Does Kimi Raikkonen Still Deserve to be on the F1 Grid?

26 feb 2021
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Kimi at 41 is still in F1 and showing no signs of slowing anytime soon, however should he still be on the grid looking at how many young and exciting drivers are taking F1 over, and is he stopping more talent from coming into the sport?
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  • Damn Mazepin can spin better than my fidget spinner

    AlanAlan30 minuter sedan
  • I don't see any reasons as to why not, as long as F1 teams want to hire Kimi, Alonso, Vettel etc.. Why would young Talent have any kind of priority? Want more young guns in F1? Add more teams, let teams have 3 cars each. How fun wouldn't it be if all teams had 3 cars instead of two? Excitement!!!

    Evylin SwedenEvylin Sweden7 timmar sedan
  • F1-eh, mine-eh, prove-eh, style-eh, racing-eh....

    Martijn van SpaendonckMartijn van Spaendonck10 timmar sedan
  • Kimi is gold. Excellent driver even with a bad car, and also helps the team to develop the car. Why change a driver just because of age, if he delivery the most results ?

    Rodrigo PolizeliRodrigo Polizeli18 timmar sedan
  • I'd love to see Kimi 'retire' into Extreme E or Nascar or some other major series. Just to see how long he can still be one of the greatest drivers in the world

    Andrew YanowskyAndrew Yanowsky21 timme sedan
  • Come on, he outperformes younger drivers

    Midas 8Midas 822 timmar sedan
  • dont hate on kimi plz :(

    Joel AllonenJoel Allonen23 timmar sedan
  • My theory he's going for rounding up to big 20 seasons. At 42, the answer to life, universe and everything.

    Vedran BrnjeticVedran BrnjeticDag sedan
  • Kimi always +1

    Wes HillWes HillDag sedan
  • Why isn’t this being asked about Alonso

    Deuce 96Deuce 96Dag sedan
  • keep kimi! i dont want his unique character to leave F1

    butterbrodbutterbrod2 dagar sedan
  • it is not up to Kimi to step down if he still likes the challenge. It is up to the team. If the team has a better option, another driver that has more upward potential than Kimi, they should make the change. Step down? Why would he volunteer?

    Adrian GieseAdrian Giese2 dagar sedan
  • If the 'young' talent is strong enough, he's gone. As it is, he consistently out-performs the 'young' 'talent'. Kimi stays. You and your clickbait thumbnails, Aldas.

    Blacktooth FoxBlacktooth Fox2 dagar sedan
  • Ohh i did not know that the teams control who is gonna drive for them. Thanks for taking a hard boiled crack at this one. Clickbait

    F.G.HF.G.H2 dagar sedan
  • Cause he is the most popular and respected driver in the grid. Also the most sportsman and fair driver. At least still fast enough. FACTS.

    Cognizant 2021Cognizant 20212 dagar sedan
  • He’s kimi, there’s no need for a question about if he deserves to stay.

    Cap Is a capCap Is a cap3 dagar sedan
  • Question you should be asking is is there a possibility that in f2 is driver that can score more points than kimi, is there maybe a world champion waiting for seat?

    Michael 52Michael 523 dagar sedan
  • No he doesn't, throw him out and someone who does more than just being there and driving around

    ashish sharmaashish sharma3 dagar sedan
  • Kimi is our national hero in Finland. I hope he never quits

    Jamie AcostaJamie Acosta3 dagar sedan
  • Kimi proves every race that he's still got what it takes. I'd like to see him in a better car but with the car he currently has he still beats his teammate & mixes it with driver's in far better cars. While he continues to do this & has ambition to get the maximum he should continue

    Nicky BoamNicky Boam3 dagar sedan
  • Ah this is so ridiculous. "young talent", haven't seen anything special outside verstappen among the current younger drivers. Leclerc is fast, but nothing too special out of him either without a fast car. Gasly, Mazepin, Latifi, norris, ocon, stroll, giovinazzi -- what special do they have to offer/has offered really?

    tigmantigman3 dagar sedan
  • Kimi comes with a wide expanse of experience and the sponsors love him. He probably has a bigger fan base than Lewis Hamilton. I believe Kimi should be in a faster car than the Alfa Romeo. He was at times more consistent than even Vettel when they were both driving for Ferrari. If Kimi leaves the sport half of the small F1 fan base will die off and frankly FIA would not want that.

    Soumyadip MitraSoumyadip Mitra3 dagar sedan
  • As long as he wants to race. He races. You can ask the questions afterwards.

    Tomi JänttiTomi Jäntti4 dagar sedan
  • Nobody wants to see this absolute legend go

    Daniel FernandesDaniel Fernandes4 dagar sedan
  • Love Kimi, the only one without media training!

    Rob OppersRob Oppers4 dagar sedan
  • Ol'reliable

    Norwegian idiotNorwegian idiot4 dagar sedan
  • I'm a Kimi fangirl, I admit. But he's still beating his current team mate, his last year at Ferrari he was on the podium as much as Vettel was. He's a great driver. I find him very funny, also.

    April KurtzApril Kurtz5 dagar sedan
  • Kimi is in f1 because he loves racing in f1. and well yes he's getting on but he's still quick at times and very consistent overall still and after his career he deserves to decide when he wants to retire imo

    Christian CosgriffChristian Cosgriff5 dagar sedan
  • If those young talents can't unseat a 41 year old, then they don't deserve to race in F1. It's that simple. Kimi is still competitive and so is Alonso. Age doesn't matter in the end and being a young talent doesn't mean you deserve a shot. You have to earn it.

    FaintAcrobatFaintAcrobat5 dagar sedan
  • I think Kimi is as happy as ever battling with Vetel in a Ferrari in his Alfa would have made his year

    paul smithpaul smith5 dagar sedan
  • yes

    paul smithpaul smith5 dagar sedan
  • Kimi would get another contract from alfa, because when Kimi drives Alfa Romeo he get's sponsor and F1 team needs sponsors

    3CH03CH06 dagar sedan
  • I’d love Kimi and Alonso or stay for many more years. Bring back Button as well.

    Pietro DPietro D6 dagar sedan
  • Tell Giovannasj to duck off

    allen abishekallen abishek6 dagar sedan
  • he's going to race as long as he wants to. it's just a hobby. He can leave if he wants.

    destinysfinaldestinysfinal6 dagar sedan
  • Kimi is one of the GOATs

    Darth SnarfDarth Snarf6 dagar sedan
  • You already read the book " alem de mim a jornada da deusa" - besides me the journey of the goddess is awesome this on Amazon...Law of attraction, high vibrations, inter-dimensional travel is fantastic!!! and VERY SPEED -It's a tribute to KIMI

    Rui BatistaRui Batista6 dagar sedan
  • I think you made a point different from than the one you intended to, in that you are showcasing that both Kimi and Gio should probably be out of F1. Not to dish out on poor Gio, but it's been said multiple times the only/main reason he's still with Alfa Romeo in 2021 is because they wanted an italian driver. That being said, just because Kimi's better doesn't mean he's deserving of an F1 seat.

    SullivansTravelsSullivansTravels6 dagar sedan
  • Short answer: Yes Long answer: Yes, he does

    Santino DelgadoSantino Delgado7 dagar sedan
  • F1 is show he is one of the most popular driver. He deserve hiz place

    el scioccoel sciocco7 dagar sedan
  • Is he still quick and reliable, give him a seat, can he help improve your team and car, give him a seat. I don’t get the discussion about his age either.

    RumburackRumburack7 dagar sedan
  • i would say, with out Kimi, Alfa would not perfome at all... Alfa need Kimi´s experiance.

    Niclas HornNiclas Horn7 dagar sedan
  • Oneaa, Wellaaa, styleaaa,oldaaa

    SchwamieSchwamie7 dagar sedan
  • This video is unnecessary, he dont block anyone, ppl need to be better to have his seat. new drivers is way to young anyway..

    Niclas HornNiclas Horn7 dagar sedan
  • Kimi is an icon.

    BrandoBrando8 dagar sedan
  • I only watch F1 because of him.. so yes!

    NemeroiNemeroi8 dagar sedan
  • Raikkonen has competed in a quarter (26.7%) of seasons in f1 history

    FofodksjdnnFofodksjdnn9 dagar sedan
  • Let's put term limits on F1 drivers. Fours years then f*** off. Let's be clear - with all new drivers being F2-preened teenagers, I'd rather see the grognards occupy seats so that F1 recruits drivers from other series outside of the F3/F2 academies.

    Bill CranstonBill Cranston9 dagar sedan
  • What a dumb title. No offense

    jeffdid911jeffdid9119 dagar sedan
  • kimi the best

    Mark WarrenMark Warren12 dagar sedan
  • Kimi is my fav, leave him alone, he knows what he's doing

    Tyo DafirenzeTyo Dafirenze13 dagar sedan
  • gimi

    Meester WriterMeester Writer13 dagar sedan
  • As Kimi would say: “yes.”

    nicholas harshbargernicholas harshbarger13 dagar sedan
  • I believe he still deserves to be on the F1 grid. But I don't think we can expect something extraordinarily from him anymore.

    ShinjiShinji16 dagar sedan
    • @Alex Quint-Pugsley >Imagine if he had a car that could keep pace for rest of that race. Imajine?? Come on...we can imagine anything we like. imagine, imagine , imagine. OMG

      ShinjiShinji12 dagar sedan
    • You didn't see Portugal? Imagine if he had a car that could keep pace for rest of that race.

      Alex Quint-PugsleyAlex Quint-Pugsley13 dagar sedan
  • Kimi deserves any damn seat he wants

    Paper ProductsPaper Products16 dagar sedan
  • if you want to win...hire the finn!

    Luis LagunesLuis Lagunes16 dagar sedan
  • Yes, results-wise Gio is the one that needs to go. Kimi should be the end boss for any new talent, he either gets retired or retires on his own accord he's still getting a lot out of that car

    The Drumming BuffoonThe Drumming Buffoon16 dagar sedan
  • He's still fast enough, and I think would step down if he knew he wasn't.

    Barks LifeBarks Life18 dagar sedan
  • I came from the future year 2040..Yes,Kimi still a F1 driver..He with Hyundai OMG Petronas Racing now..But he is very talkative now..Age factor maybe..Well,all grandpas like to tell a stories to their grandchild right???

    AdamAydan ChannelAdamAydan Channel19 dagar sedan
  • In my opinion just because there’s young drivers out there doesn’t mean Kimi should retire. If they’re good enough they’ll come through eventually.

    Riyad MoussaidRiyad Moussaid20 dagar sedan
  • Kimi is F1's Valentino Rossi.

    AstrostevoAstrostevo22 dagar sedan
  • *he does*

    Ali B. AdeenAli B. Adeen26 dagar sedan
  • I mean it wont be long till he does retire for good and none of the F2 talent recently have been that jaw dropping that they need to be in F1 immediately so him still having a seat is fine. If Pourchaire blitzes the F2 field then we have a real debate cuz hes a Sauber Academy guy but if he does average then they can have Kimi for a year more and develop Pourchaire with another year in F2. I feel like the reason Ferrari keep Gio in (no offense to him he’s decent) is that he’s Italian so those are + points and i guess Ilott didnt impress them enough (would love to see Ilott in F1 tho even if for just a year or two) In my opinion the ones holding back other young talent worthy of seats are Mazepin (even tho he is young) & Latifi (just hasn’t impressed enough)

    Carlos GeliCarlos Geli27 dagar sedan
  • I feel mic should be with him if kimi is willing to teach him

    the e-manthe e-man28 dagar sedan
  • He is like Jaromir Jagr but in F1 world

    Kryštof KohoutKryštof Kohout28 dagar sedan
  • kimi has the best Sunday drive

    danilo trindadedanilo trindade28 dagar sedan
  • In Testing it showed he did!

    C HC H29 dagar sedan
  • You can't blame Kimi for stopping young talents flowing in F1. There are just 20 places on the grid, Kimi just loves racing so as long as he can stay in F1 he will

    Laurens SteijgerLaurens SteijgerMånad sedan
  • Yeeeeeesss!

    Mustapha habibiMustapha habibiMånad sedan
  • Out of all his stats, Aldas misses out the 2007 World Drivers Champion, the most important one 😅

    Charles ObialoCharles ObialoMånad sedan
  • I never ever wanna hear Kimi slander ever again

  • No such thing as 'stopping young talent' in any sport if they are good enough they will be there no matter who's in which seat. For those who aren't in f1 yet they simply just aren't good enough for the team to tell anyone to get out of their seat that's all.

    K WK WMånad sedan
  • People - Kimi stop racing Kimi- bruhhhhh 😎

    anshul patleanshul patleMånad sedan
  • Enough dude. Someone else deserves a spin.

    Jude74Jude74Månad sedan
  • It does not matter as long as he is competitive.

    Abhijit DeoAbhijit DeoMånad sedan
  • Well, can the young talents beat Kimi in the first place when given the same hardware as Kimi?

    MiganonMiganonMånad sedan
  • Well of course he does and teams have the right to choose their driver. If you children think that their is an age limit on anything, your wrong!

    Andrew LakeAndrew LakeMånad sedan
  • Kimi has gone from being known for his young age and inexperience to the complete opposite and both times people are trying to use it as a reason why he shouldn’t be in F1

    Joe MannariJoe MannariMånad sedan
  • Does Kimi? I think you mean Does Kimi and Fernando deserve to be on the F1 Grid, sir.

    XlyylolXlyylolMånad sedan
  • Both Kimi & Alonso should not be in the grid. The likes of Albion & Illot should be given chances to develop.

    Gent Next DoorGent Next DoorMånad sedan
    • Albon is a fucking joke sorry.

      d bd bMånad sedan
  • World is not ready for F1 without Kimi.

    Qbix QbixQbix QbixMånad sedan
  • You said exactly what i tought age is just a number look at goodwood festival of speed old car races these old dudes are going bananas

    tre ctre cMånad sedan
  • If you dont want Kimi, your a muppet. I say, bye bye Lewis or force him to move to a lesser team and lets see what danny or max can do in that merc.

    M MacPhersonM MacPhersonMånad sedan
  • That ending hit...just saying.

    Hamir ThaparHamir ThaparMånad sedan
  • Yes. He is Kimi.

    Apple ManApple ManMånad sedan
  • Bwoah, for sure

    Flick.Flick.Månad sedan
  • KIMI will always have a seat bc he deserves it

    Colton DoddColton DoddMånad sedan
  • I mean if they want him back it’s not his fault lmao, such a dumb debate

    James KnightJames KnightMånad sedan
  • yes why would u ask that

    Csenger SimonCsenger SimonMånad sedan

    IOJRP LewisIOJRP LewisMånad sedan
  • Both Kimi and GIO are doing well.

    Eddie TillerEddie TillerMånad sedan
  • The only criticism I can imagine is that Ilott has a lot of potential and that Kimi taking up a seat is getting in the way of that. Otherwise, he still has the quality to be in the midfield and he's better than any driver you could replace him with

    Henry CampbellHenry CampbellMånad sedan
  • No

    Spicy MemeSpicy MemeMånad sedan
  • Would love to see him drive the 2022-spec'd car next year.

    Arn CalagoArn CalagoMånad sedan
  • Haven't watched the video yet but... Answer is: Yes

    TigerChuuTigerChuuMånad sedan
  • Ok Aldas I get your point age is not a matter performance is . All you Lewis Hamilton haters take note at 36 he still have another 10 years in this sport. The real 🐏 GOAT LH 44

    Claude SymisterClaude SymisterMånad sedan
  • I love the young force, it's a brilliant generation! But Kimi is a real titan, and it is so enjoyable see him in the grid, with class.

    Lehi CândidoLehi CândidoMånad sedan
  • keep him, but let him have the drink this time!

    VaticallixVaticallixMånad sedan
  • F1 is temporary, Kimi is eternal

    R Y Z 3 NR Y Z 3 NMånad sedan
  • Valentino Rossi is the exact same story!!!

    tito88tito88Månad sedan