How Russell Created a Complicated Mercedes Driver Triangle

10 dec 2020
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After George Russell's impressive debut at Sakhir, Mercedes now have to consider what the best lineup for them is going forward, and what lineup will allow them to continue to dominate into the next era of Formula 1. Russell more than held his own against Bottas and it calls into question is Russell more of a Bottas replacement, or more of a Hamilton replacement for the future?
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  • The hate on Bottas is so stupid.. all these people on their couches and from the safe internet distance,while he is driving at the N.2 position consistently. Haters will hate i guess

    Rhaegal 117Rhaegal 11710 dagar sedan
  • There is a lot not true. I love your content and your one of my fav. But the merc. Comes with the minimum of cooling that’s why when a merc drops down the order ist hard to recover

    Tim SchaeferTim Schaefer19 dagar sedan
  • i really want Bottas to get a wdc he really deserves it and it would also make next year very interesting like 2016 that would be amazing:)

    Magnus DimovMagnus DimovMånad sedan
  • Ha Milton will never allow Russel on board.

    Curious1ne UeckekaCurious1ne Ueckeka2 månader sedan
  • I don't think that Bottas should be given flack for not being up to par with Lewis. Hamilton is statistically the greatest F1 driver of all time right alongside Schumi. So, I think it is really unfair to compare Bottas with arguably the most legendary driver out there.

    Aditya TyagiAditya Tyagi2 månader sedan
  • If bottas wins the championship next year he will retire a happy man

    Harrison CowxHarrison Cowx2 månader sedan
  • For me, a Valtteri /Russell is the best driver lineup, Sir Lewis already has a GOAT status, he should give others a chance 👊💜

    Jid GichukiJid Gichuki2 månader sedan
  • Not gonna lie , this valtteri shot in the thumbnail made me clicked on the video lmao.

    yceGByceGB3 månader sedan
  • I think as long as Bottas gets 2nd(or 1st) there will be no reason Mercedes will not sign him that is probaly why he gets 1 year contracts.

    Van RooyVan Rooy3 månader sedan
  • In all honesty its not really a problem for Mercedes. Russell is bound until 2021. Bottas is bound until 2021. Unless they make a football-esque transfer move and put very much money on the table Williams is not going to let Russell go. So they just make another season with the most reliable wingman on the grid, getting lots of points and most likely the CWC. Meanwhile Russell gets another year of experience.

    BadDay - Lets PlaysBadDay - Lets Plays3 månader sedan
  • IMO, all respect to Russel, really. Great driver, and i believe he has a bright future in F1 for sure. But you would have to be blind to see what an amazing car Hamilton has. I just cant discount that. What if Russel subbed for a RB? or a SF car? Would he have done as well? I honestly don't think so. Or what if Verstappen was in that merc? or Ricciardo, what about Perez??? Hell hes been driving a 2019 Merc all season! Just sayin.

    q3aryokoq3aryoko3 månader sedan
  • russell outperformed bottas despite never having driven that car before, despite literally not fitting in the car and despite being fucked over twice by things that were outside his control. pretty simple decision honestly

    João BritoJoão Brito3 månader sedan
  • Ne neeed to learn from Nico Rosberg to beat hamilton

    Tyo DafirenzeTyo Dafirenze3 månader sedan
  • George Russell (Solid number 1 driver) and Fitipalldi (technical ability and thinking) is a good line up for the Mercedes Team; If they are going for a young lineup.

    Faaz ArshadFaaz Arshad4 månader sedan
  • Bottas can put a good lap in, just one... no consistency, Russell showed that when he was his teammate. Bottas is a pretty slow driver out of the field but that's exactly what Mercedes want, makes Hamilton look better :)

    MillenzoMillenzo4 månader sedan
  • Bottas winning in 2021 ? Not going to happen if Lewis is still there . I would definetly bin Bottas & bring Russell in

    Englishman inFranceEnglishman inFrance4 månader sedan
  • Some may hate this comment but here it goes anyway. Mercedes pit stop screw up was on purpose. Why? If Russel wins, what does that say about Hamilton’s 7 titles? Heck, anybody can win in a Mercedes, even Roman Grosjean. It takes away a bit of Prestige of the accomplishments knowing anybody can win in that car…..Anybody! Lewis being the great talent that he is, makes it look easy to win. Put him in a Williams and see what he does.

    Steve LopezSteve Lopez4 månader sedan
  • The ideal top 3 team loudout for me would be: Ferrari: Sainz + Leclerc Mercedes: Hamilton + Russel/Bottas RedBull: Verstappen + Bottas/Russel

    SJSgames 14SJSgames 144 månader sedan
  • I just hope Hamilton retires after the 2021 season. He will then be a 8-times champion, will have 100+ race wins. Whats more is there to prove for him? With every year the chances of Hamiltons and Mercedes performance declining rises (especially with the new rules). So at the end of 2021, after winning another WDC, would be the perfect timing to retire on a peak. Mercedes would then have to kick none of the drivers out. And a duell between the experienced Bottas and the "newcomer" Russel could be very intresting. Both drivers will be capable of delivering the WDC to Mercedes when Mercedes gets the car right with the new rules. So a Hamilton retirement after 2021 would be imho the smoothest solution for all participants.

    Hans WurstHans Wurst4 månader sedan
  • YOUR F1 SEASON VERDICT - #2: What was the biggest story of 2020? 📰

    chris phamchris pham4 månader sedan
  • I'm surprised not seeing the most probable scenario on the list - Hamilton wins his 8th title and retires, hence the 2022 line up will be Russel-Bottas... And since Russel already proved he's the next Hamilton, Bottas will remain a reliable #2 in the team... ;)

    Jan MenclJan Mencl4 månader sedan
  • If both quit, I expect that Mercedes will have more to worry about the competition next year.

    Teunis DokterTeunis Dokter4 månader sedan
  • Weird how you add additional syllables to the end of words. Really annoying. him m. Occasion n.

    S sc3S sc34 månader sedan
  • My thoght is Hamilton will retire after 2021, then they will replace him with Russell, Bottas will be with them still for a long time as a perfect number 2 driver

    Ali AliyevAli Aliyev4 månader sedan
  • Pure performace: HAM, RUS Stability: HAM, BOT Price: RUS, BOT There is no clear answer here as to what the best lineup is...

    Morgan KendallMorgan Kendall4 månader sedan
  • Mercedes literally could’ve won the constructors championships in 2020 without Bottas’ points. He is literally useless.

    marion817marion8174 månader sedan
  • I would have Lewis & Valteri for 2021. Lewis will win a record eighth championship and retire, leaving Valteri and George for 2022.

    Marcus WrightMarcus Wright4 månader sedan
  • Sbinotto: "Ferrari pit crew, put on your mercedes costumes"

    rodrigorodrigo4 månader sedan
  • Ham won’t be missed

    zhen86zhen864 månader sedan
  • Helmut Marko was asked about Russel and he said that Toto Wolff is Russel's personal manager with apparently a contract for 10 years and there is no way Red Bull would hire a driver with a manager who has so much of a conflict of interest. (That info was posted to F1 Insider on Dec., 9 '20.)

    KAMiKAZOWKAMiKAZOW4 månader sedan
  • Intro way to long

    Bradley Van den HoutBradley Van den Hout4 månader sedan
  • It's more so bottas is a wanker and should never be in that seat in the first place. Russell exposed him for the mid level driver that bottas is.

    p ___p ___4 månader sedan
  • I'm just more impressed that he got that helmet made in a few days, if I'm honest.

    FIREDELL10FIREDELL104 månader sedan
  • As Aldas rightly said, Bottas kinda becomes complacent after getting those annual extensions. What Toto could do is tell him that this is it- you either achieve the title in 2021 or walk out. That would motivate Bottas to give it his all and more. As for Russel, well, it would be good to get him in 2022. The only way he can come in earlier is if Lewis doesn't renew his contract. And as for Lewis, I think the guy has achieved and proved all he can. It wouldn't hurt to explore a new opportunity at some other team or even somewhere outside F1. I still believe in Bottas and believe that given a do or die situation, he'll finally emerge in 2021. But let's see what happens. Lots to look forward to. 🙂

    Art AdhyayArt Adhyay4 månader sedan
  • one race means very little... Russel took advantage of the best car.

    Ariel CaoAriel Cao4 månader sedan
  • Lietuvis komentuojantis F1? My dream came true!

    Gintaras KovaitisGintaras Kovaitis4 månader sedan
  • George has definitely given Mercedes a headache.

    MasterStephenMasterStephen4 månader sedan
  • Lewis is gonna retire

    kabelo tshitakabelo tshita4 månader sedan
  • Russell: finishes behind Bottas in the Race AND Quali, but hey, let's act as though he's a legit possibility for bottas's seat at this moment

    CalvinandsnobsCalvinandsnobs4 månader sedan
  • Easy. Hamilton just retire. It's just boring to watch him constantly winning because bottas can't challange him and also choose to play 2nd.

    Takumi FujiwaraTakumi Fujiwara4 månader sedan
  • Mick Schumacher and George Russell in Mercedes, who wins the WDC first?

    skua stoneskua stone4 månader sedan
  • Beautiful pictures

    Mat MayMat May4 månader sedan
  • Lewis should do what Kim did and go back to the team that he made his debut in

    Connor M.Connor M.4 månader sedan
  • Hey, @Aldas, please make a video about what that secure 2022 seat is, which Checo keeps saying is there for sure?

    RamaRama4 månader sedan
  • I would bet that most of the public hopes that Russell replaces Hamilton now. Much more interesting and Hamilton has become tedious outside the race. Mercedes can give the money they save to charity

    Victor PerkinVictor Perkin4 månader sedan
  • Perez is lowkey a dirty driver 2018 showed that i dont think he will like losing to Max at every race

    Adenoidobject07 07Adenoidobject07 074 månader sedan
  • Think Lewis hasn't shown Merc a lot of respect.

    Tj930Tj9304 månader sedan
  • I don't hate Bottas... I Just don't believe he deserves that seat.

    Guilherme CrispimGuilherme Crispim4 månader sedan
  • I think bottas is like Perez, where he doesn’t have great race craft but can manage his tires as well as get good lap times. In a time where there is more strategy, these drivers can strive but in a time with one stop strategies, teams tend to drift away from these drivers for someone who can bring qualifying pace and race craft.

    Terry QiuTerry Qiu4 månader sedan
  • Thinking logically - I doubt Hamilton will leave Mercedes until 22 to give him 8 World Championships... from what I see, he won't be content with equalling on 7. Not sure about Bottas, but I think he will have another year in Mercedes, as the BIG change is coming in 22 it would make sense for Russell to join the team at the start of that season, as everything will be new and give both drivers the same chance. As for Russell going anywhere else - very doubtful - he seems like a young man with sincere integrity and loyalty.... (Isn't that why everyone likes him??) - so 2021 - Hamilton & Bottas, 2022 Russell & ???

    Di HardingDi Harding4 månader sedan
  • Hamilton / Russell 2021! u forget that F1 is cutthroat business. when somebody that cant even operate the car dominates the older, more experienced, teammate, it's time for that older guy to leave.

    xxx zzzxxx zzz4 månader sedan
  • MaFIA Mercs

    Mishael TrivenniosMishael Trivennios4 månader sedan
  • I want russel and hammilton to be like rosberg and hammilton

    Yahia MoussaYahia Moussa4 månader sedan
  • isn't toto also the manager for george russell? as for bottas, id rather be #2 than #3 >>> you are dreaming if you think he's going to beat hamilton to the championship next year. indeed russell being snapped up by a front running team is a very real possibility. mercedes main problem is that they don't have a "B" team to bring new drivers through.

    Roland LawrenceRoland Lawrence4 månader sedan
  • About the Bottas WDC 2021 thing, lets see if he can Win the Abu Dhabi GP we all know what happened to the Driver who won it in 2015 over Hamilton :D

    dpkdpk4 månader sedan
  • Hamilton/Russell 2021!! Bottas has no future, Russell can be the next guy, get him on the team immediately to learn from Lewis before he retires.

    david gdavid g4 månader sedan
  • Simple, he is the 2018 Formula 2 WDC

    KlutzyBlubberKlutzyBlubber4 månader sedan
  • It's the car after all. If Bottas drives Hamilton car, definitely he gonna win races too. That's what we saw with George Russel. He's back to Williams now and on 18th again.

    NorthStar ToTheMoonNorthStar ToTheMoon4 månader sedan
    • Yup, I can believe that.

      Farhan Ahmad TajuddinFarhan Ahmad Tajuddin4 månader sedan
  • That thumbnail makes me wish each team had 3 cars

    Jose De OleoJose De Oleo4 månader sedan
  • That thumbnail is sick

    M. Naufal HakimM. Naufal Hakim4 månader sedan
  • I don't dislike Bottas but He does not deserve the Mercedes seat.. If we are talking about bad luck then he without it he wouldn't have any type of luck

    Diego DriesensDiego Driesens4 månader sedan
  • Good video dude.😃👍

    Callum BurtonCallum Burton4 månader sedan
  • Give Lewis a year out till the next gen of cars is ready,let him recharge and then get rid of Bottas in 22

    Medicine Media U.K.Medicine Media U.K.4 månader sedan
  • Noone says why is redbull and ferrari arnt working well people actually want driver fights and action thats why no-one like botass because he doesn't put pressure on Lewis

    AMRKUSHAMRKUSH4 månader sedan
  • As long as Hamilton is in the team keep Bottas. If something ain't broken don't fix it. Bottas is not world champion material, but he brings the points for the construction championship and doesn't cause problems within the team. After Hamilton leaves the team, get rid of Bottas too and bring in Russell paired with another great driver like Verstappen or Ricciardo.

    MrKleo21MrKleo214 månader sedan
  • F1 should consider 3 drivers team for 2022

    Darren TingDarren Ting4 månader sedan
  • Bottas/Russel would be sweet. Those are also rumors, but if something changes with the drivers wage gap rules, for instance, the 15mil per team for drives could change Hamiltons plans. Going from 44mil to 10-12mil is 4x less money than previously.

    Karl LõoväliKarl Lõoväli4 månader sedan
  • In Mercedes’ eye, best driver line up is LH plus a good boy who follows orders. Put in this way, George Russell(Or Ves) will not allowed to be in Mercedes unless Lewis cannot carry the team anymore. Simple as that

    Ethan DongEthan Dong4 månader sedan
  • I love bottas but mercedes needs to look into the future whit george as he is the next hamilton

    jr_ zsozsojr_ zsozso4 månader sedan
  • A humongous Plot twist is that the give checo a drive for 2021

    Joseph MasudaJoseph Masuda4 månader sedan
  • Well I have been saying that the lag in the Mercedes contract with Lewis is because of Aston... I could see LewIs going to Team Aston Stroll . I am will to put money on it Seb and Lewis have talked about it. I think Lewis Hamilton is the only person that Senior Stroll would be willing to f his son over for. Why else would Lawrence Stroll leave Lance Stroll hanging with 1 race left in two days??? Food for thought. Trust me I want Louis to get the 8 and then I think it be cool for him to go back to McLaren for us last couple years with Lando or even another 🇬🇧 Aston Martin.. I mean yeah you’re right they’ll likely all stays put.

    Live Life ExoticLive Life Exotic4 månader sedan
  • Also, if RB are considering Russel, then they should just choose Sergio for next year. Even though he’s at Williams, Russel has a spot for next year but Sergio doesn’t.

    flybynjghtflybynjght4 månader sedan
  • I find people who hate on Bottas are so obnoxious. Just let the guy breathe guys he knows he’s not the top dog at Mercedes. That alone takes a shot at someone’s confidence

    flybynjghtflybynjght4 månader sedan
  • Its just a matter of the car...if u put latifi or maldonado next year they will be champ next year.!

    Made SanjayaMade Sanjaya4 månader sedan
  • The answer is .. "What would Nicki do?"

    Nick CassevoyNick Cassevoy4 månader sedan
  • Mercedes has to think about their long-term commitment to F1. If they wanna pull the plug midway through the 2020s, sure, race Lewis and Valtteri till the end and call it a day. But if Mercedes has ambitions to stay in F1 longer, they have to consider whether Lewis is still worth the trouble. Yes he is an excellent driver, yes he is worth his money, but he's also very stressful for Merc. Not signing till literally the last Grand Prix is extremely stressful for the Merc management, and Toto explicitly said, they'd hate going into the winter break with only one driver. And considering how busy Lewis is outside of F1, it stands to reason that he will only do one-year contracts from now on, deciding last minute whether he wants to race or not. And as soon as he doesn't race anymore, Merc has a problem. Russell desperately needs more experience in the Merc to be a title challenger. DESPERATELY. I'm willing to bet that Toto hoped that they could race George in Abu Dhabi too, just for a little bit of experience. And now that they don't, they'll have to consider pairing George with either one of their more experienced drivers: George-Valtteri because Valtteri is a reliable team member, knows how to play as a team and won't jump ship. But he's been underperforming. On the other hand you have Lewis, who is brilliant, quick, and could teach Russell a lot, but there is always the risk of him leaving, and there's always the risk of accidentally creating another Rosberg-Hamilton type situation if Russell is more ambitious than expected.

    PhilPhil4 månader sedan
  • I absolutely LOVE the fact that Toto didn't apologies for swearing on live T.V

    Moomsquad87 0Moomsquad87 04 månader sedan
  • Mate Russell & ham. Next year please all British 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻😄😄😄😄🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

    Steve Wellstead’sSteve Wellstead’s4 månader sedan
    • God save the Queen. 🇬🇧

      YodaYodaMånad sedan
  • Yall seem dont understand nothing about f1. Russel was driving Lewis's car set up he was not allowed to change anything on the car but you all seem to think it was Russel drive

    Helder AlmeidaHelder Almeida4 månader sedan
  • Wolff confirmed his contract for next year so it's up to Lewis, if you ask me he's a Mercedes driver next year.

    mtcuppersmtcuppers4 månader sedan
  • Maybe they could sign a contract with Russell for 2022 now. And see at the end of 2021 if Hamilton wants to continue and/or if Bottas is getting better

    ChannonChannon4 månader sedan
  • whats up with ocon and pascal then. ocon just got his first podium and is managed by mercedes.

    ToCA RacerToCA Racer4 månader sedan
    • @mtcuppers yeah alonso is a bit of a double edged sword. great performances but can deconstruct most drivers/ teams. he will test ocon's mental strength.

      ToCA RacerToCA Racer4 månader sedan
    • @ToCA Racer I guess this could be Ocon's big break or the end of his career.

      mtcuppersmtcuppers4 månader sedan
    • @mtcuppers gotta try to beat fernando like rosberg did to michael.

      ToCA RacerToCA Racer4 månader sedan
    • Ideally for the Mercedes juniors, both Hamilton and Bottas don't extend their contracts to 2022. In that case both Russell and Ocon are ready to race for their promised team. If only it were that easy though, Russell will have to keep his form up and keep impressing however he can with the Williams car. Even though Esteban Ocon is in the faster car and has more chances to show good results he has a very rocky road ahead of him to prove that he is Mercedes worthy. The man has to make sure Fernando Alonso doesn't make mince meat out of him in the following season which is very complicated as Alonso anhililated Kimi Räikkönen in 2014 and has made fools of most of his teammates (Lewis Hamilton being the exception).

      mtcuppersmtcuppers4 månader sedan
  • Here me out bottas and verstappen at rb vs george and Lewis at merc everyone is happy rb gets a reliable second

    Kwesi LawrenceKwesi Lawrence4 månader sedan
  • 3:37 Lol, I haven't seen that scene before.

    Kristóf KovácsKristóf Kovács4 månader sedan
  • Honestly this was flawed from the very start as Mercedes created this situation, George played his part and played it very well but its Mercedes that even made him an option as the standard route would have been Stoffel van Doorne.

    dutchdude1985dutchdude19854 månader sedan
  • Pay bottas for 2021. And cut him. Sign Russell asap. Let him push Hamilton again.

    Tacticool MillenialTacticool Millenial4 månader sedan
  • lame

    basilislabbasilislab4 månader sedan
  • hamilton ruined F1 with his BLM ray cism

    Nigel MartinNigel Martin4 månader sedan
    • Yep should replace Hamilton wit Russel. To Hell with BLM crap

      Raymond CandiotesRaymond Candiotes4 månader sedan
  • *Not really complicated, though, is it?*

    y1521t21b5y1521t21b54 månader sedan
  • For 2021 Toto gives Bottas to the option of being the backup at Merc or pair with Max at Red Bull. Russell pairs with Lewis. If Bottas wants to drive for Red Bull, Toto can make that happen. Perez would be backup at Merc. This would be great for F1.

    MyCvidMyCvid4 månader sedan
  • thumbs up for not censoring swearing. I think this beeping all time is totally ridiculous and something I only hear in English speaking videos.

    weissachpassionweissachpassion4 månader sedan
  • Toto's response is probably the greatest thing I've ever heard.

    Seta SojiroSeta Sojiro4 månader sedan
    • It was hilarious real time 😄😄

      Maverick BuckleyMaverick Buckley4 månader sedan
  • Only way to defeat Mercedes dominance is form within. Mutiny!

    Mo zzMo zz4 månader sedan
  • Go Speed-Racer go-oo... Of all the ridiculous corporate fan-boy crap on the planet. 1.8 liter engines that have to be ecologically "sustainable?" GTFO

    SecondComingTwiceSecondComingTwice4 månader sedan
    • What ?

      YodaYodaMånad sedan
  • From a team perspective, Bottas exactly delivers what he is meant to do..securing the Constructors title with Hamilton, and ideally finishes in the second place in the driver's rank..from a driver perspective, he is somewhat challenging, but does not really make Hamilton sweat..certainly George Russell would give much more hard times to Hamilton than Valtteri..from the fan's perspective Hamilton - Russell that's the most exciting lineup we can actually wish for..also George definitely deserve that seat as much as Valtteri..if not even more..

    Eddie AdamsEddie Adams4 månader sedan
  • 6:15 S🅱️ottas

    MarBro59 •MarBro59 •4 månader sedan
  • Russell proved Perez is the best driver in F1

    Kirk MaberryKirk Maberry4 månader sedan
  • It would be a waste to keep a talent like George dragging that Williams at the back of the grid for another season. If it's true that Red Bull are taking an interest in him, them that could force Toto's hand and get him into that Merc earlier but that would mean sending Bottas to the benches because they won't sideline Hamilton. It will be very interesting to see how this plays out after Abu Dhabi!

    Craig TCraig T4 månader sedan
  • The ideal combination for them is the one they have now. Hamilton and Bottas. They don't need someone to challenge Hamilton, they need someone to wingman him. I very much doubt Russel is that someone. I'm sure they though Russel was gona wingman Bottas in Sakhir...but he's much too quick for that. What happens otherwise was perfectly showcased in 2016. If you have two number ones, as it were, you're always gonna risk complete disasters for the whole team. Bottas is up there with Hamilton, but has no realistic shot at beating him, which is what Mercedes want. They don't care about the WDC, they want the constructors' And when you have two drivers who are fighting for the WDC, there's gonna be issues. I'm sure Ferrari could've found a quicker driver than Barrichello to pair Schumi, but they didn't. They had what they needed to safely secure the Constructors' without their drivers butting heads.

    PixelPixel4 månader sedan
  • My prediction: Hamilton retire after today´s race. BOT - RUS drive next year, Russel wins.

    DandramaDandrama4 månader sedan
    • Hamilton has said hes not retiring.

      Tacticool MillenialTacticool Millenial4 månader sedan