Will Alonso's F1 Return Live Up to the Hype?

2 feb 2021
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Veloce Alonso video: seworld.info/will/iZy1tNa4hKai0Hk/video&ab_channel=Veloce
With the anticipation and hype building for Fernando Alonso's comeback in 2021, in this video I take an in depth look at why he decided to return, his preparations throughout 2020 and 2021, what would be a successful comeback for the two time world champion and giving my opinion on will his return live up to the hype, or end up in disappointment.
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  • Is there hype? Im mostly rolling my eyes and wondering why he never tried to secure a full time indycar ride and gain experience. This is gonna be worse than schumacher. At least schumi joined a team that won the WDC and WCC the year before.

    Matt HorkanMatt HorkanMånad sedan
  • Short answer = NO.

    SF0311SF0311Månad sedan
    • youre wrong XD

      Mush 555Mush 55521 dag sedan
  • Hahaha Hahaha.... Aldas... Dude you totally made me fall on the floor laughing when you called Russell a generational driver.. Hahaha.. trust me man... he is NOT a generational driver!! Hahahahaha... 🤣😆😂

    Lyle Priel 《my name rhymes》Lyle Priel 《my name rhymes》Månad sedan
  • No. He will be very frustrated at the end of the season, the whole season complaining and swearing to other drivers 'who ruined his race'. He's had his time and only came back for cashing millions of dollars.

    PAUL'S World of WonderPAUL'S World of WonderMånad sedan
  • No I don't think so. Hes past it

    L BL BMånad sedan
  • More like Fernoldo Oldlonso!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Kenny PattsKenny PattsMånad sedan
  • great video, you are right

    Alberto CaracuelAlberto CaracuelMånad sedan
  • alonso the best pilote in the year come back for winner i im sure

    the alchemist phenyx bio chemist tothermesthe alchemist phenyx bio chemist tothermesMånad sedan
  • I hope that him and ocon can both perform and be racing wheel to wheel for the team and get them a better position in the constructors.

    OJ_Lewis09OJ_Lewis092 månader sedan
  • He really deserve another driver's crown

    Dago Hutahaean'tDago Hutahaean't2 månader sedan
  • King???? Oh brother👎🏿 he beat Vandoorne???😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆 that’s a dumb ass comparison stat! Where’s Vandoorne now?🤔

    Tramaine318Tramaine3182 månader sedan
  • Return of the king? What? The king never left and his name is Lewis Hamilton!

    Tat KwongTat Kwong2 månader sedan
  • I don't think Fernando would be slow. There will not be any surprises. I am really interested, will it be career kill for Ocon.

    Павел ОлейниковПавел Олейников2 månader sedan
  • I can't believe it, someone that isn't from Spain talking this good about Alonso? this makes me proud of you.

    SweetFlexZSweetFlexZ2 månader sedan
  • No doubt on Alonso performance, Alpine perfomance is unknown.

    Amra KunishAmra Kunish2 månader sedan
  • Let me sum it up for all of you, IF for two years in a row, after F1, successfully wins the Lemans 24 hour race in 2018 an 2019, just like that, then dabbles in the Indianapolis 500 in 2020, finishes in P21 due to clutch problems, is there any doubt that he can still race, at his age?! Gentlemen, let his resume for the past three years in motorsports show as evident to the fact, that the man can get in any race car of any type and be very successful, at a moments notice. F1, 24 Lemans, Indianapolis 500, back to F1. Please, this man is not human, but a driving machine! Look out, Bottas, Sainz, Ricccardo, and Perez, by the time you see Alonso in your rear view mirror, its over for you!

    raul vargasraul vargas2 månader sedan
  • the amount of people willing to just gloss over the fact he guy was an absolute disaster in his last 2 years in F1 is astonishing. Time will not have helped him. this will be more embarrassing than Mansell coming back with Ferrari.

    Mee IbastMee Ibast2 månader sedan
  • To be brutally honest, the only reason Renault would promote Zhou is for the Chinese market behind him. I like the guy and I think hes an OK driver, but at least up until now, he has not proven himself worthy of an F1 seat yet.

    Tim LiaoTim Liao2 månader sedan
  • Let’s see. I’m new to F1 so I’m looking forward to learn what kind of person/driver Fernando is. Watching a bit of Drive to Survive, I understand he is quite sour at teams that are not delivering it for him. But now he is going into a team that know him very well and have achieved so much together back in the early 2000s. So I believe they can work together harmoniously to deliver a good Alpine package, without Fernando needing to steer them in his desired direction. With a decent Ocon alongside him, I mean people were sad he was going to take 2019 out, Alpine will surely make the midfield battle spicy again, like in 2020.

    Magnus TanMagnus Tan2 månader sedan
  • Cant forget the affect the crash has on him and his training. physically and mentally

    BiteWrightBiteWright2 månader sedan
  • He has a good PR company working for him.

    Tom Taylor-DuxburyTom Taylor-Duxbury2 månader sedan
  • He will do fuck all.

    Mark SawyerMark Sawyer2 månader sedan
    • Dipshot

      Yo BroYo Bro2 månader sedan
    • Whatever Hamilton fan

      NPC NPCNPC NPC2 månader sedan
  • No..

    Robin GroeneveldRobin Groeneveld2 månader sedan
  • Really needed this video

    Juan Arenas MateosJuan Arenas Mateos2 månader sedan
  • Fernando's a natural, I know that everyone knows that. Whether or not he can challenge he will still be fast and still justify his place, quality driver, champion driver. From a Lewis fan.

    Darth WheaziusDarth Wheazius2 månader sedan
  • Age matters much less than motivation. Most drivers who slow as they get older lose motivation much more than ability. I think Alonso is still motivated after his sabbatical. He will easily out race Ocon even if Ocon is close to him in qualifying.

    Kenneth HawleyKenneth Hawley2 månader sedan
  • He’s the next Kimi Raikonnen

    Keith FoxKeith Fox2 månader sedan
  • Alonso will do great on the track. It will be nice to watch him again but he is a bad choice for Renault. When Riccardo left they had to accept that they would be set back for a year or two but obviously didn't. I am not an Ocon fan but he is the future of that team not Alonso and choosing Alonso who along with all of his talents is toxic for a young teammate who needs confidence and a good mentor is a short sighted decision. Why do I say he will be toxic? He is too selfish and yes I know all drivers are to a degree but Alonso didn't come back to help a team or to help a young driver be the next great one he came back for a shot at a title. He isn't patient and Renault has said he will need to be. I say the first time ocon does better or half way through the season all of the cracks will show and the old Alonso will show himself

    Chris WilderChris Wilder2 månader sedan
  • Yes.

    Heraclio SanchezHeraclio Sanchez2 månader sedan
  • Funny how people will always glaze over his glaring character flaws like knowing mclaren was cheating by getting Ferrari information, happily discussing that information and then threatening to blackmail mclaren. Just because he couldn’t handle a teammate superior to him. Lovely.

    Jason Wing QuanJason Wing Quan2 månader sedan
  • The king was beaten by a rookie name sir Lewis Hamilton

    Mario WillemsMario Willems2 månader sedan
    • He wasn't beaten, even when the team openly declared him their enemy. With even cars (Hamilton's car had all the improvements compared with Alonso's, since mid season), Alonso would have destroyed Hamilton...

      Benito BaidesBenito Baides2 månader sedan
  • I am new to F1, been watching just under 2 years now. Is there a reason these guys get to test and practice in their race cars so little? I know it’s expensive but it seems ridiculous for a sport this caliber

    Moto EssenceMoto Essence2 månader sedan
  • I dont understand what all this cutting back on testing nonsense is about. anything like this always feels to me like here you have the pinnacle of Motorsport, and now were going to not allow drivers and teams to test the cars properly. its absolute bullshit just the same as penalties for changing engines and gearboxes. they used to use 2 or 3 engines each qualifying session on its own. thats proper F1

    jon belljon bell2 månader sedan
  • Renault mae the best choice of all the drivers they had open to them. Alonso might be knocking on but he knows how to win and hes a hard racer that can set the car up right. just what they need.

    jon belljon bell2 månader sedan
  • (running for cover) but I never liked Alonso much until his Ferrari days where he showed even to me what an amazing driver he has become.

    Muhamed MevicMuhamed Mevic2 månader sedan
  • Yeh but in 2022 more than 2021.

    -NN--NN-2 månader sedan
  • I dont understand all this talk about Alonso getting back in the car will be difficult. Hes a double world champion and one of the greatest drivers ever. Hes going to be fine and back on pace after 2-3 races. You should take this topic to the rookies

    The SunnynationThe Sunnynation2 månader sedan
  • Dont understand the fuss about Alonzo. Sure he won 2 championships, but now he is a hasbeen and will fail miserably like Schumacher back in the day. And because he is an asshole most people were glad he retired.

    Marcus CMarcus C2 månader sedan
    • @Madjayax Lets wait and see :)

      Marcus CMarcus C2 månader sedan
    • He would done much better than Schumi.

      MadjayaxMadjayax2 månader sedan
  • Yes really hard to defeat your teammate if only you get updates! He's a great driver but i dunno...

    Niels HanneNiels Hanne2 månader sedan
  • George Russell showed us that u can almost win a race if u have the best car! Fernando can challenge for a title or win it in the second best F1 vehicle, but with a midfield car....NOPE! The guy has a huge ego and skills to match, but without a good car he won't be able to do much!

    Clockwork_ElfClockwork_Elf2 månader sedan
  • Isn't it true that Alonso is in practice the team principal at Alpine?

    Mallory MMallory M2 månader sedan
  • Jaques Villeneuve 2.0 mark my words.

    Raymond89Raymond892 månader sedan
  • No. saved you 18 mins

    JanitorIsBackJanitorIsBack2 månader sedan
  • Alonso will do well no doubt. I predict if he is in a consistent top 6 car, he will win a race.

    BNOVABNOVA2 månader sedan
  • 02:25 👌

    Teo CobosTeo Cobos2 månader sedan
  • Vamos Fernando mereces acabar tu carrera en F1 con algo más...

    Teo CobosTeo Cobos2 månader sedan
  • I’m very sure Alonso is going to perform better at Alpine than Vettel at Aston

    GilGil2 månader sedan
  • The return of Alonso will keep me watching F1, last couple of seasons have been boring, Max providing a few highlights only

    Ron SutherlandRon Sutherland2 månader sedan
  • Your hair was fucked up in that Tommo chat vid

    Lord MegatronLord Megatron2 månader sedan
  • Look at at all these comments! Is there any other driver who brings so much interest? No way man. Just the simple fact that many people still butcher him and keep going back to 2007 and bringing Hammy into the debate shows that, for some obscure reasons, they still had not overcome the fact that he is still regarded (no by youtubers but drivers, proffessionals and pundits alike) as probably the best around. It’s not only whether you can drive a car or not but the mentality. Someone mentions here that the period he had to endure at Macca would have destroyed any other; yet he did fight to the very end and finished one point short of the WWC. We haven’t seen yet how other world champions would have put up with that sort of pressure. The antagonism and ill feeling, every single day at the office. Remember Ron Dennis after China, (we were not racing Kimi), in spite that his driver was second on the podium and had saved the day to his own team. As for these comments of “toxic” and the likes I would dare to say that 90% are not F1 followers. They are simply people that browse around and read some comments negative to Nando and they just follow suit. Just like they do to CR7 or Mou. Once they are faced to explain why they find no words. It’s going to be great to see Nando back walking in the paddock, even if he is not winning. Who knows, he was on his day the youngest WWC and maybe he would the oldest. If I'm not mistaken Juan Manuel Fangio kept racing until he was 46 years old. He was also away for two years.. Regards.

    ahcarielahcariel2 månader sedan
  • No

    Dan MitchDan Mitch2 månader sedan
  • I don't think Fernando ever really fell off.

    Tom PusslickerTom Pusslicker2 månader sedan
  • Youngblood wisdom trumps age.

    Allen MooreAllen Moore2 månader sedan
  • sorry but you come off as a right knob

    n5vBilln5vBill2 månader sedan
  • Sound track?

    KimbartzKimbartz2 månader sedan
  • Everything points into the direction of the 2021 season being one of the most spectacular seasons of this era. And that's why I'm afraid it will probably be one of the most boring ones. 😰

    Mario DriessenMario Driessen2 månader sedan
  • seworld.info/will/eYOq2N3Gbpxm2YU/video 15:57 - 16:02 :) :) :)

    devilz user00devilz user002 månader sedan
  • Sorry but to say Alonso is this great car developer is total nonsense .... if Alonso was this ¨great driver, car developer¨ ... all top teams would have wanted him ... but the truth is that in the last 6 years no top team wanted him

    Doar EuDoar Eu2 månader sedan
  • On another note: You showing Alonso hugging all these great drivers was so wholesome!

    Romano-British MedliRomano-British Medli2 månader sedan
  • Enzo Coloni told me: "it's very easy to unscrew and screw again a screw to change the car performances and you'll never understand why it was so slow or so fast"; so it's ingenue to compare the quick laps of Alonso, @post Abu Dhabi GP test, with the laps of other drivers, 'cause Renault F1 heads needed to show to the world, to their sponsors, to Luca Di Meo, that Alonso was a very good chose, to justify his cost & to hide the issues that made Ricciardo to go

    Sauro BaiettaSauro Baietta2 månader sedan
  • Whilst Alonso has been out of F1 for two years, he has been driving competitively unlike poor Ocon who was out of all competitions for a year. My biggest fear is NOT that he will be unable to return to his abilities but that the Alpine will be no better than the McLaren-Honda that caused him to walk. As long as the car works and the team are 100% behind him, he could well finish in the top five or six driver this year.

    VorrnVorrn2 månader sedan
  • Thanks for the detailed analysis Re Alonso's Young Drivers Test. Can't blame Alpine for pushing but CAN (and do) blame FIA for allowing it

    Sandra LantauSandra Lantau2 månader sedan
  • No way can you compare his situation to rookie drivers who have never completed an F1 race. Feels like you're trying exaggerate the adversity he's facing. He's been a world champion in F1 before, and driven for many seasons.

    Yoshua DelgadoYoshua Delgado2 månader sedan
  • I think you're right about FA. Like the theme music, too. (Write it yourself - or did you draft in the talents of a Sim Dane instrumental? 😉)

    Tj930Tj9302 månader sedan
  • Honestly, I'm not too happy about his return, I was more excited to see him race outside of Formula One and try out various motorsports as he did since 2017-2020. I wanted to see him continue off that and to me, I felt that is more exciting than seeing him return to Formula 1. My expectations for him are non-existent, I know he'll drive well, but as Peter Fighter said, "Will Alpine live up to Alonso's expectations?" It's kinda like Fallout fans expecting another Fallout: New Vegas and then it ends up as something more akin to Fallout 4, it's decent, but not excellent.

    Rose GrahamRose Graham2 månader sedan
  • He is mega quick even if he lost a tiny bit over these last 2 years,he will still be one of the best on the grid

    Douglas ConnerDouglas Conner2 månader sedan
  • All of you are gonna hate me for it But Honestly I don't like the dude so I kinda hope to see him fail miserably

    RH22RH222 månader sedan
  • Alonso's overrated. He only took the title fight to the last race in 2010 and 2012 because Vettel had so many reliability issues and team orders. He also lost in the best car in 2007, a car that finished 60+s ahead of the nearest Ferrari in Monaco, and you're just going to gloss over that abysmal season and Vettel's bad luck and say he always drives the wheels off his car? Or what about him completely stuffing up his Indycar attempt and failing to qualify when his teammate did? Don't you think that's relevant to whether Alonso is fit? And Abu Dhabi, Alonso ran after there was a race. It's not like 40+laps does anything to track evolution. He also had a setup purely for setting laptimes unlike Riccardo and Ocon who had to compromise for the race. Come on Aldas, these one-sided arguments need to end.

    frosty snowfrosty snow2 månader sedan
  • No

    Chris BChris B2 månader sedan
  • Dude ,u will see seb outperforming alonso. Ur just underestimated seb . I'm a big alonso but the car really matters. Seb had a worse car than alonso in Ferrari

    MRINAL M AJAYMRINAL M AJAY2 månader sedan
  • I love the way you ignored mazepin in rookies

    AJ SreekarAJ Sreekar2 månader sedan
  • he is the greatest, current generation havent seen him when he was driving between 2004 to 2012..

    Syed AhmedSyed Ahmed2 månader sedan
  • Simply no.

    Braku PrimeBraku Prime2 månader sedan
  • No

    Kev DuckworthKev Duckworth2 månader sedan
  • Christ I can't wait for the start of the season.

    Metcalfe's LawMetcalfe's Law2 månader sedan
  • Only seeing the title: I bloody hope so

    Adam's Trip ReportsAdam's Trip Reports2 månader sedan
  • Baku 2018. Possibly the best drive in F1 ever considering the damage.

    Junkroom KurdtJunkroom Kurdt2 månader sedan
  • 2007 & 2008 they had the same car, so don't spew the hype.

    curiositycuriosity2 månader sedan
  • You just reminded me how bad Ferarri was the past decade. They had 2 world champions driving and did not win anything. Sad man.

    Jerry BouwerJerry Bouwer2 månader sedan
  • Good or bad, Alonso will add some spark to F1. Can't wait for the season to start.

    Jerry BouwerJerry Bouwer2 månader sedan
  • Can’t remember when I’ve been this excited for F1 as I am for this upcoming 2021 season. Alonso will be great his still passionate for F1 and it’s not like his been doing nothing for 2 years his been doing plenty of racing! The man loves the sport I honestly hope he can push the Mercedes and Red Bulls in that Alpine car and bring some real competition to the championship 🏎

    KatieKatie2 månader sedan
  • 9:15 - Lewis has a handle of his emotions?!

    BigPeteBigPete2 månader sedan
  • The answer is no

    H DHILH DHIL2 månader sedan
  • On point as always Aldas, nice to see you team up with TommoF1.

    Le SpazLe Spaz2 månader sedan
  • Alonso: "I'm sick of this crappy Renault engine!"

    BillyB GamerBillyB Gamer2 månader sedan
  • can you make another "how good was (f1 driver name) in their prime?" pls

    Gabriel SeanGabriel Sean2 månader sedan
  • At Abu Dhabi testing he humiliated the two Mercedes, even with experienced Stoffel onboard, my Rookie of the year to Fernando 😆😆😁😁👍🏼👍🏼🎊🎉

    Tracy TohTracy Toh2 månader sedan
  • I also am a huge Fernando fan. My Alpine team would be Alonso & Zhuo.

    nominaltimesnominaltimes2 månader sedan
  • 14:40 - 14:50 gave me goosebumps

    Deep CDeep C2 månader sedan
  • Why do people think that a driver that was only a good prospect and who was out of F1, for a year, then came back with a disappointing season will match or beat one of the greatest F1 champions of all time? Alonso hasnt been out of F1 that long (2 years - only 1 year longer), and has been doing WEC and Indycar open wheel racing. He has not just been riding simulators.... I think Ocon may have him for 1-3 races..but then it's bye bye

    Jim ElliottJim Elliott2 månader sedan
  • All i want for 2021 is Aldas do an impression of gordon saying donkey

    Dhava Febrian DifantaraDhava Febrian Difantara2 månader sedan
  • You're really excited about Nando's return, aren't you lol?!

    Crystal RacingCrystal Racing2 månader sedan
  • At least one VICTORY, minimum

    Josep GomezJosep Gomez2 månader sedan

    ZGotenZGoten2 månader sedan
  • I predict he will be in top 5 drivers finish by the end of 2021.

    ashish yadavashish yadav2 månader sedan
  • There's not much hype to begin with. It's 70% car and 30% driver. Won't expect him to finish top 4 in driver ranking with Renault.

    Weier WanWeier Wan2 månader sedan
  • As stated a lot of people compared Alonso’s return with Schumacher’s which I think is a mistake. When Schumacher retired he was mentally retiring as well as physically. Alonso has never mentally retired and was always looking to return to F1. That is a huge difference and I believe he will be on the pace very quickly.

    Stig qweStig qwe2 månader sedan
  • The king in the north! Don’t watch til the end, it doesn’t end well.

    Nqobile MahlanguNqobile Mahlangu2 månader sedan
  • 10:54 why don't people like Alonso?

    Hamza ChaudhryHamza Chaudhry2 månader sedan
  • Top 10 consistently for him I think , perhaps a podium if the stars are aligned right. The real question is ..does he still have the edge to race like that over a season.

    Max PoznyakMax Poznyak2 månader sedan