Why 2021 is a ‘Legacy Defining’ Season for Vettel at Aston Martin

5 mar 2021
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My Livery reaction over on the Veloce channel: seworld.info/will/aLCqvNvSbGp7r2A/video&ab_channel=Veloce
Vettel and Aston Martin will undoubtably be one of the biggest talking points in 2021, the new partnership and re-introduction of the Aston Martin brand has given the team a new lease of life but for Seb, 2021 is an important season in which he needs to bounce back after the way things ended at Ferrari, because if he doesn't, that could then have a very negative effect on his F1 legacy...
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  • Unfortunately i think Seb has nthg in the tank anymore. I has driven 9 cars since 2013 and couldnt adapt to any of them.

    Betim AmetiBetim Ameti3 dagar sedan
  • he reminds me of prost . vettel has at least 1 more title in him before his time is up

    Daniel StoreyDaniel Storey6 dagar sedan
  • Vettel is one of the greats however he has got slowly worse since 2013 :(

    Adam BanksAdam Banks14 dagar sedan
  • The 2009-2013 RedBull was Adrian Neweys greatest ever creation

    chris chrischris chris23 dagar sedan
    • Bruh,if you are saying he was only champion because of the cars Adrian Newey made you are wrong I think. Even with a good car it is needed skill to drive that car to a tittle decider. I don't consider Seb as good as Alonso or Hamilton, but he is a great driver, he just seems to be in a huge abyss of a bad time

      Guilherme PereiraGuilherme Pereira3 dagar sedan
  • Who else is here after the Bahrain Grand Prix?

    Simbarocks ONESimbarocks ONE23 dagar sedan
  • and still after ferrari seb has not won chamioship number 4 and no i,m not wrong because seb and helmut marko stole 1 championship from mark webber ,,vettel is not as good as every one thinks he is

    Tribal MagicTribal Magic24 dagar sedan
  • So guys... Who wants to see this man performing sbinalla in Aston Martin...😃😃😃. No matter whichever team he goes to, don't expect any miracle to happen... He wants his car to be built around in a certain way, if not he performs sbinalla and do all kinds of weird and hopeless acts. You can't even draw a parallel between this guy and with the likes of great drivers like Lewis or Fernando for that matter. Seb is just a driver...won't even rate him as good. By seeing how he performs in races it is hard to even classify him as mediocre or average. But Lewis and Fernando are in a different league altogether..Lewis infact is a one of a kind, extremely talented elite driver who you won't come across that many. They are legend/great/extraordinary for a reason...cause they can adapt to the changes, they would outperform the car which they drive and have the talent or ability to squeeze out every bit of performance from the power unit of the car that the drive. They are natural talents. They are flexible and delivers consistently. Seb on the other hand, the kind of guy who blames the tools and machinery to cover the lack of skills...a buffoon...a joke...

    Amit MoAmit MoMånad sedan
    • The man won four world tittles and you think he is bad?! It's not just the car that makes you win a championship.Take Heiki Kovalainen for example,a ok driver in a championship capable McLaren and still didn't do anything remarkable. Vettel lost some consistance after 2018, he didnt fully recover his confidence.I don't consider Seb as good as Alonso or Hamilton, but in the end he is a four time champion, so he is a good driver. When will people stop hate him?🤦🏻‍♂️Not a fan,only being honest about my opinion on him

      Guilherme PereiraGuilherme Pereira3 dagar sedan
  • AMR21- Amazing Mercedes Reskin 21

    Joel AquinoJoel AquinoMånad sedan
  • use seb knows that he is working for lance strolls dad

    Tribal MagicTribal MagicMånad sedan
  • actually no hemut marko stole marks championship

    Tribal MagicTribal MagicMånad sedan
  • no he is only a 3 time world champion because he stole 1 championship from mark webber

    Tribal MagicTribal MagicMånad sedan
  • You can’t win 4x world titles by luck haha

    Jole HardingJole HardingMånad sedan
  • I just love the worthless video of people with masks on.

    RickRickMånad sedan
  • -In his first full year, in 2008, with a middle of the table team, Toro Rosso, got his first pole and first win, in a brilliant wet weather race where he led from start to finish, despite not having anywhere near the best package. Became, and still is, the youngest pole sitter in F1 history, despite the amount of young talent F1 has had for the past few years. -In his first year for Red Bull and in a top team, he scored their first pole and win, and placed 2nd in the drivers behind Jenson Button who got an overwhelming lead in the championship thanks to the Brawn's Double Difuser and overall optimal package. -In his next year he became a world champion, then a 2nd time world champion, and a 3rd and a 4th... In 2011, he got, and still has, the record for driver with most poles in a season, with 15. In 2013, he equaled Michael Schumacher for driver with the most wins in a season, and still has that record to date. He also is the only driver in the history of the sport to get 9 wins in a row in a single season. -In his first year at Ferrari, despite the package being nowhere even close to the only title contenders Mercedes, he was still splitting the duo Merc drivers in the championship up until the USA GP (17 races in the season)... He got 3 wins, the only one in that season to get wins aside from the Mercedes drivers, and also became the 1st driver to get a pole with a non-Mercedes engine car in the hybrid era. -He became the 3rd most successful Ferrari driver in terms of race wins, only behind the GOAT Michael and the Legend, Niki Lauda. -So far, still the only driver in 8 years of the shitty Hybrid Era to place 2nd in the drivers championship, that was not a Mercedes driver. I'm sorry, but his legacy will never be tarnished... What can be tarnished is his performance after 2018 which clearly got a slump and from what we can tell, majority of that blame lying in how Ferrari handled him. He certainly isn't the strongest driver in terms of mentality, but he however is for damn certain one of the very best in the actual craft of driving a car and probably the best at working with the team and get into the car details. Ferrari however did not provide the environment he needed... Arrivabene at one point even stated that "drivers should just focus on driving the car"... Clearly evidencing that they were not working with Seb like Red Bull was when it came to developing the car and fine-tuning it.

    Vitor FerreiraVitor FerreiraMånad sedan
    • Finally,someone with a brain to at least respect and apreciate

      Guilherme PereiraGuilherme Pereira3 dagar sedan
  • Why does Lance's hair get worse with every season?

    StarfallStarfallMånad sedan
  • From the Mercedes car launch it was noticeable that Lewis looks at Seb as the main competition for this season.

    Fisnik RamadaniFisnik RamadaniMånad sedan
  • I still don’t understand the hype behind Ricciardo. Not that I think he isn’t a good driver. I don’t see why he’s seen as one of the best on the grid. When you think about it every single driver on the grid barring rookies has moments of greatness against all the other drivers. If I’m being honest I think Sergio, Lewis, and Max are the actual best on the grid. And everyone else is just really really good. You don’t get into F1 by being a slouch. People seem to forget that you have to be a physical specimen to even properly operate an f1 car (i.e. getting tires to temp, maintaining break temps, simply withstanding the g forces). All I’m saying is give me the proper reference material by which I can educate myself on what makes Ricciardo a cut above anyone else. And what/who/how to compare that data against.

    Angelo TomasiAngelo TomasiMånad sedan
  • Are we seriously going to sleep on the fact that Lawrence looks eerily similar to Count Dooku??

    Danish*beep*SabirDanish*beep*SabirMånad sedan
  • i dont agree. Seb beat kimi who was a world champ with ferrari. Kimi is good by no means.

    charlescharlesMånad sedan
  • Stroll is a liability and a joke.

    M MacPhersonM MacPhersonMånad sedan
  • "Golden period" when the car suits him the best. Okay but then what about 2017 and 2018? he almost won the title. That was not the adrian newey rocketship cars and he beat raikkonnen too. So he is not a slow driver or just casual. Just easily loses self-confidence (i think)

    Dani BalazsiDani BalazsiMånad sedan
    • He almost won what title? What are you talking about

      nenge nustanenge nustaMånad sedan
  • A lot of drivers like very specific things. Vettle likes a car with massive rear grip which the ferrari didn't have. Kimi liked soft & really grippy tyres etc etc. The very best drivers are thes who are able to adapt when things aren't exactly as they like. For that reason he isnt one of the all time greats but that doesn't change the fact that when he is happy he is one of the quickest on the grid.

    Tom NorrisTom NorrisMånad sedan
  • The AM looks marginally more tightly packaged than the Merc. Hopefully some close racing

    Will MacWill MacMånad sedan
  • If Vettel is beaten by Lance is he going to cry that the team are favouring the Boss’s son? He blamed everyone else except himself for his poor Ferrari showing.

    Gent Next DoorGent Next DoorMånad sedan
  • Anyone else really want one of the Aston Martin team jackets? damn they look epic

    SwiggySwiggyMånad sedan
  • Both seb and stroll has been beaten by their former team mates

    Esther AkeodeEsther AkeodeMånad sedan
  • Seb + Aston = DU BIST WELTMEISTER?

    Bachelor SenseiBachelor SenseiMånad sedan
  • Loving what Stroll Snr doing with that team. Would hope they do well.

    Tommy JesshopTommy JesshopMånad sedan
  • We all know about Bonito management at ferrari. I am pretty sure he will do a lot better than lance on Aston martin.

    Gowtham VGowtham VMånad sedan
  • Hate on the Stroll’s all you want but you can’t deny, what they & Checo have done to bring Racing Point back from the brink and bring in AMR is pretty awesome to see.

  • Vettel carrying to much baggage these days. Now he's a family guy and older Mark Webber would grind him into the ground now. MW was always more professional. Was divine justice for the honey badger to unseat him

    Mark PattersonMark PattersonMånad sedan
  • No Mazepin videos covering the press conference, new livery? All my favorite channels are avoiding saying his name and most definitely are avoiding calling him out. It makes it seem like Mazepin escapes accountability and the lack of fan driven commentary is helping him.

    Carlos SaenzCarlos SaenzMånad sedan
  • Let’s hope he finds what is required to beat the rest of the field and join Max in not following BLM and the rest of the virtual signal take the knee left wing Hamilton types.

    Roger DiehardRoger DiehardMånad sedan
    • Shame on you. You just couldn't help it, could you. BLACK LIVES DO MATTER.

      C MikeyC MikeyMånad sedan
  • Ive def grown in my respect for lance, he seems to be quite comfortable in a more supportive role and just likes to learn everything he can from his more experienced teammates and I think its really growing his ability leaps and bounds. This mentality certainly is welcoming for drivers like seb and checo as well

    _ Diceman __ Diceman _Månad sedan
  • Hamilton was favoured when he was teammate with Alonso, Jenson and Roseberg. Jenson n Roseberg managed to beat him whereas the whole world saw how ferrari treated Seb in the past 2 year's....... Unlike hamilton seb never cringes n acts like a cry baby when he is losing or favoured over him for his teammates..... If you remember hamilton once had said the F1 is boaring as most of the races are won by Seb n redbull when they were dominating but now never utters a word of level playing field as he is winning almost every race.... No doubt hamilton is quick but when it comes to human side Seb is far better human then hamilton n hamilton is blessed from day 1 to sit in a car which was capable of winning races...... Russell showed what can be done in a Mercedes in sakhir GP..... From 2014 it's more of a engineer's race then driver's.......

    Arjun RaghuArjun RaghuMånad sedan
  • The only pressure on Seb is the pressure he will put on himself moving forward. People seem to forget that Vettel co-owns Aston Martin, alongside Lawrence Stroll and Toto Wolf.

    Jake MJake MMånad sedan
  • I think you said it all. If Seb gets back to his winning ways in 2022, he becomes an all-time great driver. If Lance drives all over him in 2022, he's just a champion who drove the best car at the time, but couldn't make it outside that time scale. Personally, I don't think he'll make it.

    VorrnVorrnMånad sedan
  • Malaysia 2017

    Jameel TaherJameel TaherMånad sedan
  • I am waiting for a Seb comment saying the MB engine is so much better than the Ferrari - to have the last word against Ferrari.

    i Digiti DigitMånad sedan
  • on his best days Seb is one of the best pilots in f1 history... it's just a shame that there's so many days where he clearly isn't his best and then he tends to screw up big time

    arPos KraftarPos KraftMånad sedan
  • Vettel is obviously very good..... But he's not the best, twice has a new team mate joined and shown him up in their first season in a team, on both occasions he chose to flee to another team instead of rising to the challenge, Vettel is not the same world beater he was when he had the blown diffuser to assist his driving style

    AlexAlexMånad sedan
  • Can you do a video about how Laurence and Lance went from being hated at Williams to loved at Aston Martin??

    Spencer HughesSpencer HughesMånad sedan
  • We need Lamborghini, Porshe and Audi in F1 also I hope the new structure and layout of F1 2022 brings these teams in while keeping the existing teams on the grid that would make F1 so much more exciting!? Anyone agree or disagree?

    PunchDrunk_CriticPunchDrunk_CriticMånad sedan
  • I think a big part of why people underestimate Seb so much is that Alonso once said he wouldn’t win if he had a car like everyone else, but Alonsos salty ass said similar things about pretty much everyone. Seb is a 4 time world champion, the youngest world champion in F1 History, has 53 wins to his name ( the third highest of all times) , and won 3 of his championships with his teammate not being 2nd.

    Marc HelmbergerMarc HelmbergerMånad sedan
  • There are more things that concluded to Vettel losing to Ricciardo mainly reliability issues

    Eugene ArmenisEugene ArmenisMånad sedan
  • Is it me or is your accent changing? Hamilton-uh, twenty twenty one-uuuh, seb-uuh..almost a Japanese twist on all the words at the end of each sentence.

    Lord FesnorLord FesnorMånad sedan
  • Quick reminder: Vettel qualified on pole in a Toro Rosso and won the race the next day

    Marc HelmbergerMarc HelmbergerMånad sedan
  • Sometimes I forget that Seb is younger than Lewis... It just doesn’t add up in my head

    RowanRowanMånad sedan
  • 6:17 car is pure elegance..

    Maky 6969Maky 6969Månad sedan
  • It's honestly a scary thought if Stroll beats Vettel. If that comes to pass, the only explanation would be that all the cars across Vettel's career were significantly better than we thought. It would mean that the 2010 and 2012 Red Bulls were dominant cars that nearly had the titles bottled by two average drivers (Vettel and Webber). It would mean that the 2011 and 2013 Red Bulls were *insanely* dominant. It would mean that the 2015-2018 Ferraris were significantly better than we thought. It would explain how Vettel could go from World Champion to being beaten by a young teammate in Ricciardo. It would explain how Raikkonen could get destroyed by Alonso and then get significantly closer to Vettel. And finally, it would explain how he could get so demolished by Leclerc. Honestly, the more I think about it, the more sense it makes to me and I'm saying this as someone who rooted for Vettel in Ferrari. Alonso should be regretting hard his move from Ferrari.

    the_kovicthe_kovicMånad sedan
  • nice vid keep it up!

    joe mamajoe mamaMånad sedan
  • So he's on his way out then. Got it.

    DonkavisionDonkavisionMånad sedan
  • the most unpleasant and disappointing Ferrari driver mostly in the last two years

    Andrea MaghelliAndrea MaghelliMånad sedan
  • Can we just thank Lawrence stroll

    Yohannes BayrayYohannes BayrayMånad sedan
  • Lawrence Stroll single-handedly revitalized the team with a boatload of sponsors, the capability is unmatched. Let alone getting a renowned brand in F1

    Jasper OrJasper OrMånad sedan
  • Hit the re-Seb button. Smiling again.

    Jens FiehlerJens FiehlerMånad sedan
  • I'm pretty sure he'll whitewash Lance, but if Seb can't beat him then I think this might be the end of the line for him

    Henry CampbellHenry CampbellMånad sedan
  • Hammilton hass the fastes car that is all russrl woud beat his ass instand

    penkkillerpenkkillerMånad sedan
  • Vettel has four championships. Only Fangio, Hamilton, and Schumacher have more. Vettel has won more championships than Jackie Stewart, Jim Clark, Graham Hill, and Ayrton Senna. If he never wins another race he is still among the most elite of elites. Whether or not he wins again depends heavily on the car Aston Martin puts under him and whether or not Papa Stroll keeps nepotism completely out of the picture. Let's just hope 2021 is a highly competitive, down-to-the-wire season.

    RooRooMånad sedan
  • Seb cemented his legacy when he won his last title at Red Bull. One or two seasons on the tail end of a career don't define legacies. One just has to think about how difficult it is in F1 to finish in the top 3, let alone winning, let alone winning enough races to clinch a championship. That's why Kimi said that winning one championship is enough for him. The confluence of factors that lead to 4 championships is not something easily appreciated.

    pack180gpack180gMånad sedan
  • *2022

    Crystal RacingCrystal RacingMånad sedan
  • I think Seb is a great driver. He needs some work with his emotions however

    kontinnuumkontinnuumMånad sedan
  • Sebastian Vettel is two years younger than Lewis Hamilton??😳

    Daniel MampillyDaniel MampillyMånad sedan
  • Doesnt matter next year Hamilton and toto join AMR. Seb out

    drGonzodrGonzoMånad sedan
    • No

      Sparta beer reviews Sparta beerSparta beer reviews Sparta beerMånad sedan
  • I love to see Vettel smile again. I'm convinced he still can and also will perform great these next seasons!

    Kevin SchmidtKevin SchmidtMånad sedan
  • I would like to mention something about Vettel's 2019 season. Yes, he really did not destroy Leclerc or something but he also wasn't completely outperformed by him and without his bad luck with reliability and some let's say questionable decisions of the race control he proppably would have won in Monaco, Russia and Canada. So yes, he got beaten by Leclerc, by a difference of 24 points (which is still a lot less than the gap between Hamilton and Bottas), in 2019 but it is funny from some people to say that on the one hand you can not just look at the statistics of his four world championships (and by the way three vice championships in 2009, 2017 and 2018), but on the other hand the same people just look at the stats when saying Leclerc beat him in 2019, which is true but not the whole story. And I also feel that drive to survive made it look like Seb's time is over and while he only made mistakes Leclerc would be kind of a god in the car. Drive to survive mentioned almoust all of Leclerc's highs but just the lowest of Vettel's lows like his mistakes in Italy or Brazil or his "egoistic" behavior in Russia. And no question, these things happened but drive to survive did not show things like Vettel's fight back from p 20 to p 2 in Hockenheim or didn't even mention that Vettel would have won in Monaco. They made it look like Hamilton easily won and Vettel didn't exist or something. And I think this strange presentation of the truth by drive to survive also makes some people think Vettel's 2019 season was worse than it actually was. Yes, it was by far not his best but it also wasn't that bad, especially against Leclerc and he still performed a lot better against Leclerc than he did against Ricciardo in 2014. And I fully agree with people who say Leclerc comfortably beat Vetel in 2020 (where he still didn't whitewash him, not in qualli and not in the races), but I think it is kind of unfair to just say Vettel is so bad because of his results compared to Leclerc in 2019.

    elevenproelevenproMånad sedan
  • I still don't understand why 2021 car looks like 2020

    iranna siranna sMånad sedan
  • Are you for real seriously??? Yes I totally agree Vettel was a amazing driver with 4 WDC but we all know that he's lost the nerve, even FERRARI knew Sebastian had lost his nerve. I feel sorry for Vettel with so much pressure to win a title in his 1st year even driving the Aston Martin, Give Vettel a break please

    Caroline WadcockCaroline WadcockMånad sedan
  • Excelent video, congratulations! Mi opinion: Vettel is mind broken, and Stroll lacks the talent to be a F1 pilot, so 2021 will be a complete disaster for Aston Martin, a huge lesson to Lawrence Stroll. A pleasure to see your videos, regards!

    Alejandro Posada ToledoAlejandro Posada ToledoMånad sedan
    • @Neo ZH Yes, you have a good point, but I still think Stroll has not talent enough, with that big difference of performance below his team mate (Checo 125 points, Stroll 75), in the other 9 teams, he would certainly be out of the car right now, only that he is the son of the team owner... Regards,

      Alejandro Posada ToledoAlejandro Posada ToledoMånad sedan
    • @Alejandro Posada Toledo So the pole position in the wet at Turkey and 3 of his podiums are not visible to you, he achieved more than half of the grid and don’t give me bs reasons saying he is lucky or some garbage reasons.And look back at the 2020 season getting COVID,taken out by Leclerc in Russia and the tire failure in Mugello, what do you expect from him in those kind of situations?

      Neo ZHNeo ZHMånad sedan
    • @Klodinke Diloni Yes, lack of talent, just look at the facts, with the same car, Checo outscored Stroll by 50 points, with two less races due to Covid, Checo got 125 and Stroll 75, Checo was 66% better! Only one simple example: in Italy, at the restart, Stroll was first, with good tires and a few laps to go, and even with a better car than the Alfa Tauri and the McLaren, Gasly and Sainz easily over took Stroll, that third place was a defeat. With a Stroll average performance, McLaren would not had gotten the third place of constructors, it should belong to Racing Point, and that means a lot of money.

      Alejandro Posada ToledoAlejandro Posada ToledoMånad sedan
    • Stroll lacks the talent?

      Klodinke DiloniKlodinke DiloniMånad sedan
  • Nice video but please stop comparing a 4 time world chmpion w people that have ZERO Championship okeyy its not fair at all, daniel, max and charles are great driver too but they are not WC alot hyped around them!!!

    Porto Fellaz RecordsPorto Fellaz RecordsMånad sedan
  • Did Lawrence Stroll buy a team for his son? Probably. But I’ll give him all the credit. Yeah, he saved the team, and now they’re so exciting to see on the grid. F1 is going to be amazing this year. I can’t wait

    Nicholas CrissieNicholas CrissieMånad sedan
    • What's worse, a perfectly fine driver like Lance having a perma spot on the grid or there being one less team? Lawrence Stroll has been a net benefit for F1 as a whole

      Dylan DogDylan Dog26 dagar sedan
  • Perez should also be congratulated for helping saving that team, also.The huge risk he took to do it seems to have been all but forgotten.

    kristofevokristofevoMånad sedan
    • @kristofevo But Vijays plan was to always take the team out of administration. The only reason it went into administration was when his bank accounts were frozen by the court and he didn’t have access to his own money. He’s still filthy rich, and has offered a lump sum to settle his outstanding legal issues in India. England also has refused all extradition requests made by India, and don’t believe the Indian trial is valid. If Perez had of taken no action, the team would have been saved by Vijay the following month when he got his money back.

      Jake MJake MMånad sedan
    • Jake M like you said......Vijay still hasn’t payed! Somebody had to go out on a limb and do something.I would imagine Perez’s sponsors would have had a big say in it, too, as they were very heavily invested in that team.They were going under and the only way to save them was to put them into administration, bad though that seems. By doing this Perez took the flack and also , through his actions, saved hundreds of jobs, as the team would have folded.The team and factory crews were really appreciative for what he did. You bring up other drivers wavering their pay or taking a pay cut......this was far more serious than that.Perez doing either of these things wouldn’t have changed anything and the team would still have collapsed. There is probably a lot more to it than that, as Vijay is still wanted by the Indian government. Money talks!

      kristofevokristofevoMånad sedan
    • Not really, it wasn’t a nice thing that Perez did to force the team into administration. Vijay is still living in London, still hasn’t faced any legal action and still has his millions / billions. Perez acted when Vijay had had his money temporarily frozen and allowed Stroll to come in and take the team. Teams all go through financial difficulty. Lotus didn’t pay Kimi for a whole season - and Kimi didn’t force them into administration. He gave them time and they paid him at the end of the year. McLaren had financial troubles in 2020. Norris and Sainz didn’t force them into administration, instead they requested that McLaren pay them less, in order to support the team. I love seeing the Aston team in its current form, but I do feel for Vijay who achieved pretty remarkable things in F1, and is largely responsible for where the team is today.

      Jake MJake MMånad sedan
  • Great video Aldas. However, I want to know if you are going to make a video about your predictions of where the F1 drivers and teams will end up in 2021.

    Varun GandhiVarun GandhiMånad sedan
  • Forgive me but Vettel looks like a shell of a man who once was. He doesn’t have fire in his eyes anymore. I like him and I hope he does well but he’s just not there.

    Montana SwensonMontana SwensonMånad sedan
    • You have to keep ashes in the BBQ to light a fire Quick the next time you use the BBQ. If the cars feels good to Seb During testing FP1,2 and 3. His fire will ignite again. And when Seb is om fire it will be all consuming.

      Henk BovenHenk BovenMånad sedan
  • I read Mark Webber's book recently and he talk about how Seb was allowed to get away with certain things in his Red Bull days, such as skipping team briefings, or dominating them, and cancelling appearances. Perhaps he was given too much leeway at that point of his career and the Ferrari culture proved more challenging for him. The knock on effect of that and the pressure cooker may have helped cause his spiral. If Aston can then free him of some of those outside stressors, he can recapture his best form and propel the team forward.

    5 Red Lights5 Red LightsMånad sedan
  • I do think Seb will beat Bottas and fight with Lewis in 2021.

    Mobile AppsMobile AppsMånad sedan
  • I don't think can Vettel can win over his detractors. If he wins at AM, they will say because he is driving a Mercedes. When you then point out Lewis is also driving a Mercedes they will say you are racist.

    Mobile AppsMobile AppsMånad sedan
  • laughable video. i remember people crapping on Hamilton when he was at Mercedes.. the whole omg he's so overrated, he's so done. Vettel became world champion 4 times in one of the most dominating eras of F1, in a car in with his teammate came 6th in the championship. Vettel has 0 to prove. One of his main problems is motivation. when you do what he did, that becomes a real issue.

    JuventinJuventinMånad sedan
  • ricciardo and leclerc better then Kimi? highly doubt that. Maybe leclerc is, but he has to prove it.

    JuventinJuventinMånad sedan
  • Can’t wait for this season to start!!

    Dhern1212Dhern1212Månad sedan
  • I'm a Lewis fan, but the way people now rate Vettel lower than driver like Max and Charles is disrespectful. Max had already been here for 6 seasons and only won 10 races .Charles competed 3 seasons and won 2 races. Vettel had won a race in Toro Rosso before Red Bull. Vettel had a bad year in 2020 it doesn't mean he's finished. Next year the regulations and car will change and I'm sure we'll see him in the podium most of the time in 2022. I used to hate him because he won almost everything between 2010 to 2013 specially in 2011 and 2013 where he dominated like a beast. Even Niki and Prost won championship in their final F1 years, so there's a chance for him to do well. He deserves all the respect.

    Sheikh Tanvir Ahmed ShajibSheikh Tanvir Ahmed ShajibMånad sedan
  • Lawrence Stroll is underrated. Change my mind

    REDEXREDEXMånad sedan
  • I think Vettel will go down as one of the best in history of the sport and has nothing left to prove in F1.He is a 4-time F1 World Champion and that's it.FULL STOP.What he did afterwards doesn't matter too much for me because Mercedes was too strong for anyone anyways and still is.Vettel is a champion and always will be!!!

    Angelo 6Angelo 6Månad sedan
  • Fernando's words from 2013 keep coming to my mind....there are interesting times ahead for Sebastian. If he doesn't perform as well as he did in his wonder years, those 4 world titles will be bad news.

    Art AdhyayArt AdhyayMånad sedan
  • Lawrence Stroll looks like Abu Ali al-Anbari

    I TubeI TubeMånad sedan
  • Best drivers on the grid - Hamilton, Verstappen, Leclerc, Ricciardo and Perez. Possibly Alonso if he still has the talent? Opinions?

    Samuel WadeSamuel WadeMånad sedan
    • Best drivers is based so much on the cars they race at the moment. On paper, Perez has an extremely similar record to Grosjean - roughly 180 starts and 10 podiums, but people idolise Checo and hate on Grosjean. Max and Alonso don’t tend to qualify well, but make up for this on lap one, which makes them seem greater than if they had qualified on pole. In the current formula, it’s very hard to tell who’s good and who isn’t. Vettel and Hamilton have consistency. Leclerc has amazing one lap pace, and copes with pressure well. Russell was amazing to adapt in the way he did to a brand new car. Kimi achieved what Massa, Alonso and Vettel never could - by becoming Ferrari world champion, but he needs a car setup for him (and the modern Ferrari was more setup for Vettel). I’m looking forward to 2022 when the cars are a lot closer, and the drivers will make a larger difference.

      Jake MJake MMånad sedan
  • If Seb doesn’t destroy Stroll, I think we can confirm he is no where near as good as people thought. He won championships in a dominant car with no competition. As soon as he gets some competition he gets smashed.

    Samuel WadeSamuel WadeMånad sedan
  • so I don't really agree, you forget the 2017 season where Seb lost the championship due to technical problems in Ferrari itself

    Serbian BoySerbian BoyMånad sedan
  • Lol ridiculously ludicrous

    Tunga TrollTunga TrollMånad sedan
  • I think that Vettel's performance in Turkey shows that he can still shine, however whether he actually does is going to be interesting

    Cedric L. MarquardCedric L. MarquardMånad sedan
  • I am PRAYING that Vettel does well this year!

    Simbarocks ONESimbarocks ONEMånad sedan
  • If you dare to make the claim that vettel only won the 4 world titels becaise newey made some rocket ships, how about ham and ros, they only won them because of the amg rocketships, put ham next to lec in ferarri and he will get eaten alive

    Pu NaPu NaMånad sedan
  • I wish Vettel could win one more championship

    Ronaldo KurswellRonaldo KurswellMånad sedan
  • The way the public speaks about vettel is bullshit Alonso the person people call a goat has worst career than vettel. He failed at Ferrari he's also a toxic team mate and after Ferrari he done nothing. He also got beaten by a rookie aka Hamilton. I really don't understand the hate. Also got been by button. Seb is statistically the 3rd best driver of all time. But gets no credit. Also since the V6 hybrids he's the only person to fight Hamilton and the op Merc so I don't get it.

    Ruben CamposRuben CamposMånad sedan
  • Can someone name the outro music?

    Adiyat HasanAdiyat HasanMånad sedan
  • im not a seb fan but i think with a solid downforce car which ferrari wasnt hes gonna deliver again.plus when he made a deal with ferrari was with different stuff and mostly managment than when he arrived on the team..so i think after that the sumi tod and brawn repeat wasnt possible cause of politics in ferrari...we all know that ferrari trio had made an aggriement to cut of ferrari politics out of racing team wich seb never did so thats was his downfall...so was ferrari s

    xrhstos arkxrhstos arkMånad sedan
  • Vettel already established his legacy. We shall never forget the spins and the 4 free given championships. He might not be able to beat a paydriver, but even then he can spin some more!

    András PalánkiAndrás PalánkiMånad sedan
  • Vettel beats stroll

    Danny DerksDanny DerksMånad sedan
  • I think he should succeed at this team because he should definitely have recovered from Germany '18, which clearly changed and resulted in a shift in dynamic at Ferrari (changing management, new teammate who would take the mantle from Sebastian ). He'll definitely be comfortable in this team and we can liken it to when Perez joined from Mclaren but stayed put in this team because he saw it as his home (let's be honest, other midfield teams definitely would've tried to bring Perez over but he probably chose to remain in the Silverstone team) and it really revitalized his career. Sebastian has probably been motivated by the fact that this plucky team is just too excited that an all time great is driving their car, as we can see by Otmar's comments. I just hope he's managed to learn from the rough times in his career so he can bounce back like Lewis did after '11. Hopefully we'll see title number 5 for car number 5 within the next 5 years 🤞

    Yandz The manYandz The manMånad sedan
  • 9:12 I'm so scared 😰

    pg pgpg pgMånad sedan