New 2021 Mercedes W12 Livery REACTION

2 mar 2021
15 204 visningar

Accelerate 25 programme by Mercedes:
So Mercedes have released their new car the W12, in this video I give me reaction of their brand new car and livery
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  • Funniest definitely when Cyril said Daniel left him (not Rernault) 😂

    K KK KMånad sedan
  • Bring back the silver. Silver Bullets FTW

    Hwy929Hwy929Månad sedan
  • Every Mercedes before 2020: silver Mercedes 2020: anti-racism black Mercedes 2021: still black with a bit of red and... AMG AMG AMG AMG AMG AMG AMG AMG...

    Mattia LonghinMattia LonghinMånad sedan
  • It looks really weird tbh, some logos are too small, kinda like a mess

    Tony_yeungTony_yeungMånad sedan
  • The paint works..

    Terry BrigdenTerry BrigdenMånad sedan
  • Lewis is a Nob.

    Terry BrigdenTerry BrigdenMånad sedan
  • Wish they would go back to the silver arrows

    CauseThisIsThrillerCauseThisIsThrillerMånad sedan
  • I think it does the job. For me it's nice but the W11 is just much better. And more symbolic.

  • I love it, looks amazing

    rossygnolrossygnolMånad sedan
  • But we all know they are gonna win

  • This car is not nice

  • Yeah the livery looks really bad it just looks like a weird hodgepodge of colors red, grey black, and green it’s odd

    Jacob OlsonJacob OlsonMånad sedan
  • I like the car, it looks agresive

    Carlos ArroyoCarlos ArroyoMånad sedan
  • You're right the car really doesn't look too good

    Eric DuLyonEric DuLyonMånad sedan
  • Mercedes F1 car should be silver.

    Azaz 911cAzaz 911cMånad sedan
  • c'mon aldas you're becoming to cliche.... offer something more unique.

    MP422ownzMP422ownzMånad sedan
  • It's absolute trash, it doesn't even look silver it looks like some weird transparent black white gradient.

    rollerrollerMånad sedan
  • Gotta heavily disagree with you on this one dude. I absolutely love the back, the AMG logo is generally a really cool and angular logo and I love the gradient it has going with the black to silver transition and I think it will look awesome when we get to see it out on track properly

    Stefan rhysStefan rhysMånad sedan
  • Is it weird that I actually quite like it....????

    Nez LoNez LoMånad sedan
  • Thank you 🙂 It looks like two cars put together. 😁

    KK BKK BMånad sedan
  • Its simple Stuning

    Petar CelakoskiPetar CelakoskiMånad sedan
  • Man, I will miss 2019 Merc so much :'(

    Kevin WacharapolKevin WacharapolMånad sedan

    Louis AttenboroughLouis AttenboroughMånad sedan
  • Aldas, you should know this is not the final rendering of this car! Stop freaking out! 😏

    Frank EllisFrank EllisMånad sedan
  • I thought, yay, straight to point for once... but no, he was back after 8 seconds! ;-) Aldas, you haven't liked any of 2021 liveries. Me thinks you just don't like change.

    Dave RussellDave RussellMånad sedan
  • The amg at the rear ruin it for me

    Adam KnightAdam KnightMånad sedan
  • Plot Twist, each AMG sticker represents how many titles Lewis wants to win before he retires from F1

    andrewnduatiandrewnduatiMånad sedan
  • They could take off all the stickers and it wouldn't matter to me am just exited and can't wait to see some racing team mercedes all the way

    Marlon Ricketts TallbossMarlon Ricketts TallbossMånad sedan
  • This is the only reason why i like your channel, admits that you are a Hamilton fan and not afraid about the annoying fan trying to make you hate Hamilton

    Jo Don LeeJo Don LeeMånad sedan
  • I don't like the white either. Too much going on as you say. Last year's car was one of the best looking ever.

    MimMMimMMånad sedan
  • Livery getting worse every year. The original silver livery was the best from 14 to 18 then they had to add that ineos red hat which messed it up the clean look of it. Then ofcourse the all black was such a bland livery but fair enough cause it was 2020 and BLM but that should of been a one off. Now it's not only still black and still has that red ineos hat but now the rear looks like a Haas. Can't believe they always have to ruin a good thing. Instead of going the route they went with the livery turning it black and adding red hat's etc I much rather they evolved and blended more Petronas green into the silver that would of been so much nicer and pleasing to look at.

    Tom B.Tom B.Månad sedan
  • I know they to commercialise AMG, but it is too much. I do agree with you that the front part is beautiful but rear part quite hideous.

  • Hate to admit but i like it

    Shivva_ VaShivva_ VaMånad sedan
  • I think that the colors are really cool but they put the AMG as we say in Mexico a huevo

    Regina CarreónRegina CarreónMånad sedan
  • I like it

    Alex HinkeAlex HinkeMånad sedan
  • Silverback Mercedes.

    YodaYodaMånad sedan
  • I actually love it. I think its not as good as the 2019 (one of my favorite of all time) but i think it is a development of last year's livery

    Nicolas LadnerNicolas LadnerMånad sedan
  • Looks won’t put you on the Podium, performance and teamwork WILL !👍🏽

    dwayne arthurdwayne arthurMånad sedan
  • Accelerate 25... Do it... Do a video

    Aaron HunteAaron HunteMånad sedan
  • Yeah, that back looks weird.

    Lucas OrtizLucas OrtizMånad sedan
  • all i can say since 1984 that my addiction to F1 started i have never seen such a beauty as a whole on a car i must admit you do not know what taste is

    Mehrdad HelaghMehrdad HelaghMånad sedan
  • Total beast 🔥 loving the car!!

    A Girl Talks F1A Girl Talks F1Månad sedan
  • I've seen a lot of people saying they don't like the Mercedes livery but I actually love it, love the red accents, the silver looks nice, even the AMG spam isn't that bad. I really like this livery, I wasn't the biggest fan of the last livery but this one is stunning. Second best livery so far, behind the undisputed kings Alfa Romeo.

    João PeixotoJoão PeixotoMånad sedan
  • Niki's red star's missing... they had well enough room to place it somewhere between INEOS & PETRONAS

    • @Lea R Oh yeah my bad had to zoom in, and it's exactly where I wanted it to be 🤣😂😂

    • it‘s right above the cockpit, u can see the small red star

      Lea RLea RMånad sedan
  • 6:18 Aldas: “I love how the Mercedes looked in the rain” Valtteri: Turkey flashbacks

    Felipe ArceFelipe ArceMånad sedan
  • You know F1 hits a low point in its history when the possibility of the F1 champ comes down to two people on the same team for almost a decade. Hope everybody has their pillow and blanket ready while watching races until 2022 gets here. 😴🏎😴🏎😴🏎😴🏎😴

    Jeff ConoverJeff ConoverMånad sedan
  • 3pinted star was much better😔

    Tuhin :0Tuhin :0Månad sedan
  • I'm not so sure about the red SS badges on the back of a German car (Look closely at the 44. Trust me, you can't unsee it). Seems like a weird oversight, if you ask me. Overall the car looks great, but like literally EVERYONE else has said, the sticker bombed back end looks awful. They should have stuck with the stars. It would have looked mint. I'm at least glad to see they kept the little red star for Lauda. Nice touch.

    Sean DailySean DailyMånad sedan
  • no star for Niki 😔

    Sergio Delgado VSergio Delgado VMånad sedan
    • There is a star for Niki. It is close to the driver’s head

      Awesome Sauce27Awesome Sauce27Månad sedan
  • Bruh, you look like you were struck by lightning

    Jon LJon LMånad sedan
  • Love the front, rear kinda ruins it

    Tobias GrünbaumTobias GrünbaumMånad sedan
  • It's sexy

    Josh SmithJosh SmithMånad sedan
  • yall really finding things to pick at...because the livery will affect its performance. LOL...come bahrain the livery can and might change

    lawless8723lawless8723Månad sedan
  • I do hope Mercedes aren't forcing BLM down our throats for another year.....

    Phil BarrettPhil BarrettMånad sedan
  • Waww !what a destroyer !! Other teams have alreafy their TAILS between their legs 😁😁

    Salla MoussaSalla MoussaMånad sedan
  • At first glance it looks like half Merc, half Alfa Romeo 😂

    Drew PerezDrew PerezMånad sedan
  • We need Audi back. They used to race as silver arrows as well back when one of their founding companies, Auto Union, was active in GP racing before WWII. I mean, I don't mind the black, but I don't like the livery. The new Alpine livery on the other hand...

    bundesautobahn7bundesautobahn7Månad sedan
  • AMG branding is not the wrong route since French/Renault performance car manufacturer is Alpine and the reason there's no Mercedes/AMG logo on McLaren is because they also make super/hyper cars. Same case with Aston Martin. 2021 is not only battle of performance, but also marketing.

    kaizer5lockkaizer5lockMånad sedan
  • i didnt like it either... and i like less that hamilton, diversity plan(/&%? black lives matter?wtf but 3 years ago i said this dude is going to start somthing (too much of his USA friends pooring out), and why hamilton never wear his natural hair?? always messing with it, (is he ashamed Of it?) he dresses like a bump also, i mean, have you seen the launching merc sclass video??wtf, its like if a gang member were about to Drive...

    Demoliciones de MéxicoDemoliciones de MéxicoMånad sedan
  • it looks like alfa romeo is eating off mc from the back XD

    Yizhou (Jerry) HaoYizhou (Jerry) HaoMånad sedan
  • Diversity plan? WTF?

    Demoliciones de MéxicoDemoliciones de MéxicoMånad sedan
  • me too!

    Yizhou (Jerry) HaoYizhou (Jerry) HaoMånad sedan

    StuntmanStuntmanMånad sedan
  • Why do I want to buy an AMG all of a sudden 🤔

    Cars With JBCars With JBMånad sedan
  • I don't like your hair style! The WO12 is gorgeous, notwithstanding your faulty opinion.

    curiositycuriosityMånad sedan
  • I just saw the front before watching your video and I was like "shut up, it is beautiful" Then I saw the back

    Nikhil PaletiNikhil PaletiMånad sedan
  • Would look better if they took out all the red. Clashes too much with the rest.

    John HarrisonJohn HarrisonMånad sedan
  • I cant see why people don't like it ,it's really good looking

    Radie RadRadie RadMånad sedan
  • Alpine's livery is lit! probably the best livery so far!

    shivachetan ulavishivachetan ulaviMånad sedan
  • Where are all the BLM stickers? Is this car a racist Mercedes?

    Norbert HoferNorbert HoferMånad sedan
  • 2020 Marcedes-- Black lives matter 2021 Marcedes -- Only AMG MATTERS

    Arun KumarArun KumarMånad sedan
  • Yeah, completely agree. From the front to the end of Petronas on the sides it looks so good. The amgs ruin it. In my opinion, they should have made the transition from black to silver around the Petronas sponsor and not just at the back. The amgs have to go. Also, maybe controversial, but I think they should have gone back to full silver (they are silver arrows after all) or have a bigger transition from black to silver like I've said already.

    SINSH4WSINSH4WMånad sedan
  • I love it beautiful

    milk chocolet white chocoletmilk chocolet white chocoletMånad sedan
  • I don’t like the silver line

    Ion 2004Ion 2004Månad sedan
  • I didn’t like the AT02 livery at first. But after I watched the car on track at imola I liked it. So let’s wait till testing or filming day.

    Sindhu SojanSindhu SojanMånad sedan
  • Livery is trash, this is the design that should be associated with lewis' and the sport's defining moment with his 8th wdc? 2020's car felt more "end game/boss" in every single way They should have put the amg logo at the back of the rear wing instead

    AK JWAK JWMånad sedan
  • Easy, if its struggling its Bottas if its alone in the lead its Hamilton that's how you differentiate it..

    Duck SoulsDuck SoulsMånad sedan
  • The black: 🔥 The silver in the back:🔥 The AMG:🤮 Edit: I don’t hate the AMG on back but it looks like a kid in chat spammed it. Overall, I loved it

    Sindhu SojanSindhu SojanMånad sedan
  • I do like it, however it does look frankenstein'd together

    Talking EggTalking EggMånad sedan
  • The first time Mercedes have ever screwed up

    Luca DahseLuca DahseMånad sedan

    Luca DahseLuca DahseMånad sedan
  • I just about agree with you. The overall color scheme and the gradient is quite good, that turquoise and red really pops, but the stickers in the back sort of ruins the overall impression.

    Chara MiaChara MiaMånad sedan
  • So, in a couple of years time it'll be an iconic car/livery 👍🏾

    IamdarrendredIamdarrendredMånad sedan
  • I might be one of the few who actually like it a lot

    Libin AbrahamLibin AbrahamMånad sedan
  • They have probably changed the car bc they want to make a grand farewell for lewis

    BHG RacingBHG RacingMånad sedan
  • I'll be honest you got no taste it's okay there's nothing wrong with it . Your being picky

    kabelo tshitakabelo tshitaMånad sedan
    • Nah, this livery is horrible. There’s way too much going on at the back and 4 primary colours on a car is definitely not the way to go. It looks like some 10 year old kid designed it.

      Soham PansareSoham PansareMånad sedan
  • Folks will not like just about anything.

    J 1J 1Månad sedan
  • i agree the front is okay the middle is okay but the engine cover isn’t so bad it ruins the car . the car now has three title sponsors and it looks awful

    Adam LeakeAdam LeakeMånad sedan
  • It just looks a lot cheaper now, idk man. Not a fan either.

    OliviaOliviaMånad sedan
  • They should have colours on the halos to differentiate the drivers.

    Chris CuthbertsonChris CuthbertsonMånad sedan
  • Ineos logo getting bigger

    N I N O N GN I N O N GMånad sedan
  • Too much AMG 2020 WAS BETTER

    Hemanth SHemanth SMånad sedan
  • Bruh you are the only one who said it’s ugly man wth

    KahLun KhooKahLun KhooMånad sedan
    • @Talking Egg lol I haven’t watch his vid yet

      KahLun KhooKahLun KhooMånad sedan
    • And Tommo

      Talking EggTalking EggMånad sedan
  • Mercedes should have let RedBull design this year's Mercedes

    The Living RoomThe Living RoomMånad sedan
  • valtteri bottas to his first, best joke of 2021 hahahaha

    Sam RezaeiSam RezaeiMånad sedan
  • I like it

    Mak BMak BMånad sedan
  • The cars will still be easily distinguishable, Lewis‘ will be the faster one and Valteri‘s the one far behind, same es every season 🤷🏼 PS: I really like the livery

    T ChovskiT ChovskiMånad sedan
  • Designer: "Toto, how many AMG-stickers should we put on the car?" Toto: "YES"

    SirDerpSirDerpMånad sedan
  • When I saw it the first time it looked ugly to me but now kind of like the livery and kind of don´t it is weird to describe.

    elevenproelevenproMånad sedan
  • It's next years cars I want to see

    Kenneth BentKenneth BentMånad sedan