Top 5 Best Formula 1 Drivers in 2020

16 dec 2020
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With the 2020 season finally wrapped up I take a look back at and rank my top 5 best drivers of 2020, 2020 has been a career best season for more than a few drivers but in the end, who has been the best of the best in Formula 1?

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  • For me. 1. Max verstappen 2. Sergio Perez 3. Lewis Hamilton 4. Charles leclerc 5. George Russel

    Connor HewittConnor Hewitt16 dagar sedan
  • Perez, Lewis, Verstappen, Gasly, Sainz HM Ricciardo

    The RealistThe Realist26 dagar sedan
  • George Russell

    Don MonaDon MonaMånad sedan
  • You just lost all credibility with that one. No matter how much you want to deny it lewis is one of the greatest of all time and put together his most dominant season so yeah I don’t take you seriously anymore.

    Bryant McelroyBryant McelroyMånad sedan
  • good job aldas

    Urosh BojikjUrosh BojikjMånad sedan
  • wow

    Urosh BojikjUrosh BojikjMånad sedan
  • Only 3 drivers scored points in every race, and two of them are RedBull drivers.

    thesleeper90thesleeper90Månad sedan
  • So let me understand you belive Ricciardo is worst than Perez and Max ....

    Ciprian TrusculeteCiprian TrusculeteMånad sedan
  • 100% Agree with you!!!

    Zanoni RodriguezZanoni Rodriguez2 månader sedan
  • Ricardo got the best from a car still way off winning championships Red bull have there best opportunity to take wins with farari out of the real picture

    Mark MitchellMark Mitchell2 månader sedan
  • Segio simply walks the walk and doesn't have to talk the talk. His driving does all the talking.

    Russ SerpicoRuss Serpico2 månader sedan
  • Viva Mexico!!!🇲🇽🇲🇽

    Xtreme RecargadoXtreme Recargado2 månader sedan
  • You explaining like Gordon Ramsay and you are the young Gordon Ramsay even the f*cking accent but the video was very effective thx👍🏻

    Toth DavidToth David2 månader sedan
  • Yesss agree with this man.

    Patricio RiveraPatricio Rivera2 månader sedan
  • Mine 1 Daniel ric (because he is my favourite driver. underrated Bobby 2 ruseel rus rus super super rus rus rus super super rus 3 Perez 4 lando Norris 5 Gasly Hb lance stroll

    Debait F1Debait F12 månader sedan
  • 1. Verstappen 2. Perez 3. Ham 4. Riccardo 5. Gasly I would have Russell in there somewhere but he hasn't had a chance to prove himself yet. Once he gets a decent ride I'm sure he will start whoopin butt.

    rehbornb1rehbornb13 månader sedan
  • 1st - Lewis Hamilton (7-time champ, Broke race win record, Sensational season again) 2nd - Sergio Perez (4th in Championship, A win and multiple podiums) 3rd - Charles Leclerc (Preformed miracles in a shitty Ferrari) 4th - Pierre Gasly (Won in an Alpha Tauri) 5th - George Russell (Many Q2 appearances in a Williams, Great performance in the Mercedes at Shakir) Runner Up - Max Verstappen (Best season yet in his F1 Career)

    Alex DAlex D3 månader sedan
  • 1. Lewis Hamilton 2.sergio Perez 3 gasly 4.max verstapen 5.daniel ricardo

    orange pumaorange puma3 månader sedan
  • WOW, that top 3 mate!!! Charles doesn't make your top 5 :O Great Video!

    Kevin MichelKevin Michel3 månader sedan
  • Dude how tf can you not put Leclerc on Top 5? He got 2 podiums in a car that was about as good as the Alfa Romeo

    Marc HelmbergerMarc Helmberger3 månader sedan
  • This is why I unfollowed you.

    Matthew KingMatthew King3 månader sedan
  • To be honest Perez was in my opinion best driver too, but I would put Max and Lewsis equal for 2. I'm so happy that Perez will be driving for RB in next season!

    mckoymaster999mckoymaster9993 månader sedan
  • Aldas is one of the best F1 speakers. Tommof1 should learn from him.

    Aseem KsAseem Ks3 månader sedan
  • This is my list of best drivers Hamilton Verstapen Perez Ricardo Gazeley

    Noah JamesNoah James3 månader sedan
  • My list: Verstappen, Hamilton, Perez, Gasly, Stroll/Ricciardo

    Frank0221Frank02213 månader sedan
  • Great video mate

    Fernando VillarrealFernando Villarreal3 månader sedan
  • I got all 5 right, thanks

    Nikhil RoyNikhil Roy3 månader sedan
  • Perez first is exaggerated. He just delivered what what expected given his car (3rd best car). He did some mistakes but somehow it didn't cost much.

    Dry BonesDry Bones3 månader sedan
  • For me: 1. Max Verstappen 2. Lewis Hamilton 3. Daniel Ricciardo 4. Sergio Perez 5. Charles Leclerc Honorable mentions to Pierre Gasly and George Russell

    Einar MeijerEinar Meijer3 månader sedan
  • 1. HAMILTON 2. Verstappen 3. Perez 4.Ricciado

    Mike RicardoMike Ricardo3 månader sedan
  • I would venture to say many F1 fans would agree, Sergio would be the best driver of 2020 based on his performance, followed by Max and Lewis.

    Russ SerpicoRuss Serpico3 månader sedan
  • me a checo fan: am i gonna be dissapointed? i wasnt

    R Y Z 3 NR Y Z 3 N3 månader sedan
  • These "few mistakes" by Leclerc are a good reason to see him on the other end of the Ranking. Like Vettel once mentioned if not everybody plays babysitter for him he would crash every race.

    09thomas0909thomas093 månader sedan
  • You're forgetting that at the Turkish GP, they adjusted Max's wing opposite directions and completely jacked up the balance. So even there (although it wasn't his best race) there were mitigating circumstances

    Scott MeredithScott Meredith3 månader sedan
  • My Top 5 = 1. Lewis Hamilton, 2. Max Verstappen, 3 Daniel Riccardo, 4. Sergio Perez 5. Carlos Sainz. Taking in to account the speed of car and calibre of their 2nd driver (and how much assistance that provides these drivers)

    David ColiDavid Coli3 månader sedan
  • Great top 5! Lewis & Max are in a different league, but they didn't face the never-ending adversities that Perez had in 2020. A fraction of these obstacles (Covid, contract termination, pit strategy blunders, punted to last place) would put other F1 drivers into a negative tailspin, but Sergio rode it with his head high and just performed like a legend; impressing everyone race after race. All season he gave epic drives which made us think, how much better can Checo possibly do? Then he passes everyone from last place to 1st at Sakhir, blowing us all away. Phenominal driver, 2020 was the year of this Legend.

    JLvatronJLvatron3 månader sedan
    • Also, Checo drove a shitbox this year.

      Prisoner MonkeysPrisoner Monkeys3 månader sedan
  • Perez 1...joke. Ahead of LeClerc....nope. Max clearly 2. Wasn't Hulk the STAR in Perez's car when he was off having never driven the car, not driven an F1 car for quite a while and with pretty much zero time to acclimatise?? Maybe the car is a pretty good car...or very good?

    Snoopy The DogSnoopy The Dog4 månader sedan
  • And for Perez half of the time he was given older parts or older chassis or tired engines, basically scraps. I'll admit he was just a regular midfielder for me before but this year was solid. EDIT: If he can be anywhere close to VER next year (It will be a different car philosophy for him so that's effectively a disadvantage) it will be a massive slap in the face to Red Bull driver programs and their permanent fruitless chase for the next young golden goose and talent waste

    CalgarGTXCalgarGTX4 månader sedan
  • are you aware that a big reason on why Verstappen finished where he did in Istanbul was the fact that his front wing was asymmetrical. Again trough no fault of his own

    de ravede rave4 månader sedan
  • My Top 5: P1 Sergio Perez P2 Lewis Hamilton P3 Pierre Gasly P4 Max Verstappen P5 Daniel Riccardo Honourable mentions - George Russell

    The LCThe LC4 månader sedan
  • Perez WHAT?! Yes, he had a pretty good season but the 'pink Mercedes' is a bloody fast car so, arguably, he SHOULD have been getting the results he was getting. Latifi, clearly best on grid.... his DREAMS!!

    Jared BurgessJared Burgess4 månader sedan
    • @Prisoner Monkeys Obviously you don't watch F1 very much. The RP car was phenomenally quick which is why, at the start of the season, commentators and media were talking about a Mercedes/RP first and second on the constructors championship. In what way was the car that was directly copied from the Mercedes 2019 car a 'shitbox'?

      Jared BurgessJared Burgess3 månader sedan
    • Checo had a shitbox this year

      Prisoner MonkeysPrisoner Monkeys3 månader sedan
  • Seeing my favorite driver Gasly and my second favorite driver Checko both in the top five, warms my heart

    The Republic of BridgerThe Republic of Bridger4 månader sedan
  • I agree with most of your points, except for Perez at nr1: either Max or Hamilton were 100% better than Perez. I think we are dealing with recency bias here (first win, going out of F1 as of time of recording etc). But keep doing your thing!

    nkristjannkristjan4 månader sedan
    • But Checo drove a shitbox this year.

      Prisoner MonkeysPrisoner Monkeys3 månader sedan
  • Perez above verstappen? This must be a joke

    MaartensoeMaartensoe4 månader sedan
  • Bahrain he crashed on his own

    marshallmarthesmarshallmarthes4 månader sedan
    • There was nothing he could've done. Once you dip a wheel in the gravel, you are finnished

      GeorgeGeorge3 månader sedan
  • Max only had one reliability issue did not finish most of the others is just him crashing so you can’t put him in number three he was maybe seven or eight

    marshallmarthesmarshallmarthes4 månader sedan
  • 1 Lewis 2 leclerc 3 perez 4 Riccardo 5 Gasly

    marshallmarthesmarshallmarthes4 månader sedan
  • I don’t understand how you can put max in top five specially when he made so many mistakes this year and with the team mate who doesn’t pressure him at all

    marshallmarthesmarshallmarthes4 månader sedan
    • @Sem Venema he also had a crash with Perez in mugello I am not sure if it was some car issue we have to acknowledge quality of teammate is a consideration albon is probably the worst or one of the worst performers in 2020 given his car max definitely had an easy time thrashing him and that’s why Perez took albons seat I feel this rating is fair

      Mohit AnandMohit Anand4 månader sedan
    • So many mistakes? I think he only made mistakes in turkey

      Sem VenemaSem Venema4 månader sedan
  • flown*

    Jerr DerrJerr Derr4 månader sedan
  • 5 - Sergio Pérez 4 - Daniel Ricciardo 3 - Max Verstappen 2 - Lewis Hamilton 1 - Pierre Gasly

    Sam ManSam Man4 månader sedan
  • At 0.5 speed this is quite okay to listen to.

    cryptoutcryptout4 månader sedan
  • Perez is so lucky though he’s getting way too much hype

    KrakenzzistrashKrakenzzistrash4 månader sedan
    • Exactly. He was easily in the 3rd best car, but still only got 2 podiums.

      Dry BonesDry Bones3 månader sedan
  • Nice list

    F1sherman52F1sherman524 månader sedan
  • Agree, except for Gasly in fifth. Had he not had a win - would he still be there? Surely George has done similar things with the Williams, just invisible? Comparing further, Charles is driving an abysmal car (bottom mid-field) to around +0.5 secs/lap more than it seems to be capable of, which hints at the possibility that so many mistakes could have been the result of Charles pushing the Ferrari so much ... in my opinion, in terms of sheer order of magnitude of talent Charles should be there, somewhere in the list (maybe do a top six?) 😁

    Jack DysonJack Dyson4 månader sedan
  • Why George russel is not in top 5?🙄🙄

    Sunny ShahSunny Shah4 månader sedan
  • Hamilton, verstappen, leclerc, ricciardo and russell

    YyaannYyaann4 månader sedan
  • HAM VER RIC GAS LAN Honourable mention: LEC/SAI Where is PER? I actually don't think his quali pace deserved a top 5 or honourable mention. I also think he could have done a lot better earlier in the season.

    Luke HornerLuke Horner4 månader sedan
  • The only one I disagree with is Dani Ric. I would have put one of the McLaren lads in. That’s nothing against Dani mind as he’s a great lad and driver

    Twilight1964Twilight19644 månader sedan
  • I think Hamilton took a cheap shot at Albon to rattle him mentally, it worked I think. If Hamilton did that to Max, it would have a totally reaction from Max. LOL. Max wouldn't have got more passive for sure.

    CRPCRP4 månader sedan
  • My top 5 is George, Daniel, Lewis, Max, and Sergio

    HoPe ErraticHoPe Erratic4 månader sedan
  • lulu should be in 5th coz his merc does most of it for him, max-pad 1st, perez 2, ricky 3rd, gasely 4th !

    Frank GFrank G4 månader sedan
  • Surprised so many rate Lewis so high, surely Russell stepping in and making a bigger gap to Bottas shows it is all car, Is Lewis a very good driver no doubt, but he is in the car with the biggest gap to the field in decades. If he was to be in the top 5 he should have one every GP he finished and outpaced his team mate for every poll. For mine It comes down in a large way as gap to team mate. 1. Perez, 2. Ricciardo 3. Verstappen, 4 Gasly and =5. LeClerc, Russell

    Craig MoyCraig Moy4 månader sedan
  • I would have thought that George Russell should be on this list, but I also can't think of who he should replace.

    David ReichertDavid Reichert4 månader sedan
  • My top 5: 1. Sergio perez. pretty much a flawless season for him. 2. Max verstappen. He had a bad race in turkey which is why he is second for me, but the rest of the season was pretty much incredible 3. Lewis Hamilton. Hamilton had a solid season like always, but I feel like he missed out on more points than number 1 and 2. He had no competition this year so he had to win the title, but it was still a dominant display from him. (Turkey was simply incredible) 4. Daniel Ricciardo. Great season in arguably the 4th best car. He ended p5 outperforming everyone he should have outperformed and had a solid season in my opinion. 5. Pierre Gasly. Got demoted, but didn’t let that affect him mentally for this season. He did pretty well in qualifying and was usually in a top 10 position in the 6th best car on the grid (i think it’s the 6th best car anyway). The end of the season was good, but not amazing. That’s why he’s slightly below daniel for me

    SyndiCate GamingSyndiCate Gaming4 månader sedan
  • Perez Hamilton Verstappen Ricciardo Gasly Sainz Leclerc Russell Norris Giovinazzi Magnussen Grosjean Raikkonen Stroll Ocon Kvyat Latifi Bottas Vettel Albon

    Joe BrennanJoe Brennan4 månader sedan
  • I really don’t get the Perez hype - yes he scores in every race he’s finished but he should when driving a 2019 Mercedes! Hulkenberg scored in every race he finished in 2020 too. Perez was out driven by Hulk when they were teammates with Nico finishing ahead more often when both finished - Perez struggled against Ocon and was made to look good up against a very poor Lance Stroll. Stroll even managed to out race and out qualify him (too often in my opinion) it should have been a Perez whitewash similar to Hulkenberg vs Palmer and Alonso vs Stoffel. I honestly predict Perez will continue to underperform on a Saturday and possibly score less points in 2021 than he managed this year.

    Alastair JonesAlastair Jones4 månader sedan
    • @Prisoner Monkeys that’s just your opinion of course and one I completely disagree with.

      Alastair JonesAlastair Jones3 månader sedan
    • Checo is more talented than drivers like vettel and verstappen

      Prisoner MonkeysPrisoner Monkeys3 månader sedan
  • Russell for Gasly then Ricciardo in 5th and Russell in 4th..

    rionniel virayrionniel viray4 månader sedan
  • If we would talk about race mess ups, imo Max was 2nd or best. If I remember, he only messed up in Turkey, where Lewis messed up in Austria and Monza, and Checo was beaten by Lance at until Monza. But yeah, they all did well.

    Luke WoodLuke Wood4 månader sedan
  • Nice video. I agreed with you, but probably would have put Hamilton and Verstappen in equal first.

    Carola RouwCarola Rouw4 månader sedan
  • Sainz and Norris competing so closely without taking each other out and taking McLaren to 3rd. I know this is more comparing against drivers their teammate but that's the sort of team that punches above its weight and is underrepresented in this sort of list. To me it feels like Perez had a car he could have finished higher in which puts him in the consistently above average but not exceptional which should make him a good no2 for VER.

    Tom BarnesTom Barnes4 månader sedan
  • What a joke Bottas second in the fastest car😂😂😂

    Evert de BruinEvert de Bruin4 månader sedan
  • In the Turkish GP the RedBull mechanics switched up the aero settings for Verstappen, they tuned it in the opposite way, hence Verstappen lacked dominance in that race. You should definitely take this into account.

    Huub HoppenerHuub Hoppener4 månader sedan
  • I still think Max is number 1

    Filip OlofssonFilip Olofsson4 månader sedan
  • Amazing top 5!!!

    Ricardo Enrique GonzalezRicardo Enrique Gonzalez4 månader sedan
  • My top 5: 1st: Hamilton 2nd: Verstappen 3rd: Gasly 4th: Ricciardo 5th: Perez Honorable mention: Leclerc

    MicsterMicster4 månader sedan
  • 1. Russell 2. Perez 3. Verstappen 4. Hamilton 5. Gasly 6.Ricciardo 7. Saniz 8. Leclerc 9. Grosjean 10. Hulkenberg

    K DawgK Dawg4 månader sedan
  • Ngl worst haircut in F1

    Tyler WalmsleyTyler Walmsley4 månader sedan
  • So boring to see everyone overhyping Perez and Russell just cause of the last 2 races.

    GoodGuy LacoGoodGuy Laco4 månader sedan
  • If Sergio was third this would've been perfect. Great vid tho!

    RoninRonin4 månader sedan
  • how does leclerc not make it. He was way way better then Gasly throughout the season in a slower car. He's definitely a top 5 if not a top 3.

    orio_orio_4 månader sedan
  • I think Hulkenburg should of got an honourable mention!!

    Behind the ScenesBehind the Scenes4 månader sedan
  • Ramsay lost child

    al ferrarial ferrari4 månader sedan
  • So happy to see this list . I was thinking I am the only one who taught Sergio s is the driver of the year- thank you Aldas

    amit shetamit shet4 månader sedan
  • Max , Hamilton, Perez in the first position equally and every one else are just trying ! Leclerc is an idiot and he actually said this about himself so many time! He always baby cries I’m stupid I’m stupid ! Racing driver isn’t enough to just be fast !

    Dan DanDan Dan4 månader sedan
  • Perez deserves the RedBull seat

    WeaselXWeaselX4 månader sedan
  • lol, your lists are biased as always! Cherry picking stats, ignoring facts and it seems like you didn't actually watch all the races.

    Mr HoyaMr Hoya4 månader sedan
    • If Perez chrashed at the first corner in every race, he'd still be in the top 5.

      GeorgeGeorge3 månader sedan
  • Absolutly right

    IGIG4 månader sedan
  • My list-not the best cars but the best driving: 1) Riccardo, 2) Norris, 3) Perez, 4) Gasly, 5) Saenz

    ColinColin4 månader sedan
  • no that shunt with Alex was not a "little" incident lmfao that ruined his mental and it happened twice in 3 races

  • Aldas Ramsey

    niuean3000niuean30004 månader sedan
  • so you not gonna talk about max's mistakes? lol

    • Turkey, Hungary and Styria, 2 of which didn't cost him anything...

      GeorgeGeorge3 månader sedan
  • Botas Botas Botas Botas Botas

    Billy H. IIIBilly H. III4 månader sedan
  • 👏👏👏👏👏👍👍👍👍

    Enrique ValdiviaEnrique Valdivia4 månader sedan
  • Perez ahead of max? Fucking bubble head

    zafert85zafert854 månader sedan
  • My top 5 has been Hamilton Verstappen Perez Gasly Riccardo

    Ciggy Brick1999Ciggy Brick19994 månader sedan
  • 5. Lewis 4. Ricardo 3. Sergio 2. George 1. Verstappen

    Thomas CowenThomas Cowen4 månader sedan
  • Crime that George isn't here 😪

    Thomas CowenThomas Cowen4 månader sedan
  • I verstappen actually had his fw right at turkey he would’ve had a podium finish percentage of 100% witch is crazy (of the races he finished)

    MijnNaamIsGijsMijnNaamIsGijs4 månader sedan
  • Aldas!!! 13:38 LMAO RAOLF! Mate based on that time stamp you’ve been watching too many Toto Wolf videos you’ve become his clone instead of Gordon Ramsey. Mate lay off the TW self help management videos... hehehehe

    Yellow Tea potYellow Tea pot4 månader sedan

    Flying Walrus42Flying Walrus424 månader sedan