2021 Liveries Ranked from Worst to Best

11 mar 2021
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With all of the liveries finally revealed it's fair to say there's definitely a variety of old, evolved and brand new liveries for this season so here is my ranking of the 2021 liveries from worst to best.
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  • the aston martin is the green merc

    DD_EZYCLAPZ15DD_EZYCLAPZ152 dagar sedan
  • That haas is hilarious 😂

    Putu Eksat Swardinata Kusuma_41 / IX 8Putu Eksat Swardinata Kusuma_41 / IX 86 dagar sedan
  • 1 alpha tauri,2 mercedes,3 red bull,4 ferrari,5 williams,6 aston martin,7 hass,8 mc laren,9 alpine,10 alfa romeo.

    gregory nichollsgregory nicholls7 dagar sedan
  • Red Bull is still my number 1

    LoganoLogano27 dagar sedan
  • It's fun to see how different people's opinions are on these liveries. Just for fun, I made my own list: 1. Alpine 2. Aston Martin 3. Williams 4. McLaren 5. Haas 6. Red Bull 7. Alfa Romeo 8. AlphaTauri 9. Mercedes-AMG 10. Ferrari

    Northern RidesNorthern Rides28 dagar sedan
  • haas the best

    Daniel RacingDaniel RacingMånad sedan
  • The Red Bull livery is fucking boring.

    Arctic ProxyArctic ProxyMånad sedan
  • Kinda selfish for mazepin to do that,

    HuayraHuayraMånad sedan
  • We all have opinions Master Ramsay, what makes you think we want to hear yours?

    Paul DarbishirePaul DarbishireMånad sedan
  • Brilliant analysis...

    Zak AyoubyZak AyoubyMånad sedan
  • Haas = Force India

    Aiman FalihinAiman FalihinMånad sedan
  • Why would Mazepin and Ural factor have anything with your view on that livery and why would be so weird for Schumacher to drive a car with russian flag on it?

    Radoslav GrcicRadoslav GrcicMånad sedan
  • 1: Alpine 2: Alfa Romeo 3: Aston Martin 4: Red Bull 5: McLaren 6: AlphaTauri 7: Ferrari 8: HAAS 9: Mercedes AMG 10: Williams

    5mirkeh5mirkehMånad sedan
  • He is seriously a big Alonso fan.... Mate we are same.... I hope Alpine provides him a race winning car ....

    manan agrawalmanan agrawalMånad sedan
  • He should have made this video after testing.. ... As he is mentioning again and again that he need to see cars on the track.... Then this video would have made much more sense....

    manan agrawalmanan agrawalMånad sedan
  • Had to stop after #6. All i hear is negative negative negative, not a fan imo, repeat hate one after another.

    Michael JoaquinMichael JoaquinMånad sedan
  • Idk Alpine is overrated

    Mohamed AzeemMohamed AzeemMånad sedan

    Brian SergeantBrian SergeantMånad sedan
  • Williams should be in 1st place

    Purwanto OkePurwanto OkeMånad sedan
  • Ferrari should’ve gone 100% maroon

    Eric HollawayEric HollawayMånad sedan
  • Williams has a livery that match their future, blurry. HAAS livery is just a livery politic statement about USA. Mercedes: remove the INEOS red and the AMG stickers, and it would be nice. Ferrari ruined their livery, as hoc with their season chances. McLaren is ok. Aston Martin looks boring still, doesn't look green while moving, and you won't be able to tell who is the driver with those numbers and the same pink helmet. Red Bull is a classic, if it isn't broken don't fix it. Alfa Romeo is my absolutely favourite, I love all the design. Alpine is my second favourite, beautiful colours.

    Piermario BarozziPiermario BarozziMånad sedan
  • The satisfaction of the car positions on the beginning of the list

    edward edwardedward edwardMånad sedan
  • Williams is way much better looking than Haas for instance..and not because of the Russian flag influence..that is just boring as hell..and a huge uralkali text on it..not even a livery just flags and texts..at least Williams strived with some bold graphics..

    Eddie AdamsEddie AdamsMånad sedan
  • From now seeing all of the cars on track from Testing I’ve decided on my order now. Alfa Romeo Alpha Tauri Alpine Red Bull McLaren Aston Martin Williams Mercedes Haas Ferrari

    1988Carlsberg1988CarlsbergMånad sedan
  • Honestly, Williams is okay. Haas has to be the worst one not only for 2021 but in general. And it has literally nothing with Mazepin, it's just horrific looking.

    Aida ĐulovićAida ĐulovićMånad sedan
  • I will agree to disagree 😃

    Jinansh Mehta 1000Jinansh Mehta 1000Månad sedan
  • Wait, did you just say you live in Lithuania???????

    BirdamoBirdamoMånad sedan
  • With me hailing from the US... the Haas is 🤢🤮

    Kai FreemakerKai FreemakerMånad sedan
  • To be honest you need to quit saying to be honest.

    guitarsword1guitarsword1Månad sedan
  • The video title should be called “What I hate about The F1 liveries”

    yo schmoeyo schmoeMånad sedan
  • People are raving about the aston martin livery, but it's hardly a livery. It's just a plain green car with a single pink stripe down the side. not impressed I was really hoping for a British Racing Green and Neon Green car. disappointing.

    Joseph BertolaJoseph BertolaMånad sedan
  • Did I hear you say Lithuania? Labas?

    Paulius BalčytisPaulius BalčytisMånad sedan
  • How are people going to make fun of Williams last year saying they look like Colgate toothpaste when alpine looks more like Colgate toothpaste.

  • My personal top 3: 1. Aston Martin 2. Williams 3. Alpine ^^

    Thế Phúc NguyễnThế Phúc NguyễnMånad sedan
  • You have no sense of what your are talking about 😂😂😂

    Nelaka AbeyaratneNelaka AbeyaratneMånad sedan
  • This is kinda funny how people see things. I've never liked the Red Bull livery, and the Alpha livery is ok. Alpine is rather nice.

    Xeres ForteenXeres ForteenMånad sedan
  • I like Aston Martin's colour, but the whole package is not my favourite. The Alpine for me is just beautiful, I do like the Haas livery's design, just not what it represents, I also think some small changes and you could make it look more American.

    16BitJay16BitJayMånad sedan
  • Williams livery looks good on track imo

    Niki SNDNiki SNDMånad sedan
  • I laughed when I saw the topic and then saw your face. It became instantly obvious that you were going to give the no 1 spot to Alpine.....and you did. LOL. However, let me just say that I also think that Alpine has the best livery. That blue is great as the dominant colour. Alonso is the best driver too. So, well done son. You are a really smart guy.

    sportube2010sportube2010Månad sedan
  • Williams is terrible I agree

    LK34LK34Månad sedan
  • For the Ferrari, they shoulda blended the maroon more and then made the MW and the numbers yellow imo

    Evan Is A SharkEvan Is A SharkMånad sedan
  • My very personal top 10 & why : 1) McLaren - Huge Danny Ric fan, yeah I'm biased but also it just looks cool. 2) Alpine - very nice looking, shades of the old Ligiers & Prosts, 3) Aston Martin - great to see a green car back on the grid. 4) Alfa Romeo - beautiful livery, great job. 5) Ferrari - its them, would've liked more burgundy; I know we won't see the MW green blob very often in races. Some credit to them for actually doing something slightly different. 6) Mercedes - messier than last year, still hate the multiple AMG watermark things. 7) Alpha Tauri - its just meh. 8) Williams - well, they tried. Messy. Not the best certainly but I don't hate it as much as lot of people seem too. It doesn't gel well but points for a bit of creativity and risk taking. 9) Haas - Russian flag, cannot stand Mazepin and just plain dull. 10) Red Bull - put in zero effort whatsoever and I'm just so sick of it. Didn't even offer us a testing livery. Sorry Aldas, not as much of a fan of it as you and I know it is their sponsorship tradition but there's nothing else and just nothing exciting or new about this year's one.

    AstrostevoAstrostevoMånad sedan
  • The haas one looks clean

    rehbornb1rehbornb1Månad sedan
  • People complaining about the Ferrari having green and not knowing about complimentary colours

    Mr cool ManMr cool ManMånad sedan
  • My opinion about FERRARI is the best overall. And if you are hating then or not the best fan it's fine. But im just saying my opinion about FERRARI livery

    Bern CorpinoBern CorpinoMånad sedan
  • Hello there neighbour. Im a Latvian

    Emils_LV14Emils_LV14Månad sedan
  • Number one is spot on but the rest I disagree 🤭

    oliver irelandoliver irelandMånad sedan
  • Yeah Alpine is easily the best this season hands down

    Jon PortJon PortMånad sedan
  • Aldas you kinda look like a little Gordon Ramsay lol 😁

    Jon PortJon PortMånad sedan
  • I have no respect to a person who puts french flag car to first and russian flag car to last

    deniz kavcıdeniz kavcıMånad sedan
  • totally disagree....Williams is the best livery and the Haas is the worst

    John BatsonJohn BatsonMånad sedan
  • It hurts me to say it as a Ferrari fan but they have the worst livery this year: 1. Alpha Tauri 2. Alpine 3. Alfa Romeo 4. Red Bull 5. McLaren 6, Aston Martin 7. Mercedes 8. Williams 9. HAAS 10. Ferrari

    Michaell TobiassMichaell TobiassMånad sedan
  • yeah the Williams looks pretty shit, all tauri my favourite and Aston Martin a close second

    Justin DavisJustin DavisMånad sedan
  • I dont think you know what you are saying sorry

    izak ferreiraizak ferreiraMånad sedan
  • Can't wait for modders to release custom skins of "some" car liveries for the f1 2021 game. ^_^

    Frans97Frans97Månad sedan
  • Just because you dont like the driver you also dont like the livery...How dumb. HAAS livery looks great.

    DelijeSerbiaDelijeSerbiaMånad sedan
  • i like bright colors sooo... 1.Ferrari (red is the best color for any vehicle) 2.Aston Martin (green is underrated in F1 world) 3.McLaren (would be second if it was more orange) 4.Alpine (yellow renault was better, but this blue is good too) 5.Williams (darker blue than alpine, so it's one place lower) 6.Alfa Romeo (red is saving this from being in the bottom) 7.Mercedes (if it was more turquoise, it would be higher, black is just boring) 8.Red Bull (boring 1) 9.AlphaTauri (boring 2) 10.Haas (boring 3)

    XSunacXXSunacXMånad sedan
  • 10. Ferrari 9. Williams 8. McLaren 7. Haas 6. Mercedes 5. Red Bull 4. Alfa Romeo 3. Alpine 2. Aston Martin 1. Alpha Tauri

    NilsNilsMånad sedan
  • Ferrari would've been better if 1. Mission winnow logo was the tricolore 2. There was more of the gradient 3. It was finished in gloss

    The Ferrari GuyThe Ferrari GuyMånad sedan
  • 1.alpine 2.aston martin 3.alpha romeo 4.mclaren 5.alpha tauri 6.red bull 7.haas 8.mercedes 9.williams 10.ferrari(because of mission winnow green)

    Aaryaraj MondalAaryaraj MondalMånad sedan
  • Williams look good in IRL but trash in render

    Ganapathy subramanianGanapathy subramanianMånad sedan
  • I......really like the Williams livery

    BasBasMånad sedan
  • Red and Green, the dark red fade and the childlike spray painted driver numbers, it's SHIT.

    Stuart AndersonStuart AndersonMånad sedan
  • You had so much to say about why you think the Williams livery is bad but I just look at the thing and, well... It looks nice. I'd swap that and the Alfa around on your list - that wine red and white is just dreadfully dull to look at.

    Sammie Lauren HSammie Lauren HMånad sedan
  • Official Aldas is a Fernando Alonso fan

  • I like the red bull livery because it fits with the three tire compounds

    verklemptverklemptMånad sedan
  • 1 Alpine 2 Mclaren 3 Red Bull 4 Alfa Romeo 5 Aston Martin 6 Mercedes 7 Ferrari 8 Williams 9 Alpha Tauri 10 Haas According to my opinion

    Renato 10Renato 10Månad sedan
  • Aston Martin is the best livery out there this year. No offense from the video blog.

    The Expat's TravelogdxbThe Expat's TravelogdxbMånad sedan
  • @aldas I believe Williams just signed a few more sponsors earlier this morning.

    PopTartBandwagnPopTartBandwagnMånad sedan
  • Best to worse 1. Alpine 2. Alfa Romeo 3. Aston Martin 4. Mclaren 5. Red bull 6. Alpha tauri 7. Ferrari 8. Mercedes 9. Haas 10. Williams.

    Andile HlangwanaAndile HlangwanaMånad sedan
  • The “big teams” liveries are always overrated - red bull, merc and even ferrari (I am a ferrari fan). It’s strange to put red bull in 3rd, by your criteria, then ferrari should always be on top because it’s the most iconic... which is just false.

    Lorin SmarandoiuLorin SmarandoiuMånad sedan
    • Ferrari's livery has changed so much in these years... You're surely gonna remember redbulls one in 10 years time, instead who remembers the sf16?

      Raffaele Del Zio R_D_Z_27Raffaele Del Zio R_D_Z_27Månad sedan
  • Enjoy your vids, but also your voice is made for radio. Have you thought about doing commentating?

  • Liveries are really subjective & depend on personal preferences. My favourite is Aston Martin & least favourite is Haas.

    Ahmad AmmarAhmad AmmarMånad sedan
  • This guy thinks a soda can looks better than aston martin livery

    no eggs no legsno eggs no legsMånad sedan
  • I'm sorry Aldas, but I think you have bad taste. I would have put Alpine, Williams and Aston Martin at the top. With Red Bull, Alpha Tauri and HAAS at the bottom.

    Dave RussellDave RussellMånad sedan
  • I hope Ferrari is at least as bad as they were last year so I don't have to look at that wreck. Is Aldas unfamiliar with Williams's livery from 85-93? Whether it's an homage or not, I like it. It's just lively and different. Screw Haas. Red white and blue, finally, and it's clearly for Russia. In fact, the US flag is black and white. There's nothing redeeming with this team. All in all, I think almost every livery this year is a regression. And God, I HATE these matte finishes.

    F1JonesF1JonesMånad sedan
  • As long as Ferrari is taking money from Philip Morris and advertising it (for those that don’t know, Mission Winnow is a Philip Morris entity), they should be #10 out of ten. They are advertising cigarettes, even if only slyly and subliminally. F@ck ‘em.

    Darrow1991Darrow1991Månad sedan
  • 1. Aston Martin 2. AlphaTauri 3. McLaren 4. Alfa Romeo 5. Red Bull 6. Alpine 7. Mercedes AMG 8. Haas 9. Williams 10. Ferrari

    RedCometXIIIRedCometXIIIMånad sedan
  • Hard to argue with this list. Alpine is perfection. Red Bull is a modern classic. Aston Martin is a safe start. Merc and Ferrari are notable downgrades

    D ManD ManMånad sedan
  • while i wont rank i will say this: Like: Alpine, Alfa, Aston Martin, Haas, Williams. Alpha Tauri Unsure/so-so: red Bull, dislike: Mclaren (papaya is ugly), Mercedes ("Silver arrows" c'mon guys -quit listening to Lewis) , Ferrari (transition is ugly)

    Jim ElliottJim ElliottMånad sedan
  • RED BULL 3rd? ....

  • The best is Vettel’s

    John RadzJohn RadzMånad sedan
  • I actually like the back of the Ferrari probably cause i really like burgundy 🤷🏽

    Krombopulos SalKrombopulos SalMånad sedan
  • Hm... here is my list: 1. Alpine (I absolutely loved it too) 2. Aston Martin (That green looks so sick man!) 3. Alda Romeo (I agree with you that it has really nice mixed colors) 4. McLaren (Despite it changed a little it looks pretty nice, that light blue is... really beautiful) 5. Mercedes (I agree that it's 2/3 of the front are excellent, so that's why its here) 6. Red Bull (i agree with u again, that it's a classic F1 car and looks beautiful) 7. Ferrari (i HATE that green and i don't really like the black behind, but it's quite ok) 8. Alpha Tauri (i dont like that black, it's too... dark!) 9. Haas (I fully agree with you) 10. Williams (this is not an F1 car)

    Alexandros ChatzinikolaouAlexandros ChatzinikolaouMånad sedan
  • I am the only one who doesent like the alpine livery?🤔

    Monkeyboy_NilsMonkeyboy_NilsMånad sedan
  • mesmerising hair, better than any livery)))

    XuMuKXuMuKMånad sedan
  • Haas should have been # 10 on this list.

    Ralph WilliamsRalph WilliamsMånad sedan
  • Merc from 20- 21? Looks like they took the 3 pointed star stencil from the crackhead with OCD, and gave him an AMG logo. I suppose I should be nicer. It may have been someone's 3 year old.

    The Dire PuppyThe Dire PuppyMånad sedan
  • 7:05 that doesn't make any sense if you think about it

    THE Riften GuardTHE Riften GuardMånad sedan
  • I love @tomof1 's take on the RB car

    Noah VranyesNoah VranyesMånad sedan
  • @6:50 you need to stop zooming in, the details work with eachother in a f unit... look at the lines of each colored surface and how it works with its equavalent at different points of the car.... none of the details are meant to be seen in and by themselfs... look straight at the front as a unit...tell me wheres the flaw.... look at it side as a unit... tell me wheres the flaw.... ill give you that trying to get irregular amg blocks lined up perfectly is daring but they did, the line of the details follow how "a racetrack curves straight radius straight" much better then all those sloppy swoops.. then the teal lines again you cant look at that rim by itself, look side on as a unit tell me those lines don't perfectly complement eachother and that that colour is not absolutely striking among the black again the lines of the numbers they follow the same exact slope as all the blocks around and complement that and the red , only thing i would have done would be amg's slightly more blended as a colour (so softer) and removed the hygienics under ineos... other than that its among the single best liveries ever in f1 ... it's ok that you folk can't handle your emotions because yes...it rams right in there doesn't it... thats what makes it so perfectly executed... the logos about the same size signaling mutual respect within, one solid unit and im not even a merc fan.. I want my mclarens to run 1 and 2.

    arPos KraftarPos KraftMånad sedan
  • Was it just me or did anybody else do a double take when he said that if he was ranking the Alpha Tauri livery he'd give it a five out of ten but put it a seven? Man you *are* ranking them :)

    Brian LBrian LMånad sedan
  • My rankings: Mercedes: 6/10 Red Bull: 9/10 McLaren: 8/10 Aston Martin: 8/10 Alpine: 10/10 Ferrari: 4/10 Alpha Tauri: 5.5/10 Alfa Romeo: 9.5/10 Haas: 8/10 Williams: 1/10

    Andreja MilivojevicAndreja MilivojevicMånad sedan
  • The problem with the Ferrari is there's no fade, it's a border

    Rian O LuasaRian O LuasaMånad sedan
  • Red Bull has become a classic. It looks fine and represents their brand. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it.

    Jude74Jude74Månad sedan
  • the ferrari looks amazing on track today

    orio_orio_Månad sedan
  • Red Bull with no real change from last year, still good. McLaren with minor changes, not better nor worse. Aston Martin with radical change. The pink was super unique but this is definitely a sharper looking car. Alfa Romeo and Alpha Tauri both minor improvements from last year. Both good. Williams with significant changes though similar colors, undecided if it's better or worse. Different. Alpine with radical change. Pretty nice but boring colors. The yellow was better. Mercedes and Ferrari both significant downgrades from last year. Haas with a total change again. Equally as bad. Every design they've ever had is awful.

    bones343bones343Månad sedan
  • 1. McLaren - Only one left with totally unique and distinct color scheme. That orange is amazing. 2. Red Bull - Unique design with contrasting colors that pop. Classic and obvious with the Red Bull lite (Toro Rosso) no longer around. 3. Alpha Tauri - Another unique design that stands out from the other cars. 4. Ferrari - One of the worst looking Ferrari cars in recent years but at least the red makes it obvious it's the Ferrari. 5&6. Mercedes/Aston Martin - Mercedes is also a downgrade from before and separately the Aston looks great. But together they have similar designs and with almost inverted colors. Less unique lineup on track now. 7. Alfa Romeo - Pretty sharp looking car. 8&9. Williams/Alpine - Two blue cars. Alpine leaving from the yellow Renault to blue and Williams going more blue now gives us two similar looking cars instead of two would be totally unique color schemes. Separately they are both nice. Together, boring and similar. 10. Haas - Another red blue and white car. They change colors every year and this year changed to the most common possible colors. Terrible. Losing the yellow Renault and pink Racing Point is a huge downgrade overall. There are now SEVEN teams that are predominantly red white or blue. Two teams with black and green. And one orange.

    bones343bones343Månad sedan
  • wait why do some countries stop ferrari from advertising mission winnow? What even is mission winnow?

    GrowingLeo19GrowingLeo19Månad sedan
    • Owned by philip morris to promote tobacco

      Patrick CoPatrick CoMånad sedan
  • Totally disagree with the Williams. It isn’t my favorite but it isn’t that bad.

    John BarberJohn BarberMånad sedan