Is the Ferrari F2012 The Worst Car Ever to Challenge for a Title?

24 jan 2021
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The 2012 season to many fans is easily one of the best in F1's history, an unpredictable and chaotic beginning to the season and a close title battle that went right down to the wire, it had everything. However, one of the most memorable things from that year also was the tumultuous Ferrari F2012 that somehow went from qualifying 1.5 seconds off pole in the first race to coming just 3 points short of the title. It's been described as one of the worst cars to ever fight for a title but how bad was it really, and was it actually the worst car ever to get to a title decider?
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  • I quite liked this Ferrari F1 car!!!

    OperationFoxley19441OperationFoxley1944112 timmar sedan
  • I actually like the livery of the F2012, the blown diffuser, makes the car look more slick, and the acer logo is at the right place, it's a conservative design, but still very pretty in my opinion

    Elaine da Penha Magalhaes da SilvaElaine da Penha Magalhaes da SilvaDag sedan
  • I'd forgotten that Fernando had only won three races that year. Had he won (as I wished he had) many people would be growling a bucket load at his low win count, and Bernie would probably have had one of his 'ideas' to fix things

    reptongeekreptongeek5 dagar sedan
  • What a music! Where do you find it?

    Alexandros ChatzinikolaouAlexandros Chatzinikolaou5 dagar sedan
  • The stats are wrong First I am pretty sure Vettel won 5 times in 2012 Second Webber got 2 wins and I know for a fact as a Button fan he qualified on pole for the Belgium grand prix

    TSG M0NKEYTSG M0NKEY7 dagar sedan
  • I love this Nose 😘 .

    JaNnIKO_o 720sJaNnIKO_o 720s8 dagar sedan
  • 3 things you need to get right to win a driver's championship; 1, A great car. 2, A great team. 3, A great driver. 2012 was an interesting year because I felt Vettel and Red Bull were technically 2nd best in every single category, which is WHY they won. Mclaren had the best car, but the team didn't develop it to it's full potential and their drivers were inconsitent probably as a result. Ferrari had the best driver that year, team did a fantastic job too but their car was awful. Red Bull and Vettel were just the most solid and aside from perhaps the team aspect, certainly were second best on the driver and car front.

    Ben ForseyBen Forsey9 dagar sedan
  • It was not the fastest car at any point throughout the year however it had stable performance all year round. Dont forget that red bull only got strong towards the end of the season.

    Professor CarrotProfessor Carrot18 dagar sedan
    • Yes, but the Ferrari wasn’t at the level of the Red Bull in any race

      samuelsarmsamuelsarm14 dagar sedan
  • That 2nd place has waaay more value that any of the WC of Hamilton in a mercedes.

    Nico MacielNico Maciel22 dagar sedan
  • GOAT Alonso

    maninder singhmaninder singh24 dagar sedan
  • Without that Grojean crazy start and the puncture occured in Japan due to a contact with Kimi he would have easily won

    francesco coronafrancesco corona28 dagar sedan
  • This season showed me why Alonso was and still is best driver of this generation.... The only he lacked is patience.... If he was more patience he would have been atleast a 5 time world champion... But anyway for me he is and will always be a king...

    manan agrawalmanan agrawalMånad sedan
  • For me the most beautiful modern F1 car was 2009 Brawn GP.

    Gus RamosGus RamosMånad sedan
  • Most underrated car.

    LughanoLughanoMånad sedan
  • F2012 was tricky to drive but also fast car

    moskic153moskic153Månad sedan
  • now Vettel gets the feeling of slow Ferrari... which Fernando got from 2011 to 2014 (not including those Honda powered McLaren)...

    CL RenCL RenMånad sedan
  • Gosh let's hope Alonso performs anywhere near this level in 2021, it's gonna be pure gold

    Niki DjakovicNiki Djakovic2 månader sedan
  • Alonso in the 2012 become one of my favorite human being like Roberto Baggio after 1994 final, love him

    19popo8719popo872 månader sedan
  • What is the song name in the background?

    luka djuricluka djuric2 månader sedan
  • Wow I've been watching your videos for a few months now and just realized I wasn't subbed

    WhyNot_AzuketsuWhyNot_Azuketsu2 månader sedan
  • It was a great car. I would love to drive it and so would you.

    Jerry BouwerJerry Bouwer2 månader sedan
  • the car lookes better than the hybrid era Ferraris

    0n1y jake0n1y jake2 månader sedan
  • Alonso literally dragged that dog of a car to a title decider. IMO Alonso is one of the best drivers we've ever seen in F1. I still remember how relentlessly he was hunting down Schumacher and defiantly holding him back in many occasions. Not many drivers could do that when Schumacher was in his prime

    Christoforos PaphitisChristoforos Paphitis2 månader sedan
  • Alonso is back !

    5950ziel5950ziel2 månader sedan
  • hot take i loved the stepped noses, they looked so aggressive with how high they used to be

    merlemerle2 månader sedan
  • Still much more competitive season then we had since 2014. I started watching in 2012 and its still my favorite season. So many different winners at the beginning of the season. Also something we haven't seen since 2014.

    titancheattitancheat2 månader sedan
  • Alonso>Hamilton>vettel

    Maria López GutiérrezMaria López Gutiérrez2 månader sedan
  • You realize Alonzo literally talked about the photo of him staring into the distance way before you made this video and cleared up all of the misconceptions You should do better research when you make your videos What you said about him staring into the distance is far from the reason why he looked that way one of his best friends was crying that's why he looked that way

    BListBList2 månader sedan
  • gg alonso

    Szymix444Szymix4442 månader sedan
  • Bad Car, great team pack.

    Trowa Barton FergusonTrowa Barton Ferguson2 månader sedan
  • You might already know this but Alonso revealed that in that famed shot he was actually starring at Massa and concerned as he (Massa) was very emotional and crying after getting out of the car.

    Jp WigginsJp Wiggins2 månader sedan
  • what are u doing stepnose??

    LeviLevi2 månader sedan
  • Alonso definitely belongs in the top 5 F1 drivers of all time

    Crusard ModdingCrusard Modding2 månader sedan
    • @Yash Singh I think the McLaren was the fastest car of the 2012 season. Red Bull was 2nd.

      Saiye RugaraSaiye Rugara29 dagar sedan
    • @Saiye Rugara bro on what drugs you on. Redbull and Mclaren were the fastest car of that season have you even watched a full race or just fanboying

      Yash SinghYash Singh29 dagar sedan
    • @Crusard Modding He did well those seasons however that 2012 car had good race pace and was the most reliable car on the 2012 grid. Vettel didn't have the fastest car in 2012 and picked up the title. Whilst Alonso wins on talent over Vettel, Sebastian Vettel maximized the talent he had to win 4 championships and he was better in the team thus leading to more success. Same with Hamilton although Hamilton is probably more complete than Alonso because he is a miles better qualifier and beat him in his first season.

      Saiye RugaraSaiye RugaraMånad sedan
    • @Saiye Rugara He only lost 2010 and 2012 because the Ferrari was not a championship winning car.

      Crusard ModdingCrusard ModdingMånad sedan
    • @Crusard Modding He did however if he had all this talent, why did he only win 2 championships? That's my problem, I think he underachieved and his career is still pretty damn good. However if he could manage a team the way Hamilton and Vettel can he would place higher.

      Saiye RugaraSaiye RugaraMånad sedan
  • Aldas I love you man. Never say could of again. Thank you

    swampthing94swampthing942 månader sedan
  • Idc what you say ferrari needs to bring back red and withe

    Giannis_afdGiannis_afd2 månader sedan
    • White*

      Giannis_afdGiannis_afd2 månader sedan
  • I personally loved the Ferrari livery and nose, I think the front of the car was the best part of it whatever lol

    Babies4BreakfastBabies4Breakfast2 månader sedan
  • that car also great at starts

    محمد مهدی عربیمحمد مهدی عربی2 månader sedan
  • Thanks for this video and your more than interesting point of view from a Spanish.

    TerraoblivionisTerraoblivionis2 månader sedan
  • SF1000: "allow me to introduce myself"

    El RamaxxEl Ramaxx2 månader sedan
  • goodmorningeeeeee

    Federico MARCHETTIFederico MARCHETTI2 månader sedan
  • And some morons like tommof1 didnt want his comeback.... what a toxic

    Ori22Ori222 månader sedan
  • i love the livery, but i think it is bc of what fernando did more than bc of the livery itself

    Bkay Sell [xjujax]Bkay Sell [xjujax]2 månader sedan
  • Overrated. The car wasn't that bad if it can challenge for the title until the last GP. Massa was just not having it. If another driver were put aside Alonso, he would match Alonso.

    Muhammad Salman FarruzMuhammad Salman Farruz2 månader sedan
    • Jjajajajajaja, the season 2012 of Alonso is insuperable

      samuelsarmsamuelsarm14 dagar sedan
    • Have you even watched a full race live you dumbo

      Yash SinghYash Singh29 dagar sedan
  • sf1000 dad?!

    DualCoDualCo2 månader sedan
  • Unpopular opinion: the F2012 is the best looking Ferrari from the last decade.

    Xavi PlaXavi Pla2 månader sedan
  • No, it wasn't THAT bad, they got over the issues pretty quickly then they weren't far behind red bull and mclazza. ... massa is just fuckin shite.

    Jack MorganJack Morgan2 månader sedan
  • I like the nose

    Stetson GrayStetson Gray2 månader sedan
  • Alonso will be forever in ferraris fans heart even if he didnt win any tittles

    NullNull2 månader sedan
  • All the people who started watching F1 after Drive To Survive and say that Hamilton, Vettel or Verstappen are better than Alonso must see this season

    Álvaro HoyosÁlvaro Hoyos2 månader sedan
  • *laughs in F2020*

    Gigidag77Gigidag772 månader sedan
  • I think the 1 championship Fangio won where he was at Maserati I believe and the car was 4+ sec slower then the Ferrari's and he still won has to be the worst car to win a championship in modern f1 it would be if Williams would win the 2021 championship despite qualifying last with 4 sec behind p1

    Mirko F20Mirko F202 månader sedan
  • It’s beautiful... 💯%

    TranceCentralTranceCentral2 månader sedan
  • now rebull are just picking up the scraps

    JamyJamy2 månader sedan
  • Alonso is the best driver that I saw

    Aimar Arteaga ItoizAimar Arteaga Itoiz2 månader sedan
  • Imagine if McLaren just brought reliable cars to the track for Lewis later in that season. Man that title fight between the 3 best of post Schumi era would’ve been solid.

    AllaboutheWavesAllaboutheWaves2 månader sedan
  • The car doest carry Alonso Alonso carried the card and compete vs other cars

    ser43_ OLDCser43_ OLDC2 månader sedan
  • Alonso didnt win that title because of the moron of Grosjean, this year can back now that Grosjean at last is out of F1 :)

    Andres Gallardo GarciaAndres Gallardo Garcia2 månader sedan
  • For me 2012 Brazil was the best title decider of all time

    wj vidswj vids2 månader sedan
  • The only good thing coming from Ferrari's weird step nose was that they put the driver numbers on it, so it was much easier to identify which driver was which. I thought that was a nice touch.

    Tuvaben95Tuvaben952 månader sedan
  • Great great video, really enjoyable

    Giannis KonGiannis Kon2 månader sedan
  • 16:35 That face says it all. I personally think the 2012 season absolutely broke him. He was a driving god and pushed everything BEYOND the limit but alas had to settle for second. It took a toll mentally for alonso.

    Mat EVO7Mat EVO72 månader sedan
    • He said in an interview that he actually wasn't disappointed in that moment. In his own words, that image became popular in a misunderstood way. He said that he was just waiting Felipe because the brazilian was excited and crying due to getting a podium at Interlagos in front of his people. However, I don't believe him. Poor Fernando

      Adrià SilvestreAdrià Silvestre2 månader sedan
  • Had Alonso not crash in Japan, he would've won the championship

    Timi AkinlonuTimi Akinlonu2 månader sedan
  • And that's why ladies and gentlemen alonso is the second greatest driver ever, behind Schumacher

    Raku SRaku S2 månader sedan
  • Despite the potential of the car being inferior to that of the competitors, the performance was consistent af. Look at the podiums count, Red Bull scored 1 podium less than Ferrari, Vettel had 3 podiums less than Alonso. FA capitalized greatly on the inconsistency that became a hallmark of 2012 season with 8 different drivers winning first 8 races. That was the main reason he led the championship with only 3rd fastest car, not his alleged superhuman efforts.

    dahuyvamvrotdahuyvamvrot2 månader sedan
  • Actually, in his famous image, FA was looking and waiting for Massa to give him a last season hug.

    Carlos Echavarri-ErasunCarlos Echavarri-Erasun2 månader sedan
  • I live in the U.S. but I was a fan of F1 from 2007, this was the first season I watched in its entirety and what a treat it was. Have to say Kimi was my favorite but watching Alonso battle in Brazil was amazing in the most literal sense of the word.

    JsDs1020JsDs10202 månader sedan
  • LOL if 2012 is their worst season, how about 2020 then?

    John Simon WijayaJohn Simon Wijaya2 månader sedan
  • That year is when Alonso showed you don't need the best car to prove you're a top class driver. I had hoped he'd be the one to break Vettel's championship streak.

    Aaron-Noonan-GuyAaron-Noonan-Guy2 månader sedan
  • Actually, Red Bull won 7 times in that season. Vettel 5-2 Webber

    Alex MotaAlex Mota2 månader sedan
  • Red bull had 7 wins?? 2 webber 5 seb

    William DouglasWilliam Douglas2 månader sedan
  • 14:39 actually he started 11th. I still remember that race, it's still one of the most beautiful ones I've seen in many years of F1. Great video!👍

    KidA1117KidA11172 månader sedan
  • i like sabastion but fernando should of been world champion

    MarkruckerracingMarkruckerracing2 månader sedan
  • I always thought the F2012 and other late V8-era cars were stunning but maybe that’s nostalgia talking

    Nick ZNick Z2 månader sedan
  • I think I like this car better than the 2020 harvester that they made🤣😂

    Abhishek SunilAbhishek Sunil2 månader sedan
  • Aldas. Please leave some oxygen for the rest of us.

    yianijhyianijh2 månader sedan
  • Hey man the F2012 is a sexy beast

    Julien AltenaJulien Altena2 månader sedan
  • Great video Aldas,can you tell me the background music that's playing in this video?

    Shantanu ThakareShantanu Thakare2 månader sedan
  • Fernando in 2012, Kimi in 2003 and Vettel in 2017 rank as the 3 greatest seasons that didn't result in a championship

    Robert HarringtonRobert Harrington2 månader sedan
  • Remember that Schumacher himself considered Massa and Hamilton to be equally skilled drivers, and Massa finished the season at a distant 7th with 122 points whereas Alonso dragged that same car just three points off the championship crown.

    PhilPhil2 månader sedan
    • Pre-accident Massa was certainly good, but by 2012 he was a shadow of his former self.

      Cristian MartinezCristian Martinez2 månader sedan
  • the way you splited the season in 3 is very relevant, i think ferrari was 8th fastest at the begining, behind williams or sauber. then came back to be the 3rd fastest in the summer and at the end of the season 4th behind lotus, mclaren and redbull. Anyway for me its the greatest drive without winning the title, even more impressive than prost in 86, senna in 93 or schumi in 2000

    Lorenzo RSNLorenzo RSN2 månader sedan
  • The 2012 Ferrari had no right to be challenging for the title, but it was the most reliable, and there were so many teams that were challenging for wins and podiums, like McLaren (Fastest, least reliable), Red Bull, Ferrari, Lotus, Mercedes, Williams, Sauber. That coupled with its reliability, and Fernando's driving ability gave them the opportunity. I'm definitely in a minority but I loved how it looked, and the step nose made it look better.

    Silent NightSilent Night2 månader sedan
  • I’m not even an alonso fan but that has to be the single most deserving world championship a driver didn’t win

    Jack MillerJack Miller2 månader sedan
  • Man, you don't have to dismiss an important fact : Pirelli. This was the reason why so many different drivers managed to win a race at the beginning of the season. The pirelli tires were so unpredictible. Ferrari was one of the most consistant team with those tires. But at mid-season, Pirelli decided to bring harder tires... 2012 and 2013 have followed more or less the same direction with Pirelli having played a decisive role.

    Loïc RolasLoïc Rolas2 månader sedan
  • You should do a video about McLaren in 2012

    George KopanosGeorge Kopanos2 månader sedan
  • Frentzen was close with his Jordan in 99 and that was midfield team.

    DobikDobik2 månader sedan
  • I actually really like the stepped noses from 2012 tbh

    Sverre KolmanSverre Kolman2 månader sedan
  • Fernando drove the hell out of that car,,hes a magical driver who deserved the Title just based on hes Racing Skills

    Chad LakerChad Laker2 månader sedan
  • Webber had two wins; Monaco and Britain.

    dBdB2 månader sedan
  • Keke Rosberg's Williams is probably the worst car to challenge and win a title

    MarkkMarkk2 månader sedan
  • Hollup if they both didn't get knocked out a single time in Q1 how did Massa get to the 16th place in the first quali..?

    KoopaKoopa2 månader sedan
  • The greatest drives of any driver never to win a championship with sub standard machinery

    Robbie SampsonRobbie Sampson2 månader sedan
  • I think the Williams FW08 is worst

    mateo iván tomatismateo iván tomatis2 månader sedan
  • Ferrari F2010: Am I a joke to you? Seriously, the F2012 was the second fastest car on the grid, while the F2010 was the third fastest on the grid.

    Henry DahlHenry Dahl2 månader sedan
  • Its so difficult but, i hope the F1 give back to ALO a little part that he deserve in his new adventure with Alpine

    DAVID DIEZDAVID DIEZ2 månader sedan
  • The elephant in the room that wasn't mentioned here was that Alonso was twice taken out in first-corner crashes caused by Grosjean.

    Peter BrookPeter Brook2 månader sedan
  • 16:17 me staring at my ex with her new bf

    Rian PRian P2 månader sedan
  • Without the crash in SPA caused by that idiot of Grosjean, probably Fernando could manage to win the Championship

    ItzFackItzFack2 månader sedan
  • 2020 is like 2012 but without Alonso and strategy

    Troll486Troll4862 månader sedan
  • That's how great Fernando Alonso is.

    rommelito deguzmanrommelito deguzman2 månader sedan
  • Don’t know how I’ve only just seen this video mate, but either way, it’s class!

    SJMooresSJMoores2 månader sedan