Why Russell is Already on the Level of Verstappen and Leclerc

22 mar 2021
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Going into 2021 Russell is now in his 3rd season with Williams and with his contract ending at the end of the season, there's no doubt that he'll have his eye on that Mercedes seat for 2022, to me Russell is a very special driver and someone who I consider already to be on the level of both Verstappen and Leclerc, in this video I explain why and also what makes Russell so special.
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  • Imola has something to say about that 😅

    georgesargeorgesar6 timmar sedan
  • This didn’t age well

    VideoGameAddictVideoGameAddict2 dagar sedan
  • No, just no. And I'll tell why. Since his debut, he has been beated by his teammates : -2019 by Robert Kubica, because he scored a point and Russell didn't. -2020, by Nicholas Latifi, because Latifi ended up 11th three times, when Russell just finished 11th once. And you probably say: "But George had 3 points, while Latifi had 0" and, yes, that's true. But only because Lewis Hamilton got sick by Coronavirus and he had to be replaced for the race. If it wasn't for that opportunity, George Russell wouldn't have scored points. In Mercedes he has been beaten by Valtteri Bottas. Even if George had better race pace than Valtteri, Valtteri still won against his teammate (but, the low margin of victory, has ruined part of the reputation of the finnish). Meanwhile, Leclerc and Verstappen beated their teammates in their debuts : -Verstappen beated Carlos Sainz in Toro Rosso(2015) -Leclerc beated Marcus Ericson in Sauber (2018) And because of that, in their second season in F1, they got ascended (a full season) and won their first Grand Prix. Verstappen in Spain 2016 with Red Bull, and Leclerc in Belgium 2019 with Ferrari. So, no. George Russell has a lot of potential to be a future World Champion, he has a lot of talent, and it's better than a lot of the drivers of the grid. But I don't think he will be dominant as Hamilton or Schumacher. And no, he's not better than Charles, and definitely is far from Verstappen (which is more close to Hamilton, which is the top tier in F1). He still needs to prove himself.

    Zacarias CisnerosZacarias Cisneros2 dagar sedan
    • @Metrofilmer88 Bottas also was fast in Williams (Besides he's nowhere near to what he was in Williams). I didn't say that Russell was slow, because it's all the opposite. But he doesn't have the same consistency that Verstappen or Leclerc have now. Respect to the Mercedes chance. I said that he lost against Valtteri, but I also said that, he won with a very low margin, which it ruined part of his reputation. And Russell's race pace was million times better that Bottas'. But one race doesn't define a driver

      Zacarias CisnerosZacarias CisnerosDag sedan
    • It’s Williams though. The only way you are going to beat your teammate is by circumstance. He also showed how fast he was in the Mercedes how fast he actually was and was running easily the fastest until Mercedes messed up the Pitstop and the bad luck of a tire issue

      Metrofilmer88Metrofilmer882 dagar sedan
  • And again Russell fucks up close to the points.

    Erik BeijleveldErik Beijleveld2 dagar sedan
    • And didn't control his emotions well...

      DHL maoDHL maoDag sedan
    • Not only that, but he almost kills Valtteri Bottas

      Zacarias CisnerosZacarias Cisneros2 dagar sedan
  • Hamilton is feared of Russell. He doesn’t want him in the team because he knows he is faster than him. If Russell would win the team battle against Hamilton, that would destroy the reputation of Hamilton and all his world championships

    OpiumOpa90OpiumOpa904 dagar sedan
  • Russell is in my opinion on an other level. He is better than Leclerc and Verstappen.

    OpiumOpa90OpiumOpa904 dagar sedan
  • A just want to say LOL, that isn't " measured" about assumptions, or what you think, he need to prove it on track. Oh, and Verstappen is better than LeClerc.

    MrElpajitaMrElpajita4 dagar sedan
  • Don't compare him to Verstappen. Don't do my boy George this bad

    LegierwenLegierwen4 dagar sedan
  • Russel is exactly where he should be. A team where his ego gets nuked down but his willpower will increase. 2 years of driving behind and still giving his 100% just shows it. Mercedes will make him a great champion. If Mercedes has a good car 2021. Like everything great about the island comes from Germany. Like the queen 👑

    T. R.T. R.4 dagar sedan
  • russell was going to win the race when he drove for merc when lewis was off with covid. that just proves that, even though the merc car was the arguably the best on the grid, he was about to take the race win. i have no doubt, if russell drives with a competitive car, he will be a winner.

    No OneNo One5 dagar sedan
  • Thank you finally I’ve been hyping George up since f2 this video just proved my points

    Kendall StockKendall Stock5 dagar sedan
  • I’m not convinced he’s better than Sainz, Lando, Ricciardo, Perez, Vettel, etc after one race against Bottas. Let’s see how he does over a season in a decent car

    Andrew VanriperAndrew Vanriper5 dagar sedan
  • In sakhir Russell didn't fit un the car be far. He had to where a smaller shoe sizes and he still beated bottas At the start outside the pitstop fuck ups.

    HarmHarm5 dagar sedan
  • one of the best talents in f1 at the moment. shame he's in such a rubbish car we saw how good he was in the Mercedes (a car that was in no shape suited to him)

    WigzinoWigzino5 dagar sedan
  • other mid tier should snatch this guy asap...watching the entire video, i believe that he got a superb raw talent and capable to win a race but if he kept driving for williams, he would lose his confidence soon and waste his talent away

    asmer192asmer1926 dagar sedan
  • E really want to see a hamilton vs russell, that would be crazy

    JR 007JR 0076 dagar sedan
  • dont forget at fp 3 abu Dhabi last year hes fastest on first sector on williams

    abiem zorgabiem zorg6 dagar sedan
  • I too rate Russell very highly but I think you're carried away with some of your claims about his achievements. You haven't once mentioned that he was Mercedes reserve driver for the 2018 season which would have given him a significant advantage when he stepped in for Hamilton. George already knew the team very well, understood how they operated and was semi familiar with the car. As reserve driver he spent a huge amount of time in the simulator helping develop the car through out the season. Your not being accurate when you judge his performance in the race as a rookie who didn't know the car , team or circuit. You also can't overlook the unforced error whilst following the safety car and slamming it into the wall as he was trying to keep his tyres warm - I have never seen Hamilton or Alonso do something that bad and especially when you consider they would of been Williams only points that season. Don't get me wrong I absolutely loved it when he overtook Botas and was storming back to the front but he still has some work to do on his overall race craft and blowing too much smoke up his arse before he is the real deal might lead to complacency and a talent wasted.......

    Tim CaseyTim Casey7 dagar sedan
    • @oof o it's a very British centred sport because so much of it is based here (even non British teams set up in the UK) and the press over hype any British driver with some talent. Just like the guy who made this video.

      Tim CaseyTim Casey5 dagar sedan
    • Bias would always be there for George, until he somehow follows the bias, or he spmehow fails

      oof ooof o6 dagar sedan
  • He's too white. That's why he is in an opposite level car to the peers he beat decisively in F2.

    chumleyokchumleyok7 dagar sedan
  • I wanna see Russel replace Hamiltom when Hamilton leaves. That said, he needs to get a bit better. He is better than Bottas IMO, but I don't think he will be a good wingman

    Mike WilliamsMike Williams7 dagar sedan
  • Keep this in mind: he has only been in the sport for 2 years

    Nancy Tok Juan LimNancy Tok Juan Lim7 dagar sedan
  • He has talent. He has lots to learn. Could he have won Bahrain 2021? Driving the Mercedes.

    Buck RogersBuck Rogers8 dagar sedan
  • If Russel is given a fast car like Mercedes or Honda Redbull, he would be up front with Verstaphen and Hamilton.

    The ButcherThe Butcher8 dagar sedan
  • But like........... max is better then both

    LoganoLogano8 dagar sedan
  • I love when he took over the silver arrow and almost won the race he got held back

    BoriquaAteoBoriquaAteo8 dagar sedan
  • Yeah. Russell is really something special. But I must say. This video really cherry picks certain moments, and ignores the circumstances. Sure he had an amazing overtake on Bottas, but you fail to mention Russell was on new mediums vs Bottas on 20 lap old hards. Hardly impressive.

    Xlsy221Xlsy2218 dagar sedan
  • Gotta admire Russell's commitment to Williams, he does want the team to return to glory.

    Cammie RacingCammie Racing8 dagar sedan
  • Toto sent George to Williams, knowing that this young driver would not only help Williams grow and improve, but would himself grow and be 100% the champion driver that AMG needs to replace Lewis when Lewis decides to retire. Young George is the future of AMG, and he is being given every opportunity to grow and mature.

    Not TakumiNot Takumi8 dagar sedan
    • Makes sense

      Nick MuffinNick Muffin3 dagar sedan
  • Hamilton>Max=Leclerc>Russell>Bottas>all the others. I'd like to see Russell in a more competitive car, if Lewis moves on I think Russell should get the seat but is he at least at the same level as Max? certainly in the dry - George was outstanding but he's not done anything remarkable in bad conditions like Lewis and Max can and often do.

    fablewallsfablewalls8 dagar sedan
  • Sorry but i don't see it happing kid he's not even on %5 of lewis at the same age.

    Si RickoSi Ricko8 dagar sedan
  • No he’s not.

    TriPoloskiTriPoloski8 dagar sedan
  • Great talent agree ,He no Max or Lewis .Time will tell us.I 100% Merc screwed him though.They make some great calls when Lewis is driving!Bottas Sucks period

    Gilles KaskeGilles Kaske9 dagar sedan
  • 3 years at Williams won't hurt george at his age he has years ahead of him and given a top car he will be multiple world champ in my eyes

    Mark StubbsMark Stubbs9 dagar sedan
  • Honestly think he’s like the new Hamilton

    John JJohn J10 dagar sedan
  • U sound like AARRAAVAA or however ya spell it

    John JJohn J10 dagar sedan
  • I love this video and I think it makes some good arguments, but you can't put Russell on Verstappen's level. Verstappen is arguably the best driver on the grid, difficult to say if he's better than Hamilton but he's in that conversation and those two are clear. Russell is a great driver but he isn't at that upper echelon of ability, experience and performance yet.

    deathtoallturkeysdeathtoallturkeys10 dagar sedan
  • I can’t wait to see him in a Mercedes!

    Jiajian HouJiajian Hou10 dagar sedan
  • Time will tell

    mike hesmike hes10 dagar sedan
  • If he is not in a mercedes next year then they have made a mistake and I hope red bull take him in

    Simon McbrineSimon Mcbrine10 dagar sedan
  • It takes some serious skills to get the Williams which is most probably the worst car on the grid to Q2 somewhat consistently. Russell is basically driving on hard mode, with a worse car than everyone else. Its unironically the best training for a new driver, throw them into the worst conditions. To learn and hone his ability to adapt to a shitty car that won't give him what he wants at all times. When he does get into a car that will give him grip, speed and whatever he wants out of it, he will outshine a lot of drivers.

    MiganonMiganon10 dagar sedan
  • George Russell is undisputably a very talented driver. Having said that, claiming he's already on the level of Charles is absolutely insane. Claiming he's at Max's level, well is showing that you are good at building a case for Russell.... Other than that... 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Bas BastiaansBas Bastiaans11 dagar sedan
  • MV and CL could be better than LH anyone who think they know the answer is a moron.

    P MP M11 dagar sedan
  • I'm sorry but you are not making any sense..comparing Russel to Albon and Lando claiming they have the better F1 car..ok..but who had the far better F2 car? The best claim you could make is that Russel might have been beating Valteri in a merc..but how big a feat is that? Max was beating Ricciardio and Ricciardio has beaten Vettel who in turn was beaten by Lecler..but how much of a broken Vettel was that already? If Russel was top tier he would have been in a top car..he is Valteri 2.0 at best. Even Yuki makes a stronger impression so far. I doubt Russel would beat Gasly, Albon, Leclerc, or Lando in the same car. Verstappen is simply a higher tier..Russel can only beat verstappen the way Hamilton did in previous years..by driving a far superiour car.

    Muldertje08Muldertje0811 dagar sedan
  • Hi f1 2022 mercedes f1 Hamilton and changed

    Sadurshan PrahalathanSadurshan Prahalathan11 dagar sedan
  • Whenever people talk about the F2 season, they don't mention the fact that the cars were new and had terrible clutches. What that means really is that the gap he pulled is quite exaggerated because he didn't suffer the same clutch issues as a lot of other teams (especially albon). You dont know if it's because art is a big team and were able to deal with it, or if he worked hard to make sure it didn't happen, but needs to be mentioned even tho he was very impressive and wasn't really challenged

    MrRhubarbsMrRhubarbs11 dagar sedan
  • The hesitant cow previously stir because fisherman comparatively visit notwithstanding a gullible gusty argentina. utopian, outrageous blinker

    J EgbertJ Egbert11 dagar sedan
  • George only lost against Valtteri by .025

    Jack McClainJack McClain11 dagar sedan
  • He looked fast for a tall and skinny guy.

    DabayareDabayare12 dagar sedan
  • I don't think they are at the level of verstappen, not yet at least.

    BlueeyBlueey12 dagar sedan
  • Russel hardly even got out qualified by Bottas & I think that says a fuckton. Within a couple of days of being in a car is was on par with someone who has been in that car for what like 3 years or something?

    The Last HydraThe Last Hydra12 dagar sedan
  • why do you guys not rate norris the way he deserves?

    Rahul YadavRahul Yadav12 dagar sedan
  • I’m here to be the hater. Russell’s upside is solely based when he gets his seat on Mercedes. Leclerc and Max showed their talent with Sauber and Torro Rosso. I can’t remember a young talents upside be based solely when they get into the best teams car. I can argue Vandoorne had a better junior career and more upside than Russell has right now but look at him now

    planetexpressfryplanetexpressfry12 dagar sedan
  • I like George Russell too. He is exceptional. No question.

    Igbon5Igbon512 dagar sedan
  • I'm quite sure the reason GR is not in a Merc is Lewis, and to an extent Toto being wary of a repeat of the Nico mental games/battles, and I think that's right, GR would put Lewis's nose out of joint quite rapidly, something Valterri is too "nice" to achieve. Love to see Lewis/George pairing, IMO isn't going to happen. George should be where Sebastian is now, he's been at Williams too long now for progression.

    Bad RavenBad Raven13 dagar sedan
  • Here you go, algorithm, I watched it. Can I get some new videos in my Recommended now? I would actually enjoy watching Russell in a Mercedes take on Verstappen and wonder what that wheel-to-wheel action would look like. There's no denying George's talent, but as a Dutchman I'm required to wear orange glasses and know the lyrics of "Super Max" by heart, so I still believe Max would win out.

    darkjannndarkjannn13 dagar sedan
  • Saying George is on the level of a Verstappen or Leclerc makes it sound like those are levels.

    Isaac PowrieIsaac Powrie13 dagar sedan
  • i think Lando and Russel already in Verstappen and Leclerc level, but they only need better car to win grand prix

    Yosfelino BoantuaYosfelino Boantua14 dagar sedan
  • not to undermine leclerc's (or russel's) talent but leclerc isn't up to the level of verstappen. just take the situation where leclerc massively overestimated himself resulting in crashing into perez and subsequently verstappen. verstappen wouldn't have made such a mistake. it's a level of maturity verstappen has acomplished which leclerc simply hasn't yet. you need that to win championships. not saying he won't get there but he just isn't quite yet and verstappen is at the moment the superior driver

    m bm b14 dagar sedan
  • I am still not over Mercedes ruining his win.

    BigBoomKhanBigBoomKhan14 dagar sedan
  • I think going from a crappy car to a grwat car is way easier. Look at Max and Charles both went from a midtier team to a great car and both performed immediately. George got the best car by a mile on a simple track. Ofcouse was he going to do well..

    Rizzo93Rizzo9314 dagar sedan
  • oh shit, I just realized that I dont care.

    Oblio1942Oblio194215 dagar sedan
  • Verstappen is next level compared to anyone but Hamilton

    ljummingenljummingen15 dagar sedan
  • There is no evidence to prove this. Literally had one race where he scored two points. To be honest he has 2 more F1 points than me

    Tenesha AndersonTenesha Anderson15 dagar sedan
  • All F1 drivers are very good already. Team select driver are based on budget and current and future strategy of the team. Top driver makes few mistake and perform consistantly. Based on his F2 results he definitely has the right stuff.

    James HJames H15 dagar sedan
  • Starting from the bottom of the ladder is always a massive advantage for those with truly exceptional skill. Going through the trenches builds character and fosters an understanding of the issues/problems that can entail. When racing for a team functioning at an extremely high level with a car to match, he can appreciate the difference and use those previously developed skills to really hit the ground running and grab F1 by the throat. Looking forward to watching him for years to come.

    Jig JagzJig Jagz15 dagar sedan
  • He should have been in a/the top car from the start. Not as if he hadn`t proved himself many times over. It`s criminal. The top six drivers in F1 are breathing a sigh of relief. What a joke F1 is for holding Russell back, with all the raw talent he has. He would be 2021 World Champ, or at least 2nd to Hamilton last year....for starters. I think Bottyarse will be given a Rona break and then Hamilton will know if he wishes to retire next year.

    Rattus NorvegicusRattus Norvegicus15 dagar sedan
  • Sorry but Russel bins it every time he has a sniff at success, he could be great but he needs to tone down his nerves.

    Zigi SamblakZigi Samblak16 dagar sedan
  • I think that George is an incredible driver and deserves the Mercedes seat next year and is definitely a future champion! It will be interesting to see if he can score any points in the Williams this year; hopefully he can get at least a few points! Anyway it would be amazing to see him and Lewis at Mercedes in 2022; I think it would be close between the two but Lewis would ultimately win because he is the GOAT and has the most experience. I will be pissed off if Merc don't give George a Merc seat in 2022 because I feel like he deserves it so much more than Bottas!

    KittycatmeowKittycatmeow16 dagar sedan
  • Russell is one of the best drivers on the Grid, put him in a good car and he's getting podiums and wins consistently. When he gets that merc seat homie is getting a Championship

    Koheleth of AgarthaKoheleth of Agartha16 dagar sedan
  • If Mercedes fuck up the 2022 car and Russell finally gets a contract with them I’ll be sooo gutted because he deserves so much

    Laura SimpsonLaura Simpson16 dagar sedan
  • I ageree 110%

    Nomsa SithebeNomsa Sithebe16 dagar sedan
  • Don't forget the biggest reason why you think so highly of him....he's British

    Z RomoZ Romo16 dagar sedan
  • Why did I get a 13 minute long Mercedes F1 team advert?

    SGYT GamingSGYT Gaming16 dagar sedan
  • George Russel is going to be multiple world champion by the end of his career and no one can stop that!!

    Sachin K SinghSachin K Singh17 dagar sedan
    • Only if he gets the best car and he gets protected with a teammate like Bottas.

      P MP M11 dagar sedan
  • Hmmm True

    Unknown 1Unknown 117 dagar sedan
  • Man, sorry but he is not there yet

    RVB 05RVB 0517 dagar sedan
  • Why when Russel performs well in the Mercedes he is on the level of verstappen but when Hamilton does it every week it’s just the car?

    Tommy BannisterTommy Bannister17 dagar sedan
  • please do a video on why the drive to survive season 3 did not even mention George Rusell and how he outpaced Bottas in Bahrain. I think its Toto and Hamilton trying to silence everyone on this matter.

    Professor CarrotProfessor Carrot18 dagar sedan
  • I really can't take another British multiple champion after the current one. Skys english commentary will be unbearable.

  • When I first start watching f1 I liked George cause he had the same name as me and it turns out he a very good driver aswell 😂

    George EdwardsGeorge Edwards18 dagar sedan
  • I absolutely agree

    Amy KarlAmy Karl19 dagar sedan
  • If you want to know what actual racing drivers think of Russell just look at Hamilton. He made it so Bottas HAS to be his team mate, he did not want Russell challenging him. That says it all right there.

    Michael SyviusMichael Syvius19 dagar sedan
  • He should replace Bottas

    Chetan SharmaChetan Sharma19 dagar sedan
  • His merc race was amazing but if he wasn’t overtaking the alphas there would be a problem, the fastest car in F1 history... if he didn’t overtake them then he would be a massive flop

    Michael DDMichael DD19 dagar sedan

    Jake33Jake3320 dagar sedan
  • Russel is on the level of Hamilton and Leclerc. I think Verstappen is on a whole other plane of existence

    Dr_Chad ThunderCock The 3rdDr_Chad ThunderCock The 3rd21 dag sedan
  • Hahaha I love how biased British people are with British drivers lol Russell isn't even better than lando let alone leclerc or max (and I dislike max, but he's just clearly better than Russell without a doubt)

    Hugo StiglitzHugo Stiglitz22 dagar sedan
  • In Abu Dhabi in FP1 or FP2 he was actually purple in sector 1 in a PHUCKIN WILLIAMS

    Mentor ZariqiMentor Zariqi23 dagar sedan
  • Can't say he's on the same level as Verstappen, especially not after his stand in at Mercedes. In that car, 80% of the F 1 grid would have been on the first row. Put him next to Verstappen in a Red Bull, who do you think would come out on top? It'd say Max. That is the real test.. where do you think Valteri would be against Max? No, George isn't on the same level as Max, no one on the current F1 grid comes close, bar Lewis perhaps..

    The fleeing dutchmanThe fleeing dutchman24 dagar sedan
  • He will be a world champion multiple times but probably wont break Hamiltons records. But i also think Norris is underrated in comparison to Charles and Max.

    United Kempo Martial Arts AcademyUnited Kempo Martial Arts Academy24 dagar sedan
  • If Russell had done that at Spa I'd say yep, definite WDC material. But at Sakhir... Come on, it's basically designed to maximise the power of the Mercedes, and is perfect for a newbie, it has 9 corners... 9... and 75% of the lap is made up of 3 long high speed straights... Plus Verstappen and LeClerc the guys you're comparing him to were out on lap 1 in a crash... So, who did he have to beat Bottas? Well, for 20 laps he stayed 2 seconds in front, which in F1 terms with dirty air means Bottas was actually slightly faster than him. And since when did outperforming Bottas get you put on the level of a Verstappen? I need to see a lot more of Russel before I put him on Verstappen's level. I don't even agree that LeClerc is on Verstappen's level.

    Paddy McPaddy Mc24 dagar sedan
  • in that mercedes he will beat bottas

    bent andrebent andre25 dagar sedan
  • 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😭🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😭🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😭🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😭🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 nice joke mate

    alfonso santosalfonso santos25 dagar sedan
  • Bla bla bla

    Aad dutchAad dutch25 dagar sedan
  • Nah!😎

    El R*******El R*******25 dagar sedan
  • You can't prove that you're good on a near oval track. Too much hype about this guy

    Gari VelezGari Velez25 dagar sedan
  • 1:03 saying as a disclaimer that GR is "no where near a perfect driver" during a pic with Kimi right next to him was pure genius

    M MonteroM Montero26 dagar sedan
  • How much do Mercedes care about 2nd in the drivers championship? If Lewis doesn't retire, let the other two car share the second car for a season, to really pit them against each other, but keep both in house for when he does retire.

    DadiBissonDadiBisson26 dagar sedan
  • You are just selling smoke at this point.

    Rogue SquadronRogue Squadron26 dagar sedan
  • He needs to elevate the car he's in, the way leclerc max and Lewis do.

    NikNik26 dagar sedan