Top 5 Worst Formula 1 Drivers of 2020?

18 dec 2020
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Whilst there has been many drivers who have had there best ever season in 2020, there's also been a few drivers who will see 2020 as a season to forget, in this video I give my top 5 worst drivers of 2020 and explain exactly where it went wrong for these drivers as well.

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  • Mazepin: I am gonna end these men's whole careers

    mariolis1000mariolis10003 dagar sedan
  • I agree that Albon should’ve improved in the second half of 2020 but in all fairness the man was meant to go to Formula E but then got the call from Shmelmut Shmarko and got the Toro Rosso seat only weeks before 2019 pre season testing, only to be promoted half way through his rookie season

    EXTaviationEXTaviationMånad sedan
  • Pretty sure Kimi is the oldest man alive rn

    Brandon WatkinsonBrandon WatkinsonMånad sedan
  • So weird to listen to opinions. I enjoy it but wow such shite most of the time.

    Anne RudAnne RudMånad sedan
  • I think I'd rate GIO lower than Latifi, Gio has had two years in f1 and two years against a older teammate. He should have out preformed Kimi or what Ferrari should expect. Lastifi welp first year in F1 but not the only daddy's cash driver, I usually see more from Latifi than Gio in interviews.

    WEC F1WEC F12 månader sedan
  • Here is my list: 5. Latifi: he hasn't been the best thrue this year but i can forgine him for 2 reasons: 1. Russel is really comferteble with the car and 2. he is rookie! how can you put a rookie in the 1st place aldas? honestly! 4. Ocon: he had a not really great year but he had 2 evidences: 1. his teammate was a really fast guy, one of the most experienced in F1 and he has been perfect in 2020, with a car that he was used to! 2. he had 1 year space without racing 3. Albon: he made so many mistakes and sBins and really lost from his teammate by 17-0! Albon is just not ready fro RB and in this point i do agree with you, so, sorry alex but your only evidence is some good races like Tuscany. 2. Kvyat: he was absotlutely domminated by his teammate who races in F1 only 3 years, he also made a lot of mistakes and he took really few points. 1. Vettel: he had his worst ever season in F1 i think and his teammate who races only 3 years won him SO many times! Also he had AGAIN some sBins and a lot of too risky and bad moves. MISSING: 1.the 2 Haas's boys, but Grosjean had that horrinle accident, so i won't put him and Maugnussen... yeah, it was a really bad year, but i would put him around seven coz he made some incredible races like Hungary, Turkey... 2. Valterri: the reason i put him in missing is because you almost chose him so i wanted to explain you something... Valterri (as you know) was so so bad luck AND this year and despite all this he finished 2d ahead of max (who tbh was really bad luck too). Also Bottas was THE BEST i think second driver that merc could have for 2020 and he was totally (again) listening to what his team was saying. In addtion he made quaite a lot of great races like Austria, Styria, Russia and in abu dhabi where he was fsater than lewis! this is my list, plz aply and tell me your thoughts about it.

    Alexandros ChatzinikolaouAlexandros Chatzinikolaou2 månader sedan
  • Albon, no further questions your honour, Vettel, again no argument against this. Latifi, nowhere near Russell. Grosjean and Magnussen, Haas had a poor car granted but drivers with their experience that are any good would be able to out perform that.

    Andrew BryceAndrew Bryce2 månader sedan
  • many drivers having a Right Car will be champion material I agree but, what shows a great driver is when not having that great car for a champion Shows his value, addapting to a certain car and squizz every drop and perform "miracles" and Vettel shows that he is not a Great driver, and greatness is also about character aeble to stay above the storm and for that i bekive vettel is not a great driver, so I agrre that his in your list and should be in last 2 years also

    Demoliciones de MéxicoDemoliciones de México2 månader sedan
  • You look like a young Gordon Ramsay 😁

    Robert CarrRobert Carr2 månader sedan
  • I must disagree with Latifi cuz he was better then Russel during the season, if George wouldn't go to Mercedes then high chance that Nicolas would be above GR in the standings. Its a bit unfair with Nicolas, because GR is made by British media that is F1 media the legend in becoming, so they always praise George and are silent about Nicolas.

    MarekMarek2 månader sedan
  • Not being horrible but latifi is just a typical pay driver all money no talent

    ratty797ratty7972 månader sedan
  • Aldas, you Sir, are awesome!

    Rogerio CampanholRogerio Campanhol2 månader sedan
  • 1st: Latifi 2nd: Albon 3rd: Vettel 4th: Ocon 5th: Gio There i just saved you a bunch of time

    Nibba SkittleNibba Skittle2 månader sedan
  • It isn’t that Gio is bad. It’s just that the Alpha is equally as bad for both drivers.

    Rm LancesRm Lances2 månader sedan
  • Vettel has definitely been worse than Albon

    Hamza ChaudhryHamza Chaudhry2 månader sedan
  • I like the kimi jock lol

    Mazi7Mazi72 månader sedan
  • Who else saw the cheeky mazapin

    Mazi7Mazi72 månader sedan
  • Mine 1bot 2 seb 3 lat 4 abl 5 gio

    Debait F1Debait F12 månader sedan
  • Just another brit protecting Brits. Albon in 2nd fastest car or latifi in slowest car. What does the brit say.. latifi is the worst.

    Ajay WardeAjay Warde3 månader sedan
  • 1) Albon 2) Vettel 3) Bottas 4) Latifi 5) Ocon

    Asen GeorgievAsen Georgiev3 månader sedan
  • Yeah, Vettel definitely wan't in the right mental space this year. Hopefully it is better next season.

    General Dreagon LP'sGeneral Dreagon LP's3 månader sedan
  • 1st - Valterri Bottas (Disappointing from him especially Turkey and was not even a challenge for Lewis) 2nd - Vettel (Does not need an explanation LMAO) 3rd - Albon (Was not even close to Max) 4th - Latifi (Shouldn't be in F1, Paid driver) 5th - Lance Stroll (Too many mistakes despite his pole position) Runner Up - Ocon (Got pooped on by Riccardo)

    Alex DAlex D3 månader sedan
  • "TommoF1 please look away" the way i wheezed sksjskskk😭😭💀

    alpaca parkaalpaca parka3 månader sedan
  • Those clowns have families, friends and work so hard even if the project is completely wrong to fix it. Let's all be respectful

    Fabio FerrariFabio Ferrari3 månader sedan
  • One interesting fact: while they were teammates, Vettel always beat Leclerc on a wet track.

    Dry BonesDry Bones3 månader sedan
  • Latifi finished 11th at monza while 3 people retired but again, we only say what makes our opinion stronger, right?

    yiouli payiouli pa3 månader sedan
  • 5:30 ocon was 1 tenth behind ricciardo but, we only say what makes our opinion stronger, right?

    yiouli payiouli pa3 månader sedan
  • It is unfair to put Bottas near this list. Bottas is against the GOAT, drivers like Gasly or vettel would do worse.

    Prisoner MonkeysPrisoner Monkeys3 månader sedan
    • all GOATS are retired

      יהודים זבליהודים זבלMånad sedan
  • I think it unfair for latifi lol that wiliams sucks alot it just george is so good with it

    Self MadeSelf Made3 månader sedan
  • RB was not the 2nd best car at all. RP was the second best but with average drivers. Top list mate.

    ashwath Ashashwath Ash3 månader sedan
    • RP was a shitbox, but Checo outperformed it.

      Prisoner MonkeysPrisoner Monkeys3 månader sedan
  • I agree with 4 of these, but Latifi seems a harsh choice for number 1 - he's the only rookie this season!

    Spam FlySpam Fly3 månader sedan
  • So many words, so little content. After ages of "it's just my personal list" blah blah using 10000 words I cannot stomach it any longer.

    KAMiKAZOWKAMiKAZOW3 månader sedan
  • Aldas! Intro was a bit long imo

    Davis LawrenceDavis Lawrence3 månader sedan
  • How the hell is Grosjean not on this list? Did I miss something?

    VBSourceVBSource3 månader sedan
  • Man i disagree with you on giovinazzi. Kimi is driving in f1 since ages and got a lot of experience on his side that translates to him getting the max of that dogshit of a car also dont forget that the dude finished 3rd in the championship in 2018

    Your Friendly NeighbourhoodYour Friendly Neighbourhood3 månader sedan
  • Valterri didn't do great this year, but he was very unlucky this season. A couple bad pit stops and that puncture ruined his race in Silverstone, but barely affected Hamilton.

    Lane JohnstonLane Johnston3 månader sedan
  • Not sure about Latifi. He beat Russell in head-to-head Williams championship this year, so can't really put him #1 worst without putting George on the list, too.

    JLvatronJLvatron3 månader sedan
  • The only reason Latifi is racing for William is because he's bringing money to the team.

    Marc FontaineMarc Fontaine3 månader sedan
  • Considering were red bull is and Williams is, Latifi was relatively there and there about to Russell even though he didn't have any highlights, but as for Albon he was at best battling The Ferrari or Sister team and Max was always finishing 30sec+ ahead

    Boikanyo MadishaBoikanyo Madisha3 månader sedan
  • 6:23 Esteban had a lot of DNF’s

    Jay BorahJay Borah3 månader sedan
  • Is this sped up? 🤨

    CandlesiteCandlesite3 månader sedan
  • Ppl crying about Ocon missing 2019 affected his 2020’ performance. Look at my boy Hulkenberg. Sure Hulk is experienced but still

    SpectraevilSpectraevil3 månader sedan
  • No Stroll??? Crashed into everyone, Perez was soooooo far ahead in often old spec car

    Snoopy The DogSnoopy The Dog4 månader sedan
  • Would have been funny if they put Albon back with Gasly so everybody could finally know which one is better

    CalgarGTXCalgarGTX4 månader sedan
  • Where is Stroll?

    BlandimentumBlandimentum4 månader sedan
  • Now I have to stare at your face during the thanks...

    Richard PattonRichard Patton4 månader sedan
  • My Top 5: P1 Sebastian Vettel P2 Alexander Albon P3 Nicolas Latifi P4 Valterri Bottas P5 Daniil Kvyat

    The LCThe LC4 månader sedan
  • I am absolutely not okay about Ocon, obviously he's got a bad season, but considering he does not touch a race car during 500+ days... I mean you look at his season he made only one mistake in mugello Q3. He came back in formula 1 in a new team, against a top driver with a difficult car to drive and not suited for him. But he manage to close the gap race after race on riccardo. And remember riccardo's 2019 season at renault... Lot of mistakes, poor results, so yes it's a bad season but i don't think he deserves to be in the top five worst drivers of the season.

    jack mbjack mb4 månader sedan
  • Latifi shouldn’t be in f1 You cannot be in f1 and getting lapped after 8 laps

    Alexandre AlvarezAlexandre Alvarez4 månader sedan
  • I knew Seb would be on this list before even watching. In my opinion Seb always slack on his last year for a team. Last year in Red Bull he's mediocre, too. But still in Seb I trust!

    John Martin CantorneJohn Martin Cantorne4 månader sedan
  • Was honestly expecting Stroll as the top. Finishing 50 points and 7 places behind Perez. Arguably costing Racing point 3rd in the constructers. He had some good moments like the Pole position but yeah... *insert clips of stroll crashing* Then you get to have the best and worst driver both be in the same team, its like poetry, it rhymes.

    Jay PickardJay Pickard4 månader sedan
  • I am surprised that lance was not in the list

    Tee Ping OoiTee Ping Ooi4 månader sedan
  • How is kyiat not on this list

    RicardoRicardo4 månader sedan
  • Alfa would often split their strategies. Gio got screwed sometimes because of a non-conventional approach.

    Tomasz BabulaTomasz Babula4 månader sedan
  • For me, (and I love most all these guys) 5: stroll 4: Ocon 3: vettel 2: Albon 1: Latifi And tbf the only reason I think stroll is at that rating is just there were a few times where he was in an opportunity to score good points, but ultimately failed to capitalise. Esp considering how tight the midfield was this year.

    I'm BatmanI'm Batman4 månader sedan
  • Show me Lance Stroll!

    Jackisaboss1208Jackisaboss12084 månader sedan
  • Kimi is a brilliant driver, like for so many, it just depends on what machinery and personal commitment he has. I am happy to see him in F1 till his sixties if he has the speed. In my opinion, Giovinazzi has to have his work cut out to match him at any phase of his career. That said, I do agree, a fast Italian on the grid is indeed a wonderful thing, like in the days of Alboreto. Turning to Esteban, I fear that he will be in a really tough situation next year - massacre is the word that comes to mind as Fernando has already laid down the gauntlet in the recent testing. Ominous and not only for Ocon. As for Alex - I think he couldn't possibly do a Gasly in the original team : 3 successive, highly rated drivers have proved that something is seriously wrong with way Red Bull is run, cue Perez 2021? Lastly, the fact that Bottas gets an honorable mention is really misleadingand in my opinion, inaccurate: you can't possibly have Albon and Bottas in the same list ... One thing that might be good is if one did a video on the clear pay drivers in F1 at the moment. If a driver is good then the laptime alone should do the talking, and not Daddy. As in say the Stroll-Perez case it would be good to have a critical review at the end of every year dedicated to the unfair aspects of our sport (in the sense of how Perez was terminated). Without such introspection from fans and media, in a few years we may well end up with a "kindergarten" sport for characters like Mazepin with brilliant rejects like Albon, Gasly, Van Doorne, Buemi, Sato "littering" other racing series without having had proper development (e.g. Alonso starting at Minardi, Senna at Toleman + ...) while F1 ends up showcasing the rich and famous, without the cutthroat racing.

    Jack DysonJack Dyson4 månader sedan
  • Latifi Vettel Raikkonen Bottas Albon

    Renato 10Renato 104 månader sedan
  • Botas desrvees the honourable mention , but in all fairnes i cannot think of another F1 driver that would of done a better job for Mercedes ??? He didnt crash , he helped his team get the title ! Giovanizi ??? maybe not great but improved throughout ! .... Ocon was treated generously by you ! ... He didnt do that badly but he slowed Dan down a number of times ! . Seb ?? I am not sure his car was as good as Leclercs ! ... Albon?? Nobody seems to be happy in a car that is so specific to Max ,,, i think Albon would do better away from RB ... Latifi is slow ! but the car is rotten to the core ! ... Grossjean and Kvyat both caused more problems than we should see from a top driver ! .... Kvyat did improve in the second half of the season but the worst driver of the season for me ???? Kvyat ! ... without doubt !

    Tony HibbertTony Hibbert4 månader sedan
  • Love you vids brotha! I’m surprised bottas didn’t make this list, I mean I really like him but honestly I think if it wasn’t for the car there is no way he would have finished 2nd in championship. Every time he got pole He barely made the podium for that race.

    mamanjcmamanjc4 månader sedan
  • My top 5 worst 5 bottas 4 raikkonon 3 vettel 2 Russell 1 kvyat

    Reece days OutReece days Out4 månader sedan
  • Please speak more slowly

    KiwiKiwi4 månader sedan
  • Latifi certainly underachieved in the worst car but his team mate showed he he I cut above the average when given the opportunity. Really highlights how ordinary the Williams is

    David WatsonDavid Watson4 månader sedan
  • Next season's silly season is going to be crazy, so many driver's out of contract, new regs, unknown how well RedBull or Aston Martin will do next year, should be super interesting

    micahvdwmicahvdw4 månader sedan
  • I think stroll should be 5 instead of gio

    Jack HirtleJack Hirtle4 månader sedan
  • Kvyat or Stroll should have been in this list. Torro Rosso was better than ferrari.

    Rhadamanth XXXRhadamanth XXX4 månader sedan
  • Bottas had the BEST car of the grid and he was too close to lose the 2nd in the championship. In my opinion, if you are driving a Mercedes, even if you are number two, there are NO excuses to have the 2nd place in the WDC at risk in the last race. Valtteri Bottas was the WORST of the season. He has to thanks Leclerc for not letting Max take the 2nd place in the championship with points in Sahkir.

    MaskabrownxMaskabrownx4 månader sedan
  • all BS

    Marco SarocamMarco Sarocam4 månader sedan
  • Perez Hamilton Verstappen Ricciardo Gasly Sainz Leclerc Russell Norris Giovinazzi Magnussen Grosjean Raikkonen Stroll Ocon Kvyat Latifi Bottas Vettel Albon

    Joe BrennanJoe Brennan4 månader sedan
  • Worst in ascending order: Latifi, Stroll, Albon. Don't want to make a list of five. It is harsh on Latifi to be compared with the other two terrible drivers on my list. I don't even want to see Albon in a commentary position in the future and want his ties severed from this sport for good.

    85therealdeal85therealdeal4 månader sedan
  • Albon or bottas look what George did to him

    Woody -_-Woody -_-4 månader sedan
  • “Top Five Worst” also known as “The Bottom Five“

    Daryl GuerraDaryl Guerra4 månader sedan
  • You discounted the haas drivers in this list

    Matthew RochaMatthew Rocha4 månader sedan
  • 1. Vettel 2. Magnussen 3. Räikkönen 4. Giovinazzi 5. Albon

    Bert DemeulemeesterBert Demeulemeester4 månader sedan
  • 5 worst drivers 1. Albon 2. Albon 3. Albon 4. Albon 5. Albon

    Xenon nXenon n4 månader sedan
  • The sexiest pic of the year is from gio

    Jake Morand the MomozJake Morand the Momoz4 månader sedan
  • I think I'd have to put Alex Albon at number 1. Purely because in superior machinery, his performance was way below what it should have been. Otherwise the list sounds pretty much how I'd call it as well. Latifi wasn't bad as such, but unremarkable. Made more so by George Russel doing a sterling job of getting himself noticed every weekend.

    David WilsonDavid Wilson4 månader sedan
  • I stopped watching as soon as you said Valterri Botas. WTF!?!? You're basing this on stats and you put the driver who took 2nd in the championship as an honourable mention? Why do you people hate Valterri sooooo much? He was NEVER going to get the #1 spot. #2 was the best he or anyone else on the grid could have hoped for.

    Bill WeeksBill Weeks4 månader sedan
  • I didn't even remember Letifi was on the grid

    Joe KnaggsJoe Knaggs4 månader sedan
  • Stroll

    Daniel RicafrenteDaniel Ricafrente4 månader sedan
  • He speaks so fast i thought the video was speed up XD

    ViisenViisen4 månader sedan
  • Has anyone else noticed that Aldas look like Gordon Ramsey

    Jdaniels1995Jdaniels19954 månader sedan
  • Torpedo : **happy noises**

    Tejus RTejus R4 månader sedan
  • Bruh the Mazepin jabs the last few videos on point 😂👌🏻

    Dylan JamesDylan James4 månader sedan
  • Stroll! Had to be no.1 smashed by his teammate. Even after Perez didn't race twice and a couple mechanical failures.

    Michelo D.I.Y.Michelo D.I.Y.4 månader sedan
  • Wheres Stroll RP Got Carried by Perezzz

    Dr. J Plays PHIAUSDr. J Plays PHIAUS4 månader sedan
  • 1. Bottas 2. Albon 3. Kyvat 4. Magnussen 5. Stroll

    K DawgK Dawg4 månader sedan
  • Latifi certainly has certainly been a disappointment this year, even when you factor in that he's a rookie driving the worst car on the grid. I can see him on this even. But worst driver of the year? I can't really see a full argument for that, not if you're going to rate drivers relative to what they've been given to work with.

    David ReichertDavid Reichert4 månader sedan
  • im a Seb fan more than Albon but vettel was worse

    STANCE4LIFE.STANCE4LIFE.4 månader sedan
  • k mag was worse than antonio n ocon

    STANCE4LIFE.STANCE4LIFE.4 månader sedan
  • I get that the teammate is always the first comparison for a drivers performance. But you also have to consider how good the teammate actually is. The teammates of the divers you mentioned are: Hamilton, Räikkönen, Verstappen, Riccardo, Leclerc and Russel. Besids an aging Räikkönen that are in my opinion the best drivers in formula 1. Of course Russel is very debatable here. But you could see his potential in his Mercedes race. These guys make an average driver look bad while fror example Magnusson or Grosjean are not considered for the worst drivers list since they are both mediocre (in my opinion) and because of it neither got outclassed by their teammate.

    kovalchukbestkovalchukbest4 månader sedan
  • Yeah about Alex keeping that Red Bull seat...

    Marcos Tisani França DaneseMarcos Tisani França Danese4 månader sedan
  • I have to sucscribe

    Reece days OutReece days Out4 månader sedan
  • Latffi has no business being on the Grid.

    Tiago MaiaTiago Maia4 månader sedan
  • As soon as u said Albon and Vettel I disliked I’m sorry

    ItsRudyJItsRudyJ4 månader sedan
  • Well, We all know who is going to top this list next year... The guy who will even make stroll or latifi look like a Hamilton MEZAPIN!!!!!!!

    Amritha BijuAmritha Biju4 månader sedan
    • Lol

      Tarun EphremTarun Ephrem4 månader sedan
  • If Williams gets a point next year I will eat hot sauce remind me in a year

    JacobJacob4 månader sedan
    • @Allen Playz ok thanks mate

      JacobJacob2 månader sedan
    • Got it. Will do.

      Allen PlayzAllen Playz2 månader sedan
  • So, you hate alonso...

    MotriMotri4 månader sedan
  • welp.. perez is taking albons seat

    Adam NortheyAdam Northey4 månader sedan
  • Just subscribed.

    MicsterMicster4 månader sedan