Will George Russell Live Up to the Hype on His Mercedes Debut?

3 dec 2020
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George Russell is a driver I've been championing ever since I saw him race in Formula 2, sadly in F1 he's never had the machinery to really prove his worth but finally, with Lewis Hamilton having to withdraw from the Sakhir Grand Prix it's Russell who will step in for the 7 time world champion, and now he finally gets a chance to show F1 what he's really made of.
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  • Spoiler alert: YES HE DID

    AldasAldas4 månader sedan
    • Follow up video plz! Perez, Russel, the midfield, Nikita, there’s so much to talk about!

      Rick LeeRick Lee4 månader sedan
    • We need a follow up video!

      Flammable ToastFlammable Toast4 månader sedan
    • @Stephen Trout wtf

      Freddie EvansFreddie Evans4 månader sedan
    • 9:05

      Jen ScrivenerJen Scrivener4 månader sedan
    • He did amazing! I really hope he gets next weeks drive for redemption!

      Rick LeeRick Lee4 månader sedan
  • 9:40 "With no incidents" *We all know how that aged*

    mariolis1000mariolis10003 månader sedan
  • I watched this days ago but I came back just to tell you you’re hands down the best f1 analyst. Period.

    Martín ValdezMartín Valdez4 månader sedan
  • Yes.

    Phillip WeaverPhillip Weaver4 månader sedan
  • We need a new video covering today’s race!!! It was insane!!!

    Rick LeeRick Lee4 månader sedan
  • Y E S

    AliAli4 månader sedan
  • Yes

    Mr . awesomeMr . awesome4 månader sedan
  • I predict George top 3 fittipaldi top 5...jack top 10 Williams car doesn't have the speed to be in the front of the grid

    D.j.O'ConnorD.j.O'Connor4 månader sedan
  • How accurate. George is less than 1 tenth slower than Bottas

    Thando KambuleThando Kambule4 månader sedan
  • 5/10 of a sec? Try 2/100 instead

    Kartikay AwasthiKartikay Awasthi4 månader sedan
  • looks like the answer is yes

    SirSnaykSirSnayk4 månader sedan
  • Hype? You must have some worth and talent to be hyped in the first place and he has it all. It's not like he came off the streets or his daddy is a billionaire who owns the team or is a Russian oligarch. He earned it just like Lewis.

    spurtree1spurtree14 månader sedan
  • George qualified on the front row. GOOD JOB George !!! That should give Lewis something to think about...

    Michael BrownMichael Brown4 månader sedan
  • yes, he did.

    aestheticaesthetic4 månader sedan
  • Think its very obvious, that Lewis was so lucky in so many races, while all the bad luck one driver could have, only happened to Valteri. So please do not come up saying 'Valteri ist just to slow'. Bullshit! I'd love to see Valteri beeing NOT as cooperative as he is so far. I'd love to see Valteri going mad and even brutal on Lewis ... so then we'd have a proper competition. So far, Valteri is too much a teamplayer

    Sebastian p.Sebastian p.4 månader sedan
  • well p2 is not bad for qualifying...

    Roland LawrenceRoland Lawrence4 månader sedan
  • Well. He did well

  • Fantastic qualifying session from George, a fraction behind and on the front row ahead of Max. Amazing.

    Chris G1969Chris G19694 månader sedan
  • Honestly we need the Mercedes and max to mess up in turn 1 and crash out for this race to be really exciting.

    Tylur kahnleTylur kahnle4 månader sedan
  • Dear lord... I hope he wins. It would be the happiest day of my life!

    Erik JErik J4 månader sedan
  • im feeling that bottas is going the same as vettel

    AbdoulAbdoul4 månader sedan
  • I agree with your argument. Having seen free practice and doing so well in that considering that he is driving that car for the first time, it was a very impressive performance.Even poor old Bottas was obviously feeling under pressure.

    Michael MillettMichael Millett4 månader sedan
  • George is one of the coolest guys in the grid and he deserves everything

    Cedric PauschCedric Pausch4 månader sedan
  • I wanna say real disrespect on my Canadian boys but we haven't had the pace.

    RaptorsifiedRaptorsified4 månader sedan
  • I guess he proved so in practice

    MeHigh GMeHigh G4 månader sedan
  • So far he has exceeded the hype.

    Gavin NashGavin Nash4 månader sedan
  • He got 1st place in the first 2 practices

    ZĘŁPHÝXZZĘŁPHÝXZ4 månader sedan
  • If russell happens to win this race " Hamilton isn't worth half as much anymore to merc "

    Damien FrigoDamien Frigo4 månader sedan
  • What if George out qualies Bottas? That also says something about Lewis his pace....

    Sven RuigewaardSven Ruigewaard4 månader sedan
  • George literally a second faster than Valtteri.

    ZIPREED MehZIPREED Meh4 månader sedan
  • Wake up Saturday and its looking good for gR.

    jolly frogjolly frog4 månader sedan
  • Russell on top of the practice proves any driver can win a championship with the fastest car, Lewis, you ain't Shumac, and definitely not Stirling Moss, you are Johnny Broadbent, todays cars are sims on wheels, no need for a driver.

    mcQ NPC trigger #10003464mcQ NPC trigger #100034644 månader sedan
  • Well you had some great videos lately and some good content as well. And lately you seem to be on a roll and the videos seem to be getting better and better all the time. I would almost say you hit this one out of the park but you fell short. Number one, what is up with your love affair with Max Verstappen? You give Max Verstappen way too much credit!! I feel he has a very poor attitude even given the right equipment and the right team which he does have and he's still not delivering. Because in his mind he thinks he's better than he really is. And that is just it!! Unless a driver has the right mindset they surely cannot take the team and themselves to the next level. Max has shown this race after race after race. Especially this year!!! Number two, you are definitely spot on with Charles Leclerc and George Russell. Those two drivers are ready to elevate. So given the right team and the right equipment they will win races and win WDCs as soon as Lewis Hamilton decides to retire of course. Number three, this one you're only 50/50 on. For a guy that says he's a big booster of George Russell I still think you're selling him short by placing him P3 at the Sahkir GP. There is no reason why Mr. Russell cannot win the race. I'm not saying P3 or any placement in the top 10 would reflect badly on George. But all the components are there. He's ready to start winning. And having the advantage of watching free practice I know I'm probably right. So here's my predictions for the race. Qualifying: P1- George Russell, P2-Valteri Bottas, and P3-Max Verstappen. Race: P1-George Russell, P2-Valteri Bottas, and P3-Charles Leclerc. And yes I very much going all out for George Russell.

    SD AlexanderSD Alexander4 månader sedan
  • Personally, I think Mercedes would be better off demoting Bottas to reserve driver, buy out Ricciardo's contract with McLaren, stick Russel in the other seat and put Lewis out to pasture. It's been a while since the Mercedes cars were in any way interesting to watch.

    Clive MilneClive Milne4 månader sedan
  • Lewis Hamilton: "It's not the car, I deserve $50 million a year because I'm special and irreplaceable" ... George Russell: "Hold my beer"

    Clive MilneClive Milne4 månader sedan
    • 😂

      Mak DeeMak Dee4 månader sedan
    • Both of them r great drivers

      GobiboyGobiboy4 månader sedan
  • 5-tenths off Bottas ? This video is going to age badly. and even Aldas is going to be happy about that ! :)

    itissrinivasanitissrinivasan4 månader sedan
  • I think if he win's, Lewis has a bed time with his contract.

    istdoch egalistdoch egal4 månader sedan
  • I think its going to be between Russell Bottas and Verstappen. Nothing has changed except the for Russell in the merc. Russell has got enough experiene to win in best car. Best wishes to Hamilton. Get well soon. Always a letdown when not competing against the best.

    MJM FOXMJM FOX4 månader sedan
  • the answer: YES!

    Numero UnoNumero Uno4 månader sedan
  • Here after FP1 and FP2, so far so good...

    Spetz AirSpetz Air4 månader sedan
  • I read that Mercedes have a "no dickheads" policy/Work ethic do Max will never drive for Mercedes in the near future if anything I could see a Ricciardo and Russell pairing

    kkurzeidkkurzeid4 månader sedan
  • George Russell is a future driver for Mercedes, the car is so powerful, so Russell has chance to get pole, Comment to think who will replace Bottas.

    BadBoiBeingSoGreedyThatMostOftheClassesGetsRevengeBadBoiBeingSoGreedyThatMostOftheClassesGetsRevenge4 månader sedan
  • In answer to the video title... Yes

    Luke ArgentLuke Argent4 månader sedan
  • I don't wish Hamilton well, i hope he sits out the rest of the season.

    JFomoJFomo4 månader sedan
  • russell drives the mercedes the first time and he was the fastest driver in the two trainings. If Russell wins the race then 2 things are sure: 1) Bottas is a bad driver 2) mercedes just needs a fast driver who has not to be lewis hamilton.

    EJNEJN4 månader sedan
  • Yes,... But, as for "RACECRAFT"?? Oh, he'll WIN alright, EVENTUALLY!! and he Should!! Ham TRULY Needs some COMP!! Let the GAMES BEGIN!!

    MaliVinnyBMaliVinnyB4 månader sedan
  • Ricciardo is champion material just got passed over! But yeah, Russell in F2 was sick

    Dan OkeroDan Okero4 månader sedan
  • This is so going to be a turning point of his career, if he does well.

    David WDavid W4 månader sedan
  • A Russel WINN will stir upp some feelings, is it all abort The car?

    Håkan SundströmHåkan Sundström4 månader sedan
  • Im sure he will do Great, top 3 is my guess.

    Håkan SundströmHåkan Sundström4 månader sedan
  • He got first place in fp1 and fp2 lmao

    Gustaf AdolfssonGustaf Adolfsson4 månader sedan
  • I think everybody wants George to WIN . And i hope he does.

    Philip_ BTWPhilip_ BTW4 månader sedan
  • People are still pretending this is a deadly virus. Crazy

    Lewis MartinLewis Martin4 månader sedan
  • I think more than race performance, quali is going to turn heads

    Diego GomezDiego Gomez4 månader sedan
  • Isit me or does Hamilton not need to race anymore as hes won anyway. I recon he just wanted a little break and get russel the chance to show himself. Covid is probly just an excuse to chill

    gokziigokzii4 månader sedan
  • Well he just topped fp1

    Ryan URyan U4 månader sedan
  • After 2 fastest laps in fp1 and fp2... yeah

    SandalphonCPU • 210 years agoSandalphonCPU • 210 years ago4 månader sedan
  • First Points? First Pole? First Win? No pressure George.

    Manas RajendranManas Rajendran4 månader sedan
  • If he was to win you would have to question how great Hamilton really is?.

    Derek MorrisDerek Morris4 månader sedan
    • He is still one of the top 5 of all time 3rd according to aws stats winning 7 titles is a herculean.task

      Mohit AnandMohit Anand4 månader sedan
  • 1st in FP1

    Yue FeiYue Fei4 månader sedan
  • FP1: P1 George: yes

    TTM Trick shotsTTM Trick shots4 månader sedan
  • Got to feel like if George wins the gp it doesn’t look good for Hamilton’s legacy. Will fuel the idea that he is only winning because of the car.

    jamiejoshjamiejosh4 månader sedan
  • P1 in FP1

    Zenon 45Zenon 454 månader sedan
  • Bottas and Russell one two on the starting grid. Then crash into each other on the 1st corner

    Carl HicksCarl Hicks4 månader sedan
  • This is probably not real. Think about it. The f1 higher ups needed more diversity and Lewis winning every race was not fun. So they make up that lewis has covid, a well liked George Russell gets in his place, jack takes his place and now the race will be more exciting. They knew it was getting boring to see Lewis win so they created this to hype up this race. Now he really could have covid but it seems less likely. Stay woke people 👀

    Ghanaman PrinceGhanaman Prince4 månader sedan
  • I just hope George brings it home in the points.

    Michael BrownMichael Brown4 månader sedan
  • Mercedes wouldn't have him in the car if they didn't rate him. Hamilton wouldn't waste his time mentoring him, either. I just hope that he doesn't get so much pressure put on him. The trouble this year has been that he has a better car and he's trying to get more out of it than is there. I've seen it plenty of times throughout the decades. He's now in a *much* faster car than he's been in the last 2 years. It's going to take every practice session, and as much time as possible in them just for him to understand it. The steering wheel will have a different configuration of controls, so his muscle memory needs overwriting, for want of a better description, and it will need it again when he returns to Williams. Being on, or even somewhere near the podium will be a solid job. I'd absolutely love him to win, or get a podium, but perhaps I'm more realistic. And being the end of the season, the power-train is going to have a real chance of blowing - it happened to Checo last week remember. Same bit of kit. I wish him all the luck in the world.

    Mandy BMandy B4 månader sedan
  • seworld.info/will/e2vGmcurbXhl04E/video

    F1_ma3a AzazyF1_ma3a Azazy4 månader sedan
  • This is like aarava's my team career mode all over again

    Kristinake rahuKristinake rahu4 månader sedan
  • I'm not a big fan of lewis but i really hope he recovers quickly

    Kristinake rahuKristinake rahu4 månader sedan
  • Safe choice by MB to protect Lewis and ensure a driver who doesn't make the car look too good.

    V12F1DemonV12F1Demon4 månader sedan
  • And George was fastest in FP1

    P3rad0XP3rad0X4 månader sedan
  • He will win, the Mercedes is so much faster on this track, on all tracks but more than the previous track said Max Verstappen and i already said yesterday he would win and i still do. 90% of the field would win in this car, Bottas is such an average driver, we all know this and the best wing man you can have, cuz even the top F2 and F3 would win as a rookie and become world champion as well, you don't need to drive on edge like Max Verstappen does every race, 70% is enough, so it will be an easy win for Russell, mark my words.

    Jason GuerreroJason Guerrero4 månader sedan
  • FP1 POG

    Jack DabJack Dab4 månader sedan
  • My prediction for Bahrein, is 1ste Max 2de Russel 3rde Perez

    D. UnknownD. Unknown4 månader sedan
  • I'm calling it. If the team doesn't give him orders to let Bottas pass him, Russell will win the race.And I am not a fan of Russell, as I am saying this.

    Locomotion2121Locomotion21214 månader sedan
  • I mean let’s be clear here There is no way that George will win. This is an opportunity for him to shine and I’m sure he will. But he will not win. However I’m not trying to be negative in writing this. Even Mercedes won’t be expecting a win from him but they will be watching his every move to see how he performs. As I said this is an opportunity for him to show his worth and whether he is worth an investment.

    Your MommaYour Momma4 månader sedan
  • Hamilton Shamilton x 7

    The Blue WrenThe Blue Wren4 månader sedan
  • FP1: P1RUS

    Ian CrossleyIan Crossley4 månader sedan
  • I really wonder what colour will the Halo be. Like how the colour changes black to turquoise depending on the lighting from Battas's car? I'd think Georgy would go for red.

    JezzaJezza4 månader sedan
  • Mercedes is going to run such low wings, it may feel like a well balanced Williams...

    Ethan MaloyEthan Maloy4 månader sedan
  • Bottas and Russel are going to crash in the first corner, leaving both with a DNF

    Rezoan AlomRezoan Alom4 månader sedan
  • I come from the future to tell you that yes, he fucking did

    Dante RamacciottiDante Ramacciotti4 månader sedan
  • Hamilton might have to say goodbye to his 50 million paycheck if Russell beats Bottas

    mulgeroinenmulgeroinen4 månader sedan
  • I just saw fp1 george p1 even if you are not for mercedes you must be happy for him

    Marley Van loonMarley Van loon4 månader sedan
  • the answer was yes

    Red ThumbRed Thumb4 månader sedan
  • He's gonna do great. So happy to see him in a Mercedes

    crazybeartimbacrazybeartimba4 månader sedan
  • I wish people would stop the massive hype. I just want Russel to goût and have fun in that car.

    Reza AtabakiReza Atabaki4 månader sedan
  • lol. 15 races too late for bottas. even if lewis recovers, i think he should sit out for the balance of the year. let russel drive 2 races. no one will complain. come back nx year

    chris limchris lim4 månader sedan
  • George won the Esports, so I think he’s got the stuff to get p5 or above

    Aaron HowellAaron Howell4 månader sedan
  • Anyone remember his drive in the W10?

    Bill WeeksBill Weeks4 månader sedan
  • Why the hell are you putting so much pressure on this young man This car is so much more than his normal drive If he finishes in the top five it will be a great drive from him end off

    Peter VanstonePeter Vanstone4 månader sedan
  • Being a Bottas Fan I kinda hope that he gives Russell a lesson to learn by beating him by a big margin a getting the win

    0 Euro0 Euro4 månader sedan
  • i just randomly saw that Mclaren was sponsored by Fake News Media

    ja ne is klarja ne is klar4 månader sedan
  • your honesty is what I love about you and your videos.

    Alok LokhandeAlok Lokhande4 månader sedan
  • For me Russell is the best youngster on the grid and i support him since F2 and since he has got into F1 my friends are making fun of him and i keep telling them that he is the most talented youngster and i hope this weekend he will get the pole and the win GO GEORGE !

    Racing with ShortyRacing with Shorty4 månader sedan
  • As always say I love your topical videos like this you do such a good job. It's hard to listen to this with the music in the background it's too loud for me it's distracting and ads confusion. A little lower would be better for me but that's just me

    Eric DuLyonEric DuLyon4 månader sedan
  • A few things to point out. Peter Windsor has been on the George Russell bandwagon far longer than you have. He's also a much better judge of a driver. And George getting into a new car at such short notice isn't as easy as you say. He doesn't have a seat fitting, so he will have to endure numbness or pains for 89 laps, he has to learn the steering wheel layout and clutch control, and he has to learn the mechanical and aerodynamic properties of the car on super short circuit where there won't be much room without encountering traffic. Plus he has to learn a new circuit. Unlike what you say, it would be better for him if they are driving on a familiar circuit. Then there would be one thing less to learn!

    Enoch LamEnoch Lam4 månader sedan
  • When I saw the title it confused me cuz I can't see the point of these videos like how do u even know?? like how ??? You don't know how prepared he is ??

    Rohan MalhotraRohan Malhotra4 månader sedan
  • I really hope he gets points at the very least, if his engine blows up I don't know what I'll do

    Matt WhelanMatt Whelan4 månader sedan