Will Red Bull in 2021 Be Contenders or Pretenders?

9 mar 2021
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2021 presents an opportunity to Red Bull as well as a closing window before the new aero regs in 2022, this season they should at the very least still remains as the 2nd best team on the grid, but can they finally break the cycle they've been in for the last few seasons, and go from being pretenders turning up late to the title battle, to becoming real genuine title contenders.
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  • Oh man Max and Lewis will fight for top but the fight between bottas and checo this year will be amazing for p3..

  • They’ve always been pretenders since 2017. They haven’t finished 2nd in the WCC since then (only in 2020 thanks to Ferrari dropping back). If there is any team that over promises and under performs, it’s Red Bull Racing.

    CollegeAviatorCollegeAviator27 dagar sedan
  • If Max manages to stay where he was and Checo can stay with Max Bottas has a problem

    ASAP MarkoASAP MarkoMånad sedan
  • bottas is history...its verstappen versus hamilton

    bent andrebent andreMånad sedan
  • Red Bull is going to give Merc a run for their money this season Lewis already said that Red Bull car is an animal in its own league

    Ahmed Siddiq GaffoorAhmed Siddiq GaffoorMånad sedan
  • in f1 culture we say wankers or rockstars

    CantoxiiCantoxiiMånad sedan
  • Every video about Red Bull; They start off on the back foot and at the end of the season they are right there but too far off to win a title, will this finally be the season they start off strong?

    AncoAncoMånad sedan
  • Yes, Red Bull will definitely be a contender this year. Now the team has 2 excellent drivers.

    joseco1978joseco1978Månad sedan
  • Question: How many times will the Red bull's run each other off the track? Mad Max Verstappen may make his debut.

    Manj SherManj SherMånad sedan
  • This is the year where Red Bull beats Mercedes

    rollerrollerMånad sedan
  • There's no reason to believe they won't be as good as they were last year. They dropped Albon which was the only thing holding them back from team points

    The White RecluseThe White RecluseMånad sedan
  • I'm telling you, max is going to win the title. However Mercedes will win the constructors

    Kerbal18Kerbal18Månad sedan
  • That "d" at the end tho...

    An NgoAn NgoMånad sedan
  • I'm very cautious with Red Bull challenging Mercedes for the championship this year. I hope they do and I believe the gap will be smaller than it was last year, but the past 7 years has showed that mercedes seems to always have the advantage, especially at the start of the season in this hybrid era

    Philip SPhilip SMånad sedan
  • Checo needs to knock Bottas around

    Mawile #303Mawile #303Månad sedan
  • max and perez could split bottas and win the constructors. max just needs a reliable car.

    Cam AndersonCam AndersonMånad sedan
  • What if Perez say he’s not like the others? What if Marko say ”Promote Tsunoda” just another replace? You're the pretender What if I say Red Bull are contenders?

    MackisLifeMackisLifeMånad sedan
  • Aldas, Mercedes don't have a new chassis.

    DemzDemzMånad sedan
  • Yea man. Awesome Perez is with RB. I predict a radio call from Checo like this; "Tell Max to push! i will hold Lewis as long as i can!" That's the kind of strategy Max hasn't had in the last two seasons..damn i hope that's how it plays out!

    q3aryokoq3aryokoMånad sedan
  • Red bull have always been contenders, Max Verstappen was the only one who could conpete with Mercedes. They weren't on top most of the time but they did compete and Verstappen did win races.

    SiGNeSiGNeMånad sedan
  • Great video mate! Keep up the good work

    Latsimus PrimeLatsimus PrimeMånad sedan
  • Contenders.

    Stephen GambleStephen GambleMånad sedan
  • Bahrain is by far Checo's best circuit so if Merc have any issues like they had in Austria last year (remember "please stay off the kerbs") RB should be able to pick up the prices will a duel attack but on pure pace I don't think so.

    TJTJMånad sedan
  • Mercedes to pull out a bigger gap and RB to come back to the pack, another long year.

    Craig MoyCraig MoyMånad sedan
  • My dream (but somewhat realistic) result as a Red Bull Honda fan for this year: - Red Bull win the driver's title in the final year of Honda's official presence in the sport. - Honda sign a commercial deal (like Aston Martin did previously) to keep the Honda brand on the car but still step away from a technical perspective.

    Vignesh BalasubramaniamVignesh BalasubramaniamMånad sedan
  • No, no Ramsey Jr. , you are getting it all wrong: Red Bull will not be contenders, nor pretenders, they will be Bartenders: serving red bull+vodka in the grid.

    Kevinglas OlmedoKevinglas OlmedoMånad sedan
  • Cheko will make the difference on Sundays. Still RB will play the catch up game 😔

    Mayuk GuptaMayuk GuptaMånad sedan

    chocolate pumachocolate pumaMånad sedan
  • Bottas is easily the best driver on the grid, at getting second place.

    Alexander SkördeAlexander SkördeMånad sedan
  • Still pretenders. Maybe contenders in 2022

    Dennis Laurence CamachoDennis Laurence CamachoMånad sedan
  • The answer to that question is whether Hamilton will knock RedBull off the track during an overtake

    iluvgtasaniluvgtasanMånad sedan
  • Ahhh love your last image on the video 🥰🇲🇽🥰🇲🇽🥰🇲🇽🥰🇲🇽🥰🇲🇽🥰🇲🇽🥰🥰🇲🇽 wow!!! even you are soooo young, your voice and the way you talk is fantastic. Your narrative is so good. Congrats to you!!! I am a dreamer , and we have great expectations for Red Bull with Checo Perez helping Max!!! Goooooo Checo!!! Like I said, give a good car to Checo and you see what he will do with it !!! 🏁🏁🏁🏁🏁🏁🏁

    Chely EspinozaChely EspinozaMånad sedan
  • I think RB will be in a fight with Mclaren and Aston along with the Red car, Merc will run away with it again, Checo will impress and put Max under extreme pressure.

    D HarperD HarperMånad sedan
  • 6:50 Aston Martin: Am I a joke to you?

    João FerreiraJoão FerreiraMånad sedan
  • Lewis can't handle with pressure,so he must be happy with so dominant Merc

    RB-WTFRB-WTFMånad sedan
  • The problem is Redbull has been THE CONTENDER in the hybrid era and nothing more.

    KK BKK BMånad sedan
  • *takes deep breath. Nah.

    joe castanedajoe castanedaMånad sedan
  • Best of the rest

    Austin KassmanAustin KassmanMånad sedan
  • they were in the mid field in 2015

    Mehul JainMehul JainMånad sedan
  • Let's not forget about Mercedes losing das this season. It will definitely close the gap a bit and we will see how much Mercedes got out of das in terms of performance

    Jamie SavelsonJamie SavelsonMånad sedan
  • 'Euh' follows every word you say.

    Sofian Hassaine Year 9Sofian Hassaine Year 9Månad sedan
  • I’ve never been a big Lewis fan. But respect where it is due. He’s done more than anyone with a lot, if not more criticism than anyone before (his records will show his impact and will not be scoffed at). But I really just want him to win this year and feel vindicated as the best that has ever been, retire an unopposed breaker of records, and let the rest of the field find their groove. Hamilton’s exceptional form reminds me of Schumacher early 2000’s, where everyone was fighting for second. And while it is awesome to be alive, involved, and witnessing historic events, when that residency stops, there is a sudden grab for supremacy. And damned if there isn’t 6 drivers who could take that championship. The level of driver at the moment is so high that if the top tier fumble once, the mid pack are knocking at the door... we are so close to that ever elusive crazy season where mid packs are scoring and top tiers are failing. (Just to be clear, I’m not talking about DNF’s or crashes. Just driver and tactical error that allows the others to cash in) *i don’t think I’ve ever been more amped for a season of racing

    warren shawwarren shawMånad sedan
  • Mercedes didn't change their chassis this year. The covid rules stopped everyone from developing it.

    Grannie AnnieGrannie AnnieMånad sedan
  • I'm calling it now. HAAS will win 2021 titles.

    Orange PekoeOrange PekoeMånad sedan
  • 5:48 2 RACE WINS??? OH PLEASE, HE WILL HAVE MAYBE 1 WIN, BUT NOT 2... contenders or not, mercedes will win anyways

    MicsterMicsterMånad sedan
  • Surely Red Bull being stronger in the second half of the season is also partially because Mercedes stop or at least minimise development on their car for the current season?

    marc hardinghammarc hardinghamMånad sedan
  • I'm rooting for Mercedes this year I would like to see Hamilton hold the record all by himself for titles.

    Real AmericanReal AmericanMånad sedan
  • With Christian Horner and the heavy amount of criticism he has received, especially over the past 2-3 years, yes he has made mistakes, all team principles have, but in my opinion Helmut Marko needs to bear the brunt of it, because he is definitely worth criticising. Don't blame Christian for all of the Red Bull drama, he's not solely responsible. (yes I'm definitely talking about the Gasly saga, but I hope soon it ends with Gasly leaving the Red Bull programme, maybe he'll replace Fernando if he can't find his form, like what happened with Shumie... Despite the Gasly-Ocon... rivalry I guess? I think Alpine would love to have an all French line-up)

    Ellie Wellie45Ellie Wellie45Månad sedan
  • Good comparison there just one thing the four retirements max had plus Alex Albons poor season cost redbull, can they challenge with the RB16B who knows.

    British Film GuyBritish Film GuyMånad sedan
  • I feel like they have the ressources to do it but they have failed every season. They never been in position to fight mercedes like ferrari did it in 2017 and 2018. They hired a new driver, new aero regulation , even if i doubt i hope they will challenge mercedes.

    jack mbjack mbMånad sedan
  • Lewis hasn’t been dominating for 7 years he lost out to one of the most underrated drivers of recent years NICO!!!

    JolluxJolluxMånad sedan
    • If I’ll be very honest the fact that Nico was never as good as Lewis only strengthens the championship victory. The ultimate underdog, the guy who bested the greatest ever and pushed him to his limit, even if it was just for a year.

      Max ChongMax ChongMånad sedan
    • Nico got beaten 3-1 and got very lucky that season

      SwayyneSwayyneMånad sedan
    • You're not talking about his DNF though!

      MFizzle777MFizzle777Månad sedan
    • Yet Lewis beat him in 2013, ‘14 and ‘15. It’s clear who’s better

      Marco RobertsMarco RobertsMånad sedan
  • It might have a lot to do with the tracks too, maybe the 2nd half of the season has tracks that suit the car better.

    JackPecker911JackPecker911Månad sedan
  • I really don't knokw what to say. For so many years Red Bull have given us hope, but have almost never delivered. At this rate the Daily Mail is more reliable than Marko.

    Marcus HoMarcus HoMånad sedan
  • On your percentage analysis on Red Bull. Perhaps Mercedes relax more at the end of each season knowing it's in the bag and therefore push resources to the next years car.

    Barry CooperBarry CooperMånad sedan
  • I think maybe Redbull will run them closer but who knows. Mercedes switch development early last year to this car so that they can wrap up the 2021 Championship early to focus on 2022. Maybe if Lewis has an off year as he does not seem too happy coming into the season but he has enough experience to deal with whatever maybe throwing him off and between Launch and the first race may be alot of time to sort himself out. If Bottas becomes more selfish then the race at the top can be spicy but Bottas does not have the race craft like Hamilton. I think there will be surprises from Austin Martin and Maybe Ferrari in a few races but maybe that will affect Redbull more than Mercedes.

    BNOVABNOVAMånad sedan
  • Fall short at the begining, finish strongly after Mercedes has already wrapped everything up. Rinse and repeat.

    FeanorFeanorMånad sedan
  • Mercendes stops development in the middle of the season because they have such a big leap in points to focus on the next year, this explains why redbull starts to catch up and why its behind on the start of the following season

    George TGeorge TMånad sedan
  • Nice, detailed analysis I like it. I think RedBull need some of the mid-field drivers and a better second drive to challenge Mercedes. Last year Mercedes had an easy job for making a strategies. Use both cars to beat Max and the wins flow in. There we need the mid-field to get Mercedes a challenge. If they need to make strategies for not only beating Max, but also Sergio, Daniel, Sebastian to name some. There are 4 or more drivers they need to cover. They all need to do over and undercuts so Mercedes cannot stop developing their car and need to go all in to win the title. Then they might lose it the next year because they cannot get a head start.

    MrRofl131MrRofl131Månad sedan
  • Great Vid! But you forgot sakhir when mentioning where redbull were strong in quali!

    Hugo NilssonHugo NilssonMånad sedan
  • Mercedes will be the pretenders, saying Red Bull have a faster car then out qualifying them by a second lol

    KruqtionKruqtionMånad sedan
  • Hey Aldas, you should look at Yuki’s shake down lap in the Alpha Tauri? That motor sounded amazing and the acceleration Yuki was getting in the AT was incredible If that if Red Bulls secret weapon, Mercedes is toast

    David ColiDavid ColiMånad sedan
  • I can answer that in one word: no

    Chris DaviesChris DaviesMånad sedan
  • My honest prediction is that RB aren't gonna challenge Merc. Let's be real, they're probably lowballing their car's performance and giving other teams a smidgen of hope just for shits and giggles because they know they could shit on the other nine teams any day of the week and twice on Sundays. There will be a solid two way battle for Second in the constructors imo RB16B vs AMR21 but the W12 will be untouchable as most Mercs are. I hope I'm wrong and that RB can take the fight to Merc and be competitive right off the start of the season but I've wasted enough seasons holding my breath to know better. Merc wins the Constructors with 5 races to go. Calling it now.

    MrSheevMrSheevMånad sedan
  • Will we se an analysis after testing? I'm curious

    Nephlim JediNephlim JediMånad sedan
  • Anyone noticed how Aldas pronounces "d" at the end of some words like the time Monica had a flu? 😉

    Oskar KrawczykOskar KrawczykMånad sedan
  • RedBull's biggest issue in a title fight is reliability. The last time Lewis lost a title he retired only twice. And Redbull has had a lot of mechanical retirements last year and Lewis haven't had a mechanical retirement since 2018.

    Duck SoulsDuck SoulsMånad sedan
  • Aldas starts by talking about something we already know, then gives some facts to support those points and then gives some random bs on both sides of the argument. Rinse repeat, my man on that dutti grind.

    N/A GamingN/A GamingMånad sedan
  • I won't be hopeful for both title wins to RB but I expect more laps led and more race wins by either max or checo at the very most, given how mercedes's cars adapts to most of the tracks.

    EC_ReviewsEC_ReviewsMånad sedan
  • I think they can, I think the one driver you missed is Bottas! Even with a slow start, Bottas might give them one maybe two chances if Bottas can't take the pressure. Instead of just Max getting by, Perez will be right there as well, not to mention what midfield team is suited to the race as well. This will be three times the regular amount of pressure on Bottas than this year. Pressure with Lewis, getting replaced by George and media pressure for under performing. We will see!

    Robert CookRobert CookMånad sedan
  • The only thing I disagree with, is the assumption that no other team can make a leap to catch RBR. Oh I agree, Ferrari will be playing catch up... but they know what the level is they're chasing, having been at RBR level or better more recently than any other team besides Mercedes, and I suspect that they have a good base, engine wise, so the gap is not as big as one might think. Will they be 2017/18 Ferrari? NO. Will be close enough to it to trouble RBR sometimes? I say YES. More, you say that the gap between Alpine and McLaren is too big, that even with solid improvement, bar a huge leap, they will not be contenders. *I* say, the biggest leap of last season, was not the Tracing Point cars, but the Renault cars. That leap that was made was not only the most pronounced on the grid, their biggest too, since returning, as a team too. Why? As far as I am concerned, and I am far from alone in this, the long and short of it is one word, or shall we say name, Ricciardo. McLaren, however, have been on a more steady upwards trajectory, they did not improve as much or as fast as Renault, but they improved MORE overall, hence their 3rd in the WCC So you combine the two, McLaren on the ascendency, WITH the arrival of Ricciardo.... well discounting the new MB engines even, what you have there? The perfect recipe for that HUGE leap. So I suspect we will see either McLaren or Ferrari right there, by mid season, along side RBR, at least, and perhaps even stealing their thunder too. McLaren with MB engines, and Ricciardo, running in the top 5? No way he gets a whiff of a podium, especially a win, and doesn't get his 'let's finish this' mode on. And we already know a good Ferrari can do them, and even though they lost Vettel, they got Sainz, so the drivers are so strong. So I do not think RBR will be alone even if they're contenders, because they will be contenders on the back of a weaker showing by Mercedes with their 2021 car, and with McLaren, and maybe even Aston Martin and Alpine, having improved so much, and Ferrari only needing to improve to a level they're normally at, if that IS the case, RBR are going to have a lot of rivals at the carcass, seeking to gobble up what they can. That's a big ask for Red Bull to cover. Considering as far as I am concerned, what that means really is you're asking it of Max, as I do not believe Checo to be in the same class, nor in the same class as Ricciardo of Hamilton for that matter, and maybe not even LeClerc, Bottas, or Vettel or Alonso if they show they've still got it. So RBR will face two drivers who CAN fight them, even if their cars are slightly down on their previous standards, because MB wants to focus on 22, with one close behind in Ricciardo who can rain on your day if the McLaren improves even only as much this season, as they did from 19 to 20, and some dangerous wild cards in what Ferrari ends up with, and how good Vettel and Alonso prove to be, one after his spirit was broken the other after a break. I just do not see their being enough there, even with amazing cars, even with a fantastic team, even with Horner and Marko who for better or worse, do know their shit, and even with Max in the car.

    Apis4Apis4Månad sedan
  • Aldas, I don't know why no one is talking about this, but get to the fucking point man. There's about 4 minutes or less valuable content in your videos and god the amount of bullshit that you spew by the time you get to the point is enormous. I recommend you watch other SEworldrs' content who are not in the F1 video making frenzy like ExperGamez and Dave2D and all these people who make it worth your time watching a video. Come on dude, I know you need that monies, but damn this is just hypocrisy.

    butter fingersbutter fingersMånad sedan
  • Turkey? For real? They where shit in Turkey

    Ioan SocaciIoan SocaciMånad sedan
  • They have to challange Mercedes or Max will leave

    bonoventobonoventoMånad sedan
  • I mean they could but you could see the cap between merc and RB close up after merc had stopped developing the w11,the gap was still pretty big before that,so I think they’ll be closer,but won’t beat merc

    hokhim chanhokhim chanMånad sedan
  • I feel like ricciardo and vettel are gonna have a fight, i just have that feeling

    a car ethusiasta car ethusiastMånad sedan
    • Did you mean as a fight to see which of them is the most underperforming in their new team? Because if so, you were right!

      DrakewyrmDrakewyrm21 timme sedan
    • @abhi verma don’t worry about that mate, he will handle it..

      Eddie AdamsEddie AdamsMånad sedan
    • First Ricciardo will have to handle Norris... Not much to say when he's been beaten by younger teammates like Daniil Kvyat and Max Verstappen... Lucky Ocon had a 1 year break else that would have been 3 in a row for Ricciardo...

      abhi vermaabhi vermaMånad sedan
    • fight? like in 2014? it was a wipeout mate, there won't be any fight...

      Eddie AdamsEddie AdamsMånad sedan
  • Pretenders cause they colluded with mercedes to fuck ferrari. Rb only wants money at this point.

    kly playskly playsMånad sedan
  • Apparently when you go on audible, you become a prefect human

    Justin TimeJustin TimeMånad sedan
  • it would help their championship points if max didnt dnf so much too lol

    nateyguy288nateyguy288Månad sedan
  • I can't wait to see Max and Cheko. However, we have Danny Ric and Lando. I personally think those are the ones for top 2 and 3, but so many mid fields in contention. I can't wait for 2021. The only thing I dread is Mazepin. CAN he race clean? I seriously hope he doesn't kill someone. I wish HAAS had made smarter choices.

    Anne RudAnne RudMånad sedan
  • But biggest question is who will win 2021 championship 🤭🤭🤭

    A BA BMånad sedan
  • i'm guessing 300k subs by summer 2022

    SickmannSickmannMånad sedan
  • Nope lewis will win again

    Aaron RamosAaron RamosMånad sedan
  • can you make a video on ferrari, can they fight with rb this year with their new engine

    dpolww dwdpolww dwMånad sedan
  • Mercedes build a car to win the season at the beginning of the season, Redbull builds a car to try and win the first race. It is the difference in build philosophy

    AidanAidanMånad sedan
  • When I see Max, I don't see a man standing, I see hope to dethrone Lewis

    Ayush DwivediAyush DwivediMånad sedan
    • @Kasper Cederlund 1. Consistent, i mean consistently winning in a championship car, he's never done that, he's never dealt with that pressure 2. Refer to the above, he's got 7 years coming 2nd 3rd and 4th, not one title fight in those 7 years 3. Patience lol, does turkey ring a bell? What about Brazil a few years ago?

      Reuben WillsReuben WillsMånad sedan
    • @Reuben Wills hes very cons9stent tho

      Darth vaderDarth vaderMånad sedan
    • @Tina Kutubu needs a reliable car. last few years he has run into mechanical issues.

      Cam AndersonCam AndersonMånad sedan
    • @Reuben Wills consistency: he was consistent (when the car allowed it) all through 2020 with his only mistake being that spin in Turkey. Experience: this is his 7th season in F1. You could say he has *a bit* of experience actually. Patience: i'd say he has quite a bit of patience now. He has matured alot since the "crashtappen" days and now is more patient with his moves and backs out of situations when he deems it to uncertain

      Kasper CederlundKasper CederlundMånad sedan
    • @Tina Kutubu yes he can tho lol

      AMRKUSHAMRKUSHMånad sedan
  • 2019 : We know how to beat Mercedes, we've proven it , we've made progress at the end of the season , so next year we try again 2020 : Repeats same line

    abhi vermaabhi vermaMånad sedan
    • its different though because the merc couldn't be changed much so abu dhabi was a correct showing of the cars pace. there will only be a few tenths difference

      LiamLiamMånad sedan
    • Except in early 2020 they weren't much better than the racing point and didn't beat their lap time in Hungary it was only after the nurburgring where red bull started to close up

      Infinity4074Infinity4074Månad sedan
    • Been that way since 2014 for RBR they start slow.

      TLR EclipseTLR EclipseMånad sedan
    • But this time the cars are mostly the same

      bonoventobonoventoMånad sedan
  • I dont think they'll be able to mount a title challenge all season long. Once they sign Mahaveer tho....

    Potato PantsPotato PantsMånad sedan
  • I got a feeling this won't be a jinx anymore and I'm genuinely excited if they managed to carry over that late 2020 form. To be real aslong as they're close enough they'll mount a real challenge since they're way hungrier and let's be honest they got the best pit crew on the grid and now they can exploit that potential with Perez onboard instead of wasting those routine sub 2sec stops on pathetic substandard drivers who languish in the midfield in a top car. I'm still a realist but they seem to be in the best shape ever going into a season with 2 great drivers and a fully evolved car.

    Tom B.Tom B.Månad sedan
  • I cant wait to see how Sergio performs in the RB. Seems like a good fit for him

    Andrew HuddlestonAndrew HuddlestonMånad sedan
  • Don't rate red bull so highly. If want to beat mercedes, red bull have to not just matching, but beat them outright. Remember what happened in 2019 and 2020 at the start of the season.

    John LauJohn LauMånad sedan
  • Hi! In my opinion they would be third car behind the 2 Mercedes cars,. Mercedes AMG & the new Aston Martin.. !? lol.. hahahha

    vicpico1vicpico1Månad sedan
  • I believe this "cycle" is simple: Merc has a better car, period. Once they amassed enough points to secure the championships, they stop developing that car and start work on the next one. This is when Red Bull start catching up and amassing more points, giving the illusion that they are catching up in performance. But while they are spending money and development on the current car, Merc is making sure they start the next season with the advantage, thus continuing the cycle. What Red Bull would've needed to do is to sacrifice a season so they get a full year to work on the next car and so start the season on equal footing to Merc. I think they already spent too much of their 2021 budget and development time on that car and should already be working on the 2022 car. With the new cost cap, they need to spend 2 years worth of money on a single car so they really close the gap to Merc. Only then could they really challenge.

    Renaud GiguereRenaud GiguereMånad sedan
  • Congrats on 78 k subs!!

    Lazer Shark ProductionsLazer Shark ProductionsMånad sedan
  • 4:04. The face is killing me

    Shirtless BananaShirtless BananaMånad sedan
  • I have a feeling Redbull will struggle badly with either car issues or dropped into the midfield.

    Apophis STRApophis STRMånad sedan
  • Making this outrageous prediction but Checo will place 3rd at Australia while Max beats Lewis for first. Then Red Bull also have 1st place in the constructors and it's a title fight between Bottas, Max and Lewis. Checo ultimately achieves P4 amd is resigned at the end of the year

    The ProfessorThe ProfessorMånad sedan
  • Imagine if RB wins but with Checo as world champion

    PatrickPatrickMånad sedan
    • Literally anyone other than Hamilton.

      Bryce PetersBryce PetersMånad sedan
  • @Aldas If they do better people will credit it with Checo being better than Alex, not the fact they've basically admitted they designed such a bad rear of the car last year that now they've had to resort to copying Mercedes

    Gambino IGambino IMånad sedan
  • They won't win championships but they'll throw away a lot fewer points with Albon out of the way

    F1JonesF1JonesMånad sedan
  • Lewis is done....it's gonna be valterri's year I can feel it!!!

    TanmayGargTanmayGargMånad sedan
    • X

      Andrew DakusAndrew DakusMånad sedan
    • 😂😂😂😂

      SravanSravanMånad sedan