Why Gasly Has to Control the Yuki Hype Train

6 apr 2021
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5 Drivers Under Pressure in 2021: seworld.info/will/nqDL0JysinWhy5s/video&ab_channel=Aldas
Yuki made a big impact on his Formula 1 debut, and although Pierre still looks like he'll easily have the edge in the early part of the season, I think the Gasly and Tsunoda partnership could be one of the closest rivalries on the grid in 2021. However Gasly needs to be careful because with him looking for another seat in 2022, getting beaten by Yuki might make his future in F1 more uncertain.
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  • Am I the only one who thinks Alpine might be a downgrade?

    Ryan HurstRyan HurstDag sedan
  • Yuki’s not beating Pierre

    DaSpaceJammerDaSpaceJammer3 dagar sedan
  • Gasly need to focus on him not in yuki

  • The only question I have is..... Why is Pierre the second driver?

    JoseLeonardoMPJoseLeonardoMP4 dagar sedan
  • Yuki’s car is 10kg lighter, that is why.

    esphi LEEesphi LEE5 dagar sedan
  • Gasly > Ocon. The alpine seat would be a great one for him next year

    Stephen WilcocksonStephen Wilcockson5 dagar sedan
  • Yuki is far more likable, and fast with it but Gasley is still number one atm, and deserves it

    TGTraining&TravelsTGTraining&Travels6 dagar sedan
  • Alpine looks like a step down these days

    Scott ElderScott Elder6 dagar sedan
  • This whole video is a massive reach

    World'sYoungestCarGuyWorld'sYoungestCarGuy6 dagar sedan
  • Gasley is proven under pressure. Yuki is quick. This will be interesting. Doubting Gasley hasn't aged well.

    Ryan DalzielRyan Dalziel6 dagar sedan
  • Alpha TauriUH????

    Mike van OverbeekMike van Overbeek6 dagar sedan
  • thank you letter

    南口俊次南口俊次7 dagar sedan
  • I made a prediction about half a year ago... I think if the circumstances are good, there are chances that gasly will drive for mercedes in 22 or 23 because I think HAM is gonna win his 8th and end his career in 22 or 23. also I think that mercedes will drop bottas some day and then they need two drivers... one of them will definitely be george and then... who other? I can‘t see anyone filling in this spot except gasly or lando norris. I think lando will stay at mclaren and like this gasly has a big chance. And that because gasly is the only driver with these abilities who will be available at this time @Aldas

    Janosch BlindenbacherJanosch Blindenbacher7 dagar sedan
  • Yuki is without a doubt a really nice guy , he's got the speed , talent and consistency to do well in f1 this year he proved in f2 last year he's got what it take by finishing 3rd in the standings behind the experience type of Schumacher and Illot and i feel if Pierre doesn't step up his game Tsuonda will beat him. plus theyre in Imola this wekk where Tsuonda has done a lot of tests with Alpha Tauri in the 2018 car and this years. So in theory Yuki will be up to speed instantly and that will make it harder for pierre but i do think Yuki will beat Pierre if he doesnt up his game like at red bull.

    Mike 2346Mike 23467 dagar sedan
  • yuki is great and talented,but social media are overhyping,gasly had the better of him.throughout the weekend

    david peshadavid pesha7 dagar sedan
  • Gasly pls no can say is not had a fare go

    moto Wmoto W8 dagar sedan
  • It was one race where tsunoda does better first race of the season then u make a 10 minute video saying the same shit over and over and saying why would red bull keep gasly I don’t like alpha tauri but you are like the morgz of f1 channels u chat so much shit

  • One race and Yuki is already overated. Mistake in quali and bad first lap. He did a good job (because it was his first race), but the car has batter potentional than 9th place.

    TheMrRomenTheMrRomen9 dagar sedan
  • Pierre P3 in Imola

    Sebastian FrühwirthSebastian Frühwirth9 dagar sedan
  • Good video dude 😃👍

    Callum BurtonCallum Burton9 dagar sedan
  • Look at you- inventing controversy out of thin air. What I see as key issue is this- Will Honda leave F1? Now that a Japanese driver is on the scene wouldn’t Honda want to have their name on his car when he becomes a WDC?

    GUY KeeseeGUY Keesee10 dagar sedan
  • Let’s cut the cap - Yuki will probably end up outperforming Gasly, either now or eventually as he continues to develop and match Gasly and other drivers. I like Gasly but I gotta keep it 100.

    joe castanedajoe castaneda10 dagar sedan
  • out of all the drivers, it always seems like gasly is always given super low expectations and treated as a low quality driver.

    Elizabeth SakhnovskyElizabeth Sakhnovsky11 dagar sedan
  • -and why its not going to happen.

    Tsunami GeckoTsunami Gecko11 dagar sedan
  • yuki wont get close

    PNW RacingPNW Racing12 dagar sedan
  • No way is Yuki gonna take Gasly

    Dion OliveiraDion Oliveira12 dagar sedan
  • I believe Alfa Tauri has a strong driver's duo, both Gasly and Tsunoda will eventually make good races and if possible make podiums.

    Igor Demetrius AlencarIgor Demetrius Alencar12 dagar sedan
  • Is Yuki the number 1 driver? Doesnt the yellow color mean 2nd driver?

    Johnny RicoJohnny Rico12 dagar sedan
  • To be fair Pierre comfortably outperformed Yuki who at the end of the day only came back in the points in a car faster the ones he overtook. But the real highlight for AT, although it didn’t give anything in terms of points at the end, was Pierre being the only driver getting into Q3 on mediums apart from the Mercs and Verstappen.

    Ugo clémentUgo clément12 dagar sedan
    • @Quacking panda and I leave that to people like you! In the end I’m not saying “oh he would have been 5th” I’m saying he is just way better than Tsunoda

      Ugo clémentUgo clément11 dagar sedan
    • @Ugo clément but there's no point in talking on what would've been if he didn't make that stupid mistake because he did and should be judged on that mistake

      Quacking pandaQuacking panda11 dagar sedan
    • @Quacking panda on the contrary he did. They were in the same car but not in the same league. Gasly would have fought with the top 5 when Yuki fought to get into the points. Granted Yuki is a rookie and his performance was good. But no worry for Gasly who is more talented and more experienced, even though he made a stupid mistake haha.

      Ugo clémentUgo clément11 dagar sedan
    • @Ugo clément but I wouldn't say he comfortably outperformed Yuki then. Pace and performance are two different things

      Quacking pandaQuacking panda11 dagar sedan
    • @Quacking panda yes I said that. Doesn’t take anything away from what I said 😅

      Ugo clémentUgo clément11 dagar sedan
  • I have been following F1 since Jimmy Clark, Bruce mc and Jack B and co this is the most exciting time in the sport, now we can all hope for close combat.

    andre cruickshankandre cruickshank12 dagar sedan
  • Gasly will never be put back in a Red Bull... he is a midfield driver. End of story.

    I TubeI Tube12 dagar sedan
  • Interesting how this story has developed so far. Great video

    Jackson BlackwellJackson Blackwell13 dagar sedan
  • Can you please talk the same as in the podcast ? 👍

    Frans BaumFrans Baum13 dagar sedan
  • Gasly should be looking closely at an Aston Martin drive - Vettel might not be back next year

    Guj BunGuj Bun13 dagar sedan
    • My thoughts too

      Tylxr GTylxr G12 dagar sedan
  • Why you selling out Pierre like this? Be cool man. Dude didn't have a billionaire dad, he bounced back from a mentally crushing demotion, had one of his best buddies die in front of him, and then out of consistent performance rose up to crush a totally unexpected victory. I don't call my grandparents talking about average life expectancies and how it's a tough situation they find themselves in... where's the love Aldas?

    Chuck DickensChuck Dickens13 dagar sedan
  • I hope gasly doesn’t go to alpine I don’t like them and I feel like he is better than that and he can do it

    ZetaZeta13 dagar sedan
  • As much as I love yuki I love gasly so much and he has so much to offer and I hope he can show it

    ZetaZeta13 dagar sedan
  • Il peut avoir un très bon saison He can have such a good sea so and I can’t wait for gasly to prove everyone wrong

    ZetaZeta13 dagar sedan
  • Why Gasly should leave F1, because without luck he is an average driver.

    DiabloDevilsBADiabloDevilsBA13 dagar sedan
  • Want to leave Alpha Tauri for Alpine? Really? 😂

    Purwanto OkePurwanto Oke13 dagar sedan
  • Yes, Yuki had a great first race but Pierre had issues early on that didn't allow him to be competitive. Let's not pull the plug on him for one bad race. He is plenty capable, confident, and certainly fast. The pressure is more on Yuki to keep up with Pierre; not the other way around.

    MINDRIGHTMINDRIGHT13 dagar sedan
  • Ok maybe it wasn’t his debut, but Alex Albon also came ninth at his first race at Bahrain.

    tito88tito8813 dagar sedan
  • Gasly really needs to out preform Yuki this year imo, because I think Liam Lawson will win the F2 championship this year. The only other way would be Yuki taking Perez's seat, or Gasly moving to a different team.

    Jordan HinderliterJordan Hinderliter13 dagar sedan
  • Talk about over analyzing a 9th place finish

    Renlys Other LoverRenlys Other Lover13 dagar sedan
  • Deixa de ser idiota mano. Vai se catar seu besta

    Shadow LordShadow Lord13 dagar sedan
  • Gasly should go to Renault after Alonso rage-quits F1 again! he'd feel right at home along side Ocon!

    Frenzy BarFrenzy Bar13 dagar sedan
    • Ocon and Gasly are friends turned sour, like Ham and Ros, I have doubts of that working out, but you never know maybe Renault kicks Ocon. It's worrying that Gasly is not getting support from Marko and Horner despite Gasly's results last season and P5 qualifying, something feels off. We also have to see how Vettle continues to perform, if his decline continues along, then some spots will open, as well Mazespin, so there will be spots open. Gasly is a prospect, maybe not a established prospect at degree of Max, Charles, Sainz, Norris, Russel, as they are already established (showed the performance) prospects for WC. But Gasly also got making of a WC, ie. the talent for it, a lot of rookies/young drivers nowadays are WC class, they all just need the drive. At this point, it's all about mentality and a good drive to show it. If Gasly shows resilience like in the last season, then He won't need to worry about His spot or Yuuki for that matter.

      Krystian NowakKrystian Nowak11 dagar sedan
  • I don’t get the hype, the time in practice he set was with drs in a non drs section, the race was good but I think the Alfa tauri car is easy to adapt to, look at the hype there was for albon

    tehsidewindertehsidewinder13 dagar sedan
  • Hype is real.. but Gasly is more experience.. we’ll see the end of the season

    Jon ThorJon Thor13 dagar sedan
  • Pierre will beat Yuki. Yuki will make mistakes but he is very fast.

    Jerry BouwerJerry Bouwer13 dagar sedan
  • One race in. Let us make big blanket statements.

    NeoLegolasSkywalkerStarkNeoLegolasSkywalkerStark13 dagar sedan
  • Fearless forecast - Yuki to Red Bull in 2022.. Yuki is the Japanese ‘verstappen’.. so much raw talent and speed.

    V CruzV Cruz13 dagar sedan
    • But then how would a VER and TSU pairing be like? They are both capable of winning WDC and Marko acknowledged that.

      Tylxr GTylxr G12 dagar sedan
  • #TeamYuki

    Chaz HartwayneChaz Hartwayne13 dagar sedan
  • That Pierre can not come back to RB is totally his own vault. He hyped himself when he was coming into RB. Told the press that he would not backdown for Max and that he wanted to beat him. That's a good mentality but a bit aggressive when you know how good Max is. Then when he did not deliver on his big promises he did not reflected it on himself but on the car and the team. He did not listen to RB and demanded that settings became more to his liking. He wanted that the car would be more adopt to him then he would adopt to the car. When you have a package you work with that the best you can. He could not do that, or better say, wanted not to do that. That's why he wont get back to RB. Adoptability and team spirit. Max his strong points, also strongpoints from Juki it seems.

    ꧁ৡۣۜ͜͡ Hans ৡۣۜ͜͡ ꧂꧁ৡۣۜ͜͡ Hans ৡۣۜ͜͡ ꧂13 dagar sedan
  • during the race yuki can be an absolute asshole, but outside he seems like an angel. It's kinda weird

    BlueeyBlueey13 dagar sedan
  • Yuki looked fantastic and I like him but I think Gasly will outscore him fairly easily this season. Gasly showed in 2020 and last weekend that he can qualify higher up the grid consistently. Pierre squandered that P5 start in Bahrain but I think more starts in the top 10 will lead to more P5-8 results for Pierre. While Yuki will score points, idk if he will consistently finish outside of that P8-10 range. It will be interesting to watch but I think Pierre knows what he needs to do to score points in the AT so I wouldn't assume the pressure is as high.

    John Cody SealeyJohn Cody Sealey13 dagar sedan
  • Yuki is best

    PXR SolidPXR Solid14 dagar sedan
  • I reckon had Gasly's floor not been damaged after the wing incident last week he would have rejoined the race quite easily and maybe had enough pace to get back to points. I honestly think Pierre needs to focus on himself because he performs so much better that way, and not worry about Yuki because Yuki is a class driver and is going to achieve at some point, but so can Pierre if he doesn't worry about everyone else. I mean, technically Pierre dnfed three laps from the end the other week, so it's not really a fair comparison of the drivers. Pierre did qualify way higher...

    Emilia GraceEmilia Grace14 dagar sedan
  • We all know that if Pierre can do anything, it's a comeback

    Emilia GraceEmilia Grace14 dagar sedan
  • I’m a Yuki fan but I hope Pierre does well this year.

    CompleteEpicnessCompleteEpicness14 dagar sedan
  • It's too easy to follow hype and write a narrative. But some narratives need to be written by themselves. F1 is one of them. 22 races to go. Still too long a way to go for predictions

    Christopher OrtizChristopher Ortiz14 dagar sedan
  • At least Pierre beats Yuki in looks.

    Broyale26Broyale2614 dagar sedan
  • Yuki was a complete shock. His first race was very strong.

    SXDISLXNDSXDISLXND14 dagar sedan
    • Its not where he finished. Its the confidence he has with the car. He dived on people and didnt come out crashing or messing up. It was pretty incredible!@Renlys Other Lover

      SXDISLXNDSXDISLXND13 dagar sedan
    • Was it though or are people just being absolutely ridiculous over a 9th place finish....

      Renlys Other LoverRenlys Other Lover13 dagar sedan
  • Where is Pierre going to go? I predict Aston Martin. Sebs head is not in the game.

    Tuomas HoloTuomas Holo14 dagar sedan
  • It will be close... in fact I just took Tsunoda into my Fantasy line up and droped Gasly 😬

    Carlos ArroyoCarlos Arroyo14 dagar sedan
  • i hope Mazepin wins against Schumacer I'm mazepin fanboy

    JworkJwork14 dagar sedan
  • I am really loving the Red Bull teams this year.

    djmaciiiidjmaciiii14 dagar sedan
  • You a beast

    DeegoDeego14 dagar sedan
  • I hope the best to my favourite driver Pierre 💪🏼💪🏼 Iam sure that Pierre will kick yuki's ass 😂😂

    BO SSBO SS14 dagar sedan
    • 😂😂 really really hopping so

      Ludde STLudde ST8 dagar sedan
  • Don't really care which one is better, I just wanted to see them get along well, both watching each other's back and score as much point for AT Honda as possible.

    Apophis STRApophis STR14 dagar sedan
  • quality content as always. Keep up the good work!

    Syed Iqramul Hoque HoqueSyed Iqramul Hoque Hoque14 dagar sedan
  • I think Yuki is a clear demonstration of raw talent and well founded confidence, and that will hurt him. It won’t ruin him or anything that dramatic, but he will have a humbling moment here soon. Once that moment comes to pass. That’s when Gasly needs to watch out.

    carlos enriquezcarlos enriquez14 dagar sedan
  • Red Bull will take ANY excuse to give Tsnuoda the Red Bull seat over Gasly, Gasly needs to be beating Tsnuoda at every turn possible if he wants it

    Scott ElderScott Elder14 dagar sedan
  • It’s gonna take some stopping because Yuki is looking pretty damn QUICK! He was VERY quick in F2 despite there for a season and the man casually DIVEBOMBED past Vettel and Alonso which is SAYING SOMETHING!

    Simbarocks ONESimbarocks ONE14 dagar sedan
  • all i heard was "aeh"

    DipsecticDipsectic14 dagar sedan
  • Congrats on 80K - love your content 👏

    ShadowboltShadowbolt14 dagar sedan
  • Can you do a video ranking F1 you tubers? ( marduk,aarava,.....

    Tazief ahmedTazief ahmed14 dagar sedan
  • It would be a mistake for Gasly to leave Alpha Tauri. With the cost cap Alpha Tauri is no longer a B Team, they're now a sister team... Gasly can just build that team around him.

    Vynnx AVynnx A14 dagar sedan
    • Red bull is not letting that happen because they got good junior drivers ready to get into F1

      Tylxr GTylxr G12 dagar sedan
  • As long as Gasly outperforms Yuki, he’ll get the credit he deserves and there won’t be videos with titles like this on you tube.

    MaggieMaggie14 dagar sedan
    • I just hope that Gasly already has a place to go because he's already treated like he won't be racing for AT soon. After Marko's words that he should have been faster in qualy (and he was 5th!) I won't be surprised if Peirre is flipped with Albon midseason again even if he outperforms Yuki consistently. He somehow just isn't good enough for Horner and Marko no matter what he does and they decide the drivers.

      T TT T14 dagar sedan
  • Imagine a yuki and max redbull

    adrich fernandesadrich fernandes14 dagar sedan
    • That would be the best pairing on the grid talent wise and tbh Yuki to RB is inevitable but how will work out though?

      Tylxr GTylxr G12 dagar sedan
  • Gasly, much like any other human, needs to run his own race. Gasly is a stud and even if Yuki has a stellar debut year, nothing is gonna stop Gasly from shining.

    Anshuman SinhaAnshuman Sinha14 dagar sedan
  • Gasly's only way to continue his career is to get a seat outside the Red Bull family. I'm personally gunning for George Russell and Gasly in Mercedes after Hamilton retires and Bottas leaves. Kind of a stretch but it would be awesome because Gasly is a great qualifier.

    Jabid21Jabid2114 dagar sedan
  • Yuki just do not beat him

    Tadeáš HudákTadeáš Hudák14 dagar sedan
  • I doubt yuki is gonna beat him, pierre is a better qualifier, shows up and keeps a strong pace and has the experience. Just no, I really really doubt it. But don’t judge me I was completely amazed by tsunoda’s performance.

    winsen zyzzwinsen zyzz14 dagar sedan
  • I have a feeling that if Sainz doesn’t keep up with Leclerc in that second seat at Ferrari They could give Gasly a shot

    dull daysdull days14 dagar sedan
    • Sainz is just in that Ferrari seat until mick is ready for Ferrari, gasly won’t go there

      James LancasterJames Lancaster14 dagar sedan
    • @Rafi Haifan a year does a lot to a persons confidence you never know I think he’s in a different head space especially after being able to dominate in the alpha tauri

      dull daysdull days14 dagar sedan
    • gasly crumbled under pressure in RB. he won't have a chance at ferrari

      Rafi HaifanRafi Haifan14 dagar sedan
  • I don't want Pierre to lose, but damnam I hyped for Yuki. Also, mega congrats on 80K!!

    Isaak VedaltIsaak Vedalt14 dagar sedan
  • Congratulations Aldas for 80k👍

    Race Force 1Race Force 114 dagar sedan
  • If I were gasly I wouldn’t want to go back to Red Bull. I’m rooting for both of them.

    Bryant McelroyBryant Mcelroy14 dagar sedan
  • I can't believe the media, Gasly makes a mistake and they can't stop singing praises about Tsunoda. Tsunoda will not outscore Gasly. Pierre had a rough start, relax Aldas, always chatting up.

    Amar NaipalAmar Naipal14 dagar sedan
  • Way too much hype for such an early stage. Remember k mag and the hype when he joined f1? Everyone needs to chill out

    JDM CJMJDM CJM14 dagar sedan
  • Gasly has so much more to prove, and im not letting a rookie get the better of me, clearly Gasly will step on Yuki even tho he’s a fast rookie, still a rookie 🤷🏿🤷🏿🤷🏿

    AsRebelAsRebel14 dagar sedan
  • I like how it's always "Teammate X will smash Teammate Y" or "Teammate Y will smash Teammate X" no matter what. Yuki and Gasly both looked quick, it's been one race, let's just leave it at that.

    jafunclejafuncle14 dagar sedan
  • Helmut has to shut up about Gasly's performance.

    Easwaran KGEaswaran KG14 dagar sedan
  • I'm gonna be honest, Yuki might be the new hype, I prefer Gasly all the way.

    Koheleth of AgarthaKoheleth of Agartha14 dagar sedan
  • Too much hype around him with only one race. Y’all need to chill until this man shows more significant results

    Junfg2Junfg214 dagar sedan
  • I swear u predict the future

    VRT FuryVRT Fury14 dagar sedan
  • Scoring points in your very first formula 1 race in arguably the 5th/6th best car says something. This kid is promising and gasly needs to drive like last year to stay ahead

    SyndiCate GamingSyndiCate Gaming14 dagar sedan
  • Might be controversial but Yuki won't beat gasly

    Ben NellBen Nell14 dagar sedan
  • Sorry, but as right now Pierre Gasly has proven that he can win in Formula One. Yuki look good but until he get's some podiums, I think bit premature to say their is a rivalry.

    Mike ThomasMike Thomas14 dagar sedan
  • I never knew it was called yuki hype train i thought it was hype for yuki tsunoda t

    Ethan Russell TorrecampoEthan Russell Torrecampo14 dagar sedan
  • It's over for Gasly, he'll lose to Tsunoda and be out of F1 next season.

    Gustavo MonteiroGustavo Monteiro14 dagar sedan
    • Nah, alpine or Aston would take him

      Tylxr GTylxr G12 dagar sedan