2021 Driver Lineups Ranked From Worst to Best

4 jan 2021
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With so many changes heading into the 2021 season, I thought it would be a great idea to begin the year by looking ahead and ranking the 2021 driver lineups from worst to best in terms of individual ability, their experience and the team dynamic that they will create.
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  • lando is more skilled then leclegg and chili man.

    lol lollol lolDag sedan
  • How is this about driver line ups? Are you sure you weren't influenced by the cars/teams? 🤔

    Bas BastiaansBas Bastiaans10 dagar sedan
    • How can you not take into account the car?

      GHJ MDGHJ MD2 timmar sedan
  • 0:04 2020NOW

    MythiceuMythiceu12 dagar sedan
  • Carlos on the same level as Dan? I've already forgotten everything else you said, but that stuck out, so must have been bang on other than that. :)

    Barks LifeBarks Life18 dagar sedan
  • “2021 Teams Ranked”

    David LyonsDavid Lyons19 dagar sedan
  • I think, and I know some will say this is with hindsight of the opening Grand Prix of the season but I honestly thought this before last weekend, I think Alpha Tauri are above both Alpine and definitely above Aston Martin. Ocon didn't have a great season last season for Renault (now Alpine), and even though I love Alonso we don't know how hell for back in, so that for me means it's a bit of an unknown for both drivers. As for Aston Martin, which I don't call a new team but a rebrand, I think Vettel just doesn't have it anymore based on his performance last season, and Stroll, whilst on his day can perform, he's very inconsistent and is only in the car because his dad basically owns a majority investment in the team. If that wasn't the case here be in a car that is much lower down the grid, if in a car at all. Had it been Perez and Vettel I might agree, but that's not the case, so again it's two drivers with question marks over them, especially when you are talking about drivers and not the competitiveness of the car itself. Apart from that I just about agree with the rest of the rankings.

    Matt PotterMatt Potter19 dagar sedan
  • The mid fight is going to be amazing! its so unpredictable who will come 4th 5th and 6th. I pretty much agree on the order base don driver line up and team dynamics.

    C HC HMånad sedan
  • One thing we should factor in is if the driver pairing would be able to extract the best performance out of each other. Some pairings look strong on paper, but have a massive prospect for fireworks and disharmony. When that happens, it usually affects at least one driver's overall performance. I think Perez and Verstappen would be incredibly strong, and rightfully in the number #1 spot. Max seems to be a no BS character and likes being pushed, and seeing that Checo is in another phase in his career, it seems like both drivers would be able to get the best out of each other. I also feel that Vettel and Stroll is a dark horse pairing. Both are underrated at the moment, and I think that their attitude towards racing are actually pretty similar and complementary. If they are able to push each other and have fun while at it, this would reap incredible results for the team by the end of the season. On the flipside, I think Ricciardo and Norris would have a tougher time together. Daniel is there to win a title, and Norris seems to want to be taken very seriously this season. Same goes with Leclerc and Sainz - Leclerc isn't going to give any quarters to Sainz, and Sainz is there to prove to Ferrari that he can win races and potentially championships, not to be a number 2 driver. Alonso and Ocon would be a really spicy pairing as well. But I feel that both drivers are able to handle each other's competitiveness and aggression, so it may not affect the team's results at the end of it.

    killerblueskieskillerblueskiesMånad sedan
  • zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz! Wake me up if this ever ends!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    J SonJ SonMånad sedan
  • question. who would beat Lewis in the same -equal machinery?

    m vm vMånad sedan
  • Fernando 6th? Spinettel and Stroll 5th? Lol

    Isaac CuberoIsaac CuberoMånad sedan
  • Merc

    psplfq1psplfq1Månad sedan
  • for a 14 year old you nailed Aldas (just kidding)..I would rate the OCO-ALO and RUS-LAT higher up, the rest Im with you. 1: VER-PER 2: HAM-BOT 3; RIC-NOR; 4: SAI-LEC; 5: ALO-OCO 6; VET-STR; 7; GEO-LAT; 8; GAS-TSU; 9; RAI-GIO; 10; SCH-MAZ

    Marco NNMarco NN2 månader sedan
  • Personally I'd put Ferrari above mclaren, I think sainz and lando are fairly even but personally I would say leclerc just edges out Riccardo

    A GuyA Guy2 månader sedan
  • what why is mc laren 3rd and ferrari 4th

    Angelo EstaAngelo Esta2 månader sedan
  • How is carlos the same level with ricciardo? Ricciardo is better in almost every aspect

    Stefan DumitruStefan Dumitru2 månader sedan
  • Love this break down. Spot on

    howard smithhoward smith2 månader sedan
  • They are talking about the Ferrari drivers working together. I think Red Bull will have that problem, not Ferrari. Red Bull has a very selfish driver lineup, those guys will have to put their heads down a little bit, if not, it could be very chaotic. I think Alpine is too high on the list and Alfa Romeo is too low. Alonso has to reprove himself, Ocon has to keep being as consistent as he was at the end of last year. Kimi and Gio work well together, even though their car was crao last year, but together they were the teammates that won the most positions on the first lap. So, even though I don't like Mercedes, I'd put them number one on the list. Followed by McLaren, just because they will probably have a better car. Ferrari in third. The surprise in fourth, Alfa Romeo, they have everything, except for a car. Fifth would be Aston Martin, both drivers with something to prove. Sixth would be Red Bull, team chemistry might be a problem, two drivers that are difficult to work with, but both brilliant drivers. Seventh would be Alpine, the only reason they are not eighth is potential, but pretty even with number eight, Alpha Tauri. In nineth is Williams, I think the Russell hype will die down a little in 2021, depending on how good the car is. And of course, in dead last, as they will probably be most of 2021, Haas, Mick needs experience and Nikita, well, Nikita needs experience and a lot more, so dead last. That's my take on it. Hopefully someone wil read this and we can have a discussion why I'm wrong, in your opinion, of course.

    Hammy ShayaddyHammy Shayaddy2 månader sedan
  • You are brave putting Merc second!

    Melinda MMelinda M2 månader sedan
  • “Hey Valtteri, it’s James. Lewis is gonna let you by” “WHAT?”

    FlyinBlaneyFlyinBlaney2 månader sedan
  • Seb & Lance are not 5th best! At best 7th

    Silva PascoalSilva Pascoal2 månader sedan
  • Your hair is kinda weird

    oranjelichtoranjelicht2 månader sedan
  • All these analyses and it ends up HAM BOT VER or HAM VER BOT lol

    ashwinbhat95ashwinbhat952 månader sedan
  • I think that people just assume that Norris and Ric will work well as team mates cause they are funny guys and seem to have a good relationship but imo Ricciardo knows he is getting older and needs to get it done and Norris knows that he has to prove that he is top quality, that will cause some frictions. The reason Mclaren was so composed and consistent was in big part thanks to Sainz, and that Sainz is now in Ferrari, I wouldn't be that surprised if the team frictions came from Mclaren instead of Ferrari next year. (I mean ferrari will have problems but not because of the drivers, because the team is toxic)

    Kamui 07Kamui 072 månader sedan
  • Great F1 content. Love F1. It's not what it used to be but it is coming back strong. Check out my F1 stats vids seworld.info/will/rJKX3JaXe3l80oE/video

    World of StuffWorld of Stuff2 månader sedan

    Mikolaj BonaMikolaj Bona2 månader sedan
  • whatever happens to perez, and im mexican so im rooting for him hard af, its a lose-lose situation for red bull. if he does well and is a top 4 finish every single race then it proves red bull did gasly and albon dirty by calling them up too soon. And if sergio performs poorly then it validates the theory that the only driver that matters to them is max and that the car is suited to his dirving style.

    Daniel EscobarDaniel Escobar2 månader sedan
  • Lewis 2021 world champion

    Tommy GKVTommy GKV2 månader sedan
  • Like how a kid who can't even shave yet talk about professional drivers and call them inexperienced rookies could stand this kids shit talk for more then 2min

    ozerob Sweatyozerob Sweaty2 månader sedan
  • Haas is just a FREAKIN train wreck with a train wreck chaser. Nice work on the lineup Aldas. Welcome back. 👍👍

    JUrry3JUrry32 månader sedan
  • Are you serious.. Sainz and Ricciardo are of the same level..

    Muhammad Luqman KhanMuhammad Luqman Khan2 månader sedan
  • Lewis is proven the best.. but his domination in recent years make F1 boring. His next wins and championship wins will bring no more exiting as he got nothing more to proof. So for F1 goods, it is better Lewis to leave F1 and his seat be replace by Russel. Russel wins at mercedes will give F1 fans a new fantastic feel and more love to watch F1.

    Britney ChinBritney Chin2 månader sedan
  • Ocon, latifi and stroll are slow and not consistent drivers that nobody care. Haas is the worst team that nobody care but this year will be the team to watch for mazpin vs shumacher will be exiting to watch.

    Britney ChinBritney Chin2 månader sedan
  • To be fair, most people forget how much bad luck Bottas got in last two years

    John JiangJohn Jiang2 månader sedan
  • Pretty good list. I just think that Aston Martin should be much lower. Vettel lost his mojo, and Lance hasn't found it yet.

    NducationNducation2 månader sedan
  • Why is your hair zo high

    Bradley Van den HoutBradley Van den Hout2 månader sedan

    Luke4348Luke43482 månader sedan
  • Binotto is such an idiot, they need to get him out of the team, already starting shit in the press about replacing Carlos, no wonder seb wanted to get out of there

    Adhd AndyAdhd Andy2 månader sedan
  • Nah I'd put Ferrari and Mclaren ahead of Merc in terms of lineup. Bottas brings Mercedes down especially since he hasn't been a title contender in his 4 years in the fastest car

    Ben JohnstonBen Johnston2 månader sedan
  • Y agree with Aldas Verstappen and Checo Perez will be at the top of your 2021 driver lineaups ranked from worst to best, Mercedes second place, and McLaren third one...Hugo Diaz, Mexico City.

    Hugo Diaz GarciaHugo Diaz Garcia2 månader sedan
  • Honestly all sounds about right exceeeept (and others have said this), I definitely think Daniel’s above Sainz. Daniel has 7 race wins and has competed up there in the top spots, plus he’s got more experience. I know you rated McLaren’s lineup above Ferrari, but I don’t think Sainz is quite at Daniel’s level yet. Also, Lando was only 8 points behind Sainz in the 2020 championship, even though Lando is much less experienced. - a completely unbiased Danny Ric/McLaren fan🧡😉

    Tiffany RTiffany R2 månader sedan
  • Ricciardo is gonna do better than max and Perez this season

    Will James ClasWill James Clas2 månader sedan
  • I think people underestimate McLaren a lot, Daniel and Lando in my opinion are the best driver's line up because on the grid. These two drivers are in a very similar level of racing and they have matching personalities who will work really well in McLaren's environment being like a family. If McLaren improve their pace with the new car floor and the Mercedes engine, depending on the Red Bulls pace they can fight for podiums and even wins at 2021.

    Pedro Augusto ParreirasPedro Augusto Parreiras2 månader sedan
  • Spot on with this top 10

    Robbie SampsonRobbie Sampson2 månader sedan
  • Your Sainz comparison doesn't make sense because Barrichello NEVER agreed to be the number 2 driver, it's well known and documented. Now, if Leclerc suddenly goes Schumi enough to FORCE Sainz to becoming a Barrichello (a fantastic driver that happened to be overshadowed by a legend) it's a whole different story. It can't be predicted so it can't be planned. See, an outstanding driver will always have the team's attention. Hamilton vs Rosbottas, Verstappen vs everyone, those are clear situations of the existence of a number 2 driver who's willing to fill the number 2 seat. Barrichello, I don't think so, at all.

    Bruno RennoBruno Renno3 månader sedan
  • Redbull could be competitive if they work together and have a good car

    Dave St. Clare JonesDave St. Clare Jones3 månader sedan
  • And the constructors and driver 2021 titles goes to Mercedes and Hamilton respectively if Hamilton has a contract if not the title will go to Russell

    Dave St. Clare JonesDave St. Clare Jones3 månader sedan
  • Bottas had only one official DNF but had many serious mechanical problems and finished 2nd with a piece of Ferrari in his chassis. He's better than Checo. Checo is better than Albon by a good margin though.

    Adam PettenAdam Petten3 månader sedan
  • If Hamilton secures driver's title with 3to 4 rounds still pending, and redbull is giving tough fight to merc for constructors title, there is possibility Russell will be moved to merc in place of bottas.

    Manish VeerkarManish Veerkar3 månader sedan
  • Riccardo set up a healthy environment at renault, I dont doubt alonso's skill in the car, but I do doubt his attitude being the same positive pushing for the development of the car. I think mclaren has the edge on alpine

    Barlos Bainz Jr.Barlos Bainz Jr.3 månader sedan
  • I would have switched 4th and 5th, No faith in the Ferrari boys

    JAM PresidentJAM President3 månader sedan
  • Ocon was improving as the 2020 season went on I think. Wouldn't surprise me if he ends up being not that far behind Alonzo in the final driver standings. Also Vettel is ofc a world championship but feels like he could end up having another bad season. With that said my ranking would be: 6: Aston, 5: Alpine, 4: McLaren, 3:Ferarri, 2:Red Bull, 1: Mercedes. Red Bull might be better because of Bottas being worse than Perez but Mercedes have a proven successful combo of drivers. Bottas is the optimal 2nd driver who will not interfere with the 1st driver. Best way to guarantee one of your drivers will win the Championship. Like Barichello to Schumacher. Just think Perez might be a bit to hungry and competitive.

    Ratatosk80Ratatosk803 månader sedan
  • agreeed max and serigo number one!!! absolutely!!

    hello456ablehello456able3 månader sedan
  • mick schumi looks like an average driver to me

    hello456ablehello456able3 månader sedan
  • lance stroll and vettle are amateurs what a joke!!!!

    hello456ablehello456able3 månader sedan
  • HAAS is sneaking out the back door. The Russian driver brings big money with him, so does schumacher. HAAS is losing money, may want out and cuts back, and sell the team.

    Bill eibBill eib3 månader sedan
  • There's definitely a 2-5-3 split in the grid! Hoping for a nice shake-up next year 2022!

    s10dlkas10dlka3 månader sedan
  • My list- 1. McLaren 2. Red Bull 3. Ferrari 4. Mercedes 5. Alpine 6. Aston 7. Williams 8. Alpha Tauri 9. Haas 10. Alfa Romeo

    li_Re YouTubeli_Re YouTube3 månader sedan
  • Mercedes in 2.? 😂

    sakuraba78sakuraba783 månader sedan
  • Checo F1 World Champion 2021

    JLCJLC3 månader sedan
  • Bro you speak so damn fast

    Aidan CastleAidan Castle3 månader sedan
  • Think the Ferrari team is very strong. Leclerc is outstanding and Sainz did well against Verstappen. Also like the McLaren line up too. 1. Ferrari 2. McLaren 3. RB 4. Mercs 5. Alpine 6. Aston Martin 7. A.T. 8. Williams 9. A.R 10. Haas

    As33As333 månader sedan
  • i don't agree with aston martin so high up...else yeah!

    P. SethiaP. Sethia3 månader sedan
  • F1 Gordon Ramsey has a good list

    Diego FloresDiego Flores3 månader sedan
  • I agree with you Red Bull has the best line up

    F1 FanF1 Fan3 månader sedan
  • Bottas has to be aggressive this year. I understand knowing your role as a number 2 driver but Bottas has to push. George Russel did a great job against Bottas. Nico Rosberg gave Hamilton a run that 2016 season. Need more different drivers to win besides Lewis. Hamilton is great now is the time to challenge Lewis to see how great of a driver he is

    Jason SegarraJason Segarra3 månader sedan
  • I agree with your list except i think Charles is going to do much better in 2021. SF needs to be in the #3 spot. Great vid mate.

    q3aryokoq3aryoko3 månader sedan
  • 1. Mercedes 2. Red Bull 3. Mclaren 4. Ferrari 5. Alpine 6. Aston Martin

    Edward StaffordEdward Stafford3 månader sedan
  • happy New Year mate

    OlderThanDirtOlderThanDirt3 månader sedan
  • This mans said Carlos is on the same level aw Danny Ric, The honey badger is top 4 quality

    Zach BowlesZach Bowles3 månader sedan
  • I agree with the driver line up he has

    Dylan LengelDylan Lengel3 månader sedan
  • Aston Martin over Alpine is madness to me. Fernando is stronger than seb, Ocon is stronger than Stroll imo, so how did they end up like that

    Moritz WolfMoritz Wolf3 månader sedan
  • What music do you use in your videos

    Liam StreffordLiam Strefford3 månader sedan
  • You kind of look like a young Gordon Ramsey

    PsivewriPsivewri3 månader sedan
    • @psplfq1 hahahaah

      simjani _simjani _Månad sedan
    • You donut

      psplfq1psplfq1Månad sedan
    • @hello456able nah hes a legend

      Alaster WisemanAlaster Wiseman2 månader sedan
    • gordon ramsey is a pratt

      hello456ablehello456able3 månader sedan
    • Lol can’t tell if u Trollin or not

      SbinnalaSbinnala3 månader sedan
  • I saw P10 and I know you have no idea about Formula 1

    champagne from hollywoodchampagne from hollywood3 månader sedan
  • Only Ferrari and McLaren swap

    JuanCCado CJuanCCado C3 månader sedan
  • I think 2022 will be the year for Geoege Russell in Mercedes. Maybe as a reply to Red Bull in 2021.

    Johan ten HoveJohan ten Hove3 månader sedan
  • Fair play was coming on the state you copied the race SEworld channel video that was produced 2 days ago but they actually seem to copied you as you produced this 6 days ago😂.

    John BJohn B3 månader sedan
  • Dont agree with the List from top 2 bottas and checo are both better drivers than verstappen Who crashed alot More than bottas or checo

    Don BotDon Bot3 månader sedan
  • 1. Mercedes. 2. Red bull. 3. Alpine. 4. Aston Martin. 5. Meclaren. 6. Ferrari. 7. Alpha thauri. 8. Williams. 9. Haas. 10. Alpha Romeo.

    Avihay ZevulunyAvihay Zevuluny3 månader sedan
  • Daniel is In the best 3 drivers in the entire field. He is better then both the Ferrari drivers.

    Fighting The Turret With SwahFighting The Turret With Swah3 månader sedan
  • riccardo is better than leclerc, just

    John SmallJohn Small3 månader sedan
  • El Matador! There I was the first to coin that phrase!!! Good luck El Matador Checo in his raging red bull💫

    Don FergusonDon Ferguson3 månader sedan
  • perosnally i would say it's: Ferrari Mercedes Red bull Mclaren Alpine Aston martin Alpha tauri williams alfa romeo haas

    adam adamadam adam3 månader sedan
  • ngl as a mercedes fan i am worried for this season, although i know hamilton will win the title again if he signs a contract which he probably will, and get at least 300 points as theres more races, with valterri bottas in the team i dont think mercedes will have a clear chance at the constructors as look at sakhir, russel would have won his first race, and bottas got 9th and not even fastest lap, and he isnt consistent, hes got no race pace and hamilton had covid and still got a p3. I think mercedes should drop valterri for russel and do a 1 year driver test were russel drives this eason to compare results in the team, the relationship he has with hamiltom, and the relationship on track and how useful he is to the team and if he is better keep rusell in the team

    Tina HessionTina Hession3 månader sedan
  • Why does everybody hate mazepin so much ?

    John DoeJohn Doe3 månader sedan
  • I’d put Aston Martin above Ferrari keeping the Ferrari dynamics in mind

    Zurvan MaroliaZurvan Marolia3 månader sedan
  • My opinion is that sainz is on the same level as riciardo he has been improving since 2018 and had some excelent races like the race in italy 2020 and brazilian grand prix in 2019 he came from last place to the podium in my opinion he is such an underrated driver and dont just judge a driver on wins judge him on his his racecraft, lot of drivers couldnt do that comeback and he is an excelent team leader. He is also a fighter he came stronger from that despite almost not getting any seat in formula 1. That is just my opinion and im so sad he is leaving mclaren, that bromance was unbeaten.

    Luka JakošLuka Jakoš3 månader sedan
  • Bit random but when is drive to survive 2020?

    Elliot SykesElliot Sykes3 månader sedan
  • You forgot to factor how much bad luck Valteri had as well, not just max

    Luke HylandLuke Hyland3 månader sedan
  • Excellent analysis Congrats

    Francisco OlveraFrancisco Olvera3 månader sedan
  • Who the fuck said hamilton will sign the contract he wants to go to ferrari

    NeganNegan3 månader sedan
  • I’d say just about the same but put Toro Rosso at #5 and bump the other two down a spot.

    deedasdeedas3 månader sedan
  • Riccardo and Sainz are not on the same level, Riccardo in a competitive car, is a top three driver. Also, Red Bull is not on the same level as Mercedes. Your take on this is just based on hype, not reality.

    chookalanachookalana3 månader sedan
  • Latifi is horrible. He almost cancels out Russel's strengths in the Williams car...

    chookalanachookalana3 månader sedan
  • This is much better than that 'THE RACE' crock of shite version I just watched, but you bottled the top four. Redbull & Mclaren are 1 & 2, in either order, and Ferrari and Mercedes are 3 & 4, in either order.

    Ben BenboiBen Benboi3 månader sedan
  • Thanks Gordon

    MaxskiMaxski3 månader sedan
  • Fam how r Checo and Max better than Sir Lewis and Bottas? Ridiculous. but i still love ur channel aldas

    L WL W3 månader sedan
  • Looks like you ranked the cars rather than the driver lineup.

    Ali OzyonAli Ozyon3 månader sedan
  • Let's be realistic! We still don't know what's up with Hamilton. And if he's back in the coveted Mercedes seat, we're on to see him take his 8th title. McLaren are the hot ones this year and if they do get their car singing to Ricciardo's tune, we could very well see Daniel take his first World Championship in a tight fight to the wire with Hamilton. In the mix will surely be Leclerc if Ferrari can get their strategies right and that is where the presence of incoming Sainz will shine. Worstappen has an attitude and Perez comes into RedBull with his own. So I feel Christian is going to have a hard time. I see them no better than the midfield this year. Alpine will be struggling with Alonso trying to drive more than his car, taking Ocon down with him. And with Cyril on his way out, Alpine is all but doomed. Haas and Alpha Tauri will have their own battles midfield with the F2 drivers continuing their jostling on the new F1 platform. They will definitely be ahead of most other midfield drivers and sometimes on top as well. The new green Racing Point rebadged as Aston Martin will have their good days when it is a race of attrition. Giovanazzi is the weak link in Alpha Romeo and they will probably finish at the bottom despite the brilliance of Kimi. Bottom most will definitely be Williams coz the damage done by bad (read atrocious) management is not easy to salvage and the new management will take time.

    Mazdayar VatchaMazdayar Vatcha3 månader sedan