New 2021 Alfa Romeo C41 Livery REACTION

22 feb 2021
18 355 visningar

The latest livery to be revealed is from the Alfa Romeo team and whilst the colours have stayed the same, they've continued to evolve there design with another beautiful livery that is sure to be one of the best on the field, checkout my reaction and thoughts of both the livery as well as the new race suits...
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  • You're right this is a beauty 😍

  • I’m also a massive Alfa fan so pleased to hear you say you are. They are missing the triangle around the clover leaf. Or square with a side missing.

    William PowerWilliam PowerMånad sedan
  • Easily the best till now. And I loved the nose

    João QueirozJoão QueirozMånad sedan
  • Yeah. This is one sweet new livery.Definitley the best so far this year and Alfa's best race one yet..

    AstrostevoAstrostevoMånad sedan
  • I'm surprised he didn't mention the nose. It's shape had changed.

    Art AdhyayArt AdhyayMånad sedan
  • Aldas you think you can grow your hair out and pull off curtains?

    PogMasterPogMasterMånad sedan
  • So That is the voice from the watch vlog

    P WP WMånad sedan
  • I think the alphatauri is still a nicer livery

    Aaron JoinsonAaron JoinsonMånad sedan
  • Alfa Romeo might be slow but they definitely have style

    mariolis1000mariolis1000Månad sedan
  • Good all around

    W CooleyW CooleyMånad sedan
  • Blood red rims or white rims would have looked beautiful

    Arin DamonsArin DamonsMånad sedan
  • I’m surprised that I like it so much

    MarekMarekMånad sedan
  • The car may not be fast, but it looks damn good

    Kai CheungKai CheungMånad sedan
  • Curious why don't they ever go with the shake down liveries, they've always being the best?

    Jordan FrancisJordan FrancisMånad sedan
  • the livery is BWOAH

    ReragsReragsMånad sedan
  • 8:08 Off course everything is so is a Sauber ;) But bad german jokes aside. I enjoy this livery as much as you do. The change from red and white is perfect for me and as a "bonus" it looks a bit like the polish flag and reminds me of the snow on top of the Suisse mountains :) That is my first comment under your videos, so I would like to thank you very much for your work. I found you thanks to Tommo and I am really looking forward to enjoy your future content :) Btw very nice shirt!

    KiraKiraMånad sedan
  • Thats a sexy livery.

    Krp KrpKrp KrpMånad sedan
  • This is my favourite of the 3 so far. Mclaren and Alpha tauri are great but this is top tier, this will likely be a top 3 for me once all is said and done

    Red BadgerRed BadgerMånad sedan
  • looks like iceman have his wingsuit on,for skydiving...

    HyperXnightHyperXnightMånad sedan
  • You forgot it looks like polish flag from the side and main sponsor Orlen is from Poland obviously Polish red i bright not so dark but it looks great and for me a Polish F1 fan is super obvious

    MateuszMateuszMånad sedan
  • yes, you should do a rating of liveries... and, the wheels are really 18" or not yet? for me alpha tauri 1st, alfa romeo 2nd :-/mcl 5th ;-)

    Demoliciones de MéxicoDemoliciones de MéxicoMånad sedan
  • It's gonna look very bad with rich energy gold😭

    Hemanth SHemanth SMånad sedan
  • Did anyone notice that on both the sides of the car, the big fat Alfa logo is mirrored? On one side, the Snake comes first, and on the other, the Cross comes first. Pretty cool.

    Divyesh AgrawalDivyesh AgrawalMånad sedan
  • Alfa always had my favourite livery... same this year

    Charles KoushikCharles KoushikMånad sedan
  • Before as I seen the brand new one I was really so a fan of it but as I seen the 2020 one I actually liked it more. Thanks for your great Videos!

    Angela VermaAngela VermaMånad sedan
  • Thanks for the review pal... Great content!

    Tomek B.Tomek B.Månad sedan
  • someone tell me what does c in 'c41' stands for???

    great respectgreat respectMånad sedan
    • It stands for Christiane, the wife of Peter Sauber.

      KiraKiraMånad sedan
    • easy, cauber of course

      DuraborDuraborMånad sedan
  • It's really cool i like the car

    SilverKEY officialSilverKEY officialMånad sedan
  • The thinner pin stripes are better I reckon. Makes it look sleeker and cleaner

    Malinga GoonetillekeMalinga GoonetillekeMånad sedan
  • Wait, I'm sorry, I gotta deter for a bit. When did Antonio become so hot???? what???? I didn't recognize him at all in the race suit picture????

    OliviaOliviaMånad sedan
  • Extra sounds guy!!! One Na is one.

    S sc3S sc3Månad sedan
  • I just realized they lost Richard Mille logo which I don’t know why but I love the way the RM looks on the cars whether HAAS,Mclaren or Alfa Romeo

    Aaron MachadoAaron MachadoMånad sedan
  • looks like they've also gone for a bit of a renault style nose concept, with the curved nose

    je suis fudgemanje suis fudgemanMånad sedan
  • The 2021 race suits look a bit drab, almost like prison overalls compared to the 2020 ones.

    r kr kMånad sedan
  • Hmmm, not blown away, some angles I like it, so I don’t. A bit too much white, too flat lines where the red meets the white down the sides past the cockpit, but it’s nice they’ve tried something different. The one I’m looking forward to is Aston, hopefully those BRG renders are true....

    Magnus TanMagnus TanMånad sedan
  • I think it’s great too man! Love that they have changed it up. Very smart indeed. Yeah you can’t be a petrol head unless you love Alfa Romeo’s! 👍

    1988Carlsberg1988CarlsbergMånad sedan
  • Omg, all these SEworld and Twitter comments about the should go and see Sean Bull's livery concepts. Blows it out the water!

    Kobirul AliKobirul AliMånad sedan
  • Livery 2021 is awesome. Race suits not so great. That red stripe is not placed well. 2020 was better.

    Anne RudAnne RudMånad sedan
  • this livery is breathtaking for sure, but you forgot about a really little but important detail: pay attention to the air intake above the cockpit: you'll notice a little white triangle with a checkered flag on it. Now I'm gonna tell you the story of the Italian AMG. That's the AutoDelta logo, it was an old italian racing team wich used to buy old Alfa Romeo Quadrifoglio sports cars, tune them and race. They had a lot of successes in many championships and their most famous cars were the many variants of the Giulia. In 1966 AutoDelta became the official Alfa Romeo "Reparto Corse" (Racing Department) and so their story as a private racing team ended. However, the AutoDelta logo also appears on the new Alfa Romeo Giulia GTAm, which logo, as you can see, is displayed on the car and on the drivers' suites.

    Cirr TertCirr TertMånad sedan
  • Personally, I’m a huge Alfa fan but it’s horrible

    RadillonGPRadillonGPMånad sedan
  • Definitely my favorite livery on grid! Just wish they could get a little further up said grid.

    Mitch CarvethMitch CarvethMånad sedan
  • I don't really like their race suits this year :/

    An Avgeeks passionAn Avgeeks passionMånad sedan
  • Personally, I just love the 2020 Alfa Romeo livery and even though 2021 looks good, I think their 2020 livery looks better

    Tim LanvermannTim LanvermannMånad sedan
  • I love it

    Jesper van RoemburgJesper van RoemburgMånad sedan
  • This is so ugly

    Kerbal18Kerbal18Månad sedan
  • Probably orlen is gonna make good deal with fiat in poland

    oranjelichtoranjelichtMånad sedan
  • More polish money it seems. We gonna see Kubica more on Friday

    oranjelichtoranjelichtMånad sedan
  • 3/10 cars unveiled

    Katlego KgotseKatlego KgotseMånad sedan
  • I was sceptical at first but comparing it to the 2020 car, I love it - It's insane how much of a difference little changes with the livery can do to 👌

    Yuwan ThayakaranYuwan ThayakaranMånad sedan
  • 7:40 Italian Jesus aged 5 years in just 1 year

    PG16PG16Månad sedan
    • he so did

      LR210LR210Månad sedan
    • He's paying for our sins with his youth

      r kr kMånad sedan
  • I think that ORLEN had a lot to do with the color switch as white and red are the colors of polish flag 🇵🇱

    Bartosz MichowiczBartosz MichowiczMånad sedan
  • I subbed to your channel like three weeks ago! Loving ur channel! Love the livery too! And i also feel that the 2021 car looks a bit lower than the 2020 car because of the colour contrast!

    Abhishek RajAbhishek RajMånad sedan
  • I LOVE this livery! It looks AMAZING!

    Simbarocks ONESimbarocks ONEMånad sedan
  • This is Kimi’s 20th season in F1

    the_ goblinthe_ goblinMånad sedan
    • @Marco Roberts oh ok

      the_ goblinthe_ goblinMånad sedan
    • Well he had 2 seasons out from 2010-2011

      Marco RobertsMarco RobertsMånad sedan
  • Whao it's like red and white then red and white some more. Such evolution on last years car.

  • well at least Alfa Romeo’s lazy colour flip livery is better than Alpha Tauri’s lazy colour flip livery the nose on the AT02 just looks weird in dark blue imo

    TesseracTTesseracTMånad sedan
  • When Robert was standing behind, i've noticed and i known how small F1's are

    RamuRamuMånad sedan
    • Yeah and this era are F1's biggest cars of all time V8 era cars are absolutely tiny in comparison (especially thinner) classic historical cars were way shorter too.

      Noble7Noble7Månad sedan
  • I definitely agree I love Alfa Romeo because of their brand 💚🤍❤️

    Baltazar CruzBaltazar CruzMånad sedan
  • This livery looks so sick! I'm so excited to see it under the lights in Bahrain!

    Mykolas OlsonMykolas OlsonMånad sedan
  • The livery is really nice. Alfa Romeo outdone themself.

    ClauseClauseMånad sedan
    • @Trom all cars are poo except mercedes, lewis borington will win again and bottas will clown himself to a second place

      יהודים זבליהודים זבלMånad sedan
    • Might have a nice livery but it dont matter if the car is poo

      TromTromMånad sedan
  • Love the vids man keep it up.

    RonnieRonnieMånad sedan
  • Can I get a like from aldas 🙄

    Arjuna Reddy GArjuna Reddy GMånad sedan
  • I don't think anyone other than Aston Martin will be able to top this one

    andy Vettelandy VettelMånad sedan
    • I still have high hopes for the Williams

      Garrett ImfeldGarrett ImfeldMånad sedan
    • @andy Vettel you should know him....adrian nettel ......he won 4 championships on trot with redbull....

      devil's daddevil's dadMånad sedan
    • What if Redbull done their 1 time "testing livery"🙊

      Shreesha ShastryShreesha ShastryMånad sedan
    • Williams livery will change too

      tadexastadexasMånad sedan
    • @Shiv Sai no mate , it isn't necessary that two people with the same surname have to be related, I would be honoured to know him but I don't

      andy Vettelandy VettelMånad sedan
  • I think its beautiful, well done :)

    Slappy StreamSlappy StreamMånad sedan
  • White rims would be a great addition, like the AT team did

    Lee MartinLee MartinMånad sedan
    • @Hlangu Home Red would also be spectacular!

      Lee MartinLee MartinMånad sedan
    • either the white or red ones would've looked perfect on the car

      Hlangu HomeHlangu HomeMånad sedan
  • After all liveries you should do a rating from best to worst like if you agree

    BrandonBrandonMånad sedan
    • @Prisoner Monkeys yeah sure

      יהודים זבליהודים זבלMånad sedan
    • @TvLOverdose haha im trolling him cus he spams sht against everyone except hamilton everywhere

      יהודים זבליהודים זבלMånad sedan
    • @יהודים זבל The 2017-18 Merc was a shitbox.

      Prisoner MonkeysPrisoner MonkeysMånad sedan
    • @יהודים זבל KEK

      TvLOverdoseTvLOverdoseMånad sedan
    • @Prisoner Monkeys lewis is overrated trash and the 2017-2018 ferrari were dogsht compared to mercedes

      יהודים זבליהודים זבלMånad sedan
  • Banger livery Reminde of how the disco volante was pointed gold before red so that the red is richer

    History EverydayHistory EverydayMånad sedan
  • I personally love it, not too similar and not too different!

    Michael Swifty99Michael Swifty99Månad sedan
    • Yeah cos its like red then white then red then white.

    • @Brandon thanks for watching!

      Michael Swifty99Michael Swifty99Månad sedan
    • I saw your video saying about it

      BrandonBrandonMånad sedan
  • I love this livery one of the best so far Alpha Romeo don’t really change livery but this is one of the best liveries they have done

    BrandonBrandonMånad sedan
    • Alfa * 🙏

      Adrien BAdrien BMånad sedan
  • I have split opinions on this livery, I feel that it has too much white but at the same time it's a bit different compared to the older alfa liveries.

    DblCheesyBurgerDblCheesyBurgerMånad sedan
    • Same thoughts but it looks so good 🔥

      Kelly Oubre Jr.Kelly Oubre Jr.Månad sedan
  • Love your vids

    F1 FanF1 FanMånad sedan