What Perez Needs to Improve on to Survive at Red Bull in 2021

15 feb 2021
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Although Perez is one of the most experienced and one of the most complete drivers on the grid, to succeed at Red Bull he will need to go to a level he's never been at before and make improvements both on and off the track, in this video I talk about what improvements I think he needs to make and what expectations I have of him going into 2021.
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  • Who's here after he outqualified max at the second attempt

    ZoobleFishZoobleFish3 dagar sedan
    • Me

      suhailmall98suhailmall983 dagar sedan
  • Perez has been fighting for the existence of his team and his place in formula 1 for the last few years. If there's a guy that can handle the pressure of being in that second Red Bull seat its Sergio.

    Pippy.ShanksPippy.Shanks6 dagar sedan
  • If Checo does well in displacing Bottas from podium places, we might finally see George in Merc next season

    Tanay AgarwalTanay Agarwal7 dagar sedan
  • You chat so much shit

  • Prob should rename the title " What Redbull needs to improve to keep Checo". Lets keep in mind Bottas' contract is only year to year and He has to beat Checo decisively to retain his seat. Prob will go to Russel eventually but there's that chance. I say this as a huge fan of Bottas and i still hope to see him WC someday.

    Knightwinds RCKnightwinds RC10 dagar sedan
  • Perez isnt at redbull to smash max, hes there to give mercedes a hard time to fight the mercs for the podium while max runs away. His championship time will come.

    Ben ReidBen Reid13 dagar sedan
  • I want him to beat bottas but I don’t know if he will

    Bradley SaddBradley Sadd14 dagar sedan
  • Hope he has a good season

    Andrew WalshAndrew Walsh17 dagar sedan
  • best driver so far

    steewee21steewee2123 dagar sedan
  • In other words, if he doesn't deliver, he is out of F1

    sergio FGsergio FG25 dagar sedan
  • I rooting for Checo. I wish him the best. I think this is gonna be fun. After, after getting dropped by his team and then going from last to first at Bahrain? That was epic. Helped by some rare mistakes by Merc at the end, but still, the guy fought his way back through the entire grid. I think he has the confidence to go out and prove it wasn't a fluke.

    joseph humphreyjoseph humphrey28 dagar sedan
  • Good points.

    SvSvMånad sedan
  • Omg u are probably the first English speaker that I've heard that pronounce perez correctly.. As I am Mexican thank you. I just want checo to understand that he is a second driver now and of course he will want to beat max but they need to work together to beat Mercedes and score more points.

    Jessy GamerJessy GamerMånad sedan
  • I'm sure Checo is going to surprise everyone, and he will show why he has been the most underrated driver in F1.

    Armando ProaArmando ProaMånad sedan
  • I think you’re wrong on the people wanting him to fail

    Tyler HmielTyler HmielMånad sedan
  • For checo to overcome max will depend on how much max improves himself, if max remains making mistakes every now and then, checos consistency is going to be important, although I don’t think he is going to improve much in qualys he is good at starts and his pace in race is very good and is the best at tire administration, particularly that is going to give Red Bull a very strong advantage in strategy versus Mercedes, something that could help checo a lot.

    herny gopoherny gopoMånad sedan
  • Hey man, first of all, congrats for the channel, amazing job! Thou constant and reliable, Checo is also humble, and this is usually a quality of the emotionally intelligent people. Add to this the fact that he is a matured person and driver, he won't broke easily under pressure as happened to Gasly and Albon, neither be shaken by the press jerks who looks for awkwarding headlines. Truly, given that the team treats him equally to Verstappen, I'm sure he'll bring podiums, fight for victories and help the team to get nearer the constructor's cup.

    Marcus OurosMarcus OurosMånad sedan

    Kevinglas OlmedoKevinglas OlmedoMånad sedan
  • I hope Perez does well but i think him failing won’t be his fault either.

    Gunns_95Gunns_95Månad sedan
  • Stop saying every year re: replacing drivers at Red Bull If I am correct it has been 8 over the last 16 seasons. SO: almost half the time would be correct.

    Bill eibBill eibMånad sedan
  • What date will Max say: " I miss Albon!"

    Bill eibBill eibMånad sedan
  • Wrong! Its redbull that needs to prove themselves to Checo. So far they have been All TALK. If they want to be taken seriously they will need to provide a competant car for both him and Max. Ball is in your court Christian

    Firstname LastnameFirstname LastnameMånad sedan
  • red bull made a mistake letting ricardo go....! they were being: 1. tight asses.... trying to save money. 2. siding and favouring verstappen. red bull makes the same mistake over and over again favouring a driver....forcing ricardo out due to driver favouritism. if red bull wants perez to thrive they need to learn from the past... and call both drivers out fairly if there is driver friction.

    Mark BPHMark BPHMånad sedan
  • Imagine he beats Max, either way Red Bull is walking on the thin rope with the previous situation on one end and repeat of 2019 and 20 on the other.

    Ron BaruahRon BaruahMånad sedan
  • In the Force India days he was on a level par with Ocon and we all know Ocon got destroyed by Ricciardo at Renault so he's going to have to pick his game up

    leongt1954leongt1954Månad sedan
  • McLaren has been inconsequential in F1 since before Sergio drove for them. Any driver that joins that team today would be considered as talking a step down in his career.

    Russ SerpicoRuss SerpicoMånad sedan
  • Haha get it? “Turned up to 11”

    TimTimMånad sedan
  • I legit feel like a crazy person because I don't think he's going to have all the struggles people think he will. I feel he's going to hit the track and be off from the go. He's just too consistent too professional. Yes boring. But the boi delivers. Ugh, I'm definitely going to regret this I think. LOL

    Luis PerezLuis PerezMånad sedan
  • Perez needs to improve on getting a winner mentality too, isn´t it?

    Hugo Diaz GarciaHugo Diaz GarciaMånad sedan
  • For me his greatest skill is being kind to tires. It's a weapon not to be under rated.

    Cliff LeeCliff Lee2 månader sedan
  • I hope Perez proves himself to those that secretly want him to fail. I think he can handle the pressure, and I think Red Bulls issue with Gasly and Albon is they were expecting too much from Rookies. Gasly is the perfect example of this, put him in a team that believed in him and he has overdelivered on the expectations.

    James RubioJames Rubio2 månader sedan
  • I think he is in trouble against Max. It cant be worst than Albon though

    NORTHMANNORTHMAN2 månader sedan
  • I would consider his season a success if he wins at least one race. We can only dream having two teams fighting it out at the front for the WCC, but i would love that to happen!

    MafiousBJMafiousBJ2 månader sedan
  • I think Perez will have a good year, it will be intresting for me to see how Verstappen reacts to a competitive team mate. Might throw his dummy out, if he feels threatened by Perez.

    JarratJarrat2 månader sedan
  • He needs to consistently be right behind Max's position. Depending on Yung Yuki he might get replaced quick

    NO MORE TPNO MORE TP2 månader sedan
  • Fight for wins, yes! Fight for world championship, sadly that’s just a pipe dream that everybody who is not a Mercedes driver may have. But I’m wishing the best for Sergio, he deserves it, let’s go Checo!

    Chris FreemanChris Freeman2 månader sedan
  • Believe it or not....RedBull hired Perez just to 'read' how to saves tyre skill through telementery....max needs this skill...after 2021, after they unveil perez's secret of conserving those tyres, he will be fired & albon get his seat back.... After GP Turkey 2020, Max's weak tyre management skill compared to superb tyre management by Perez & Hamilton.... Max Verstappen- F1 tyre destroyer

    ArifSynerGreenArifSynerGreen2 månader sedan
  • I’m so excited for this season, March 28th couldn’t come sooner!

    Hamza RashidHamza Rashid2 månader sedan

    JLCJLC2 månader sedan
  • Check out my 2022 f1 grid predictions!!! 2021 season predictions premiere THIS THURSDAY at 19:30 UK TIME!!!!

    McKinnonF1McKinnonF12 månader sedan
  • This will either last really well or terribly.

    ErupticEruptic2 månader sedan
  • 2:08 That's all you need to tell you. It's true Perez isn't the best qualifier and yet in a worse car *good but not better than Red Bull* he out-qualified Albon.

    Danny BoyDanny Boy2 månader sedan
    • I saw that lol

      Drew HurleyDrew Hurley2 månader sedan
  • I like that your content differs from other F1 channels. Everyone else is making videos about McLaren's annoucement and you just do your thing. Love it

    Maxmilián StoklasaMaxmilián Stoklasa2 månader sedan
  • If Perez can't cope with all the pressure of being a Red Bull driver, and at least keep up with Max, then who can ???? Maybe Leclerc, especially after last season, but I can't think of anybody else.

    RudedogRudedog2 månader sedan
  • I think Perez could be a great fit at RBR. Hopefully be able to keep up with Max. Check out sports vids seworld.info/will/aZycnaq2Y3WKmqM/video

    World of StuffWorld of Stuff2 månader sedan
  • Checo is going there to get points . Not to beat Max . If he is gonna compete. Is all about staying on top Of BOTTAS . focus on that. He's there to get points 170+ is his target . If he doesn't reach that .. the experiment will be a failure

    alfonso santosalfonso santos2 månader sedan
  • Checo will be amazing. He is no 🐱

    edson quinteroedson quintero2 månader sedan
  • 11:20 video when you talk as fast as Aldas is CONTENT

    Adam RhodesAdam Rhodes2 månader sedan
  • I'm sure Checo Will be behind one position behind Max at Drivers points

    ghoyo59ghoyo592 månader sedan
  • I totally forgot that Hamilton was beaten by Jenson Button too in 2011... But I'd like to forget that one and 2016

    abhi vermaabhi verma2 månader sedan
  • Cheko!! cheko!!cheko!! cheko!! its year of "THE PEREZ". 1st race his gna be battling with bottas and he will beat him with 13laps to go. mark my words.

    Jonathan JojoJonathan Jojo2 månader sedan
  • call me crazy, but Sergio is gna beat MAX 3times!!!!! there is something sergio can do max cant. watch bahrain

    Jonathan JojoJonathan Jojo2 månader sedan
  • Perez is going from Formula 1.5 to Formula 1

    Seako MothowakgosiSeako Mothowakgosi2 månader sedan
  • Checo is a good steady driver but Max is in a class of his own. Ferrari is also going to be much stronger this year. Red Bull will have some competition for that second spot. It will be great if McLaren is also up there.

    Jerry BouwerJerry Bouwer2 månader sedan
  • So already holding him (rightly) to a higher standard than the woeful previous drivers then. If F1 actually restricted teams to running qualified drivers, rather than half a field of journeymen, or pay drivers, it might be fit for purpose. Unfortunately, modern racing fans are so conditioned to sub standard racing, it is amusing to hear such content. Trying to ‘dumb down’ the racing, so the lowest common denominator can take part has killed racing, and generations of fans have been conditioned to be more interested in anything but the actual racing itself. Just listen to the woeful TV coverage. The fact that drivers such as Gasly and Albon were selected, for years, over clearly better choices, is a damning indictment of F1, Red Bull, and the narcissists that run it.

    SolaireSolaire2 månader sedan
  • I don’t think Perez will be behind max. My take is that Perez will also certainly in fact have a very very strong competition with max and beating him

    Tong Wai JitTong Wai Jit2 månader sedan
  • In 1988 Senna joined McLaren as a number two to Prost...he went on to win his first WDC.

    Oscar BreaOscar Brea2 månader sedan
  • Strength to strength consistent improvement

    blackme1blackme12 månader sedan
  • I hope he takes over at Red Bull and shuts everybody up.

    Gianni MarriccoGianni Marricco2 månader sedan
  • Aldas, you may not have been a high functioning athlete; had you that experience, you would know Perez will thrive under the competition. Verstappen will not be seen as a threat, but merely another bloke Sergio will have to pass from a poor grid spot.

    Christopher Robin GarrishChristopher Robin Garrish2 månader sedan
  • I have realistic expectations for Checo, “hope for the best but expect the worst” because he was comfortable back at Racing Point being there longer than most of the grid has even been racing F1 so it’s a new environment all together, I hope he performs better than Albon and Pierre but he’s stepping in a team with a new PU (which has been rumored as to why they picked him up) and completely new faces. Mix that with RBR politics and I don’t expect him to hit the ground running like everyone else, that said if there was ANY driver who could manage to do that, it’d be Checo

    Aaron MachadoAaron Machado2 månader sedan
  • Red bull has not yet had the chance to plan a strategy based on tire management. With Checo now they will have an amazing dual strategy. Max driving aggressive while checo drives efficiently. Watching L. Hamilton's excellent tire management with the Merc, one can understand what a huge upgrade for Red Bull means to be able to opt for two very different strategies for the title championship.

    Alejandro BetancourtAlejandro Betancourt2 månader sedan
  • Very good points...

    A Girl Talks F1A Girl Talks F12 månader sedan
  • i think perez will really struggle, he was not as fast as ocon and that seemed to rattle him. I think this is why red bull wanted albon for so long, as they think he is a nicer guy and more over accepts being beater better than perez will do.

    Rhys JamesRhys James2 månader sedan
  • One thing that makes Checo different than anyone Max has been teamed with is his experience. He is a veteran and can handle himself. Now in Gasly's case it was the team's fault since he's obviously really good. But I don't think it was RB's fault for Albon's failure. I mean when you hire someone to drive in F1 (the epitome of racing) and then they complain about being "raced too hard" I think it's only natural they be dropped. Also man one can argue that Bottas with Merc is the worse number two driver experience, much harsher than Red Bull.

    Hisham HilalHisham Hilal2 månader sedan
  • I’m anticipating he’s gonna be cool,score podiums and out perform Max who’s gonna get more flustered by him as the season goes on.

    Medicine Media U.K.Medicine Media U.K.2 månader sedan
  • Thx for another great video. Could you pretty please curtail overemphasizing last syllables of words to the point you add an “uh”. It’s more pronounced of late and distracts from the greatness of your content. 😁

    MaggieMaggie2 månader sedan
  • Nonsense! He is experienced and COMPLETE driver! He is among top 3 and all he need is winning capable car. He doesn't need to improve on anything, just be himself and he will surprise many...!

    ChameleonThe13ChameleonThe132 månader sedan
  • It will be very interesting to see how he gets on. One lap pace and a twitchy car will be his challenges. I think he'll step up, hope so.

    Grannie AnnieGrannie Annie2 månader sedan
  • I have all my fingers crossed for Sergio. i want him to do well . i think he deserves it more than most.

    jon belljon bell2 månader sedan
  • Nice vid! Vamos Checoo🤙🏻

    Patricio RiveraPatricio Rivera2 månader sedan
  • He will up his game. He is a very good competitor. Can’t wait for the season to begin.

    Ingrid Henry herbertIngrid Henry herbert2 månader sedan
  • 10:16 nice of Mark Webber to park the car

    johnnyxenonjohnnyxenon2 månader sedan
  • Personally I love perez hes so humble don't get how anyone could not wish him well even if it was to prove their point hes been grafting away for years

    E.B.T foreverE.B.T forever2 månader sedan
  • I can totally relate to secretly wanting Perez to fail at Red Bull. However, I stopped thinking that way because firstly it's not right to hate on someone who's worked so hard, and secondly because I genuinely think Red Bull is trying their best to solve the problems they had with Gasly. Albon was clearly treated better than Gasly by Horner and Marko because of all the comments he's made thanking them for their support, and that's also probably why he did so much better than Gasly at Red Bull in 2019. In 2020, I think the combination of being inexperienced and having to drive a very tricky car led to a horrible season, but his setup input clearly helped make the car more driveable, which can be seen in his performances in Turkey, Bahrain, and Abu Dhabi. Red Bull is learning, and Perez is experienced enough that he can fix whatever issues they still haven't resolved.

    lol cubeslol cubes2 månader sedan
  • I totally agree with you and I really think that Checo will give Red Bull what they are looking for. I’m also exited for the McLaren reveal, I can’t wait to see the car!!

    Regina CarreónRegina Carreón2 månader sedan
  • Perez, great driver but ocon got to him pretty bad at racing point so max will probably destroy him. Checo just needs to do him and not throw a fit and wreck his team cars i dont think marko and horner would deal with that very well

    Alan luscombe8aAlan luscombe8a2 månader sedan
  • Viva la Perez!!!

    DeezNutzDeezNutz2 månader sedan
  • great video (as always); I accord with it. I also trust in Perez that he can do it.

    Demoliciones de MéxicoDemoliciones de México2 månader sedan
  • I like Checo very much, I’ll be rooting for him to beat Max but I think that people will be disappointed in the matchup. I think Checo will serve as a great second driver for Red Bull, meaning he will score lots of points and be consistent, but he won’t be close to Max. Why? Because when he was racing side by side against Button and Ocon, he wasn’t faster. He was more consistent than Ocon but Estaban lead in qualifying and laps lead and Ocon is slow compared to Daniel, who was at best equal to Max and arguably slightly slower.

    TDGarageTDGarage2 månader sedan
  • Imagine a world where max is not the top finisher for Red bull, if it will/can happen, it will be this year.

    RaKRaK2 månader sedan
  • McLaren were by no means a top team in 2013. Plus, on the qualifying stuff, I believed he outdid Button that year.

    Ethan KralEthan Kral2 månader sedan
  • 2021: Year 7 of beating his team mate. You've heard it here first, folks!

    KAMiKAZOWKAMiKAZOW2 månader sedan
  • He needs to be strong on the Saturdays, right up behind verstappen, because if he's 3 or 4 places behind him on race day then right away he's on the back foot.

    Andy DunbarAndy Dunbar2 månader sedan
  • Perez will come good & he will be close to Valterri for sure!

    shivachetan ulavishivachetan ulavi2 månader sedan
  • This reminds of Frentzen, he was brilliant at Sauber getting excellent results in a less than good enough car, then he signed for Williams and he 2 horrible years and when he left for Jordan he almost won the championship, sometimes it’s not just about the car, it’s luck, the people and your mentality. I wish nothing but the best for Sergio, I hope he has learned from past experiences and I personally I think he has.

    ErikErik2 månader sedan
  • What I really dislike about general F1 fanbase is that they act as IF Danny Ric was some RB casualty who was mistreated. People have short memories and lump him in with Albon and Gasly. Truth is that Danny Ric was RBs future champ posterboy for a few years. Max however eclipsed him in raw pace after the first few 2016 races. Then the balance ultimately shifted. You can't claim Ricciardo was done dirty when he was their nr 1 driver when Max came in. He was simply eclipsed at some point.

    Richard SchoonhovenRichard Schoonhoven2 månader sedan
  • Why would any Verstappen or RBR fan want Checo to fail? To prove a point? If Checo fails, Red Bull fails and Max won’t be able to bring the battle to Lewis.

    Mario DriessenMario Driessen2 månader sedan
  • 2:58

    chris hamiltonchris hamilton2 månader sedan
    • How'd that go again?

      chris hamiltonchris hamilton2 månader sedan
  • As a Pérez fan, I hope he doesn’t turn into Gasly or Albon

    AbyssAbyss2 månader sedan
  • from the bottom of my heart, I want Sergio to perform well this season, he deserves that seat.

    Adnan AAdnan A2 månader sedan
  • I do disagree on that point about people wanting Checo to fail so they can have a go at Red Bull because IMO people will have a go at them whether or not Checo succeeds

    BlazeMasterGamingBlazeMasterGaming2 månader sedan
  • Biz partners and family are pulling Checo out of the bubble. Make no sense.

    Juan CanalesJuan Canales2 månader sedan
  • First, Checo has to stop taking flights in the middle of a pandemia. He didn't learn his lesson. NO FOCUS!, sad.

    Juan CanalesJuan Canales2 månader sedan
  • If Perez fails at Red Bull then that does not mean Red Bull is sabotaging their second driver! A team builds the fastest car. A fast car is hard to drive. If Max is able to cope with that it is to his credit. A fast driver adapts to the car. Having said that I don't think Perez is going to fail. He only gets too frustrated when he is racing against his teammate. But he is quick so lets see what is going to happen. It might take him a couple of races to find the pace.

    Nico van OsNico van Os2 månader sedan
  • There are more points Sergio needs to take care of though: 1. Establishing a fruitful relationship with his team and his teammate. Gasly was known for not being on the same page with his Red Bull engineers, which contributed to his drop. And when it comes to teammates, Sergio's record isn't exactly spotless, although Ocon probably isn't the most popular driver on the grid for a reason. If he plays it well though, Max's huge Orange Army will cheer as much for him as well. 2. Contribute significantly to the development of the car. This was originally an argument to actually choose Hulkenberg over Perez. Also, Albon had a good reputation within his team for this. Sergio has to live up to the standard and is expected to bring his priceless Mercedes engine experience to bear for Red Bull to profit from to the max.

    rolf skirolf ski2 månader sedan
    • Hulk was smoke at most, Perez available no one would choose hulk.

      Emmanuel RubiEmmanuel Rubi2 månader sedan
  • the pressure cooker

    puia hnamtepuia hnamte2 månader sedan
  • Why are even you, Aldas, downplaying his time at McLaren? They had the second fastest car at the end of 2012, and their drivers were closer to the title than Max was last year. So basically Perez has already had this kind of shot in the second fastest team before, and he messed it up. I hope he does well, but I have this feeling that we'll see him get demoralised by constantly getting beaten by Max

    Jamie MartinJamie Martin2 månader sedan
    • @Luis E Escartin I can comprehend that a good team one year can become shit the next you muppet. But it doesn't change the fact that at the end of 2012 McLaren had one of the best cars, signed Perez then became shit. I hope that doesn't happen with Dead Bull next year..

      Jamie MartinJamie Martin2 månader sedan
    • @Jamie Martin @Jamie Martin in dead a saw it. What I don't understand is why you simply can not comprehend that a car the next year can be worse than the one from the last year. McLaren isn't the fist to have that happen to them and won't be the last. Their car simply wasn't as good for the next couple of years just like Ferrari 2020 compared to 2019, Renault in 07 and 06 or Williams in 97 and 98.

      Luis E EscartinLuis E Escartin2 månader sedan
    • @Luis E Escartin did you see the 2012 season?? I don't know why I am arguing with idiots like you. Look at the 2012 season stats and you will see McLaren got 8 pole positions, the same as Red Bull! So can you tell me please which teams were faster apart from red Bull??

      Jamie MartinJamie Martin2 månader sedan
    • @Jamie Martin and how many wins did button have in 2013? In the same team? Yeah thought so

      Luis E EscartinLuis E Escartin2 månader sedan
    • Oh boy you really didn't se that season did you? He was definitely not in the second fastest car.

      Luis E EscartinLuis E Escartin2 månader sedan
  • Should be called "What Max Needs to Improve on to Survive at Red Bull in 2021" now a more superior team mate has arrived

    BADBOYBADBOY2 månader sedan
  • Sergio > Max

    Brandan HallBrandan Hall2 månader sedan