Did Track Limits Rob Verstappen of a Win in Bahrain?

29 mar 2021
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Track limits were the talking point heading out of Bahrain but that didn't take away from the incredible battle we saw between Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen. However, with more than one controversial track limits incident, in this video I talk about the whether or not the carnage and confusion between the FIA and the drivers, in the end cost Verstappen the race win.
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  • Yes. The did.

    Humping RaiderHumping Raider3 timmar sedan
  • Imagine watching a football game, referee on a start of second half declares that passing ball to a goalie is banned. You cant change rules during the game. Ham overtook Sainz in lap 15 with all 4 wheels out of track, made 29 illegal laps in order to gain advantage. Yet, marshalls banned that kind of behavior only when VER started to do the same thing. Disgrace

    DadoDado5 dagar sedan
  • Thank you so much for explaining this, I was very confused by this situation and you explained it perfectly

    ThePowerPlayerThePowerPlayer5 dagar sedan
  • Wrong. Watch Will Buxton interview with Fitipaldi and Buxtons chat with Michael Massi in Ted’s Notebook after race. The move was done from Drivers’ point of view and then Verstappen went wide. There was no need for Verstappen to give place to Lewis. It’s FIA’s inconsistency that handed the win to Lewis. Verstappen was true winner of that race.

    Vyanktesh KanungoVyanktesh Kanungo6 dagar sedan
  • I saw the video title in recommendations and - for longer than I care to admit - was wondering who the heck is Rob Verstappen.

    Mawerick77Mawerick776 dagar sedan
  • And the FIA who will do nothing about Hamilton because that would be racist

    Cheese kayCheese kay7 dagar sedan
  • Bullshit argument ! Max was already ahead of Lewis before he went off track in turn 4. So how far does your oponent need to be behind you, before tracklimits are at your discretion again ?

    flitesharefliteshare8 dagar sedan
  • @Aldas, I'm only half way through the video now, but I can't resist commenting. MV didn't overtake LH outside the track. He was already past him at that moment. But, more important to me is that MV had an oversteer moment just before exiting the track. He counter steered and went of, correcting this back to the track. If you watch his onboard video this is clearly visible.

    Archie dashcamArchie dashcam9 dagar sedan
  • Of sure he was robbed, if no, where should do he pass through if Lewis was covering the way?

    Hodaíne Estefânio Rebelo AmaroHodaíne Estefânio Rebelo Amaro9 dagar sedan
  • max already had the position before he ran off the track he didn’t gain an advantage from going off think the penalty was an unjust one

    Ghost 17Ghost 179 dagar sedan
  • F1 is a joke. I'd rather watch online racing games.

    Garfie1d73Garfie1d739 dagar sedan
  • The advantage gained by Hamilton over half the race aloud him to stay in touch and get the under cut. Funny he was aloud to cheat but max wasn't.

    jackdaw31jackdaw3111 dagar sedan
  • You fail to address certain crucial areas on this discussion and basically you oversimplify in favour of Merc. it is the 27.3 part where the discussion lays As the rules state "Drivers must make every reasonable effort to use the track at all times" This is clearly not what both Merc drivers did, they made no effort what so ever to keep on track in turn 4 for at least 29 laps. Than the rules state there should be no lasting advantage..well 29 times of track in turn 4 is on average a 5 seconds advantage..and it is lasting.. so how come the Merc drivers have not given back those 5 seconds? Than the overtake..overtaking outside the track is not permitted ok..fair enough..but the overtake was done already before Max left the track. Than we can argue he did so because he was on a trajection to leave the track..well he was not. He was, as the rules state, making an effort to keep on track but had a snap oversteer causing him to correct and that correction took him off track. All in all.. to me the overtake was fine but one can of course argue if there was a wall or gravel trap Max would not have overtaken there..and that is correct as well so there is room for discussion for sure. On the other hand..Merc drivers got a 5 second lasting advantage by running of in turn 4 on purpose and should both have gotten a 5 secs penalty for that.

    Muldertje08Muldertje0811 dagar sedan
  • Max still has another 22 races to prove his point, why are you all getting riled up by the very first race of the season as everything was decided?

    TheIronDuke W.TheIronDuke W.12 dagar sedan
  • Max was already overtaking Lewis and was ahead while they made the turn but Lewis was taking it all the way to the kerb so Max had to go out wide if he didn't want to get hit like Albon

    Z3RO THIRT33NZ3RO THIRT33N12 dagar sedan
  • Like Max would say don’t look back next race

    Oki DokiOki Doki12 dagar sedan
  • Rob Verstappen who is that :D

    Marko NurmelaMarko Nurmela12 dagar sedan
  • Track limit robbed him of the victory. They need to get rid of it and we wouldn't have these kinds of controversy.

    Jimmy ChinJimmy Chin12 dagar sedan
  • U cannot complete an overtake by running off track with all 4wheels, its been an racing rule

    junior ngomanejunior ngomane13 dagar sedan
  • The confusion is only fo you pple and Max, cuz every other driver understood the rules. Max was beaten fair and square, red bull should pay attention to the rules, it's part of racing, plus Max's tyres were 10laps younger, stop the whinning.

    Jamie AsintoyeJamie Asintoye13 dagar sedan
  • Max's tyres were 10laps younger!!! No excuses. A whole 10 laps. The best man won.

    Jamie AsintoyeJamie Asintoye13 dagar sedan
  • We’re the track limits more extreme for Verstappen ... or are they equal for every racer ?

    Jeremy ReidJeremy Reid13 dagar sedan
  • There are already track limits in place so I don't understand why they don't use them. Just the natural arrogance of those in charge?

    Kevin GarrettKevin Garrett13 dagar sedan
  • If he had of stayed on track he would of weon! So it was his fault for not sticking to the racing circuit.

    Stephen SmithStephen Smith14 dagar sedan
  • Obviously youre so so biased Clearly fIA always wants Lewis to win,,why they on take actions when max clearly have an advantage already? God bless you,, Dont post the same like this favouring Hamilton 🤬🤬🤬🤬

    Francis John ruizFrancis John ruiz14 dagar sedan
  • Easy to fix...this is the white line, stay inside of it...every turn, every lap EVERY RACE...Done

    Pat LeclercPat Leclerc14 dagar sedan
  • I think it was fair pass because he was already ahead

    Bradley SaddBradley Sadd14 dagar sedan
    • No. It doesn't matter if he's ahead. If you mess up a corner while you're in the middle of a battle, you have to give the position to the car behind. That's how professional racing works.

      manat31790manat317908 dagar sedan
  • Gravel traps + enforce the white line. These are world class drivers they ought to be able to reign in their cars momentum.

    CHOAM NomskyCHOAM Nomsky14 dagar sedan
  • What lost the race for Max was him being patient. He approached the turn with way more speed so he had to go wide. If he was level headed and been patient he would have caught and probably passed in the DRS zone. The RB was way faster in the twisty stuff.

    Buck RogersBuck Rogers15 dagar sedan
  • Redbull Should have argued that Hamilton pushed him wide so he was avoiding an accident. Also Hamilton should have been penalized fir the 29 short cuts.

    D GomesD Gomes15 dagar sedan
  • I think mercedes was lying on team radio about stewards as a part of strategy so that redbull don’t use the the same advantage

    Dr. Priyadarshan Singh RathoreDr. Priyadarshan Singh Rathore15 dagar sedan
  • I think you have become and becoming one of the most stupid insighter around. You don't use this titles, because so many people don't sit and listen to the end the just look at the title and go out telling people that Max was rubbed. But it is not so. Mecedes and Lewis Hamilton made it work. The rules were clear don't gain lasting advantage over taking outside the track limit. So, you have been doing this and I will write and bring it to the F1 and communities around it. You will suffocate it you don't stop. This is sports and people need to enjoy it and not make a war zone because idot like you put things in their heads. It is not fun so be careful and choose your titles right.

    Thaddeus EjioforThaddeus Ejiofor15 dagar sedan
  • Verstappen not being able to stay on the track is why he lost.

    Mark JohnstonMark Johnston15 dagar sedan
  • Why people only care of this debate when it's lewis after red bull complained.... this wasn't even mentioned in Bahrain 2020 or 2019 or 2018 etc.... the major issue is fia changing the rules midrace.... that should never be allowed just because one team complained. Completely bottled it. Set the rules before the race and stick with them. Running wide was allowed....if drivers decided not to then that's their choice.

    AddsterAddster15 dagar sedan
  • no.

    Todd RitterTodd Ritter15 dagar sedan

    Marry BerkouwerMarry Berkouwer15 dagar sedan
  • Put gravel down. Cut all this nonsense right out. Or dirt boxes in the apex

    Thomas RothThomas Roth15 dagar sedan
  • As any sport, it depends on the STAR at the moment. They keep these people protected. Look at Tom Brady all these years. Tuck rule my ass.

    MikeMike15 dagar sedan
  • Max have overtaken Lewis and was well ahead of him BEFORE they even reached the corner. So he did not overtake off track, he just went off after we overtook Lewis, no different to Lewis' 29 times. Except ofc, he wasn't Lewis. Lando Norris actually pointed this out on his stream.

    Zackydom PoyZackydom Poy15 dagar sedan
  • I think it's insane that you have rules that a) change between sessions, and b) say you can drive off the track, but not race, kerbs should not be big enough that you can fit an entire car onto them, therefore I think a car should have at least one tyre on the tarmac, period! Changing your mind halfway through a race and warning drivers then going back after the race and saying Lewis was legal just makes a mockery of it all. It's clear that drivers have perhaps one or maybe two chances to overtake, making max slow to give the pass back obviously lost all his temperature and handling, so he couldn't race for 3/4/5 laps left, if he had another ten laps, maybe, the tyres are rediculous, I want a race where drivers can race hammer and tongs for 50 laps, not have to manage tyres for 40 laps then have one go for the lead, it's boring

    Sam BowenSam Bowen15 dagar sedan
  • Lewis n mercs are waste cheaters n losers. they can cheat but not others. lewis have pushed max out at the turn. Red bull should have won. Thank god.. have stop watching F1. motoGp is more thrilling then circus clowns

    steven cheamsteven cheam16 dagar sedan
  • How about making a rule, and enforcing it every time, for every driver, no exceptions.

    Rick PlotRick Plot16 dagar sedan
  • It clearly stipulates that there shouldn't be any lasting advantage in doing so, that's why toto and hamilton was able to exploit it for so long as the advantage wasn't clear...but in the overtake this was clearly an huge advantage for max. Good fight anyways

    bertobertoberto3bertobertoberto316 dagar sedan
  • It robbed us all of a even race. What about teams and drivers further back? If they obayed track limits they were also dissadvantaged like Max was. A joke really for a sport that boasts it is at the "pinicle" of the sport. Came across as an unorganised mess tbh.

    Andrew PorrelliAndrew Porrelli16 dagar sedan
  • Im a big fan of Hamilton, but that win was red bull Honda, if you look at when Max passed Lewis, he tried coming back over and averting collision with Hamilton, unlike Albon twice with Hamilton.

    TheKingkinggTheKingkingg16 dagar sedan
    • If they didn't hide Hamiltons onboard this would be clear.

      NavaniNavani13 dagar sedan
  • Just keep the car within the white lines at all times simple.

    Tmca PlayerTmca Player16 dagar sedan
  • FIA cheats for Sir Hamilton #overrated

    Michael PapincakMichael Papincak16 dagar sedan
  • Idk exactly but if we say Hamilton gained 0.05 seconds from going wide on turn 4 and lets say he has done it for 25 Laps till Max started to do it. This would mean he had about an 1.25 seconds advantage by doing so. That means theoratically Verstappen would have cathed up 1.25 seconds faster meaning he would have overtake hamilton 1.25 seconds earlier and he probably wouldn't have to go off track as it wouldn't have been as tight. This is all very theoratically but still I think this actually cost him the win. And the advantage per lap I am calculating with is half the duration of a blink with your eyes. Not very much. If we say Lewis got 0.1 seconds advantage per lap we would be at 2.5 seconds advantage total. Feel free to correct me if I am wrong with my maths.

    JakobbbJakobbb16 dagar sedan
  • It seems to me that the FIA does everything they can to make racing as difficult as possible with regards to track rules making it confusing for the teams. A last minute amendment right before a race will be interpreted differently by each team. So. This makes glaringly clear that the FIA writes the rules specifically for the teams that will exploit them the most. If you're a team that plays by the rules, you will lose.

    bassmith448 bassistbassmith448 bassist16 dagar sedan
  • Does anyone think that, should the roles have been reversed, the FIA would have penalized Lewis and taken his position away? Me neither.

    chuckschillingchuckschilling16 dagar sedan
  • All drivers were warned about the track limits and overtaking when outside of them in a meeting before the race, Verstappen chose to ignore this and used the shortcut to overtake Hamilton, he cannot plead ignorance because he was at the meeting so he got caught cheating and had to give the place back. He chose to break the rules and paid the price he will now be under the spotlight at every race to ensure he does not ignore the rules again so tough.

    William CoulterWilliam Coulter16 dagar sedan
  • Max already passed Lewis before he reached turn 4 and ran wide... see Lando's analysis on that. You need a picture of that. And 27.3 of sports regulation also shows that Lewis gained a lasting (time) advantage by running wide 29 times, gaining almost 6 seconds that lasted him the whole race. FIA are so biased and inconsistent

    Amnon HoppeAmnon Hoppe16 dagar sedan
  • Robbed? I don't think so. Most fans complains without UNDERSTANDING the rationale behind f1 action. Tacitly, the drivers knows the racing rules. Some fans are either too young to understand or basically dull-witted

    Bass ThomasBass Thomas16 dagar sedan
  • We need grass and gravel, it has no bias like FIA does.

    Nico NestaNico Nesta16 dagar sedan
  • seen norris explaining that max did not pass lewis in turn 4... he was allready in front.. so in fact he "just "went over the lines .. like lewis did allready 29 times..its a bloody shame...

    Rolf SterkRolf Sterk16 dagar sedan
  • @ 11:00 ---> If you take a closer look, you will see that VER was allready past HAM, before crossing the white line !!! ( and not the first time the ruling from the FIA were in HAM's favour ).

    ajmavbajmavb16 dagar sedan
  • With those 29 laps of breacking tracklimits Hamilton gained approx 5 seconds, so yes Max is robbed when they changed half way the race. And because of these 5 seconds gaining Hamilton also could do more efficient undercuts. This was thus a case of double standards

    Den RDen R16 dagar sedan
  • Disagree. While the off-track overtake was clearly illegal and not a point of dispute for many, 29 laps of gaining a minimum of half a tenth at turn 4 (and more likely closer to a tenth) of a second per lap for 29 laps before he was reigned in, handed Lewis a circa 1.5 to 3 seconds of advantage over the entirety of the race. With the gap at the finish a mere threee-quarters of a second, it is clear that Hamilton's exploiting of the stupidly fluid application of the rule for over half the race WAS a very significant factor in his win. If he hadn't done it, the order and gap would have been reversed. Now, talk about consistency? If Max pulled over to let Lewis back through near immediately to avoid losing via the stewards after the race, then why can the FIA not look at the advantage Lewis gained (even after the race) and penalise him according to the intent of race control, when he was warned that he risked a black and white flag if he continued abusing turn 4's limits and then promptly stopped doing it - thus also clearly demonstrating that he had no trouble keeping the car on the track in general. If Lewis thinks this was a great victory for him and Mercedes, then he's clearly losing the plot in more ways than just on his social justice posturing. I used to be a Lewis fan, and thought he'd grown out of playing the racism card. His antics and posturing continuing over from last season, have turned me against him - I have a real issue with preachy types who expose themselves with hypocrisy. Deceptions and a reliance on the uneven application of rules to gain advantage is also not helping my view of this pillock. And the FIA? Either apply the rules with utter consistency, or throw the rulebook away. If the governing body cannot ensure this, then the sport is headed down a horrid path that not even diehard lifelong fans like me, will long endure. Bring it Max, Checo and Red Bull. You have them scared.

    Andy AAndy A16 dagar sedan
  • “Within the kerbs” is way to ambiguous, it should be within the white lines, becuase then it is literally black and white.

    Ollie HuntOllie Hunt16 dagar sedan
  • Hamilton isn't allowed to lose because of racism 🤮

    Simon LavelleSimon Lavelle17 dagar sedan
  • I know personally Michael M I work with the man here in Australia as a CAMS Official, he is good operator. Formula 1 admin are lacking in consistency, decision making and solid application of this for all competitors. That has never been ok to do this but 5sec penalty should be applied giving Max a chance to make the gap . It is just not fair for Max and Formula1. Bring back Bernie please!

    Auto RestoAuto Resto17 dagar sedan
  • Luis cried and max got robbed

    angel rodriguezangel rodriguez17 dagar sedan
  • But who is Rob Verstappen??

    Scott SScott S17 dagar sedan
  • To my opinion all that letting Hamilton gain advantage for 29laps and then banning it inconsistently when Max started doing it I think going wide at that turn helped Hamilton save tires and gained him few seconds over half the race and certainly robbed Verstappen of winning the race in addition to a bit strategy mess up! However it’s unfair and confusing what this stupid FIA doing!

    Dan DanDan Dan17 dagar sedan
  • Aldas is missing the bigger picture. You can't have the white line as track limits for all sessions and have a different track limits for passing. There has to be one rule for track limits at all times.

    Chris TamblynChris Tamblyn17 dagar sedan
  • Hamilton should have been penalized for 5 seconds. And the FIA needs to find new Stewarts.

    K. BauerK. Bauer17 dagar sedan
  • No as its the same as when he passed Kimi in Texas by going all four wheels off track and lost the podium position he gained. But if the FIA wants to serious about these off track excursion they could lay down a material that could scrub (ruin) the tires, forcing the drivers in the pits for a change, this would put an end to it real quick.

    Zack SevenZack Seven17 dagar sedan
  • Blah Blah Blah !! Its not confusing mate .!! Whats the PROBLEM... Oh.!! thats right RED BULL shooting them selfs in the foot again, RED BULL have a history of complaining ALL THE TIME, They obviously didnt read the full race notes & complained about Hamilton & lets have it right, it wasnt only Hamilton going wide at turn 4 either, But RED BULL complain & Hamilton stops doing it, Max catches Hamilton & uses the same corner they have been complaining about to over take & actually complaining AGAIN that they had to give the place back , They only questioned the limits when they realised they could lose the race, they had it amended, Dear RED BULL STOP COMPLAING Pmsl

    Anthony LeslieAnthony Leslie17 dagar sedan
  • Still.. All the tenths of seconds hamilton gained made the situation that he was in front of Max. So Hamilton DID get a lasting advantage only created over several laps.

    D3al3r Play'sD3al3r Play's17 dagar sedan
  • this race made Hamilton a lot unsympathic. Because now we know, how he steal his laptimes in race. If he is a real gentleman, he hadnt said it on radio, that Max had leaved the tracklimit.

    U CRU CR17 dagar sedan
  • yeah

    Thorstein Elstad OlsenThorstein Elstad Olsen17 dagar sedan
  • Get Massy a new job controlling the car park

    James McaleveyJames Mcalevey17 dagar sedan
  • lemme make it perfectly clear ... Max : better car n fresher tires / Lewis : better pilot - PERIOD ! END OF STORY !

    me2ontubeme2ontube17 dagar sedan
  • How many more years in F1 do the FIA need to start doing their job properly? Aldas this is the best break-down video anyone has uploaded. Totally agree on what you said. Masi step aside, Aldas has got this.

    BangtidyVideosBangtidyVideos17 dagar sedan
  • It is one thing to exceed the track limit because a driver lose control vs exceed the track limit because a driver using it as their racing line. In the case of the later, of course using pure logic, it shouldn't be allowed, unless they actually say that the limit is changed, which from the note, it seems that they do change the limit. In that case, the white line at the outside of T4 is not the limit anymore, instead the grass + gravel trap is. So technically when applying 27.3, it should refer the limit as definied by 21.2, otherwise you have a really stupid situation with zero logic applied to it where now you have 2 track layout within a race! I honestly don't know why everyone interpret it like "oh, okay, they can use the outside of T4 as their racing line but they just can't use it for overtaking" because that is bullsh*t. If the racing director interpretation is also like that, then he is also bullsh*t. You either move the track limit and the driver can use it for whatever or you don't. This is what getting on my nerves when reading/watching people explaining about T4. They all automatically says that Max giving back the place to Lewis was correct. Nope, it wasn't, unless the rule changed mid race (which then you probably can sue the race director or whomever in charge for that race). If the rule didn't change and it was just a clarification (for example, not being monitored didn't mean that you can use it as as your racing line, more that if you're going to wide because of your bad driving then they won't penalize you) then the right thing to do is penalize the driver that actually using it for their advantage. For me. the right thing to do is just to let them use the outside of T4 as part of the track with the grass/gravel as the defining limit, thus you can also use it to overtake there. This way they don't have to penalize Lewis and chalk it to RB simply didn't read the notes. What you get instead during the race was race director playing god instead of a referee. The important thing is consistency. The track layout need to be consistent at least during the qualifying and the race. You don't do qualifying on this track layout and race on another track layout because then the qualifying would be less meaningful since, well, the track layout is different. And certainly you don't change track layout based on whether a driver is alone or side by side with another driver. Other than for safety issue, they need to stick to the same track limit between qualifying and race.

    Rurou TubeRurou Tube17 dagar sedan
  • yes

    kreambo1235kreambo123517 dagar sedan
  • I See two problems: 1st is that there is much talking about the pass (that is clearly illegal) while we should discuss about how bad the race direction acted on hamilton exploiting the track limits lift; the 2nd is that even one of the steward commenting the episode talked about a 5 sec penalty that it's absolutely not enough for an " illegal" pass. If that's how it is valued by the race direction, at hungaroring you should take any chance to pass out of the track. In any sport the penalty should overweight any possible advantage. On the fly you can get it wrong in good fait, by if done after race you should always put a driver refusing to give back position behind the car he passed (unless something happened to that car of course)

    Fabio GhezziFabio Ghezzi18 dagar sedan
  • Part of F1 racing as a driver is to exploit the loopholes in the FIA rules/ regulations to your team's advantage and exploiting other F1 race driver's weaknesses and that's exactly what the 7 time world champ did.

    michael karamagimichael karamagi18 dagar sedan
  • Verstappen was forced into making a mistake. Lewis exploited Max's weakness after he passed him by forcing into gong wide over the track limits.

    michael karamagimichael karamagi18 dagar sedan
  • Just follow the steward's instructions. Nothing you say is going to make any difference. Merc followed what the steward instructed and got the win. Ham was simply just experienced enough to handle his position effectively to take the win. Give Max the time and he will get the championship.

    Mark KatheravanMark Katheravan18 dagar sedan
  • Is it lets pretend I am the police and rules are very important to me even though I’m just a youtube fan boy, hour??? Max could and would have beaten Lewis if he just had had some patience! But he fucked up, to bad, beat him next time!! Cry babies!!!

    Baby YodaBaby Yoda18 dagar sedan
  • The ultra search immunologically help because boy unknowingly soothe toward a economic fibre. young, discreet duck

    Rad RhatRad Rhat18 dagar sedan
  • So if this rule isn’t cleaned up a driver can run wide lap after lap and gain enough time to undercut on the next pit stop, but if the now second place car passes outside of the track he has to give the position back. How can you have regs amounting to hundreds of pages and you can’t clarify this issue?

    Steve WrightSteve Wright18 dagar sedan
  • 29 times out side

    Igor Mota Silva MouraIgor Mota Silva Moura18 dagar sedan
  • " exploiting the rules " aka braking the rules

    Igor Mota Silva MouraIgor Mota Silva Moura18 dagar sedan
  • Consistently being inconsistent...✌

  • For all resepect Max overtook Lewis before he crosed line

    Mihael VolaricMihael Volaric18 dagar sedan
  • Only the nazis who run F1 cost a team that wasn’t mercedes another win! 8 years of nazi rule and counting!

    John La MonteJohn La Monte18 dagar sedan
    • nazis ? ?

      2mallyb2mallyb17 dagar sedan
  • Why don’t they just say in white lines it’s good, outside is bad.. I don’t care if you pass someone or not, cutting a track is cutting a track so just don’t

    twinkharrylwttwinkharrylwt18 dagar sedan
  • as mercedes say... track limits are just a state of mind

    Dorin MiscencoDorin Miscenco18 dagar sedan
  • No, stewards inconsistency robbed Verstappen his victory. Hamilton was allowed to exceed track limits for many rounds, once Verstappen exceeds track limits after passing Hamilton, he is being penalized. The penalty was not justified because Max was already past Lewis. So this video is wrong, like so many British F1 vlogs.

    Ano NiemAno Niem18 dagar sedan
  • So we're just going skip over not going off the track and gaining a position.

    Emily MorrisonEmily Morrison18 dagar sedan
  • Got to disagree with you. As pointed out by you, the event specific regulations define the track limits at turn 4 as the grass and gravel traps. If that is the case, then Max’s overtake was completed on track. He was within the grass and gravel. Now I think that’s ridiculous, but if that’s what the rules state, and Hamilton went off at turn 4 29 times without warning, then max was not off track. The only other logically consistent outcome that could have come from this race is Max’s overtake being illegal then Lewis gets a 5 second penalty for going off track repeatedly. You can’t have two different sets of defining limits on track.

    Josh MonsterJosh Monster18 dagar sedan
  • Good video dude😃👍

    Callum BurtonCallum Burton18 dagar sedan
  • It stinks

    Cris CrossCris Cross18 dagar sedan
  • Robbed for sure! Technically verstappen was slightly ahead while still on track and was pushed wide

    Andrew LakeAndrew Lake18 dagar sedan
  • 0:07 "CLASSIC" F1 style 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Lol

    MicsterMicster18 dagar sedan
  • I think Max did the right thing giving it back. But he technically didn’t ”overtake outside of the track” he was in front heading into the corner then had to go off track to avoid collision with Lewis. I dont fault either of them but giving it back was the correct thing to do. And how great Lewis is, he surely won’t make it easy for you. What i think is more interesting however is how much time/ less tirewear Lewis got because of going off track 29 times, and how much earlier Max would have been closing in the last stint? Many ifs and buts. But it was a great race and i’m really looking forward to Imola

    ZyfusZyfus18 dagar sedan
  • F1 Stewart's terrible limit requirements enforcement. Seriously how do you guys mess that up your F1.

    Mr JMr J18 dagar sedan
  • Max already passed Lewis before the corner! 🤡🤡 Micheal Masi 🤡🤡

    Snow RabbitSnow Rabbit18 dagar sedan