Do Red Bull Leave Testing as the Title Favourites?

14 mar 2021
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With pre-season testing now over, for the first time in a very long time Mercedes look like they're genuinely on the back foot and it's Red Bull who have been the most impressive team and who showed good pace and reliability. However, what's really going on with Mercedes, and do Red Bull now go into the season, as the title favourites?
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  • Mercedes is playing everybody for a fool. They will be in front as usual. Strange that a big company like that has to be playing “games” and be dishonest.

    Ronald GreyRonald Grey28 dagar sedan
  • It's lights out and away we go And Mercedes wins the championship!!!!!

    Jamaican Me CrazyJamaican Me Crazy29 dagar sedan
  • Bottas topped Test Day 2. Mercedes aren't far off

    Christopher OrtizChristopher OrtizMånad sedan
  • Not getting my hopes up.

    aasm7aasm7Månad sedan
  • Let's forget the hype and wait for Q3 First race.

    Sibusiso KuneneSibusiso KuneneMånad sedan
  • Don't care if Mercedes win, I just want a fight for it

    Christian DyrvigChristian DyrvigMånad sedan
  • Mercedes still best car I think.

    Robbie NLRobbie NLMånad sedan
  • It will be HAM BOT VER as always.. I'm not gonna believe anything else until I see it

    UlyssesBrain T.UlyssesBrain T.Månad sedan
  • Title favorites? No. MERC are title favorites. HAM will in this 8th crown, Botas will have his last season at MERC. Ferrari will do better than last year but not as good as they think they will do. SEB will have a better season but AMR isn’t there yet.

    SF0311SF0311Månad sedan
  • Plot twist: One of the Red Bull car DNF in first race, one podium.. winner a surprise one

    Ritaraj DattaRitaraj DattaMånad sedan
  • Last year Red Bull had the same rear end issue this time Merc is having the same

    Ritaraj DattaRitaraj DattaMånad sedan
  • Don't forget Max is having lady luck with him this year

    Ritaraj DattaRitaraj DattaMånad sedan
  • Merc is just sandbagging.

    Jon DonnellyJon DonnellyMånad sedan
  • Ferrari sand bagging

    LabGorillaLabGorillaMånad sedan
  • Year 2021 - Honestly, I had a strong feeling that Max Vestapin will be a new world champion. A sayonara to Lewis Hamilton.... 🤔🤔🤔

    Mike MichaelMike MichaelMånad sedan
  • Red Bull is still hands down my favorite livery.

    Ethnicity __Ethnicity __Månad sedan
  • I’ve kinda got the feeling that Max would be able to beat Hamilton with comparable cars...

  • Red Bull finally caught up with Mercedes. so we can see an exciting title fight. Plot twist: Red Bull is so far ahead, they'll do a Mercedes season...

    RockomaxRockomaxMånad sedan
  • Simple answer- No. I still think Mercedes are miles ahead of everyone else when it comes to the overall package , even after a less than stellar winter. Will be interesting to see how the order shakes out next year, still think that Merc will be fighting for the title, although I can see McLaren jumping into the front pack. As for Red Bull, well I think they are in for a world of pain until 2025 at least, I can only see them tumbling further down the field with what will be an increasingly outdated engine, maybe even further back than Ferrari eventually.

    KD F1KD F1Månad sedan
  • Take a look at the other end of the spectrum, do you really believe that Aston Martin are the slowest team based on their test times.

    Zack SevenZack SevenMånad sedan
  • We don't talk much about New honda power unit 🤔

    தமிழமுதன் ஈழவேந்தன்தமிழமுதன் ஈழவேந்தன்Månad sedan
  • no

    JFords_27JFords_27Månad sedan
  • Red bull 1&2 inshallah

    Abdulla FawazAbdulla FawazMånad sedan
  • Stop gushing about Mercedes, nobody stays at the top forver, so we will see them slide down slightly. Its only NORMAL. Red Bull??? Verstappen so arrogant he will fuck up everything with his cockiness, Perez will be ahead of him. :)

    MikkaMikkaMånad sedan
  • no

    Jaume GenaroJaume GenaroMånad sedan
  • the only thing that can go wrong for redbull is their engine. Max had 4 or 5 dnf's last season purely because of the engine breaking. He could have been a very strong second place for the championship.

    BlueeyBlueeyMånad sedan
    • He had 5 DNF’s, only 2 were engine related

      MiniMiniMånad sedan
  • Max says on Ziggo sport that hé did not run on low fuel modes every Day hé driven

    A.J.RA.J.RMånad sedan
  • I think Albon probably could’ve achieved enough to survive had he been given this car

    Scott ElderScott ElderMånad sedan
  • Before I watch a quick answer is no.

    Ash WittsAsh WittsMånad sedan
  • Just wanna add to that high-low rake comparison between RB and Racing Point. 2020 was the first year Racing Point ever used low-rake concept, until that point they had Red Bull like car what they openly admitted. But besides that, great video

    VenqishVenqishMånad sedan
  • no.

    BloodMagicLordBloodMagicLordMånad sedan
  • I have no idea if Red Bull-uh are the favourite-uh on the grid-uh, but it's going to be exciting-uh to find out-uh.

    AdamAdamMånad sedan
  • Awesome content love it!!!!!

    Menho DonoghueMenho DonoghueMånad sedan
  • I know everyone still thinks merc are going to walk it but, this is the worst merc have looked and the best someone else has looked against them 🤷‍♂️ are they going to lose? Who knows, all I hope is that it is at least closer wise and we can have a Hamilton/verstappen championship fight.

    Silversteve-oSilversteve-oMånad sedan
  • I can’t believe Honda are leaving despite there amazing momentum

    Mark DunsdenMark DunsdenMånad sedan
  • I'm getting 2005 vibes. But I'm never getting excited

    HughHughMånad sedan
  • just realised Ive been watching you for 2 years! Time flies

    Forty FourForty FourMånad sedan
  • Ive been watching f1 for 40 years. And i have to say this , this is the worse shape its ever been in. Every year orn2 we have regulations aimed at halting development for the lower rung of the grid. This isnt racing. The season outcomes have already been determined by board and investors prior to the season starting in reality. This isn't a sport rather a choreographed tv series based of motor racing that used to happen decades prior

    C. TC. TMånad sedan
  • Genuinely curious how much better Alex would perform in the more stable 16B, maybe a lot more consistent like he was in 2019?

    Basti SantiagoBasti SantiagoMånad sedan
  • Honestly, who are we kidding, Merc on C5 coming a second slower than Redbull? Merc knows they dont need to show their hand and run quali pace. Even if the merc is garbage at quali their car is still fast enough to win a race even if they quali last.

    Rashad ArbabRashad ArbabMånad sedan
  • Come on Aldas? A closer competition? The only thing that made Mercedes get closer to the rest of the pack was Ferrari falling to the back of the grid. This happens every year we think this is the year max is going to come out of the gate swinging. And every year we get a Merc 1,2 finish on the first race. Merc could just run last year's car all season long and still win the title.

    Rashad ArbabRashad ArbabMånad sedan
  • Don’t sleep on Perez 🇲🇽

    Luis RodriguezLuis RodriguezMånad sedan
  • one queston: who made the holeshot in this track a few months ago? wasnt it?

    Laura MartinsLaura MartinsMånad sedan
  • I like these pictures of drivers checking out other cars. Especially if Mercedes drivers are checking your car it means it might be a threat.

    MimMMimMMånad sedan
  • All these behaviours of Mercedes,are to assure fans for a tight Season,valtteri Bottas sets the fastest lap at the end of pré-testing 3 ,i think this is a proof that Mercedes are playing the victim of the New régulations,. Mercedes powers were deleted by FIA such as PARTY MODE, DAS SYSTEME

    Salla MoussaSalla MoussaMånad sedan
  • Looks like we'll have a very competitive and entertaining season - time to change the technical regs!

    Som GuySom GuyMånad sedan
  • Mercedes don't show their strength during testing. Wait til you see them kill it in the race day.

    Mbogo KuriaMbogo KuriaMånad sedan
  • So much advantage during testing, Bahrein merc 1 2

    NightmarebyilkeNightmarebyilkeMånad sedan
  • i am worried about mercedes. This year based on what we saw is real title war would be close. Here is where redbulls perez gamble might payoff and put them on front foot and may even clincg the title. One hope for mercs is that Lewis is still in his prime and he can tame any car aslong as it has the potential. Anyway lets wait and see

    Anu Mohandas NairAnu Mohandas NairMånad sedan
  • Well the racing point/force india used the high rake ideology till 2018/19. So he might be a little familiar with the entire thing.

    Vaibhav GuptaVaibhav GuptaMånad sedan
  • Checo & Max will be like Lewis & Fernando in 07. RB will win WCC but some other team might win WDC. I'll be back in a year.

    Solitary ReaperSolitary ReaperMånad sedan
  • Maybe Merc was sandbagging......but what if BR was bagging even more?........

    RDWRDWMånad sedan
  • I Sure hope Were gonna get a Lewis and Max title fight. F1 is so boring now, I really miss the the old Nail biting Rivalry battles.

    Tony'Capet Cleaning tccTony'Capet Cleaning tccMånad sedan
  • Given that the RB car seems to have improved quite dramatically, particularly in stability, it does make me wonder if Alex or Pierre would have been at least as good as Sergio. Just a thought, I'm not knocking him or his ability. He's a fine driver, usually.

    Mandy BMandy BMånad sedan
  • Toto after first race: "Yes, we had a lot of problems during testing but we analysed data very well and guys in factory did amazing job. Happy for 1-2, it's a worrying sign that Lewis and Valtteri were just 25 seconds in front of Max at the end of the race, so we will work on that.

    Tom TTom TMånad sedan
  • Mercedes and their sandbagging shenanigans

    Rose GrahamRose GrahamMånad sedan
  • It's been the same for the last 3 seasons. In pre season mercedes looks in trouble or struggling. Come the actual races, they dominate like usual. This has literally been happening for years. Why are people still thinking it's gonna be different? I get people want mercedes to lose but be realistic. Mercedes dominate for a reason. Even if they are actually ever in trouble, they fix the problems immediately. Unlike other teams who say fuck it it will be fine *cough* ferrari *cough*

    Simonas ButvilasSimonas ButvilasMånad sedan
  • After Bahrain GP Merc P1 Lewis: I'm not gonna lie that was an extremely tough race out there. Credit to the team for working so hard.

    MKR TracksideMKR TracksideMånad sedan
  • Checo could not have come to Red Bull in a better time.

    Steinstra 1961Steinstra 1961Månad sedan
  • No

    Mario MelendezMario MelendezMånad sedan
  • when will people stop reading so much into testing ffs, do you idiots never learn. If redbull are on top at the end of Q3 then yes you can start the bandwagon, testing times are mostly irrelevant.

    Reuben WillsReuben WillsMånad sedan
  • Makes me wonder how good that DAS system was. Hmm.

    Chris CruzeChris CruzeMånad sedan
  • Thinking RB take the Constructors but Lewis takes the Drivers crown

    Poke boiPoke boiMånad sedan
  • Just one word: Merceiiiiidiiiis

    Nahuel ArbizaNahuel ArbizaMånad sedan
  • Red Bull > McLaren > Mercedes > Alpha Tauri > Ferrari > Alpine > Alfa Romeo > Aston Martin > Williams > Haas. Mercedes and Aston Martin easily the biggest losers of testing.

    Gustavo MonteiroGustavo MonteiroMånad sedan
  • If the RB16B is as great as it looks I hope a bit of the thanks goes to Alex Albon too

    billy muhizybilly muhizyMånad sedan
  • Last time Honda left the sport, they won the championship the following year with a Northern European and South American driver.

    Barks LifeBarks LifeMånad sedan
  • Martin Brindle: And here comes Hamilton..... Breaking the record ... Going one above Schumacher... What a champ What a team RedBull have to settle for 2nd....

    Lington DanielLington DanielMånad sedan
  • in my opinion they do not but i think mercedes are not going 1-2 and are definitly not going to walk away with it. And the mercedes looks a lot more unstable. mclaren are also very close.

    BlauwoothBlauwoothMånad sedan
  • Nahhhhhh. Red Bull have a battle on their hands for P2, not P1. McLaren and Ferrari will be at the front, and Aston are the only manufacturer to bring a completely new chassis to 2021. Red Bull and Mercedes are running last years chassis.

    Jake MJake MMånad sedan
  • Everyone talking about merc dominance and red bull catching up, but I am really impressed about Alpha Tauri. Also second best time set by their rookie Tsunoda.

    Karl LõoväliKarl LõoväliMånad sedan
  • I feel like its mclaren actually with their new power unit

    ZeroOfTwoZeroOfTwoMånad sedan
  • Sandbagging is so powerful. It sends the competitors in panic after qualifying knowing that they have more work to do

    kontinnuumkontinnuumMånad sedan
  • I dont think Red Bull are title favorites yet, Mercedes are still the reigning champions but I think Mercedes will definitely struggle a bit in the first race and my early pick is Max wins the first race Lewis in 2nd and Ricciardo in 3rd

    Nicolas PressasNicolas PressasMånad sedan
  • Mercedes are always slow until the last minute.

    MaxskiMaxskiMånad sedan
  • Bottas is the one makes the race boring.

    Duy DtkinhDuy DtkinhMånad sedan
  • How short our memory. It was 2019 when after testing all the media said that Ferrari was the team to beat Mercedes based on the Mercedes performance from the weekend. What happened to the season that year? You know what happened. So let's take a deep breath and watch how the Mercedes machine collects itself and comes stronger than ever. They are winners and they are the best at learning from their mistakes IN RECORD TIME. If you see Mercedes on their back foot you need to run as fast as you can because they are coming for you 10XXX faster.

    Richard RiveraRichard RiveraMånad sedan
    • 😂😂😂 you are right

      Richard RiveraRichard RiveraMånad sedan
    • Well, it seems that your memory is not that good as well sinds you forgot to mention that Ferrari was cheating and the faa found out about that minor detail and gave them an extra sensor. Ferrari was criple sinds then.

      Danny’s kanaalDanny’s kanaalMånad sedan
  • Bahrain to Abu Dhabi Merc 1-2 get in there lewis lol haha XD

    shivachetan ulavishivachetan ulaviMånad sedan
  • Total bullshit as usual. Mercedes owns and runs F1.... the only rule in F1 is that the cheating nazis at Mercedes are the only team allowed to win titles. Period. Total fake bullshit sport!

    John La MonteJohn La MonteMånad sedan
  • Yes and no. Red Bull had a good test... But... I think McLaren needs to be watched , Closely. Mercedes will not be the same as testing. I heard over the weekend , someone said "We dont have a mid field... We have a field... Gonna be a good year.

    Bob DeVreezeBob DeVreezeMånad sedan
  • Red Bull did everyone dirty because from what it seems like that Honda engine is very strong this year and now with the engine development freeze.

    rohit nautiyalrohit nautiyalMånad sedan
  • "Redbull didnt have any major issues" *also rdebull* Engine cover literally flys off for no reason

    Concerning PlayerConcerning PlayerMånad sedan
    • @The Professor possibly true, but I think a mistake like that shouldn't be glanced over, how many cars in the past decade have ripped off there own skins mid drive

      Concerning PlayerConcerning PlayerMånad sedan
    • Probably not bolted on properly or too thin. After that, everything was good

      The ProfessorThe ProfessorMånad sedan
  • I've already been waiting so long until crofty will say and it's max verstappen champion of the world

    Ivar BiekIvar BiekMånad sedan
  • Strong feeling Red Bull is gonna do what's called a Bottas. Looking good until it matters.

    StarfallStarfallMånad sedan
  • One of my mates ran into horner dropping off his kid today. he told him that he hoped they were gonna win the title. :)

    Alegee06Alegee06Månad sedan
  • Merc ran high fuel through out the tests and after the gearbox problem they decided not to show anything to anyone

    D HarperD HarperMånad sedan
  • That Merc has some downforce issue at the rear.

    samsonlovesyousamsonlovesyouMånad sedan
    • All of the amgs are weighing them down.

      Drew HurleyDrew HurleyMånad sedan
  • No.

    Fabian HolofluxFabian HolofluxMånad sedan
  • If Merc hadn't said that they weren't able to do all te tests they wanted i would agree they were probably in the backfoot, but they did

    VirtualGobllim47VirtualGobllim47Månad sedan
  • I said it before, I say it again, this is gonna be the "2012 season" of the hybrid era. I am sure Mercedes will have found most of their speed back when the races start so this is gonna be an exiting season for sure. Don't rule out McLaren and Alpine for nice results either.

    WolfdenGaming /MavadeloWolfdenGaming /MavadeloMånad sedan
  • Mercedes came into testing blasting enter sandman

    John VitoJohn VitoMånad sedan
  • How can you underestimate Mercedes after the last 7 seasons? I’m no fan of theirs but I cannot accept people saying Red Bull are the team to beat. You can be certain if there are any real issues with the Mercedes they will get on top of it quickly it is what they have done since they re-entered the sport as a works team. Also testing means diddly squat. Mercedes weren’t ever on a true low fuel run for one and their long runs pace was strong. Talk about jumping on the bandwagon. I really want to see a proper title fight between Mercs and R.B but I expect Mercedes to turn it on when it really matters.

    Dave WarrenDave WarrenMånad sedan
  • But what if red bull are also sandbagging?

    Joe RoganJoe RoganMånad sedan
  • I think it sounds stupid but testing should give points for the championship to end fucking sandbagging

    x_iLxVeMyR4b0N4x_iLxVeMyR4b0N4Månad sedan
  • No they dont ..

    Niki DjakovicNiki DjakovicMånad sedan
  • have to disagree on Perez not being experienced with high rake cars Racing Point only used a low rake car last year, before they were the closest to Red Bull in terms of rake

    illdeletethisilldeletethisMånad sedan
  • I really hope they can fight with Mercedes & not hand Lewis his 8th Championship on a silver platter

    Dane PaulsenDane PaulsenMånad sedan
  • the award goes to lewis for best actor

    Kith DaclagKith DaclagMånad sedan
  • I really would love to see an answer from Aldas today. I feel excited when i see youtubers commenting on my questions.

    Emile KaramEmile KaramMånad sedan
  • Aldas, let's think a little and remember about Ferrari betwwen 2004-2005. I said that in previous videos comments, and like what happened with Ferrari in 2005 in the final V10 season before V8 in 2006, after 2004 dominance, then they not just lost in 2005, but they were also crushed. No way to challenge for the title. And now with a dominant 2020 Mercedes, could it happen again and lose it in 2021 just in the last V6 hybrid season and finally see a 2nd winner in that era?? It should but nobody is remembering it. Why it can't happen like Ferrari from 15-16 years??!! What's different so that Mercedes doesn't lose in a final season of an era??

    Emile KaramEmile KaramMånad sedan