Which Teams Had a Good and Bad First Day of Testing

12 mar 2021
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The first day of testing is over and it most certainly was a mixed first day for many different team, in this video we look at the teams which had a good day or a bad day and will need to make up a bit of ground with the limiting testing.
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  • XRP = $

    bear2bullbear2bullMånad sedan
  • This season is gonna be incredible if redbull has a car that doesn't break 5 times in one season. Max en checo are gonna be deadly if merc is even a littlebit less dominant

    BlueeyBlueeyMånad sedan
  • What happened to Russel?

    Mark7 GTIMark7 GTIMånad sedan
  • Hot take: Red Bull to win the constructors

    jaegermanicjaegermanicMånad sedan
  • Who cares about testing.

    Dave PeartreeDave PeartreeMånad sedan
  • Mercedes didn't have any issues,just pre season drama,in actual races they are easily winning all races.its pre-planned races,not thrilling since last 6 yrs.

    krishna prasadkrishna prasadMånad sedan
  • The abashed hearing neurochemically suit because cellar unquestionably dance mid a melodic quotation. useless, profuse daughter

    J EgbertJ EgbertMånad sedan
  • What about Alfa Romeo? I think they did even better than Ferrari

    LucaLucaMånad sedan
  • what about ferrari?...

    tarun1982tarun1982Månad sedan
  • Where testing day 2 video

    Abdur RakibAbdur RakibMånad sedan
  • Did he say sand storm effect?

    anshul thapaanshul thapaMånad sedan
  • Interesting. Hope Red Bull and McLaren do good. Was somewhat afraid Red Bull would perform poorly now that Sérgio has joined the team.

    Romano-British MedliRomano-British MedliMånad sedan
  • See merc could be holding back like every other year so merc haters WATCH OUT MOFOS

    Shaun BrazierShaun BrazierMånad sedan
  • I think sesion is irelevant for official season.This is more like a first meeting driver-car,they get to use with the car so nobody will do everything he can possibly do.

    Alex PoenaruAlex PoenaruMånad sedan
  • poor seb today

    Moritz StufferMoritz StufferMånad sedan
  • Yeah. Like Anderson Silva in the UFC in his hay day. Merc was collecting data. When the time comes they'll come out strong.

    Edwin LomonacoEdwin LomonacoMånad sedan
  • Redbull happy cuz Mercedes has issues lmao

    HubaaHubaaMånad sedan
  • Lewis spun on the second day, and got stuck in the gravel

    r1se_NKMr1se_NKMMånad sedan
  • Handling is really affected by the new Aero regulations

    Easwaran KGEaswaran KGMånad sedan
  • Mercedes are gravelbagging

    Tyler MackayTyler MackayMånad sedan
  • Remember in 2018 Merc was sandbagging and all journalists was painting a doom and gloom of Mercedes. But we now how it ended

    Hymer300Hymer300Månad sedan
  • I'd say Lancelot and vettel are a pretty weak pairing, sebs confidence seems completely gone and Larry isn't that good

    huge shoeshuge shoesMånad sedan
  • Go Lando !!

    Ernie HErnie HMånad sedan
  • I think it's unfair to say Aston Martin had a bad day. The erstwhile Force India has not had much continuity. Sure, they aren't a completed explosion from last year, but they had to work to new regulations and a new organisation around them, and they have come out with good but not spectacular results. That's a good day of testing IMHO. Stroll, who is a good but not top tier driver, took their car to 4th fastest, ahead of both Ferrari and Mercedes. And yes, it is a bit disappointing to see Vettel so far down, but it is a new car and a new team and I wouldn't expect Vettel to be pushing to the limit anyway. If I told you, in a vacuum, that a less established team who was ambitious but hadn't quite made it yet would be 4th fastest car on day 1, and that it wasn't even Vettel who grabbed that lap, you'd think they were really going to challenge this season.

    Lost AloneLost AloneMånad sedan
  • Go McLaren ❤️🏁

    Stu Flyboy ReayStu Flyboy ReayMånad sedan
  • I agree that Mercedes had a rough day, but even if we believe that it's 100% genuine struggle, the point of testing is to fix this stuff. And Mercedes are definitely good at making a car that Hamilton can win in, and Hamilton is an amazing driver. So between him getting used to the car and the car being tweaked around him... Yeah, it's not panic time.

    Lost AloneLost AloneMånad sedan
  • Merc is Sandbagging... like they did in 2019

    Ritaraj DattaRitaraj DattaMånad sedan
  • Ahhhh just start the season already

    Vince RussoVince RussoMånad sedan
  • Aston Martin and McLaren is why im watching this year.

    Vince RussoVince RussoMånad sedan
  • I hope this practice session doesnt define the season of seb

    Curt AndréCurt AndréMånad sedan
  • Why only Aston use the prototype? We're going to see different teams using it today or?

    RHRHMånad sedan
  • 4:10 Danny looks like a babysitter sending lando's parents a picture

    Justin Y.Justin Y.Månad sedan
  • Mercedes are just"pretending" that they have problems to create unnecesarry drama.

    MicsterMicsterMånad sedan
  • It's true that we shouldn't look too much into testing but for Mercedes, this is quite a setback as they didn't get through what they would have wanted in the first session. With clear skies, this would have been crucial to have the baseline established and to test various components. But with the gearbox issue and the problems firing her up, this is a little worrying. I have no doubt Mercedes will bounce back but losing a session worth of testing is not ideal.

    sora3sora3Månad sedan
  • The voiceless cardboard synchronously mix because circulation possibly print against a enchanting bugle. truculent, unhealthy limit

    dabsterzdabsterzMånad sedan
  • All I want is for Mercedes to get bullied this season.

    Clutch545Clutch545Månad sedan
  • Mercedes sandbags leaked to the track

    Ville RantonenVille RantonenMånad sedan
  • Good news about LH shame about his wing mirror poor boy VB bad luck starts again

    John BurfieldJohn BurfieldMånad sedan
  • Ferrari?

    Grant SnellGrant SnellMånad sedan
  • Seb just driving to his ability again

    chris chrischris chrisMånad sedan
  • Orange mercedes

    aditya rameshaditya rameshMånad sedan
  • Not that anyone seems to bother, you completely ignored Ferrari. Still disappointed with the livery are we? Me too mate. ME TOO.

    DmitrovDmitrovMånad sedan
  • all the cars look pretty awesome including alpha tauri

    Syaufi ShaharuddinSyaufi ShaharuddinMånad sedan
  • If you want footage check Darude : Sandstorm.

    Super-Kev_99Super-Kev_99Månad sedan
  • Merc is just collecting the sands in the bags

    Fomalhaut 99Fomalhaut 99Månad sedan
  • This is testing, how do you determine a good day or bad day? What if Mercedes is testing the limits of the car?

    Kamogelo LefifiKamogelo LefifiMånad sedan
  • Red Bull wil CRUSH Mercedes this year :)

    Steinstra 1961Steinstra 1961Månad sedan
    • M8 m8 m8 you have got to be joking, well maybe you are a new fan of F1 but lemme give you some context. Mercedes have been doing something these past years. SANDBAGGING, what I mean is is that they are intentionally underperforming to give all of us hope that merc are bad this year. It is annoying but thats all of mercs plan this testing. Their is some sort of meme going on that Mercedes were sandbagging so much that a sandstorm broke out which i think is hilariuos. But yeah dont get your hopes too high :)

      MUIZZZMUIZZZMånad sedan
  • Oof how’s seb 2s off lance?

    Yizhou (Jerry) HaoYizhou (Jerry) HaoMånad sedan
  • Not one Honda engine blew up last year, so there were no reliability issues last year

    MullenMullenMånad sedan
  • Make mistakes, corrections, improvements during testing and win races where it counts.

    James HJames HMånad sedan
  • Mercedes pretending like this is a problem

    BelphegoreBelphegoreMånad sedan
  • Mercedes isn't sandbagging. One of those bags burst and blew sand all over the place. 😁

    BNOVABNOVAMånad sedan
  • I don't think Mercedes is Sandbagging, as no team wants to give up testing time. But I do think they will recover very fast... Redbull has history of doing well in testing, and fluffing it in the first race.

    rtyler1869rtyler1869Månad sedan
  • yeah but still sucks for cottas

    dev ravidev raviMånad sedan
  • What are your thoughts on Ferrari so far?

    Alex DAlex DMånad sedan
  • Curse this Merc. all 3 days they shouldn't run more than 50 laps. Its time their fake words get real and they should finish last in 2021 season..... CURSEEEEEE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Bharath KumarBharath KumarMånad sedan
  • Seeing 3 & 4 on the McLaren tho :D Edit: wait, yellow T-bar on Vettel's car?? Looks so weird lol

    Justin M.Justin M.Månad sedan
  • Imagine Redbull win the WC and Mercedes struggling with reliability issue while Mclaren for some reason doesn't have any reliability issue whatsoever and finishes second in the WC I know Merc probably just sandbagging it but just imagine the possibility

    Nauval GhainaNauval GhainaMånad sedan
  • Mazepin>Schumacher

    Lord DPLord DPMånad sedan
  • And sadly, come the GP it's gonna be Mercedes 1-2 by about 20 seconds.

    FeanorFeanorMånad sedan
  • you didn't talk anything about the mighty 131 laps for alfa romeo with giovinazzi sitting comfortable on 4th ot 6th the entire day

    DT MajorDT MajorMånad sedan
  • This is my view(1st- Most comfortable and 10th-Less comfortable) 1st: Red Bull 2nd: Mclaren 3rd: Alpine 4th: Alpha Tauri 5th: Ferrari 6th: Alfa Romeo 7th: Aston Martin 8th: Williams 9th: Mercedes 10th: Haas

    Luu Duong HyLuu Duong HyMånad sedan
    • 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

      Sanat KapurSanat KapurMånad sedan
  • Hamilton’s tyres were dead

    AssolutaAssolutaMånad sedan
  • No mention of Ferrari 🏎

    Shashikant JadhavShashikant JadhavMånad sedan
  • Do you think that Vettel is sick.. i mean, because the way he blinks?? Anxiety or sorts? Hope not

    Demoliciones de MéxicoDemoliciones de MéxicoMånad sedan
  • We should remember that testing is for mileage not times

    S KiranS KiranMånad sedan
  • Great video mate

    Matthew DavisMatthew DavisMånad sedan
  • * Aldas: "Remeber this is the team that has won the last 7 titles" * Me: "It's 6 actually" *Nico Rosberg: "Is Aldas' career over?"

    MimMMimMMånad sedan
    • u drunk?

      Rian PRian PMånad sedan
  • Max and Checo are bringing RB the Constructors at the very least

    Josh JessJosh JessMånad sedan

    King Palace RascalKing Palace RascalMånad sedan
  • What a stupidity! This guy is calling success of testing on time sheets. Learn something about testing. Teams do their routine not go for outright pace. This guy is an hack. Total wannabe waste!

    Sagar DalviSagar DalviMånad sedan
  • Ferrari casually not mentioned

    ZlatanZlatanMånad sedan
  • Mercedes is sandbagging.. of course.

    klepetarklepetarMånad sedan
  • Everyone: Merc is sandbagging! Seb: Sobs in AMR

    Yue WuYue WuMånad sedan
  • The eight dislikes are from Toto Wolff's fake accounts.

    Asa NewbyAsa NewbyMånad sedan
  • Looks like Mclaren did a great job taming the beast that is that Merc PU.

    TheNaidenchopTheNaidenchopMånad sedan
    • Yeah

      muhammad nabilmuhammad nabilMånad sedan
  • tbh i have a feeling this year verstappen might win the championship, and on the constructors side i have strong faith for mclaren winning the constructors championship

    Enmanuel RodriguezEnmanuel RodriguezMånad sedan
    • McLaren win WDC and constructors campionship.Let's go team!!!!!!

      muhammad nabilmuhammad nabilMånad sedan
  • mercedes is the friend who doesn’t study and still tops every test

    dpolww dwdpolww dwMånad sedan
    • Facts

      Saintsnascarfan 14Saintsnascarfan 1428 dagar sedan
    • @Dalton Jamal respect

      omar atmomar atmMånad sedan
    • I would say they “study” harder and smarter than any team on the grid.

      chris chrischris chrisMånad sedan
    • Exactly

      Aarya PagallaAarya PagallaMånad sedan
    • underrated comment

      omar atmomar atmMånad sedan
  • This is the best thing to happen to Merc. Now they know what they have to fix

    ASMR147ASMR147Månad sedan
  • Why does everyone act like it's IMPOSSIBLE for Merc to lose, they will have to lose the constructors at some point. And I have had a very different feeling coming from this season.

    Frank0221Frank0221Månad sedan
  • Hopefully the sand clears up, put a big downer on things.

    Ian McLeanIan McLeanMånad sedan
  • No mention of Scuderia Ferrari? OK.

    Marcus BerggrenMarcus BerggrenMånad sedan
  • An f1 season is a marathon, merc will eventually sort themselves out

    Ariq HaidarAriq HaidarMånad sedan
  • Guys please don't overreact, it's just testing. You cannot predict the pecking order until Q1 in Bahrain 2 weeks from now.

    AdithyaAdithyaMånad sedan
    • Just let us dream a little 😂

      JanaJanaMånad sedan
  • Aston Martin didn’t do bad they only had electrical issue at the end they got laps down

    bj cbj cMånad sedan
  • Never trust the car performance during the testing days especially Mercedes.

    TravollicTravollicMånad sedan
  • Ferrari?😂

    Habib AssiaHabib AssiaMånad sedan
  • I think....the performance from McLaren was much more impressive than RBR

    Guillermo HoffmannGuillermo HoffmannMånad sedan
    • @Nicolas Ortega Dibildox quickest car in the first session and second quickest in the second season... yea.. right.. not impressed at all.🤦‍♀️

      JanaJanaMånad sedan
    • Yeah I agree

      muhammad nabilmuhammad nabilMånad sedan
    • @Nicolas Ortega Dibildox new engine,less tokens to spend that others ,new drivers......

      Sarat Chandra BSarat Chandra BMånad sedan
    • Why? Ther didnt get great times tbh

      Nicolas Ortega DibildoxNicolas Ortega DibildoxMånad sedan
  • I think this video should begin with a Wanderlei Silva ring entrance... Darude... anyone...

    Blake baroneBlake baroneMånad sedan
  • That mclaren has a similar nose lip thingy like AMR. And Mercedes have ..but it is less pronounced.

    Sven wSven wMånad sedan
  • First merc sandbagged their gearbox and then decided to sandbag the entire session. This is what we call next level

    mulgeroinenmulgeroinenMånad sedan
  • Take a shot every time Aldas says "Guys"

    spencerspencerMånad sedan
    • *cries in broke

      DmitrovDmitrovMånad sedan
    • no

      RizzoRizzoMånad sedan
  • even Mercedes engine is Bottas as number 2 driver 🤣🤣🤣

    Sumit ShinesSumit ShinesMånad sedan
  • Ah yes Merc fans.

    Corrie MayCorrie MayMånad sedan
  • Ferrari (at least Sainz) had a good session

    TomásTomásMånad sedan
  • Mercedes sandbagging with fake issues, to get peoples hopes up.

    BBMånad sedan
  • Real question, since Charles and Carlos are at Ferrari now, who's Carlo and who's Carletto?

    Pete: cambiò nome, ma rimane luiPete: cambiò nome, ma rimane luiMånad sedan
    • carlos is carlo charles is carletto

      Josiah Boateng-MyrieJosiah Boateng-MyrieMånad sedan
  • Sainz picking up the s🅱️innala legacy from Seb

    Pete: cambiò nome, ma rimane luiPete: cambiò nome, ma rimane luiMånad sedan
    • Seb 2.0 version

      muhammad nabilmuhammad nabilMånad sedan
    • Carlos and Seb both had the number 5, 5 looks like S, S is for SBINALLA

      Purple PlanetPurple PlanetMånad sedan
    • @Tomás sure sure, I just found it funny he spun in a car that made Seb go round more than Dead or Alive

      Pete: cambiò nome, ma rimane luiPete: cambiò nome, ma rimane luiMånad sedan
    • mate c’mon, he had a good session

      TomásTomásMånad sedan
  • Let's hope Checo will be able to get on top of that Raging Bull as fast as Max did

    penusliskipenusliskiMånad sedan
  • To all who claim Mercedes is sandbagging: No team is going to pass up half a days worth of testing, just to pull a prank on their competitors. That being said, I don't doubt they'll have another strong season.

    Tjitse KosterTjitse KosterMånad sedan
    • When you have the an eighth world championship bagged that's when you can troll

      Akhil PillayAkhil PillayMånad sedan
    • If Mercedes is having problems, they’ll solve them and Ham will win the race by 20+ seconds.

      Durodes DuvoDurodes DuvoMånad sedan
    • Yeah they will probably improve the next day with how much of a well-oiled machine they are so they will defo have another strong season IMO

      Motorsport FanboyMotorsport FanboyMånad sedan
    • I think they will still have best car but it definitely won’t be as dominant

      HumanSlayer 5464HumanSlayer 5464Månad sedan