Why 2021 Will Be Career Defining for Ricciardo and Norris at McLaren

20 feb 2021
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Ricciardo and Norris are sure to be one of the most exciting lineups in 2021, both are motivated to carry on the momentum McLaren has been building to help push the team up and close the gap to Mercedes and Red Bull. However, they are both at very crucial points in there careers with Ricciardo being the experienced race winner, and Norris the young team leader, 2021 will be crucial for both of them and depending who comes out on top, not only will it be career defining, but it could set the tone for the future at McLaren.
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  • Ricciardo is overrated

    OpiumOpa90OpiumOpa90Dag sedan
  • Yeah, Lando is not a future World Champion - he’s not on the same level as Charles, Max and George

    Preston PhelanPreston Phelan2 dagar sedan
  • Ricciardo is just a dog chasing a squirrel. There are always more squirrels. And if ever Ricciardo should take a dump, there will be 753,345,557 Ricciardo fanboys telling us all how great it smells.

    chuckschillingchuckschilling6 dagar sedan
  • Ricc"i"ardo!

    D KitsD Kits7 dagar sedan
  • What's funny is both their numbers are 3 and 4.

    ERIC DavisERIC Davis9 dagar sedan
  • Aldas's standards for being a future world champion: 1. race for a top team at a young age/ early-stage of career 2. beat seb.

    IplaybedwrsIplaybedwrs24 dagar sedan
  • Ricciardo as Carlos did it last year

    Edric RodriguezEdric Rodriguez27 dagar sedan
  • Riccardo knows how to save tires and race against a car in front of him and i think lando will learn from him.

    the e-manthe e-man29 dagar sedan
  • What's the background song? Nice video btw 😁🏎👍

    Jid GichukiJid GichukiMånad sedan
  • Best Mclaren can do for 2021 is P3.

    ENG19CS0119 Hemang VermaENG19CS0119 Hemang VermaMånad sedan
  • Hopefully ric doesn’t have a repeat of his first race with team yellow

    NotAboutLifeNotAboutLifeMånad sedan
  • I hope Danile as much as i like Lando Daniel has fewer years to prove himself worhty of a championship

    Alexander SkördeAlexander SkördeMånad sedan
  • Who thinks mclaren should make the toonz episodes again like they used to with Lewis and jenson and Perez I think Lando and Ricardo on toonz would be ledgandary as these are possibly the 2 most recongnised drivers on the grid

    Jack HoweJack HoweMånad sedan
  • Great friends 🤣 Where did you got that from?

    LHSlashLHSlashMånad sedan
  • Only Norris. Ricciardo going to had DISASTER season with second version of Vettel 2020

    Luu Duong HyLuu Duong HyMånad sedan
  • Danny Ric is the man but Lando will do a better job than Orcon Go McLaren

    EliteSupps WaggaEliteSupps WaggaMånad sedan
  • So much talk about Norris... the "next Hamilton, future world champion"... Yes I know it's a McLaren video, BUT As long as George Russell will be there... there won't be any Lando Norris in sight. As good as Norris is, of the two, Russell is/seems vastely superior.

    FRPlayerOneFRPlayerOneMånad sedan
  • i think, it will be crazy dense at the front of the grid. mercedes and honda head to head. mclaren noch too far behind. the big question mark is ferrari and their engine. they could be very close to the front, like mclaren. i guess they are working for a long time already on the new engine. rule them out would be stupid. but at the end, we don't know anything. regarding honda we know that the did a more risky big step forward. the question then is, if the engine is reliable. i think this year will be one of the most interesting seasons in last few years. what about renault and fernando alonso? do they supply him with a GP2 engine? renault could have the weakest engine on the grid. alpha tauri directly behind McLaren? last two seasons of vettel? last 10 seasons for kimi?

    Stefan WeilhartnerStefan WeilhartnerMånad sedan
  • Field. Not feeel-duh.

    Marlin StarkillerMarlin StarkillerMånad sedan
  • Reasons to why Racing Point didn't finish 3rd: Strolls puncture in Mugello, Perez missing 2 races due to Corona, Hulkenburg last minute callup meaning he hadn't had time to fully merge with the car in the Nürburgring as he missed the practice sessions and had to start at the back of grid with a lack of feel for the car but later obviously getting in the feel, Hulkenburg not starting in the Silverstone GP. Perez DNF in Abu Dhabi, Perez DNF in Bahrain when he could've finished P3, Stroll pitting in Turkey putting him far far down the grid. Racing Point getting a point deduction due to the break ducts. Racingpoints bad call in Imola to pit Perez under the safety car whereas they could've kept him out where he would've been leading the pack for the safety car start I believe. I also believe if the team gave Perez the quicker and newer Racing Point package before they gave it to Stroll he would've done wonders, but the issue was the 1 new package they gave to Stroll was badly destroyed in Mugello after the puncture. Meaning Perez had to wait another 2 weeks as they still prioritised giving Stroll the new package as they took Perez one and gave it to Stroll. Another factor was probably Stroll missing out on a P1/P2 in Monza with his bizarre mistake at the start & also Perez getting unlucky with there being a red flag pushing him further down the grid. Another factor was in the Austrian GP I believe when Perez attempted an overtake around Albon and in the end if led to damaging his front wing and him losing a position to Albon which he definitely could've taken baring in mind the delta he was gaining on him lap by lap, and also losing a position to Norris at the final corner.

    PogMasterPogMasterMånad sedan
  • I swear at the start of the video I head someone breathing in the back ground

    BWT Racing PointBWT Racing PointMånad sedan
  • Lando "team leader" yeah OK.

    Jim CCCJim CCCMånad sedan
  • I know I’m a Lando fanboy, but in my opinion everyone overlooks the fact that Lando’s car has had more mechanical failures than Carlos’ over the past two years. This is where their difference in championship points lies. Both are great, consistent drivers who rarely DNF on their own accord but Carlos was the number one car and had less mechanical issues. I think if the reliability is in place this year Lando will cement his place as the number one driver. I agree with not handing out future world champion even though I hope to see that happen one day. I do think he is a better driver than he receives credit for as mechanical issues are not his fault. So thankful for a Mercedes power unit this year.

    Casey FlaniganCasey FlaniganMånad sedan
  • I really want to see them, I honestly think that 3 years deal with Daniel is a bit risky, He is a good driver but i dont see him as World champion (hope i'm wrong) and Lando as you said he needs to prove that Mclaren is his team, I dont see him in another team, however Zak announced that Patricio Oward (Indy - Mclaren) will have a F1 test, if he wins Indy im pretty sure they will move to Mclaren , thats why i think 3 years with Daniel is too much.

    Mayra CastilloMayra CastilloMånad sedan
  • no it wont xD

    VizenVizenMånad sedan
  • What wait, "theres no easy road to win a world title"? Yes there is. Get a seat at Mercedes and have your no2 driver not really put up a fight. Simple.

    Vince RussoVince RussoMånad sedan
  • At 4:52 " what ever car he is given he will smash it" (not literally). Then can you imagine this guy in a Merc. Lewis would really be in for a fight.

    Vince RussoVince RussoMånad sedan
  • I expect Ricciardo to go through his weaning period in the first few races as he gets used to the McLaren, but after that he should be challenging for podiums if the McLaren is as competitive as we hope it is. If that's the case, then Lando should start setting his eyes on challenging the Red Bulls and Bottas (sorry Valtteri). Lando definitely has the talent to get the job done, he just needs a good car and hopefully he'll have that this year and going forward.

    Craig TCraig TMånad sedan
  • I think Lando is destined to win world championship not now too young and fun but Ricardo wants it so much more obviously cause duhh

    Ian McAleeceIan McAleeceMånad sedan
  • Best driver line up on grid. But Think George Russell just that little better than Lando and more likely to be world champion first

    Mark PattersonMark PattersonMånad sedan
  • Im just scared for Bottas when he gets bodied by Verstappen and Perez and then left for dead by Ricciardo and Norris.

    SanderSanderMånad sedan
    • Bottas isn't just going to roll over mate. Can only see him losing to Max and Hamilton, that car is too good for anything below third and Bottas is a good enough driver to get it there.

      MRShockwaveMRShockwaveMånad sedan
  • I think lando will win the quali battle but ricciardo will place higher overall, and that there will be laughs but also a bit more tension underlying their relationship than most people seem to be expecting

    Annie MarinAnnie MarinMånad sedan
  • Mclaren p1 AM p2 please

    DeltaDSDeltaDSMånad sedan
  • I took a screenshot to remind me to come back and watch the entity of the vid for the first time after Abu Dhabi to see how clear or cloudy your crystal ball was.

    Get 2 Da ChoppaGet 2 Da ChoppaMånad sedan
  • I tend to agree with the opinion in your video,I however think the Danny will fight at all level...he has been speaking in bolds this day,especially about performance

    Tshepo NcamaneTshepo NcamaneMånad sedan
  • Racing rivalry without the hate. Competition at its best. But McLaren is amazing owing to Zak's leadership and strategies. He invests in people and with Daniel and Lando they will bring the skills.

    Josephine LeydenJosephine LeydenMånad sedan
  • You're adding an extra syllable to the end of every sentence like Davide Valsecchi.

    StreetWarrior24StreetWarrior24Månad sedan
  • Senna would have probably beaten both of them with one hand and one leg.

    Qbix QbixQbix QbixMånad sedan
  • I feel like lando is gonna have kinda a button career. A somewhat slow start with podiums and maybe a couple wins, then take advantage of a great car and clinch a title. Then will keep winning but I don’t think I see he being a multi champion, I’d love to see it tho cuz I’m a lando fan. But trying to think realistically.

    Yuh Ur fatYuh Ur fatMånad sedan
  • F1 is owned and run by the cheating nazis at Mercedes! Only the nazis at Mercedes are allowed to win. Period. Duh....7 years and more to come... Total set up fake bullshit!

    John La MonteJohn La MonteMånad sedan
  • No disrespect to Sainz, but Ricciardo is top 3. I do not see Lando, as much as I love him, standing a chance against Ricciardo outside of qually. Lando has to step up his race day performance. He's great at battling, but he needs to be more on pace with Ricciardo than he was with Sainz to truly prove himself.

    AaronAaronMånad sedan
  • hey aldas i'd love an analysis on charles leclerc if you haven't done one recently.

    adityaadityaMånad sedan
  • I don't understand the reasoning behind this duo being any better in terms of teamwork than Leclerc/Sainz given the situation both are in. Norris can't be the "veteran" team leader he wants to be if he's not #1. Daniel can't be considered a WDC level driver if Lando is tying/beating him. So to me, there will be sparks flying.

    Justin FrazierJustin FrazierMånad sedan
  • Going by both their results against previous teammates in F1 so far.. I think Ricciardo will destroy Norris

    roja27roja27Månad sedan
  • Does anybody remember Nico Rossberg - the only one able to take a championship away from Lewis? The better his teammate the more Lando can learn. Can't wait for the seasons start of my favorite F1 team.

    miinemiineMånad sedan
  • Let’s get serious, as far as winning championships go you have to be part of Mercedes to do that but I reckon Ricciardo will do really well this season.

    Dylan James WeggzDylan James WeggzMånad sedan
    • 2021 for sure. The "development tokens" where the f***-up of F1. Everyone thought they were so clever and would be the dominating ones - but only the Merc engineer came up with splitting the Turbo...

      miinemiineMånad sedan
  • Yeah, I don't see Norris winning a championship. The only way he can do it is if Verstappen, Leclerc, and Russell have a particularly bad season at the same time. And I don't think that will ever happen. Or if he suddenly finds himself in clearly the best car somehow.

    General Dreagon LP'sGeneral Dreagon LP'sMånad sedan
  • Good Luck Lando in your 3rd year in F1.

    Jolene Ann TurnerJolene Ann TurnerMånad sedan
  • Too much hype for McLaren, there is no way they improve 3rd place and I believe they will seriously struggle to keep it, Ferrari, Aston Martin and even Reanult will not stay watching.

    TheGoodKidTheGoodKidMånad sedan
  • danny ric is the only guy to have been about par with verstappen. his experience at renault will put him in good stead at mclaren. he will be a good yard stick to see what lando is made of. hopefully the mercedes engine goes well with the mclaren package. f1 needs a season where there are multiple winners and a close fight for the world title.... luis hamilton needs the other cars to be competive with his to validate his status as a all time great...! imagine if mercedes... red bull and mclaren are roughly the same pace... wow...!

    Mark BPHMark BPHMånad sedan
  • I think this season at McLaren will have a similar dynamic to Lauda and Watson in 1982. Two great drivers in a car which is good but not great, looking towards an exciting future.

    boredreiverboredreiverMånad sedan
  • I doubt he regrets leaving Red Bull. It's very much Max's team and have won as many titles as Renault/Alpine since he left.

    boredreiverboredreiverMånad sedan
  • As a big Lando fan I do want Ricciardo to bag a championship first. Lando has time on his side to do great things

    ben thomasben thomasMånad sedan
  • "there's no easy way to win a world championship" yes there is... drive for mercedes and u won automatically

    Rhett WiebeRhett WiebeMånad sedan
    • @Rhett Wiebe you still got to beat teammates even in dominant cars ans they won't pair you with someone easy to beat

      MRShockwaveMRShockwaveMånad sedan
    • @Aldas well there obvl can't be two champions🤦

      Rhett WiebeRhett WiebeMånad sedan
    • Valtteri Bottas has driven for Mercedes for 4 years, where's his automatic championship?

      AldasAldasMånad sedan
  • It’s gonna be a four team battle at the top come 2022

    SaltSaltMånad sedan
  • I don't believe Lando's up there with the top guns, given he got beaten by Sainz twice. And let's be honest, as good as Sainz is, he's never been talked about as that top notch driver of the field.

    Maxmilián StoklasaMaxmilián StoklasaMånad sedan
  • OkayUH!

    LiamLiamMånad sedan
  • People forget that Danny Ric actually beat Verstappen convincingly in 2 out of their 3 years together. Was only in 2018 with horrendous car unreliability that Max beat him. Ricciardo is a beast.

    Jarrad LawfordJarrad LawfordMånad sedan
    • In 2016 Ric was the #1 driver while Max joined as a rookie, so he did the bare minimum. In 2017, Max had a shit ton of unreliability and getting taken out by incidents he didn't cause at the start of the season while Ric got consistent podiums. Don't get me wrong, Ric is a beast, but there is a reason they favored Max over him.

      MRShockwaveMRShockwaveMånad sedan
  • imagine they push each other so hard for their own achievements, that they 'accidentally' win the constructors championship 😂

    Shadow BladeShadow BladeMånad sedan
  • Good video dude.😃👍

    Callum BurtonCallum BurtonMånad sedan
  • Short answer: fucking no.

    Simonas ButvilasSimonas ButvilasMånad sedan
  • I think lando will win popularity awards every year, but will never win a world championship. This year is his best chance to prove me wrong

    BeeseChurger 69BeeseChurger 69Månad sedan
    • Not saying he's gonna win the title this year, but he has a great opportunity to show what he's really capable of

      BeeseChurger 69BeeseChurger 69Månad sedan
  • Why was it a mistake leaving RED Bull? Have they won either championships? Whilst waiting he has done the next best thing, earned probably the second most income after Hamilton. Great strategy.

    Jamie CoatsJamie CoatsMånad sedan
    • 3rd after vettel

      Clement JacobClement JacobMånad sedan
  • If I have to gompare Lando Norris to other f1 drivers, I would compare him to Kimi Räikkönen. Raw speed and talent, mclaren ofc, and I think he has to be in right place at right time to win that wdc. Just like Kimi did 07.

    LarsLarsMånad sedan
  • Imagine if they were tied on points at the end of the season

    Michael TannerMichael TannerMånad sedan
  • Big fan of your work, Aldas. Keep it up!

    AlejandroF1ATMAlejandroF1ATMMånad sedan
  • I think they can fight against Red Bull for the 2nd place in the championship. This driver line-up is one if not the best in F1 2021.

    flxflxMånad sedan
    • Nah no way, AM literally copied the championship winning car from the previous season and they were still no where near Red Bull despite Albon's poor performances. They only finished third last season because AM got a penalty and fucked up their strategies several times, they need to match that car in performance to actually get third especially now that they have a (hopefully) reinvigorated Vettel.

      MRShockwaveMRShockwaveMånad sedan
    • one of*

      flxflxMånad sedan
  • I think Lando will take a few seasons to learn for Daniel and let Daniel push him to new limits before he can truly rival Daniel

    Da Vinci6894Da Vinci6894Månad sedan
  • A lot of people I think are in for a surprise with lando this season

    InvictusInvictusMånad sedan
  • A lot of people forget that drivers peak at different stages in their career. Some drivers make an impact straight away, and some drivers can take a while to develop. I feel it’s unfair to compare drivers for this reason. The way Seb has driven in the last couple of years you could have put any driver up against him and they would have beaten him. We all know that Ferrari favoured Charles and developed the car around him, the same with Max. Redbull definitely made sure that the car was developed for his driving style, rather than any team mate. Teams will always developed the car around one particular driver, which is why they usually beat their teammate.

    Shoana JamesShoana JamesMånad sedan
  • Love Nando but he has to sort his eyebrows out and needs a good plucking lol

    Christine CrockfordChristine CrockfordMånad sedan
  • I want to see Daniel coaching Lando and elevating both of them to the CC.

    CiACiAMånad sedan
  • I on the other hand am glad that riciardo left RB. it is toxic in there

    chris limchris limMånad sedan
  • Well I am biased as a massive Danny Ric fan but yeah, I think Danny Ric will win it and hopefully both will have great seasons and maybe even race wins. Cannot wait for the racing to begin. Bring it on! :-D

    AstrostevoAstrostevoMånad sedan
  • In hindsight I can see them as the next nico and lewis in term of team dynamics.

    tejan singhtejan singhMånad sedan
  • Hulkenberg, Ocon these are some highly rated drivers that Danny Ric has destroyed. I really think Max gets too much credit. Dan would have done him bad as well, if the car did not stop so often the year they were together.

    skyadsAuskyadsAuMånad sedan
  • Please make a video on Hulkenberg

    justinjustinMånad sedan
  • I mean tbh ricciardo is the ultimate competitor to max as we've seen before beating him in 2016 and 2017 and just losing in 2018 due to bad luck and lost momentum so it's very likely that they will be fighting for championships in the future.

    wadeed ahmadwadeed ahmadMånad sedan
  • I agree this will be landos true test

    Ahhww tveeAhhww tveeMånad sedan
  • you rock. Love your vids.

    BC BlissBC BlissMånad sedan
  • I am hoping to hear crofty saying " it's a mclaren 1 - 2 "

    Sven LukasSven LukasMånad sedan
  • 😆😆😆😆 I know you need a reason to make content. But there’s no room on the podium for Daniel Ric with Bottas and Perez fighting over those spots. I really can’t believe you said Landon will beat Daniel in qualifying😆😆😆😆😆 Brah!!!! You tripping. But once again I understand the cannon fodder. You need to say ignorant things and stupid things for the sake of making content. There’s no area in driving metrics where Landon is stronger than Daniel. Nice try though

    Tramaine318Tramaine318Månad sedan
    • How on earth did McLaren get third last season? Lando and Ricciardo have to be "there" if the others mess up... . Podiums on their own strenght means that this McLaren design is blessed by the racing gods... . Who knows? Its going to be exciting, at least there is no GP2 engine in there :-)

      miinemiineMånad sedan
  • I don’t know if Lando will be the next Hamilton. I think he is way more likely to be the next Jenson Button.

    Alec HinshawAlec HinshawMånad sedan
  • Daniel is one of those guys who will very likely retire after winning a world title, because if he wins it, it will be kinda late in his career, just like Hunt, Manse, Button, and Rosberg

    Alec HinshawAlec HinshawMånad sedan
  • we all know Ricciardo is gonna end in front of Norris.

    Tiu TubananaTiu TubananaMånad sedan
  • Ricciardo did enough at Renault?

    Willy HwangWilly HwangMånad sedan
  • I canTelieve you critisize Ricciardo when the reason he leave Red Bull are justified by the likes of Pierre Gasly and Alex Albon. Cmon bruh

    andi fachriandi fachriMånad sedan
  • are we overhyping mclaren a little? they could suck

    Willy HwangWilly HwangMånad sedan
  • Daniel out qualified Lando regularly in that horrid 2020 Renault Max V only got more wins over Ricciardo in 2018 as Red Bull served up a car to Daniel that dnf’ed 8 times+ in a year (hence the move) In a viable car Daniel is able to beat Max V and in the same car he has proven he can beat Lewis Hamilton (as proven on Top Gear). Lando has the hall marks of potential world champion, but the reality he will Struggle against Mick Schumi when he transfer to Ferrari

    David ColiDavid ColiMånad sedan
  • Ric already proofed that he was good for red bull by leaving them apart

    mrizkicmrizkicMånad sedan
  • I reminber 2016 Lewis-nico Now it is MC laren War

    Salla MoussaSalla MoussaMånad sedan
  • If you wanna win a world championship all you need is the best car on the grid. Not just the best but a car that is miles ahead of the other cars lol. Lewis has been on championship contending teams his whole career like literally from like day one , lando has been on a mid field team his whole career, so you really can’t compare them right now. Any one can perform in the Mercedes look at george, hell even Roman grosjean could win races in the Mercedes.

  • I could see Norris pulling a Jenson Button, an amazing driver but needed a dominant car to win the championship

    NordvestGamingNordvestGamingMånad sedan
    • @MRShockwave Yea, that was kind of my point, Norris right now is kind of just a slightly above average driver in my opinion, definitely one of the best drivers personality wise though, but who knows, it's only his 3rd season and he is one of the youngest drivers on the grid still, so he still has time to improve

      NordvestGamingNordvestGamingMånad sedan
    • To be fair, most of the grid would win in a dominant car depending on whom they pair, that isn't saying much really.

      MRShockwaveMRShockwaveMånad sedan
  • I think Daniels going to have it over Lando. Let's not forget he was beating Max in 2018 before he switched to Renault, he absolutely destroyed Niko which caused his seat loss to Esteban and what did Daniel do to Esteban a Mercedes junior driver under the management of mister Toto himself, yeah he destroyed him. And let's not forget Renault dropped Carlos for Daniel so what does that tell you Daniel is by far the superior driver, his paycheck also highlights that fact. Sorry Lando fanboys

    Phillip MavrogenisPhillip MavrogenisMånad sedan
  • I have to disagree with you about Norris, he showed against Sainz he is able to compete. People seem to forget that Sainz more than held his own against Verstappen at Toro Rosso. Yes Max had the eye catching overtakes and what not but Sainz was always very close in qualifying and was more consistent at keeping it on track. Now Lando in only his first and second season showed he has the speed and talent to be as good as those drivers you pointed out, Max, Leclerc and Ricciardo.

    Dave WarrenDave WarrenMånad sedan
  • norris is a step below ocon and hulkenberg ricky will curbstomp the zoomer

    Will HarrissWill HarrissMånad sedan
  • You’re talking rubbish Aldas, we all know the next Mclaren champion will be Palmer!

    KikiKikiMånad sedan
  • In a kart race lando came from to first in 8 laps

    Charlie RobertsonCharlie RobertsonMånad sedan
  • No 2021 will not be a defining year for McLaren. 2022 and 2023 will be, after the cost cap come fully into effect, the new regs come into place, and McLaren finishes their wind tunnel and infrastructure upgrade.

    Joe FarahJoe FarahMånad sedan
  • I don’t mean to be harsh on Lando here but I don’t see him coming close to beating Ricciardo over a season. I think he’s a decent driver but no more than that. Also not to hate here but I think Norris’ fan base is drawn to his personality more than his skill. I hope to be proven wrong but I think he will be exposed by Ricciardo this season

    Sam BarkerSam BarkerMånad sedan