5 Drivers Who Are Under Pressure in 2021

27 mar 2021
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Pressure is a natural part of being a Formula 1 driver and yet again on the eve of the 2021 season, lots of drivers are going into the season fighting for their seats and futures in the sport. In this video I talk about 5 drivers who I think are really under pressure to perform and what challenges they will face in 2021.
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  • I hope/wish mick goes to alpha Romeo

    Luca BuckleyLuca Buckley2 timmar sedan
  • All of them plus... Alonso returning Kimi showing he still has what it takes Ricciardo back in a top team Stroll showing he isn't just a pay driver Mazepin showing he deserves a seat.

    duxandrespashaduxandrespasha4 timmar sedan
    • Btw, except for Mazepin I think all of them will deliver.

      duxandrespashaduxandrespasha4 timmar sedan
  • Honestly just get verstapin

    TinyBearTimTinyBearTim10 timmar sedan
  • That 2nd seat in racing point is a black hole. Vettel needs to perform and move to another team as soon as he possibly can. Regardless if Lance place last, he can't get booted out because he own that team. The pressure is always on that 2nd driver. Look at what they did to Checo. Thank God he won & moved to RB. Per Lawrence, they took Vettel because he is a world champion and Lance has a lot to learn from him. It's all about Lance. Once they Elon Musk-ed his brains out, they'll throw him out like a dirty rug just like what they did to Checo.

    Margaux MMargaux M3 dagar sedan
  • Lmao, Giovanazzi is actually a really good driver, watch his first lap overtakes compilation

    Max CeballosMax Ceballos4 dagar sedan
  • Every driver is under pressure except Stroll, Mazespin, and Leclerc.

    DreamyDreamy4 dagar sedan
  • 1:44 G A E

    JoseLeonardoMPJoseLeonardoMP4 dagar sedan
  • I’d say that Schumacher is as well to keep his names prestige and also Russell to keep performing

    Joe EastwoodJoe Eastwood4 dagar sedan
  • Love your videos ,but can you make a video on how do teams bring money ,and how much do they win after winning or losing ,and after crashing how much money is lost ,thank you ,and all the best for your future

    Chitrang KadamChitrang Kadam5 dagar sedan
  • Interesting content but is there any chance you can do something about the frequent use of a speech affectation that adds an "a" to the end of words ... "did" becomes "didda" "F1" becomes "F One'a" and so on. It's quite off putting. Either way keep up the good work 👍🏻

    Carlo CorbyCarlo Corby6 dagar sedan
  • Antonio Giovinnazi: struggles to maintain his seat Kimi Raikkonen: "It's just a hobby to me"

    HumanDevilGamingHumanDevilGaming7 dagar sedan
  • Kimi outclassing someone is not a insult. He is better than most drivers.

    brian4480brian44807 dagar sedan
  • Perez will be the World champion this year

    michal234486michal2344867 dagar sedan
  • I finally subscribed, didn't realizre I hadn't - been watching your outstanding content for years!

    Greg BrownGreg Brown7 dagar sedan
  • In my opinion : -Vettel -Bottas -Perez -Mazepin -Gio -Ricc -Ocon -Laitifi

    IwieG IwieGIwieG IwieG7 dagar sedan
  • i would say Ocon - Must prove that he can beat his team mate Vettel - Y know it already Gasly - Because it is his first time when he needs to prove that he is better than his younger team mate Giovinazzi - How you can be Ferrari driver if you can not beat your 40year old team mate

    MrNiksuMrNiksu8 dagar sedan
  • 4:04 ok but kimi is a world champion

    Aaron BaynesAaron Baynes9 dagar sedan
  • So many drivers under pressure to preform to keep their seat or prove that they got something to give to the team and fans while Kimi: "it's just a hobby for me"

    Useless KapiUseless Kapi10 dagar sedan
  • Where in a weird year, next year is a BUG rule change. So I don’t think any team will take the big risk of a driver change next year, BUT 2023 is where I think we might see these five drivers under that pressure you mentioned

    Alexander ZoubulAlexander Zoubul10 dagar sedan
  • Looking like going from Alpha Tauri to Alpine would be a step down for Gasly these days

    Scott ElderScott Elder10 dagar sedan
  • Nah, Perez is safe man

    KRIS·KRIS·11 dagar sedan
  • I think checko has this tho i mean he already kinda proved himself in Bahrain when he started from the pit lane n finished in p5

    Yohannes BayrayYohannes Bayray11 dagar sedan
  • I hope geo improves

    Yohannes BayrayYohannes Bayray11 dagar sedan
  • Don't forget Sainz. The Ferrari is as Unforgiven as the Eastwood movie. www.imdb.com/title/tt0105695/

    I TubeI Tube12 dagar sedan
  • Russel will not take Bottas seat.. he will take Hamiltons seat. Toto said that the combination of Russel and Hamilton won’t exist.

    Ben_pkeBen_pke12 dagar sedan
  • No pressure for Kimi, a hobby

    playlikejannikplaylikejannik12 dagar sedan
  • Really off topic, but the picture at 4:40 is one of the coolest pictures of an F1 car I've ever seen, I've had it as my desktop wallpaper for a few weeks now

    Robin CulpinRobin Culpin14 dagar sedan
  • I like how he just assumed kimi is not gonna retire and Antonio is the next to go lol

    Calvin LinCalvin Lin14 dagar sedan
  • Ocon is not under pressure ! Ocon will stay and hopefully gasly will join Alpine

    Diego LoveDiego Love14 dagar sedan
  • Vettel is done

    Diego LoveDiego Love14 dagar sedan
  • Its more pressure to Hamilton than Bottas bcuz Bottas is perfect 2nd driver. Hamilton and Russell would be too risky... Its more likely 1st George and 2nd Valtteri. Only reason why would george go to merc is lewis high pay.

    FaizeriFaizeri15 dagar sedan
  • Perez gets driver of the day yet he gets on this list don’t think so, once he gets use to the car he’s going to put pressure on Max I’m not worried about him. Seb and Bottas definitely this will be their last season in F1 can’t see them going to another team unless they swop drivers, Bottas might end up back at Williams when Russel goes to Mercedes but it’s the end of the road for Vettel. The two Hass drivers have nothing to fear other than making it to the end of the season without killing them selves in that death trap of a car, Williams number two driver would be going but I think they need the money he brings in for the team. Other than the two drivers I mentioned I can’t see any changes for next season as the cars will be totally different we will just have to wait and see.

    Dean HallDean Hall15 dagar sedan
  • Honestly mate what is this obsession with surf shark vpn. All f1 SEworldrs collab with em

    Siddharth BoseSiddharth Bose15 dagar sedan
  • I think the only driver that will have a good season from these 5 is Perez. I can see the other 4 all struggling.

    Not Applicable F1Not Applicable F115 dagar sedan
  • 1. Lance stroll 2. Charles legreg

    Christian strongChristian strong15 dagar sedan
  • Bottas performances won't guarantee him a Mercedes seat unless he wins the championship. Bottas is fighting for a seat in f1 for the next season if he doesn't show good performances he might not find a seat for him

    Jalal AdhiriJalal Adhiri16 dagar sedan
  • ¨middle of the road driver¨ meanwhile only a very select few make it onto f1 in the first place

    KentryKentry16 dagar sedan
  • my list Italian jeezus mich shu niktia mazepin (ofcourse) bottas. come on u have bot in ur name lance stroll

    NoobPyxlNoobPyxl16 dagar sedan
  • Piastri is coming for that Alpine seat

    Jason BayesJason Bayes16 dagar sedan
  • Ocon was a star in force india both in 2017 and 2018. We know how good of a driver he is .

    Raunaq SinghRaunaq Singh16 dagar sedan
  • Before watching the video: Ocon Bottas Tsunoda Vettel Giovinazzi

    Carl W GrauballeCarl W Grauballe17 dagar sedan
  • I think sainz is actually under pressure because he has to prove himself worthy of a seat at ferrari.

  • Seb joins AM AM: most unstabe rear of the grid

    Simon HolmqvistSimon Holmqvist17 dagar sedan
  • Perez flourishes under pressure just a reminder.

  • *Lists the entire F1 Grid*

    The Chosen FailureThe Chosen Failure17 dagar sedan
  • Most under pressure has to be Ocon. If he gets beaten badly by Alonso, his F1 career his likely over. Second is Bottas - solid driver, will likely get picked up even if he loses his Merc seat, but this is his last chance to show he can be World Champion material. Third is Gio - I think he is who he is, and if he loses his seat he will likely be done. But I don't think his "legacy" is hanging in the balance...he is a capable but mediocre F1 talent. 4th is Sergio...I think people will give him the benefit of the doubt this year, and a decent performance is probably all he needs. But he is a race winner now, and probably in the top 10 of most desirable drivers available Last is Seb. I get why he is on the list, but he really just looks like a once world-class driver whose best days are behind him...I don't think his legacy is in the balance as much as is implied

    Preston PhelanPreston Phelan18 dagar sedan
  • George Russell should be at Mercedes next year no matter what Valtteri does. He's on the level of Max, just needs a chance to show it

    Preston PhelanPreston Phelan18 dagar sedan
    • He spun behind the safety car He's fast but rn I don't think he could beat bottas over a whole season

      BN5BN517 dagar sedan
    • He's not mate....

      Mr MathhMr Mathh17 dagar sedan
  • Personally I think bottas has the most cause we all know russel is getting that seat soon and maybe Hamilton I dunno I think merc will drop him and no team will try to buy him imo

    JamyJamy18 dagar sedan
  • This dude ends all his sentences with "uhh" behind the last word. If you hear it, you cant unhear it...

    HHJ SHHJ S18 dagar sedan
    • Yup - has ruined a lot of his videos for me. I mean, who TF says Kimi Raikonnen-e?

      Rune GravengaardRune Gravengaard15 dagar sedan
  • Yee

    Nick BessonNick Besson18 dagar sedan
  • Well, one race in a Perez has shown his class, Restarted the Redbull without communication, 19 overtakes at several corners, just ran out of time to catch Norris, and while excuses are being made for all the other drivers who changed teams, that they would need 4/5 races to be ready, Checo put in a master class performance, it was easy for Perez at Racing Point as there was no expectation but Checo is now going to be judged on the failure of Gasly and Albon who were broken by Verstappen.

    Tony O DonnellTony O Donnell18 dagar sedan
  • Someone on a tread said "Seb has never been the same since Hockenheim ". I think that right unfortunately ! I really don't see him getting back to his former self. Kind of worried we may be seeing Seb's demise in F1. I really hope i'm mistaken !

    Nicholas WilliamsonNicholas Williamson18 dagar sedan
  • Ilot-not italian Schwarzman - not italian Gio is safe

    Traqn HristovTraqn Hristov18 dagar sedan
  • Side note on surf shark, would it let me watch American F1 coverage because sky is way to expensive

    Bob GilbertBob Gilbert18 dagar sedan
  • please do: 5 drivers under the least pressure in 2021. kimi no.1

    Mitchell WesternMitchell Western19 dagar sedan
  • I never got the point of these videos

    δδ19 dagar sedan
  • Gio didn’t get outclassed by Kimi last year i mean they scored the same amount of points and Gio beat him in the qualifying battle.

    THE NOBZZTHE NOBZZ20 dagar sedan
    • @TheIronDuke W. True i didn’t think abt like that, i just wanted to say tbh that i don’t think Gio did bad last season.

      THE NOBZZTHE NOBZZ7 dagar sedan
    • The qualifying duel between them was 9-8 in Giovinazzi's favor. In other words even. Not comparable to say Hamilton vs Bottas 11-5, Leclerc vs Vettel 13-4, Ricciardo vs Ocon 15-2 and Verstappen vs Albon 17-0. But never mind qualifying, what matters is who finishes ahead when the race is over. In the races *themselves* the score is 12-5 in Kimi's favor. That is significant. Points doesn't say much when Alfa Romeo only scored in 4 races. This means that if F1 had the same scoring system as say Indycar Kimi would have outscored Gio like he did in 2019. 12-5 in the races themselves. When you consider that Ricciardo tops this list by finishing ahead of Ocon 13 times and Hamilton and Verstappen comes in at 12 times ahead of their respective team mates it's obvious Kimi is ahead. It's 10-5 for Leclerc and Vettel next.

      TheIronDuke W.TheIronDuke W.11 dagar sedan
  • Mazepin

    Zak RZak R20 dagar sedan
  • Guessed all of them before the video except Giovonazi who I just find a bit meh. I agree Icon is under pressure, but calling him the most experienced at Alpine is a bit of a stretch, even if Alonso had been out of F1 for a while, he's one of the best drivers of his generation. I might have said that Ricciardo was under pressure as well, maybe Sainz, even Leclerc as well to a certain extent, but a solid list which I agree with.

    Matt PotterMatt Potter20 dagar sedan
  • Sergio will deliver. The others, not so sure.

    thejonathanraththejonathanrath20 dagar sedan
  • Under most pressure IMO are: Sebastian Vettel Antonio Giovinazzi Eseteban Ocon Nikita Mazepin Valtteri Bottas I'm adding Mazepin in this list instead of Perez due to the simple fact that out of all drivers on the 2021 grid, Mazepin will be under pressure to prove his critics wrong that he has what it takes to be in Formula One and not solely because his dad bankrolls the entire team. So far the start hasn't been any good, but hey - there are still 22 races to go, which is enough time to silence his doubters.

    ivaneuropeivaneurope20 dagar sedan
  • Russel and Ocon would be a very good combo for Mercedes in 2022

    Chazz GamingChazz Gaming20 dagar sedan
  • I don’t think Giovinazzi is under pressure. He’s improved so much over the last two seasons and is giving Alfa what they expect of him

    Casey SouthernCasey Southern20 dagar sedan
    • That depends. If Ferrari's test driver (and vice F2 champion) Callum Ilott turns out to be really good (I mean he had 5 poles and 3 wins in F2 in 2020, compared to Mick Schumacher's 0 poles and 2 wins the same season) I have a hunch Ferrari might want to push him into one of the Alfa seats. Ferrari has a say in one of the seats at Alfa. Since Alfa needs the experienced Raikkonen to develop the all-new car for 2022 I don't see him going either - especially since the team needs continuity. Also, if Callum Ilott doesn't get the drive there are several Ferrari Academy drivers lining up for a F1 drive in 2022. Robert Shwartzman being one of them. If not the Ferrari Academy drivers then others can be hired on a single season loan. There's also the question whether Mick Schumacher can see another season with Haas.

      TheIronDuke W.TheIronDuke W.11 dagar sedan
  • Gio actually won 9-8 against Raikkonen in quali in 2020

    slipslip20 dagar sedan
  • quick side note... on almost every sentence of the voice-over, the sound of Uh / E is ad on. Like the wordt win is now heard like winuh. If you hear it you can't un-hear it hahaha

    B1nary C0deB1nary C0de21 dag sedan
    • Yup - that has actually ruined a lot of his videos for me, even though they're great. I mean, who TF say Kimi Raikonnen-e... unless you're French of course'e.

      Rune GravengaardRune Gravengaard15 dagar sedan
  • The guy with the biggest pressure in general has Nikita Mazespin

    ًً21 dag sedan
  • Them "Annoying ads" is how you make money right? 😂

    William CartwrightWilliam Cartwright21 dag sedan
  • Meh Valtteri was second on the grid so is fine as long his team don't f#$k up the pit stops and Gio will always get outpaced by Kimi common its the iceman! Stopping having a dig at Kimi's age, like you said in one of your other videos he is certainly good enough.

    C HC H21 dag sedan
  • *Top 10 F1 drivers* *10: Mazzacane* *9: Mazzacane* *8: Mazzacane* *7: Mazzacane* *6: Mazzacane* *5: Mazzacane* *4: Mazzacane* *3: Mazzacane* *2: Mazzacane* *hOnOrAbLe MeNtIoNs:* *Mazzacane* *Mazzacane* *Mazzacane* *NUMBER ONE!11!:* *Nikita Mazepin*

    SbottonoSbottono21 dag sedan
  • 20% of me wants sergio to fail because i really think that there is something wrong with that second car but 80% of me wants him to be as good as verstappen or at least very close to him because he really deserves to be at a top team. life choices are hard man...

    REDEXREDEX21 dag sedan
  • Just imagine if Alfa doesn't want to keep Gio and bring in a new guy, they maybe want Kimi even longer to have someone with experience working alongside. Would be nice. I just want one year of Kimi with the new regulations

    Gravelord NitoGravelord Nito21 dag sedan
  • let me guess. tsunoda, schumacher, mazepin, sainz, perez. done no need to watch video

    Virgil O.Virgil O.21 dag sedan
    • I think he’s gay

      Robert AndrewsRobert Andrews20 dagar sedan
    • @Virgil O. this SEworldr irritates me

      Robert AndrewsRobert Andrews20 dagar sedan
    • @Robert Andrews dang I didn’t even watch the video 😂

      Virgil O.Virgil O.20 dagar sedan
    • You got it wrong

      Robert AndrewsRobert Andrews20 dagar sedan
  • Pressure, what pressure? These guys are under pressure since they've been driving go carts since 8, gone through F3, F2... They are cream of the crop, just look at their pay. Their mentality is if he can do, so can I and even better. Pressure is only when you don't know what you are doing and only a mind set. Elite athletes is 70% mental and 30% physical.

    James HJames H21 dag sedan
  • I wouldn't be too harsh on ocon comparing him to Riccardo. Riccardo is a freak who also consistently beat Verstappen apparently one of the "best drivers in F1" according to the latest F1 broadcast 🙄

    Luke AlecksonLuke Aleckson21 dag sedan
    • @maiiia P 0.1 of a second on Saturday doesn't get the points. Sundays the day you get points and dam still don't that in a RB car set up around max. Hmmm perhaps if max stopped playing in the sand he might have had an opportunity to prove he was in a better set up car for him but he didn't. And since then dan has out qualified every one of his team mates

      Luke AlecksonLuke Aleckson18 dagar sedan
    • @Luke Aleckson hmm. In 2018, despite Dan has many DNF, Max already ahead of him, and beat him in Qualifying 13-3 too. Both in 2017, 2018, Max was faster than Dan average 0.1s

      maiiia Pmaiiia P18 dagar sedan
    • @maiiia P just Google F1 championship results for the years they raced together. There was only 1 year max beat him and the was largely due to Daniels consistent "engine reliability" "electrical faults" RB sabotage

      Luke AlecksonLuke Aleckson18 dagar sedan
    • consistently beat Verstappen? Show me pls

      maiiia Pmaiiia P18 dagar sedan
  • The parsimonious lip presently precede because letter histopathologically marry qua a adhesive entrance. bustling, cruel gate

    Megan MackeyMegan Mackey21 dag sedan
  • Mazepin really not under pressure? Or does his money make him safe?

    dBdB22 dagar sedan
  • Why does no-one mention Max Won the odd race or 2, team and car built around him, teammates come and go as they are not backing him up in race, great at quali, no points for that, still can snatch defeat from jaws of victory, now has the car a great #2 with him, still threw it away. This season is best chance, only Hamilton to beat.

    Bingy BingyBingy Bingy22 dagar sedan
  • Goes without saying Perez will be on here. I hope he keeps his seat as I like him.

    ToddReyToddRey22 dagar sedan
  • Every driver in Formula 1 will be under pressure. Kimi: Where is my drink

    Dennis BajanovDennis Bajanov22 dagar sedan
    • Kimi: Shut up I know what I am doing

      null contextnull context13 dagar sedan
  • I don't understand why people are saying Bottas is not delivering. He has been consistent sharing the podium with Sir Lewis. To me no team can have 2 alpha dog. Sure Bottas, like another driver, would like to win a Championship , but Lewis has been consistently out qualifying him unless someone like Toto tells us Bottas rid is not as good as Lewis. So far, seems no other team is have similar results with both drivers.

    James HJames H22 dagar sedan
  • Bottas proved himself in Williams to get his seat at Mercedes where he has ensured that Mercedes consistantly have podium and Team points. That means a lot to Mercedes as a manufacturer. He made the best from the Williams car which earned him the seat at Mercedes. Russell is in a similar position as Bottas was with Williams and needs to show he can get a set of results from the Williams car if he is to progress.

    a walka walk22 dagar sedan
  • I feel sorry for Ocon, I mean, having Alonso as your teammate is like one of the worst things that can happen to you on F1

    javiqm23javiqm2322 dagar sedan
  • Perez seemed to do pretty damn well under pressure on Sunday lol. Last to 5th was a spectacular drive.

    Brap BrapBrap Brap22 dagar sedan
  • I don't understand why Checo WOULD be under pressure. He has his final fling at F1, he's been a solid as a rock finisher for Force India over the years and he carries backing, meaning he go to WEC or Indycar if he was ever dropped. The Red Bull Team can learn a lot from him and as such he is an asset, especially as he's not a crasher, but a points finisher. :)

    Jonathan BradburyJonathan Bradbury22 dagar sedan
  • I hope this comment ages badly, but Ocon is going to be looking for another drive soon. He'll not live with Alonso beside him. :(

    Jonathan BradburyJonathan Bradbury22 dagar sedan
  • The only way Merc drops Bottas is if Perez starts beating him consistently.

    TLR EclipseTLR Eclipse22 dagar sedan
  • sebs not under pressure . if he doesn't go well he takes his 4 wdc's and 100m net wealth and retires rich , happy and contented

    Annihilation MaximizationAnnihilation Maximization22 dagar sedan
  • Awesome stuff @ALDAS.On a completely different subject can you please do a video on Lewis hair transplant 😂👌🏻

    mamanjcmamanjc22 dagar sedan
  • After yesterdays race Vettel is really under pressure ..

    Jori BremerJori Bremer22 dagar sedan
  • It`s " Sergio "...........not " Sersjo " ........!!!!!!!

    Onkel MarvinOnkel Marvin22 dagar sedan
  • ????? I'm 100% sure nobody at red bull is expecting Perez to beat max? They just want him to be a reliable number 2 who can help with strategy and score meaningful points unlike gasly and albon, if he keeps getting in the top 5 especially starting from the back I'm pretty sure they'll keep him. Considering he's a solid and fast driver who also takes great care of his tires he seems like the perfect man for the job. The "he needs to beat max" line just invalidated the whole video to me tbh cause it's such a weird and outlandish statement. An aggressive team mate battling max is literally the last thing RB need atm, he needs to be battling Lewis, let his team mate battle with bottas iso compromising both max, their own and RBs championships. Besides, no disrespect to Perez cause I think he's a great driver but he has no hope of getting close enough to max to overtake him in a straight fight in the same car. Also, since Perez got thrown an F1 career life line by RB at the last minute, if he's 1% as smart as I think he is he'll be sure to never get close to taking max out of a race by doing anything risky. ESPECIALLY considering both max and RB seem to have a chance at the title this year.

    Zigi SamblakZigi Samblak23 dagar sedan
  • Bottas is only the second driver, and will never be the first driver on MB! If the black leaves, VETTEL enters IN the team.

    AndréAndré23 dagar sedan
  • Then theres Kimi doing it for a hobby

    Jasper HartikainenJasper Hartikainen23 dagar sedan
  • 9:15 Also more than one F2 drivers would really like that seat ...

    mariolis1000mariolis100023 dagar sedan
  • Unless Seb beats Stroll comfortably over the season, his already suspect 4 WC's won't be worth jack in the eyes of many. Valtteri and Giovinazzi are also under pressure, but I feel it may be too late for Valtteri unless Hamilton retires?

    BlessedBlessed23 dagar sedan
  • Well, Sergio has proven his point so far today a comeback from the pits back to 5th.

    PogMasterPogMaster23 dagar sedan
    • @TheIronDuke W. First race though, let's give him a few more races, he did say during the last halve of the race he really started to understand the behaviours of the car, we'll see though at Imola. I'm super excited - I hate that it was a 3 week wait and then we have another 2 week wait after Imola to go to Portimao but after that it's all out racing!

      PogMasterPogMaster11 dagar sedan
    • PogMaster With the fastest car and several safety car laps that was the least you could expect. Perez's fastest lap in the race was 0,742 s slower than Verstappen's fastest - which I'm afraid is a larger interval than any other team pairing in which both finished the race (minus Bottas's gung ho last lap on fresh tires). Red Bull's pit stops are also lightning fast.

      TheIronDuke W.TheIronDuke W.11 dagar sedan
    • @PogMaster Oh yeah I think he's gonna do great, I just don't think doing something that Gasly and Albon also have done, and lets be honest is to be expected from a RB driver, is not an indication that he will do better than Albon or Gasly. I think he will, but a recovery drive in the car that seemed to be fastest of the day is not that special.

      Wietse op de WeeghWietse op de Weegh17 dagar sedan
    • @Wietse op de Weegh How would you expect him to do that on Bahrain? Being at the back of the grid, with how close the grid is this season P5 is probably the best he could've done. A few more laps probably P4. Just wait the next few races he will definitely be a lot more competitive, especially the first race was a good test for him to get a feel for the car etc. He will definitely perform well around Imola. Give him a chance anyway.

      PogMasterPogMaster17 dagar sedan
    • That's not what he was hired for though. Both Albon and Gasly have started from last and got the car up to P5. Sure they didn't start from the pit but they did it without a safety car. Perez was hired to atleast be close enough to be a nuisance for the Mercedes drivers and he didn't do that in his first race.

      Wietse op de WeeghWietse op de Weegh17 dagar sedan
  • 6:49 Seb got a grid penalty and started last, then collided with Ocon and got a 10 second penalty and finished p16. At least he didn't conjure up a spin out of thin air

    DaBabyDaBaby23 dagar sedan
  • ۞―P̳r̳e̳m̳i̳u̳m̳ ̳P̳r̳i̳v̳a̳t̳ ̳S̳e̳x̳―۞ ➡️➡️️ 》》 18cams.xyz 《《 -----------------^^----------------- ♠【﹄💖𝐊𝐋𝐈𝐊≔⫸LINK 💖﹃】 ♠みゃあこさん!ฅ( ̳• •̫ • ̳ฅ)ニャン !❤️ 在整個人類歷史上,強者,富人和具有狡猾特質的人捕食部落,氏族,城鎮,城市和鄉村中的弱者,無`'守和貧窮成員。然而,人類的生存意願迫使那些被拒絕,被剝奪或摧毀的基本需求的人們找到了一種生活方式,並繼續將其DNA融入不斷發展的人類社會。 說到食物,不要以為那些被拒絕的人只吃垃圾。相反,他們學會了在被忽視的肉類和蔬菜中尋找營養。他們學會了清潔,切塊,調味和慢燉慢燉的野菜和肉類,在食品市場上被忽略的部分家用蔬菜和肉類,並且學會了使用芳香的木煙(如山核桃,山核桃和豆科灌木 來調味食物煮的時候 1616945712

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  • Bottas was the only driver in this list to make Q3 in Bahrain

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  • The drivers who will be under close scrutiny the most could be: - Valtteri - Sergio - Lando - Esteban - Pierre - Yuki - Seb - Gio - Mick - Nikita *Hopefully I get it wrong for few of 'em, heck even all of them, btw congrats on your sponsorship...

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