Ranking the 2021 Formula 1 Drivers

24 mar 2021
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Tier List Template: tiermaker.com/create/ranking-the-2021-f1-drivers-903560
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  • You forgot to put Alonso in rookies section 😂

    ISRL_VitoISRL_Vito27 dagar sedan
    • @Kiera Wubnig trying it out now. Looks to be working.

      Musa KodyMusa Kody13 timmar sedan
    • @Kiera Wubnig nobody gives two shits about hacking someones insta.

      MJL 11MJL 1115 timmar sedan
    • Not sure if anyone cares but I just hacked my girl friends Instagram account using Instaportal. Cant link here so search for it on google if you wanna try it yourself

      Kiera WubnigKiera Wubnig16 timmar sedan
    • @MJL 11 i see what you mean but next year we have a huge regulation change so alpine would want someone with experience

      Feonix456Feonix45611 dagar sedan
    • @Feonix456 because he was the first driver of McLaren and got the better car. That's a public secret. But no hate to Alonso tho, he's got one hell of a career. I just thought maybe it was time to give younger drivers a chance to develop like stoffel (28) as Alonso is 40.

      MJL 11MJL 1111 dagar sedan
  • I absolutely disagree about Latifi. I think he is the most underrated driver on the grid, in 2020, which was his rookie season, he would beat Russell (who you put in borderline champion by the way), if George didn't get the chance at mercedes.

    ahaj ahajahaj ahaj16 timmar sedan
  • Vettel has something to prove, at most

    Carlos PicoCarlos Pico17 timmar sedan
  • Yuki is defiantly on the comeup and has best of the best potential

    IdkbakerIdkbakerDag sedan
  • Here after Perez outqualified Max

    Laksh manan SubramanianLaksh manan SubramanianDag sedan
  • How come you had questions when Force India dropped Perez? It´s dead simple. Daddy´s cash, son drives.

    Radim ZieglerRadim ZieglerDag sedan
  • This kinda hurt me... but I would put Vettel on 'Something to prove' and I think Alonso and Rainkonen are on the same level.. People tent to forget that Rainkonen almost NEVER has a crash or something like that. Also Russel higher than Norris is SO wrong. Norris = Best of the rest.... Russel: Something to prove (eventho its partly his car).. or maybe the one above. Gasly also should be Best of the rest... Redbull really did him dirty by replacing him so fast....

    Elise365Elise3652 dagar sedan
  • Bottas is At risk. A bad driver in a great car. Gasly is much better than „quality“-midfield!

    richi vierichi vie2 dagar sedan
  • Lando saw this Video! Now he is motivated and on Fire!! 🔥🔥

    Hennes97Hennes972 dagar sedan
  • Alonso has spent most of his career after winning twice as a borderline champion, he deserves at least that title.

    hellobooomhellobooom2 dagar sedan
  • Me watching this after lando finished p3 :')

    TheSoulGamer'sTheSoulGamer's2 dagar sedan
    • this video has aged badly

      Mateus FontenelleMateus FontenelleDag sedan
  • Lando gonna pop this year

    PineapplePineapple2 dagar sedan
  • 8:20 hes doing well so far

    Dani BudalićDani Budalić2 dagar sedan
  • Time to redo the list after todays race lol

    Ferox DottFerox Dott2 dagar sedan
  • I hate leclerc but he should be up there with verstappen and Hamilton he’s worked wonders in that shit Ferrari car

    No NameNo Name2 dagar sedan
  • Just came here to say that this video has aged badly

    Mateus FontenelleMateus Fontenelle2 dagar sedan
  • Good tier list but I don’t agree with every selection

    Daniel AmoafoDaniel Amoafo2 dagar sedan
  • seb is too high in this list maybe something to prove it right

    mir sarang kayanimir sarang kayani2 dagar sedan
  • I disagree man Lec is world class He proved it last yr I think Lec is with Ham and Max Max and Lec are different gravy

    Karl GaleaKarl Galea2 dagar sedan
  • Mazepin or do you mean mazespin

    legend ali kidlegend ali kid2 dagar sedan
  • Call me a Lando fanboy but at the moment he is way better than seb.

    reflex. playzreflex. playz2 dagar sedan
  • Gasly is underrated and raikkonen too just for his consistency

    Adam KelemenAdam Kelemen3 dagar sedan
  • The logic in this list makes absolutely no sense.... Alonso and Vettel “best of the rest because they’re in midfield teams, and there’s no way they could win the championship” Proceeds to put Russell into “borderline champion”

    kirk stantonkirk stanton3 dagar sedan
  • so vettel judged on current form, bottas judged on williams form? bottas was 2nd because the merc was that far ahead.. and max had car issues. webber was better. just look at 2010. bottas never in that league. borderline champion should be changed to contender. i'd also say lewis charles max would be tier 1 perez ricciardo vettel alonso tier 2 occon,stroll,lando,sainz,bottas,raikkonen tier 3 gasly,russell tier 4 giovanazzi latifi tier 5 schumi tsunoda tier 6 mazepin tier 7 tier 1 champions and contenders tier 2 race winners/best of the rest(podiums) tier 3 midfield/fighting for points tier 4 undecided tier 5 must improve/at risk tier 6 unproven/raw talent tier 7 out of depth

    Gigsaw SoljierGigsaw Soljier3 dagar sedan
  • No offense but ur list is soooo inaccurate

    Luca MathisLuca Mathis3 dagar sedan
  • Bottas, best of the rest, when he still outperformed Max Verstappen two seasons in a row. The fuck is that supposed to mean. Man's a brilliant driver, but he just looks so bad, because Hamilton is just on top of everyone.

    squibsquib3 dagar sedan
  • Checo just beat Max in quali, I think he is on the right track to borderline champ no doubt about it

    Dustin LinDustin Lin3 dagar sedan
  • How come Bottas wasn’t ranked higher; doesn’t he usually get Top 3?

    Nabil RahmanNabil Rahman3 dagar sedan
  • I still think that Norris is a borderline champion.

    Axel HellemansAxel Hellemans3 dagar sedan
    • After seeing him in Imola, totally deserved to be on borderline champions

      Andoni VelascoAndoni VelascoDag sedan
  • Ik Tsunoda is still technically a rookie but he’s gonna be amazing in the future so he should be higher

    Washyboy HaleWashyboy Hale4 dagar sedan
    • Possibly. Takuma sato was amazing in 2004 and then 2005 happend. Occon was amazing in 2017 and now look at him.Gasly was a star till he took a big team. 1 race tsunoda. 13th-9th wouldn't be considered breathe taking four places higher with 3/4 drivers had car of not at fault error. the other was stroll.

      Gigsaw SoljierGigsaw Soljier3 dagar sedan
  • Leclerc hamilton and russell better than alonso this guy hasnt watched F1 in his life!

    Hugo Fernandez ZapicoHugo Fernandez Zapico4 dagar sedan
  • I wouldn't put Latifi into the at risk section, because, he is a pay driver and I don't feel like he is at risk of losing his seat. If he wasn't a pay driver, it would be a different scenario, but, because he is one, he will be able to be in F1.

    Cedric AsdfghjklCedric Asdfghjkl4 dagar sedan
  • It’s e stupid vidio

    Richard BaltusRichard Baltus4 dagar sedan
  • Williams was Dan 5 in vihicel performense it’s not nice

    Richard BaltusRichard Baltus4 dagar sedan
  • you suck gasly is the best of the best

    Aarav TiwariAarav Tiwari4 dagar sedan
  • I actually think Verstappen is better than Hamilton, I mean he's so young and yet has done very well. But Hamilton does deserve to be in the top tier, no question about that.

    Nothing MediaNothing Media5 dagar sedan
  • I would put Leclerc and Russel lower down.

    Nothing MediaNothing Media5 dagar sedan
  • I disagree with Seb and Lando. Seb is a spent force and I don't know what's happened to his talent, but it seems like the more his hair recedes, the more his talent reduces. Lando keeps getting better and better and I feel he had a strong season last season and I think he'll have a good season this year.

    Scott WalklateScott Walklate5 dagar sedan
  • 10:28 put him then in something to prove😂

    FinnFastyFinnFasty5 dagar sedan
  • Gasly in DTS S3 : "I am a race winner.... What more do I need to prove!" Aldas: He needs to prove more. Just kidding I agree with the list 😀👍

    Digvijay MahamuniDigvijay Mahamuni5 dagar sedan
  • I'd switch george russel and checo perez

    Nano CaballeroNano Caballero6 dagar sedan
  • Great list but alonso to best of the best

    Devin CarvalhoDevin Carvalho6 dagar sedan
  • Border line champions don't crash behind safety cars🤷🏽‍♂️

    ElzahRElzahR6 dagar sedan
  • Lewis bes of the best. Seb best of the rest. Me:STOP the Cap

    Csaba TrostovszkyCsaba Trostovszky6 dagar sedan
  • I’d put Vettel in Something to Prove.

    hazeluzzellhazeluzzell6 dagar sedan
  • charles is the best driver on the grid currently

    Christoph SvatinaChristoph Svatina6 dagar sedan
  • bro Lando is like leclerc and even better

    Ondřej RousOndřej Rous6 dagar sedan
  • I agree with every single one apart from Danny ric. Ric imo is best of the best

    LonsopLonsop7 dagar sedan
  • Kimi raikonnenn is best of the rest and russel is a quality midfield driver one race doesn’t show how good you really are

    Aarron StobieAarron Stobie7 dagar sedan
  • I turned off the video when he said Lewis is the best and Charles the second?!!!😂

    calcifer 7calcifer 77 dagar sedan
  • Was mazipin 1st and tsunoda last of the rookies? Oh what we know now 😆

    Matt TrumanMatt Truman7 dagar sedan
  • Bruh vettel is sure an at risk driver. He was at least bottom 5 drivers last season

    ArvinArvin7 dagar sedan
  • Totally rubish lineup ranking, stupid

    krishna gusainkrishna gusain8 dagar sedan
  • Have you ever wondered how Bottas would measure up if his own team didn't constantly hold him back?

    Pat ScallyPat Scally8 dagar sedan
  • Why do you Brits call him Showl Lecleh? Say CHARLES. Charles Leclair. Charles Leclerc. Half the time it sounds like you guys are calling him Shawn Leclerc. Lol

    WaRLoKWYATTWaRLoKWYATT8 dagar sedan
  • How is Russel who has raced for 2 seasons so far next to low quality drivers over Vettel and Alonso with 6 combined titles... (no hate to kubica, I genuinely believe that if he hadn’t had his rally accident he would be a world champion)

    Emmanouil KalostypisEmmanouil Kalostypis8 dagar sedan
  • Gasly has to be in bordeline champions surely!

    chase maltonchase malton8 dagar sedan
  • Ocon is one of the best drivers on the grid in my opinion, hopefully he csn be in a Mercedes at some point

    chase maltonchase malton8 dagar sedan
  • I think Lance Stroll is so underated

    chase maltonchase malton8 dagar sedan
  • Lando should be in the bordeline champ tier after he finished 4th in bahrain.

    Jason PamatmatJason Pamatmat8 dagar sedan
  • Please do this again during the mid season and after Abu Dabhi

    Albert ZneAlbert Zne9 dagar sedan
  • And Charles had a illegal car when he won the race😂😂😂. I’m going to be hunted for this

    Nikshith RaiNikshith Rai9 dagar sedan
    • @Jan Tracz makes sense

      Nikshith RaiNikshith Rai6 dagar sedan
    • Not trying to argue, but it was a loophole because it was only deemed illegal after the end of the season.

      Jan TraczJan Tracz6 dagar sedan
  • Cracked

    BrianBrian9 dagar sedan
  • Nooo Gasly is borderline champion

    James SchoeJames Schoe9 dagar sedan
  • The first time that I 100% agree with a tier list! And a beautiful explanation with every driver!

    DuncanV3DuncanV39 dagar sedan
  • A bit of sainz direspect

    Nicolas RotaetxeNicolas Rotaetxe10 dagar sedan
  • U should do this every year!

    Grayice 666Grayice 66610 dagar sedan
  • It Is I Leclerc is massively overrated

    margus kiismargus kiis10 dagar sedan
  • Bell curve.

    Mechanically CreativeMechanically Creative10 dagar sedan
  • You can't call five drivers as the best of the rest :D

    D4nhn 1D4nhn 110 dagar sedan
  • 9:36 *"Pushing Lewis Hamilton to the Max"* See what you did there?

    MrSharkFINMrSharkFIN10 dagar sedan
  • Bottas, Sainz, Ricciardo and especially Vettle should all be lower. Stroll should be higher than Vettel. Norris should be higher.

    RealAnalysisLARealAnalysisLA10 dagar sedan
  • Your wrong. I think mazepin is borderline a world champion. Lol

    Teo LevinTeo Levin11 dagar sedan
  • Great list, the only placement I would question is Lance Stroll. I mean, when daddy owns the team do you really have to prove anything to anyone?😂🤣😂🤣

    Sam MSam M12 dagar sedan
  • the thing I love about kimi is that he just seems to always leave space for overtaking and never pushes anyone off the track if I'm not mistaken so he's just a really clean kind of gentleman racer

    someonesomeone12 dagar sedan
  • best of the rest russell a joke kimi should be ahead of him fact

    Mark WarrenMark Warren12 dagar sedan
  • Shane van Gisbergen from New Zealand would smoke 90% of the current grid. #Humble

    Les BlàseLes Blàse13 dagar sedan
  • So many "best of the rest" drivers that we could have a follow up "best of a best of the rest" video.

    Joël NoronhaJoël Noronha13 dagar sedan
  • "to be in the best of the rest you have to beat the best of the rest" *puts George Russel in the tier above who hasn't beaten any of the best of the rest*

    oopsoops13 dagar sedan
  • Here from california, i just want to say. Love your channel and how you deliver. I hope you grow as a youtuber.

    LuLu13 dagar sedan
  • Kimi should be in "Hobbyist"

    DonRaynorDonRaynor14 dagar sedan
  • Love this idea. I ranked them on where I thought they would finish in 2021. Definitely going to steal this idea for my channel.

    Not Applicable F1Not Applicable F114 dagar sedan
  • I think Bottas is borderline champion

    Oscar 123Oscar 12314 dagar sedan
  • Fam i reckon you don’t anything about Formula 1. It’s outrageous

    DemirDemir14 dagar sedan
  • Id have seb at risk and VB quality midfield at best..

    Gerrit JelsmaGerrit Jelsma14 dagar sedan
  • I'd like to see a ranking of best drivers despite equipment

    James CordellJames Cordell15 dagar sedan
  • Man don't insult Lewis by saying that max is on his level.

    Prasidh HegdePrasidh Hegde15 dagar sedan
  • Wait, it's 2021 and you've put Seb in best of the rest?

    Qbix QbixQbix Qbix16 dagar sedan

    Paris ArvParis Arv16 dagar sedan
  • Russell in "Borderline Champions" ????? LOL come on, you said is your ranking only for 2021, and that's the reason you put Perez in Best on the rest and not in borderline champions, so, it has no sense that you put Russell who this year will be fighting just to get some points, over Perez or Bottas who for sure will be fighting for victories, that means for me exactly: "Borderline Champions". I like your analysis but sometimes you let you go for your philias and desires, more than your reasoning.

    Miguel BonomeMiguel Bonome17 dagar sedan
  • Verstappen should be moved to borderline champion. He is NOT on Lewis Hamilton's level. He doesn't win the races he is supposed to win. See Turkey 2020 and Bahrain last week.

    mghk1mghk117 dagar sedan
  • when max beat Hamilton i can say then max is on this rank

    Hibar BeatHibar Beat17 dagar sedan
  • if you are judging on drivers I'm sorry your wrong if at driver with car then your right i still think Riccardo can beat max Hamilton all respect cannot speak anything but if you wanna judge as performance last year and coming too this year then Hamilton Leclerc Ricardo top 3

    Hibar BeatHibar Beat17 dagar sedan
  • How many times did he say 'in my opinion' I'm pretty sure it's in the hundreds lol. 😆

    Lewis TylerLewis Tyler17 dagar sedan
  • You do know we’re one race in right?🥴 Really need them views eh?

    JoshJosh17 dagar sedan
  • Feel Russel better than Lec n max give him a top car and everyone will be shocked to what this dude can actually do

    Sam DavidSam David17 dagar sedan
  • You smashed it mate, the tier list is absolutely on point 👏🏽

    Gustavo Ferrera MonroyGustavo Ferrera Monroy18 dagar sedan
  • Borderline champion for Russell? Is he able to score a point?

    Fabrício SotopietraFabrício Sotopietra18 dagar sedan
  • love your videos

    SH ROSH RO19 dagar sedan
  • sergio should be borderline with the bahrain results

    the bluejaythe bluejay19 dagar sedan