aero superiority, they would spend years blaming their engines or engine suppliers!! Remember, during the golden years of Rebull and Vettel, the Mercedes and Ferrari engines had between 20 to 30 more BHP than the Renault engines, but it never stop Redbull winning four championships!!

    sofocles confuciussofocles confucius2 månader sedan
  • Why was Ferrari ahead of Red Bull in 2019 ... because of the illegal engine and it's a shame for the FIA to give Ferrari the points and Lec. the victories were left. FIA - Ferrari Interests Agency

    sifknsifkn2 månader sedan
  • Good video, lad. Just before watching this video, I stumbled upon the F1 upload of the extremely brilliant job of the Red Bull mechanics at the Hungarian GP last year! Stunning.

    Abhimanyu KohliAbhimanyu Kohli2 månader sedan
  • Red bull is not willing to pay a second driver a salery that is fitting for the seat they wanne pay the driver Alpa Tauri salery and that is a point were it sticks, they now have Sergio how takes with him his own salery and more. Butt the have spoken with Nico before and they did came in very low on salery...

    Jeroen VerzijlJeroen Verzijl2 månader sedan
  • Red Bull is not overcritessed, no they are writing off drivers to easy, if they gave Pierre Gasly the same change as Albon they would be much furter ahead

    Jeroen VerzijlJeroen Verzijl2 månader sedan
  • red bull academy 4titles ferrari academy 3wins 7poles mercedes academy 1 podium for a rival team

    Gigsaw SoljierGigsaw Soljier3 månader sedan
  • Sergio Perez is the second Mark Webber for Red Bull in my opinion

    Jason ChicasJason Chicas3 månader sedan
  • Damn Lance Stroll is unattractive

    Joy MeyerJoy Meyer3 månader sedan
  • Aldas looks like reggie delafonte from surfs up

    oliver Fursdonoliver Fursdon3 månader sedan
  • Redbull is surely consistent for their cars. Very frustrated on their management for the pilote n2. Flavio Briator agrees

    media CCmedia CC3 månader sedan
  • Max has finished few points behind Bottas with a dominante Mercedes. It reminds me the period 2002 area with the dominance of Ferrari, letting bacl any other teams far behind. Formula 1 is too expensive with missing true independant teams. Its now neded the GDP of Luxembourg to run a team

    media CCmedia CC3 månader sedan
  • Honda: hold my engine

    media CCmedia CC3 månader sedan
  • Understandable about how people dont like how they manage their drivers but with their car development they have been above everyone except Mercedes and Ferrari consistently with Mercedes just being incredible and way ahead of everyone and Ferrari cheating at least in the last few years

    Oli HillOli Hill3 månader sedan
  • NO - there not over criticized . just wait , Perez hasn't even started putting max schmidlapp in the shade 😄

    Glenn StricklandGlenn Strickland3 månader sedan
  • Yes Helmut and Christian, why do people dislike Red Bull? 🤔

    Geth Plays UkuleleGeth Plays Ukulele3 månader sedan
  • What if RB joined Formula E with Honda. Honda wants to invest in less poluting engines (electric). It would keep the RB-Honda partnership and give RB an extra platform to let their drivers race and develop in a very competetive field.

    Dimi MoviesDimi Movies3 månader sedan
  • They got into this situation with drivers because Ricciardo left. At that time none of the young drivers they had were ready. They had to get Kvyat back, tried Gasly and Albon. None of them were ready yet.

    Nick HardyNick Hardy3 månader sedan
    • RIC pretty much stabbed RBR in the back leaving with Renault. The best part about it is it’s well documented in Netflix Drive to Survive.

      Phantom096Phantom0963 månader sedan
  • I think Verstappen needs to learn to share more of the spoils. Max needs those experiences, and he won't evolve or develop if he doesn't have that competitive teammate, but Checo will also be hungry and will actually provide much development potential to RB than Max

    William J. FranceWilliam J. France3 månader sedan
  • meh, over hyped and lacking a engine supplier

    Ryan CudaRyan Cuda3 månader sedan
  • To be fair this comparison was a bit harsh, you’re saying red bull underperformed in 2020 but how could they possibly compete with the fastest car ever?

    Andrew RobertsAndrew Roberts3 månader sedan
  • I think the problem with RBR car is the fact that they only focus is Max Verstappen.

    Breno OliveiraBreno Oliveira3 månader sedan
  • Great video but it’s missing the iconic backing track from all your vids 😂

    tpektpek3 månader sedan
  • Yes they are overly criticized, but personally i have always criticized Helmut Marko and his persona and the way he deals with things

    Fabian HolofluxFabian Holoflux3 månader sedan
  • Well, to be fair, Red Bull still have the third budget overall, they spend around 300 million € a year, compared to Ferrari and Mercedes' around 400 million a year. With 3/4ths of the two title challenging teams' budget, it's no surprise Red Bull are always just a little bit behind at the beginning of the season. I think RBR works pretty efficiently, and I think we'll see that once the budget cap is enforced. (If he mentioned this, sorry, I haven't finished watching the video yet)

    Levente KókaLevente Kóka3 månader sedan
  • The Mercedes had 4 drivers in the last decade I think you forgot Michael

    Jens PaetschJens Paetsch3 månader sedan
    • Lewis Michael Nico Bottas

      The RealistThe Realist3 timmar sedan
  • Absolutely Horner is the right man Aldas. He will probably be the right person to run F1as a whole in the future. Look at videos of when he wanted to be a driver and you see how humble Horner is as a person. He went from cutting grass to F1 team boss. He has an interesting story and everything he has accomplished with this team and not being an engine manufacturer is remarkable. If anything Aldas do a video on Horner’s story. I have always liked him.

    Phantom096Phantom0963 månader sedan
  • Yes. They are.

    Anirudh GAnirudh G3 månader sedan
  • You do know that max is a young driver and is being managed brilliantly,i believe he's younger than albon

    Raman KhabbazbashiRaman Khabbazbashi3 månader sedan
  • I understand why red bull are so demanding, its because they are fighting for a championship and as they say, if you cant handle the heat then get out of the kitchen and i mean it is a little bit peak on the drivers but if they exceed expectations in the midfield they are immediately expected to fit into the top of f1 which is the mistake that red bull made

    Jakub CzekalJakub Czekal3 månader sedan
  • Don’t think rub them off is the right phrase

    areton sennerareton senner3 månader sedan
  • No, they are hard so they get judged hard.

    Manj SherManj Sher3 månader sedan
  • Red Bull put themselves up for that level of criticism lol

    BlazeMasterGamingBlazeMasterGaming3 månader sedan
  • Red Bull F1 is a victim of Red Bull brand marketing. They needed Max to be the youngest ever F1 champ. They cast Ricciardo aside. They sent Sainz to another team. It had to be Verstappen. Now they need a solid driver like either of those guys to challenge for a championship. Best “solid driver” on the grid is Perez. Max is still crash-or-win but Perez will bring home the points needed to challenge for a championship.

    Andris T BerzinsAndris T Berzins3 månader sedan
  • Didn’t jaime alguersuari become a DJ because he retired from racing for health reasons

    Eugene MEugene M3 månader sedan
  • its helmut marko... he is toxic af

    Emmanuel GonzalezEmmanuel Gonzalez3 månader sedan
  • What a load of crap..horner really ? Red bull isn't a constructor, that's why. That is your answer. You just don't have total control over things like engine development . They were unlucky this year and made a fundamental design error. Horner had nothing to do with either.

    Sven wSven w3 månader sedan
  • I think they didn't do anything wrong,. Aside from designing the aerodynamic disaster at their car's rear end. red bull wants more Max Verstappen wants more.

    Sven wSven w3 månader sedan
  • Just curious...wasn´t Sebastien Bourdais a guy that was brought to the F1 by Red Bull / Toro Rosso ?

    Ivan BertaIvan Berta3 månader sedan
  • Why do you have a tricolor flag on your Twitter and Instagram accounts?

    Gus RamosGus Ramos3 månader sedan
  • They are considering they do not make their own engines. Teams with the ability to produce their own engines have no excuses in my book.

    Phantom096Phantom0963 månader sedan
  • Mercedes also develops their cars earlier than anyone else. That’s why they stop developing the current years car midseason to focus on the next year, giving other teams the chance to catch up. Hopefully 2022 can be a better way to compare teams as things hopefully even out. By then hopefully RB also settles its driver drama. Red Bull is only “overly criticized” insofar as the expectations set on them.

    MK L.MK L.3 månader sedan
  • Red Bull are excellent at finding talent, Vettel, Ricciardo, Verstappen, Sainz, Gasly, Albon etc all great drivers but they can't manage them at all. Ricciardo left because they were supporting Verstappen only and they dropped Sainz when he should have been promoted before Gasly.

    TJTJ3 månader sedan
  • As Ferrari teaches, overcriticism lead to overlove in bright times

    Fabio FerrariFabio Ferrari3 månader sedan
  • I only hate red bull because of Helmut fucking Marko

    Oskar StaudteOskar Staudte3 månader sedan
  • The main problem now days is helmut marko. That man is the worse person you want to work with.

    CLASSIC F1CLASSIC F13 månader sedan
  • Redbull deserve the criticism

    The Formula 1 News SquadThe Formula 1 News Squad3 månader sedan
  • Well they are a bit overcriticised.... but everybody got angry at them for changing their second driver so often. Something is happening at redbull regarding their drivers and second car. you could clearly see the pressure albon and gasly have been put through. i dont see that kind of pressure anywhere else.

    REDEXREDEX3 månader sedan
  • They deserve criticism for handling drivers. But the actual performance and not being able to fight for the championship from the beginning of the season maybe because Mercedes is miles ahead

    Easwaran KGEaswaran KG3 månader sedan
  • Shouldn't consistency be measured by variance instead of average?

    megalodonmingmegalodonming3 månader sedan
  • Ngl i really think it’s the fact that the midfield is a bit behind not the fact that they have a good car. Tbh it seems that that car is extremely unstable. I think next year they’re going to have to step it up and not be complacent at the start, because if they start slow McLaren and Aston will overtake them.

    Gck v6.9Gck v6.93 månader sedan
  • Great video on a topic I've chatted with my F1 buddies about over the years. I like Red Bull. They've always seemed like the rebels of modern F1. The team has changed after the success of the Vettel years. Red Bull has a history of favouring a driver. They did it with Webber and that was obvious (multi 21 Seb). They did it to Ricciardo (accident with Max) , Kvyat (Max promoted mid season) , Gasly and Albon. That's why a new Red Bull junior program driver would struggle to show their potential. It seems the car is designed around the favoured driver. That was fine when the team mate pairing was over years like with Webber and Vettel and Max and Ricciardo. But the new drivers to the team, with Max there for years, shows that you can't expect them to perform close to Max when the car (and team) are suited to Max. The Perez signing will show what is really going on as we will have a seasoned veteran who has experience with multiple F1 teams and has skill. The Drive to Survive series showed how much Horner favoured Vettel before and now Max. How awkward was the breakfast with his family when he was asked who his favourite driver is. Its is obvious and a bit annoying for a Team Principal. I wonder if Horner cringes when he watches Drive to Survive. Anyway, thanks for reading my essay and keep up the great work. Your channel is one of my go to F1 fixes!

    Ruben PillayRuben Pillay3 månader sedan
  • None of the cars did produce a car that could overtake MERC. So. By your way of thinking they should all be criticized. But you and others criticize RB for it, But they are the best after MERC.. AND!! They are a energy drink, not a car factory like Renault of Ferrari. Those should be criticized. Not RB! And how could they have won with a underperforming engine? That's not there fault. They did do great!

    ꧁ৡۣۜ͜͡ Hans ৡۣۜ͜͡ ꧂꧁ৡۣۜ͜͡ Hans ৡۣۜ͜͡ ꧂3 månader sedan
  • Their driver management is properly criticised but other than that they probably are criticised a bit too much. For their car performance some criticism is deserved because they really seem to like to build cars that require a lot of data to get the proper performance out of them. A slightly less complicated car with maybe a little less max performance will maybe result in a competitive car from the start of the season.

    General Dreagon LP'sGeneral Dreagon LP's3 månader sedan
  • It seems everyone conveniently forgets that redbull don't construct their own engine. How can you ignore the role played by Mercedes and ferrari's engine dev unit in their success in the turbo-hybrid era. There's a reason why these manufacturers wont let redbull have their engine. And out of anyone else redbull have brought the best drivers on the grid over the past decade except for Leclerc. Honestly if it weren't for Redbull's success there wont be any point for any other customer team to even consider being in the sport.

    dchat 15dchat 153 månader sedan
  • Red Bull as an Organization deserve so much respect. We always complain the young drivers don't get enough chances at the highest level but Red Bull constantly give their driver investment and opportunities to go right to the very top. Red bull the team deserves all the criticism. They are constantly a step behind Mercedes through the 2014 and 17 rule changes and have no idea how to deal with 2 top drivers in a team. Max and Daniel was the longest partnership and I think that was more luck that Daniel has a great personality.

    twhiteofrd_110twhiteofrd_1103 månader sedan
  • 4:16 the ferrari F2012 wasn't competitive.. Alonso dragged a shit car into championship contention

    Francis AdrianFrancis Adrian3 månader sedan
    • How's a car that failed to make Q3 severally up there? Massa massively struggled in that car and Alonso did his best to make the most out of it.. Yes the championship was close but Alonso himself admitted in an interview that the car was too far behind the leaders and that's why he considers 2012 his best season given the machinery under him

      Francis AdrianFrancis Adrian2 månader sedan
    • The *2020* Ferrari was a shit car. The 2012 Ferrari was right up there. What saved him was reliability. This is why Hamilton finished behind Kimi Raikkonen's Lotus in the championship despite Hamilton winning 4 races and Kimi only 1. There's also the thing that different cars were good at different tracks which is why we got 6 different constructors and 8 different drivers winning races. Fact is Sauber got close to winning a race with Perez and Hulkenberg nearly won in Brazil with Force India. I.e. no team was truly dominating but they all took wins and points off of each other. This where Ferrari's reliability and Alonso inheriting more than a few podiums made him a championship contender. Rest assure it wasn't all due his driving alone with many wrongly believe.

      James ShuntJames Shunt2 månader sedan
  • 0:21 this pose sums up albons confidence... look at the guy next to him looking at him like "bro are u ok?"

    THE Riften GuardTHE Riften Guard3 månader sedan
  • criticism back and forth, you can not win a championship with low in horsepower. red bull tried the best with the engines that they got. they even had to pimp the renault engine from mario illian (illworks) to get out of the "gp2 engine" area. also honda needed much more time to get closer to the top because they completely underestimated the challenge

    Stefan WeilhartnerStefan Weilhartner3 månader sedan
  • Kaip supratau lietuvis ane?

  • The fact that max is consistently challenging the Mercedes and his teammates get lapped should be obvious, having one guy try to beat two is nearly impossible and having Perez join the team will change the dynamic of these races

    Sanford BasleeSanford Baslee3 månader sedan
  • Mercedes deserve way more criticism for having Bottas instead of talented young driver like Russell. All to protect their golden boy’s records...

    Jacob EJacob E3 månader sedan
  • tbf, if you keep saying before a season that you're finally gonna challenge Mercedes and then you just don't, I think it's justified to be critical of what they're doing

    SShady25SShady253 månader sedan
  • Max wasn’t part of the young driver program. They signed him the year he came in to F1

    William StoneWilliam Stone3 månader sedan
    • @salome mujica but lewis was in the mclaren/merc driver program since he was 8

      William StoneWilliam Stone3 månader sedan
    • Yes but he was 17 when he was at ToroRosso, skipping f3 or f2. Before him most drivers were 22 or 23 before starting an f1 career, like Hamilton or Alonso.

      salome mujicasalome mujica3 månader sedan
  • Your videos are of such quality

    Lihtsalt KristjanLihtsalt Kristjan3 månader sedan
  • No

    Four utubezFour utubez3 månader sedan
  • No, to be honest, they are actually under criticized in my opinion. They have never managed to put up a proper championship challenge in this hybrid era. They always start on the back foot, catch up towards the end of the year when Mercedes has stopped development and then claim that they will be challenging next year. Same old story every year. At least, Ferrari challenged Mercedes in 2017 and 2018. In terms of their drivers treatment, we all know how they bad they are at it. The less said, the better it is.

    Nimmal GKNimmal GK3 månader sedan
  • Red Bull needs to do the thing that goes against the grain for them. Give up next season and aim absolutely everything at 2022. Its the only way they can genuinely catch up.

    Grannie AnnieGrannie Annie3 månader sedan
  • I "wonder" why Marko is called carrier destroyer.

    BoboBobo3 månader sedan
  • Helmut wants sacking

    Ryarama F1gobshiteRyarama F1gobshite3 månader sedan
  • At the very start you say they had drama filled year with driver lineup again, but did they? media was nonstop shitting, but seemed like Redbull protected Albon and kept promise that he won't be dropped and was behind him all the time and on surface level there was no drama inside the team.

    Henrihs TauriņšHenrihs Tauriņš3 månader sedan
  • I feel like even if they are giving young drivers a chance in f1 and a top team, they dont really give them time to develop as a driver and getting more consistency in their driver lineup

    Simon SjöbergSimon Sjöberg3 månader sedan
  • The problem with this video en looking at F1 is that you look at these 3 subjects individually..however the problem is in fact 3 dimensional. The car is not as good as the Mercedes but Verstappen makes it look good, better than it is,. The second driver are not doing a bad job , both Gasly or Albon, they perform according to the quality of the car. The management compares is looking for a second Max, which does not exists. Why is Verstappen making it look better? Driver61 has made a great video on that btw. The 2018 2019 Ferraris and their wins should be discounted because of cheating..they were never a contender hadnt they used some creative engineering

    Marcel SmeetsMarcel Smeets3 månader sedan
  • Brando had no competition in wec. So that one doesnt count.

    Psycho BergmuisPsycho Bergmuis3 månader sedan
  • This video just highlight that there are many talented drivers but not enough teams in F1.

    Aziz Hussein ZAziz Hussein Z3 månader sedan
  • I think RBR wouldn’t be critcised so much if they boasted less during the winter. Especially Helmut never ceases to say ‘this year we’ve got the car and just watch us’. Then something, usually the front wing, doesn’t work as expected. They’d do better to invest in the windtunnel than in yet another spotty kid. And on that, praise be for investing in the nextgen. But once a kid gets into F1, that seems to suddenly stop. As if the kid is now complete and needs no further coaching. Well, I remember when I was 20... Green as grass

    Taco QuerensTaco Querens3 månader sedan
  • “Red Bull tend to rub people off the wrong way”

    NINMAN8NINMAN83 månader sedan
  • The Red Bull team is not over criticized; the Red Bull drivers are always over criticized though.

    Zane WongZane Wong3 månader sedan
  • Kvyat, Gasly and Albon were all promoted far too quickly and neither Kvyat nor Gasly were given anywhere near enough time (Kvyat didn’t even do that bad a job alongside Ricciardo). I hope they don’t make the same mistake with Tsunoda and give him at least 2-3 seasons at AlphaTauri to gain experience and mature

    Michael SandersonMichael Sanderson3 månader sedan
  • On the last question about what is failling in Red Bull, i think the principal weakness is the power unit, first Renault and then Honda, they are still Behind the Mercedes motor. Thanks for your excellent Videos.

    vic lazarovivovic lazarovivo3 månader sedan
  • Let me be clear Ferrari didn't fight with RB in 2010, it was Alonso

    Kunal _Kunal _3 månader sedan
    • @Gigsaw Soljier He never truly recovered from his serious injury at Hungary in 2009. In fact he should consider himself lucky he was able to return to F1. Williams signed him because he was experienced in how to set up a car and knew how a top team operates.

      James ShuntJames Shunt2 månader sedan
    • well massa was certainly not lol how he managed to get a williams ill never know pure luck

      Gigsaw SoljierGigsaw Soljier3 månader sedan
  • I think from all the achievements the drivers who have 'left' Red Bull have done, just highlights how many were dropped prematurely and unfairly...Even those still in F1, such as Dani Ric, Carlos Sainz, and Gasly have still seen success through podiums and even a win after leaving RB. And yet from it, RB have received 3 outstanding drivers, 2 of them are no longer with the team. All those names worth it for 3 star drivers?

    RJFH MusicRJFH Music3 månader sedan
  • Red Bull have been dealing with a power deficit for some years now. They have to strike a balance between downforce and outright speed, which in the last couple of years (in particular) has meant a tricky car to drive. The Alpha Tauri has more downforce, for example, but is never going to challenge for pole. It’s an easier car to drive (as Gasly’s efforts showed), but it lacks the pace as a result. Until RB have a truly competitive power unit, they’re always going to be juggling outright pace with how much downforce they can deploy. Hence any driver who can’t handle a ‘tricky’ machine is going to have a hard time (aka Gasly and Albon). Albon actually did quite well in the 2019 machine, but it was also further off the pace of Mercedes. The 2020 car was faster and closer, but also quite clearly more difficult to drive due to reduced downforce. They can’t really be criticised for that. They need more power. It will certainly be interesting to see what improvements they can make to both power and downforce in 2021. Probably a bit. It’s also going to be interesting to see how Checco does, but don’t rush to compare his results to Albon. It will be a different car with many improvements I think. Hopefully they can find some more power, and hopefully Alex gets another shot at some point.

    Bert JilkBert Jilk3 månader sedan
  • Lmao no

    Soham BelgeSoham Belge3 månader sedan
  • Blah blah blah

    wooloongabbawooloongabba3 månader sedan
  • DJ Albono in a few years?

    Guj BunGuj Bun3 månader sedan
  • surprised you didn't mention DAC because he is the prime example of a driver who narrowly made it to F1 and he's still world class even despite not making it.... and he was a Red Bull Jr. in Formula E for a while as well.

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  • They should’ve put Albon back in AlphaTauri atleast 😣

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  • A1DAS: Are Red Bull Over Criticised? Fans: Ferrari Master🅱lan

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