Why Pierre Gasly’s F1 Future is Out of His Control

9 feb 2021
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This season it really does feel as if Gasly will be actively looking to assess his options going forward with a possible move to another team in 2022. To me his time under the Red Bull umbrella is up but although there are seats in 2022 and I'm sure that there are teams that are interested in a driver of Gasly's calibre, to me it feels as though Pierre's future is more in the hands of the other teams and the other drivers on the grid, in this video I talk about his realistic options for 2022 and where I think he best fits amongst the viable options.

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  • I know these are a lot of if's and that we're only two races into 2021, but: If Gasly keeps a consistant performance (yes, Imola was kind of shit due to the wrong tire strategy), if Hamilton decides to retire and if Bottas keeps performing this poorly, a Russell/Gasly lineup at Mercedes is not out of the question.

    Chara MiaChara Mia31 minut sedan
  • Dude you need to post this video at least after watching 2 weekends of Yuki's debut.

    Rajdeep BorgohainRajdeep Borgohain2 timmar sedan
  • Let's remember that Sainzs future was also out of his control until he broke free from his Toro Rosso contract.

    Jacob MasseyJacob MasseyDag sedan
  • Pierre is very good, what I think he might lack is solid Management to back him up. He's in the exactly same position Sainz was in his ToroRosso days: no chance to get (another) shot at Redbull and pretty much stuck there. Sainz' Management was keen enough to work Carlos' way to Renault, which by the way it was struggling a lot, then to Mclaren and eventually to Ferrari. But the key move was freeing him from the Redbull "road to nowhere" galaxy where Pierre is stuck right now. He must get outta there, even if doing this means choosing a Team whose performance is currently worse than Alpha Tauri which is doing very good. It's gonna pay in the long term since no matter how good Alpha Tauri will get it will never be given the chance to overshadow Redbull besides some very lucky wins like Monza 2020. Ciao!

    Andras Gustavo SideriAndras Gustavo Sideri2 dagar sedan
  • As he always expressed in interviews, he wants to be on the fastest car

    Margaux MMargaux M3 dagar sedan
  • He’s just gonna drive fast wherever he goes

    Lucas FLucas F3 dagar sedan
  • I dont think mercedes will take gasly... Either he will continue alpha touris, or sign up Alpine

    msf...msf...6 dagar sedan
  • 2022aaa, brokenaaa, videoaaa, Gaslyaaa, suddenaaa, yearaaa

    SchwamieSchwamie12 dagar sedan
  • If Ocon fails , he could go to Alpine but that also assumes that Guanyu Zhou doesnt get the seat... Russel will go to whatever Mercedes seat gets freed first Mclaren will go for Norris and Ricciardo for the long-term Ferarri wants their two drivers for the long term too Aston Martin could fire Vettel if he fails in 2021 like 2020 ... He could go to Williams if Russel goes to Mercedes... He could go to Alfa Romeo , cmon , Kimi has to retire this year (i hope?) I dont see him ever goung to Haas ... Mercedes and Red Bull are very unlikely and that is assuming he is replaced in Alpha Tauri , he may actually stay for 2022

    mariolis1000mariolis100012 dagar sedan
  • Ghasly will most likely join the new Aston Martin team as better will for sure retire after this season

    Emanuele FerreroEmanuele Ferrero12 dagar sedan
  • Williams would be a bad move for Pierre full stop!

    sbhawanie69sbhawanie6912 dagar sedan
  • Red Bull has already stated several times publicly that AlphaTauri is no longer a junior team like during its Toro Rosso days. While both teams obviously can pull from the same development program and drivers can choose to switch teams, I doubt they would push Gasly out for a new driver barring some truly awful results.

    Austin LockwoodAustin Lockwood13 dagar sedan
  • *Aldas* 23:59: He's going to get the better of Tsunoda for sure. 00:00: Tsunoda is going to beat Gasly in 2021 I put *all* my money and my dignity on it,

    Eduardo FreitasEduardo Freitas14 dagar sedan
  • What’s the name of the background music?

    Joe ScacciaJoe Scaccia15 dagar sedan
  • redbull arent looking to promote another driver with max and perez in the seat

    KubaKuba15 dagar sedan
  • I dont see Gasly doing too much more in f1 than his win. Ive been watching f1 since I was born in the early 90s and while I think hes good, I dont think hes That good. Hope he proves me wrong but I doubt it. Ive seen many wonderkind come and go.

    Oblio1942Oblio194217 dagar sedan
  • Staying at AlphaTauri might actually be a good idea. With the budget cap they might get cars with the same capabilities.

    Bob FgBob Fg17 dagar sedan
  • Got a dnf but he still had P5 in quali, that's just wow

    Leo FisherLeo Fisher19 dagar sedan
  • Gasley/russell would be nice to see

    Gonzalo SanchezGonzalo Sanchez19 dagar sedan
  • If he has another really good season he deserves to go to one of the top teams maybe Ferrari as he is a race winner unlike sainz but that depends on Schumacher’s progress. Mercedes looks like the best option as Hamilton won’t be around much longer and Bottas will move on soon.

    Callum BoscoeCallum Boscoe20 dagar sedan
  • i like PG hope he has a long f1 career

    Ober MachinistOber Machinist22 dagar sedan
  • Boy this looks silly now the way you talk about alpha tauri...no one expected them to be this fast though!

    Taste of GibbyTaste of Gibby23 dagar sedan
  • Dumbest title i ever saw. Just came by to say that. not bothered to watch. you lost me with clickbait.

    Marlin StarkillerMarlin Starkiller24 dagar sedan
  • God I wish Gasly well!

    David LonholDavid Lonhol24 dagar sedan
  • undoubtebly ;)

    BraveheartBraveheart26 dagar sedan
  • i dont see Hamilton leaving after 2021 if he does leave he’ll leave after 2022 to see how Mercedes is with the new regulations. Only realistic option for a new team for Pierre would be Alpine to replace one of Alonso/Ocon. Alfa would probably get Pourchaire to replace Kimi and if both leave then they’d probably get Armstrong or Ilott & Pourchaire. Williams would be too much of a drop down imo and they’d probably get Ticktum or a veteran driver to replace Russell and if Latifi leaves too (which i doubt cuz sponsors) then they get 2 veterans

    Carlos GeliCarlos Geli27 dagar sedan
  • Just a thought. Mercedes could also take Ocon considering he has links with them which could open the spot at alpine for Pierre

    StuVegas46StuVegas4628 dagar sedan
  • Yuki might surprise you

    Jamaican Me CrazyJamaican Me Crazy29 dagar sedan
  • that title though.... As if the man can't choose where to go if he's offered a contract by multiple teams. He has dignity, you know. Maybe he gives Mercedes the middle finger and goes to Alpine or vice versa..

    Plamen MilanovPlamen Milanov29 dagar sedan
  • Pierre is gonna drive a redbull again. I'm calling it.

    Philip BattersbyPhilip BattersbyMånad sedan
  • I'd actually be really interested to see him at Williams.

    Ecoblade XEcoblade XMånad sedan
  • Why would Pierre want to leave AT?

    AnvarynnAnvarynnMånad sedan
  • Most likely he will be dropped and not picked up again as soon as RedBull want to bring up a young driver.

    Ian McLeanIan McLeanMånad sedan
  • I hope Gasly gets a place in a good team, I believe he had problems at Red Bull, but not because he was a bad driver, but because of the extreme pressure, in addition to the pressure of F1, he was still being compared to Max Verstappen who is probably the best driver on the grid, but at Toro Rosso / Alpha Tauri he doesn’t have so much pressure and can focus on what matters, that’s why he drives well at Alpha Tauri but didn’t perform as well at Red Bull, Alex Albon, who was also a good driver could not stand the pressure of Red Bull, now let's see if Checo can handle it, even Daniel Ricciardo ran away from Red Bull, And as we all know, Red Bull is a team that is not usually very kind to the drivers!

    Fellipe MirandaFellipe MirandaMånad sedan
  • wanted to see Gasly and Albon in a team together sucks it might never happen

    dpolww dwdpolww dwMånad sedan
  • ‘22 Alpine: French pride and most likely Ocon is going to get trounced by Alonso.

    oscardriveroscardriverMånad sedan
  • You forgot marketability of the driver too. The reason why Perez was dropped for underperforming seb. If ocon is getting replaced by gasly, rather than performance, which they're on par with, would be marketability And ever since his Monza win he's been on a good high. And marketability is one of the good points of gasly

    Asif AzeezAsif AzeezMånad sedan
  • Mercedes would be the coolest, Alpine is the one I think he signs with, Williams makes the most sense for him overall

    Joseph SotoJoseph SotoMånad sedan
  • I have a hot take that Ocon moves to Mercedes with Russel in 2022 after both Bottas and Hamilton leave F1 Gasly moves to Alpine and a new Mercedes jr takes over russels spot or maybe even an Alex Albon

    Jason SifinskiJason SifinskiMånad sedan
  • If Mercedes gets an all new driver line-up and pair Occon (who’s already a Mercedes junior driver) alongside Russell, I could see Gasly go to Alpine

    Jlws _117Jlws _117Månad sedan
  • I feel like Gasly is gonna end up booting Ocon out of Renault tbh. I think the gap between them is further that you think, but also Alonso may sabotage Ocon with his toxicity. It sucks cause I love Sainz, but Gasly and Leclerc together when they’re already close? Chemistry could change the game

    Caleb GreenCaleb GreenMånad sedan
  • He'll move up to Red Bull to replace Verstappen who will go to Mercedes when Hamilton retires.

    Nikolay IvanovNikolay IvanovMånad sedan
  • His eyes is on RedBull seat, so for him Alpha Tauri is just a ladder, but he has false hope there is no chance for him to back at RedBull and he is just ruining his career.

    DiabloDevilsBADiabloDevilsBAMånad sedan
  • Just think about this... Hamilton or Bottas is set to leave Mercedes at the end of the 2021 season as I just can't imagine Mercedes leaving Russell with Williams for another year. Hamilton will either retire or Mercedes will ask Bottas to leave - imo Mercedes don't intend to go into the 2022 regulations with the same lineup and that's why they each have a one year contract. I think Russell will get promoted and then the Williams team will be in the search for a new no.1 driver. Williams is going to have a better season this year and, with the extra funding, I believe they will return to the dramatic midfield after the potential reshuffling of the table in 2022. That will make them a prime option for existing under-rated drivers such as Gasly or drivers like Hulkenburg, Kvyat or Albon to rejoin the grid. Mercedes will also be out to recruit a new rookie driver to add to their academy to replace Hamilton/Bottas after 2022, probably 2023 or 2024, where they want another young driver along with now experienced Russell. This will help Gasly join their team as well. However, Mercedes already have Ocon and might decide to replace Russell with Ocon in Williams, eyeing him to join Mercedes with Russell later - depending on his form in 2021. This also gives Gasly the opportunity to join Alpine next season. So I guess with Mercedes changing their lineup, it will be Gasly and Ocon to benefit and one will get an Alpine drive in 2022 or a Williams drive with a potential move to Mercedes in the future.

    Armaan NiyasArmaan NiyasMånad sedan
  • 7:00 u cant ignore Ocon as mercedes academy driver

    CL RenCL RenMånad sedan
  • Lewis Hamilton will stay with Merc in 2022. I bet

    Steve ABCDEFSteve ABCDEFMånad sedan
  • For some reason I always want to see a Lola scene from Big Mouth after listening to Aldas 🤔

    NoavaileblenamesNoavaileblenamesMånad sedan
  • I never really thought about it but gasly to William's actually makes alot of sense

    Djm939Djm939Månad sedan
  • It would be funny and amazing if Hamilton retire than and they drop bottas so they have Russell and gasly.

    Muhammad HadramiMuhammad Hadrami2 månader sedan
  • No look, if on the other hand, Ocon gives a stellar perormance, Alpine still might have to leave him, unwillingly, because at that point Mercedes would be Eyeing at him as Russel's partner (Given that Max stays with Red Bull due to engine freeze). So Pierre still gets a shot at it, and being a French driver, it'd be easier won't it?

    Fatin Faiaz IstyFatin Faiaz Isty2 månader sedan
  • I don't agree that Pierre only has had 1 really good season. He had one the year before moving to Redbull also. That's why he got promoted. Otherwise, really good videos! You have interesting topics on your videos :)

    Simon LarssonSimon Larsson2 månader sedan
  • Come back and see this when Gasly's put in Red Bull again for 2022. Lewis goes, Max uses his performance clause to go to Merc, Gasly promoted up.

    Zoe CZoe C2 månader sedan
  • I'm not sure why you say he's only had 1 good season. I personally think Gasly has had 2.5 good seasons in F1 instead of just one as you say. His first season in F1 with Torro Rosso was really good for a first season, hence why Redbull brought him up, after failing at Redbull he went back and scored a podium and performed well throughout the rest of the season, and last season he did amazingly all season long and became a race winner. Essentially, Gasly has always performed and put his Torro Rosso/Alpha Tauri where it shouldn't be.

    TigerChuuTigerChuu2 månader sedan
  • he has to beat a better teammate, the only better teammate the dude has had was verstappen it's so unfair

    H BH B2 månader sedan
  • I never got the hype around Ocon he is just an average driver.

    JDM CJMJDM CJM2 månader sedan
    • Seriously

      OJ_Lewis09OJ_Lewis09Månad sedan
  • Alpine and Williams I agree they are the best possibilities. There is a caveat however. Williams is currently acting like a Mercedes junior team with Rusell for example. However Williams has a glorious history in F1 and a few bad seasons do not erase that. I am sure they will come back stronger for 2022. Now I don't know if Mercedes wants to promote another junior into F1 but even if it doesn't Bottas needs to lose 2nd position

    Christoforos PaphitisChristoforos Paphitis2 månader sedan
  • Can someone tell me the name of the background track?

    J 1J 12 månader sedan
  • Best place for Pierre is Alpha Tauri Why? = A team that is on the way up, punches more than their weight and a midfield team that regularly gets podiums and was able to get a P1 GP WIN as a midfield team. With Alpha Taur you have a team that is on the way up, grateful to you, your team mate is not a threat, your pay is increasing, likelihood of more podiums and all important less pressure (work life balance).

    crxdelsolsircrxdelsolsir2 månader sedan
  • Hes going to alpine, ocons contract is over in 2021

    CéB 11EVENCéB 11EVEN2 månader sedan
  • The other curve ball is more team joining the F1 comp, eg Toyota, Honda, Kia, A Chinese entrant (sorry to those in. China I am familiar what sports car manufacturer you have there), Ford and Holden

    David ColiDavid Coli2 månader sedan
  • Talented young FRENCH driver of course FRENCH ALPINE should go and try to sign Gasly

    Ketsune23Ketsune232 månader sedan
  • Gasly/Aitken at Williams would be a hell of a team if it ever happened

    Robert PercyRobert Percy2 månader sedan
  • Alonso just needs to go away again. Hope he proves to be the cancer he is and Renault drops him for gasley and ocon

    Renlys Other LoverRenlys Other Lover2 månader sedan
  • Just imagine Pierre and George at Mercedes

    hype.gravityhype.gravity2 månader sedan
    • Ooof should’ve waited to comment 😖

      hype.gravityhype.gravity2 månader sedan
  • Hmmm, fair. Williams seems to be the best fit, having new investment and likely to climb back up the grid, but Alfa Romeo seems to be a good shout too, fighting with upcoming Ferrari talent will be tough, but that will push Pierre as much as his potential Alfa teammate would, hence both drivers improve their craft. Alfa Romeo is also a team at the back of the field so it would be a good project for Pierre like Williams would be. The only thing is that there is so many Ferrari Driver academy drivers on the books fighting for an Alfa or Haas seat, it seems far fetched. However, if Mazepin gets booed out of F1, the tables could turn.

    Magnus TanMagnus Tan2 månader sedan
  • Him and George will be in mercs

    John RosenbergJohn Rosenberg2 månader sedan
  • If ocon performs next year he could go to merc and alpine get gasly

    Lucas RhodesLucas Rhodes2 månader sedan
  • I think he is going to replace Ocon at Alpine.

    Cedric AsdfghjklCedric Asdfghjkl2 månader sedan
  • Mercedes with Russell would be awesome but alpine and aston martin even mclaren still viable.

    TurnerTHATurnerTHA2 månader sedan
  • I really like your videos, they are very well done and analysed at the point, great channel.

    Rivaldo SilvaRivaldo Silva2 månader sedan
  • I would love to see Gasly and Russel as future Mercades drivers. I have gotten bored of the current lineup ngl.

    ToddReyToddRey2 månader sedan
  • So his big chance is to join the team that has been dead last in recent years....yawn

    Jim ElliottJim Elliott2 månader sedan
  • I can see the Williams argument, though I think the Alfa Romeo route in place of Kimi might be the better one -> yes he would have to deal with young Ferrari drivers but to me that's an environment he knows from RB academy so the Alfa Romeo seat would be like his current one but actually more secure since Ferrari can't replace him on a whim like RB can and If Ferrari can deliver a proper engine in '22 he might prove himself to be VERY competitive in midfield (Like Ricciardo 2020 level). Renault/Alpine would be interesting though and somehow I don't see them dropping Occon for him either but sooner Alonso (but now we're well in 'out of control' territory)

    TheMigratingCoconutTheMigratingCoconut2 månader sedan

    Liverpool DreamersLiverpool Dreamers2 månader sedan
  • Alpine is the only option that remotely sounds like an upgrade I hope gasly stays at alpha tauri

    Wei WangWei Wang2 månader sedan
  • Would love to see Gasly and Russell at Mercedes together

    John BarrsJohn Barrs2 månader sedan
  • Williams is imo his best way to go cause he would be the leader and he could now that Williams are stable be there leader

    Dj MacDj Mac2 månader sedan
  • Sry but I do not see any link to Williams. Pierre has no connection to Mercedes nor to Williams F1 team members. Im pretty sure Williams will give their second cockpit to rookie in 2022. I think that Alpine appears to be the most likely option. Why? Because he is a france man and already has a connection to Renault as an engine supplier. If Ocons 2021 season is as "average" as this year, there is no reason for Alpine to pick Ocon over Pierre.

    Siegbert schnöselSiegbert schnösel2 månader sedan
  • the only place gasly can go is aplha tauri. mercedes will get russell and bottas. i don't think alpine and alfa romeo will be a move forward.

    Critical KarmaCritical Karma2 månader sedan
  • If he has another great season which he will Gasly will be in high demand

    Cillian McElroyCillian McElroy2 månader sedan
  • I think maybe if Alonso will underperform in 2021, Gasly could replace him. Alonso has a contract for 2022, but like you said, things can change very quickly, so i see posibility of Gasly - Ocon at Alpine in 2022

    SynurSynur2 månader sedan
  • Hamilton and Gasly apparently play a lot of COD together so it could be possible for Hamilton to influence Mercedes if he retires after this year

    Thomas WThomas W2 månader sedan
  • You forget about the French media pressure that’s pushing for gasly to be in a French team. With his win in Italy he’s becoming a bit of a star, more than Ocon will ever be. Plus Alonso destroys team mates and I see ocon being replaced because of this

    Mr NovemberHotelMr NovemberHotel2 månader sedan
    • ?????

      OJ_Lewis09OJ_Lewis09Månad sedan
  • Imagine alphatauri becomes as good as redbull after the budget cap

    H DHILH DHIL2 månader sedan
  • I think Gasly will take another term in Alpha Tauri because he needs to mature enough to move to bigger teams like Mercedes or Redbull

    Rishav RanjanRishav Ranjan2 månader sedan
  • If Russell leaves he will make sure Albon gets his seat at Williams

    Nuno CarvalhoNuno Carvalho2 månader sedan
  • Why does everyone still think Ocon is a really good driver? He’s just fine. He’s not as good as Gasly. He’s just a seat filler. Someone had to say it.

    Luis RodriguezLuis Rodriguez2 månader sedan
    • yes

      Nathan SkinnerNathan SkinnerMånad sedan
    • No

      OJ_Lewis09OJ_Lewis09Månad sedan
  • I would die if Russel and Gasly were together at Mercedes.

    Silas MayesSilas Mayes2 månader sedan
  • Yuki has good speed, if he gets on top of these cars he'll give Gasly a big headache.

    Rolando TillitRolando Tillit2 månader sedan
  • To be honest I think if he goes to Alpine Renault as his next team, I think that would be a great idea for him because he can do what Sainz and Ricciardo did. When they jumped ship form the Red Bull family, they each went to Renault, then Mclaren, then eventually Ferrari. Gasly can do the same thing. If he does that, then he will win more races. If he goes back to Red Bull, they are just gonna use him as a slave and that might cause the same problems he had in the first half of the 2019 season. It will probably hurt his career even more.

    Alec HinshawAlec Hinshaw2 månader sedan
  • Aldas, way to go brother. You’re voice is an addiction. I’m rooting for Apple or Google to get you on board for Siri/Google voice. Keep it up.

    Tapasya MaringantiTapasya Maringanti2 månader sedan
  • Pierre's future will be largely determined by his 2021 performance in the AlphaTauri. Anything else is futile speculation.

    Freddie FreihoferFreddie Freihofer2 månader sedan
  • When you mentioned Williams I immediately cringed. But you sold me on it being a very good idea. I think that should be his aim too.

    NoRabidDogz 86NoRabidDogz 862 månader sedan
  • Tbh I can see ocon and Russel at merc and gasly at alpine since it wasn’t too long ago when people were hyping up ocon so I guess that’s an option. But that’s based on if Hamilton retires and bottas gets kicked ouy

    Amrit BarnAmrit Barn2 månader sedan
  • I also think the Williams seat would make more sense for Gasly, they're going to be a team we can expect to dig themselves out of the back of the grid and start moving towards the midfield. Gasly could do what Sainz did for McLaren and help the team improve the car over the course of the season and finally get the team to the point where they'll be scoring more points. If he manages to do that, it'll make him look good to other teams.

    Craig TCraig T2 månader sedan
  • What's going on here

    Pierre GaslyPierre Gasly2 månader sedan
  • gasy in alpine french team french driver

    UzI 23UzI 232 månader sedan
  • Just imagine a Russel Gasly pair at Mercedes...

    Bence HorváthBence Horváth2 månader sedan
  • Alpine/Renault in 2022. That’s my prediction. French driver+French team=perfect combo. He is an amazing driver, and while I wasn’t his biggest fan a year ago, I do believe he is better than Ocon.

    TF1VTF1V2 månader sedan
  • I think there's no way for pierre in williams. As you mentioned, the mercedes partnership will be even stronger with williams in 2022 so they will probably go with a mercedes backed driver like probably ocon? He is managed by toto and if he going to not have a good season he might get replaced by gasly and then likely go to williams. I see it that way :)

    Eryk OliwaEryk Oliwa2 månader sedan