Why is there NO Mercedes Branding on the 2021 McLaren?

17 feb 2021
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Me and Tommo Reacting to McLaren's 2021 Livery: seworld.info/will/hJDF1JKqe3qLspc/video&ab_channel=Veloce
The first livery of 2021 has been revealed with the launch of the McLaren MCL35M, and whilst the changes to the livery have been minor, one change that has been talked about is the lack of Mercedes branding on their car, in this video I explain why McLaren as a business wouldn't want to promote Mercedes and also talk about the level of powerunit sponsorship throughout the grid.
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  • First it was the Pink Mercedes, and now it is the Green Mercedes and the Orange Mercedes

    Boss CoinsBoss Coins3 dagar sedan
  • That’s what I thought as well

    AShortManAShortMan4 dagar sedan
  • Oof McLaren not using their own engines

    Urban VendettaUrban Vendetta5 dagar sedan
  • Wayyyyyy too long a video for what you actually had to say.

    Alexandre FisherAlexandre Fisher6 dagar sedan
  • Being a noob I always thought the Vodaphone car was a Mercedes 🤦🏻‍♂️

    Richard HRichard H6 dagar sedan
  • The answer is here: 4:28

    Paulo EdsonPaulo Edson6 dagar sedan
  • Still dont understand why McLaren doesnt use their own engines. I mean it's a damn McLaren

    riley fairriley fair7 dagar sedan
  • I just saw URAL KALI branding on the force india

    HoneyBadger03HoneyBadger037 dagar sedan
  • 11 and a half minutes to explain that, really? Could’ve explained it in a tweet.

    Jack LinehamJack Lineham8 dagar sedan
  • Marketing for the manufacturer's brand has Alonso and Ocon stuck driving a crappy hatchback Renault instead of a supercar like Ferrari and Mclaren lmao

    onegrapefruitloveronegrapefruitlover9 dagar sedan
  • Could’ve given us a different livery with the same papaya orange and blue colours :(

    AJAJ9 dagar sedan
  • Bruh. Zak is an ad salesman. He ain't giving free advertising to anyone. You leave a big blank space there and it tells potential sponsors that you're open for business.

    Andrew C.Andrew C.10 dagar sedan
  • Why would it be on there?

    Matthias VliegenMatthias Vliegen10 dagar sedan
  • Lots of blablabla for nothing. There is simply no sponsorship deal between Daimler and McLaren Group. McLaren is paying 100pc of the engines bills. So simple is that. There are providers.

    FlyA350FlyA35012 dagar sedan
  • They have developed their own engines?

    Bob FgBob Fg19 dagar sedan
  • What a waste of time, go get a real job

    ahmed Skillzahmed Skillz22 dagar sedan
  • I feel McLaren should have stuck with Honda

    Hevendra NarayansamyHevendra Narayansamy24 dagar sedan
  • mercedes don’t need the exposure because they’re always the ones standing on top of the podium anyway 😂

    Ashton TaylorAshton Taylor25 dagar sedan
  • Did you really need to make this video 11 minutes long to explain something that could be explained in about 45 seconds at most?

    HydrazHydraz28 dagar sedan
  • Looks like an update on the old Williams team colours

    timmo971timmo971Månad sedan
  • How is this a partnership? It’s a vendor/customer relationship. Big difference. Now perhaps the arrangement has a minor price difference depending on logo placement or lack thereof, but that’s all that could be expected. Anything after that is solely left up to McLaren.

    Pete TemplinPete TemplinMånad sedan
  • The abashed plastic cephalometrically remember because hook additionly head beside a deadpan ferryboat. pink, wrong theory

    Fredrick GordonFredrick GordonMånad sedan
  • Lol you say Ocon only had a small AMG sticker on his crash helmet yet the image you use he has a massive mercedes logo slap bang on his forhead printed on his crash helmet

    Chris WoodwardChris WoodwardMånad sedan
  • There's none on the Aston Martin either. Thank god!

    Formula Pun RacerFormula Pun RacerMånad sedan
  • I like how you imply that you noticed this yourself when it was being reported in the media before all of this anyways

    exiledrabbitexiledrabbitMånad sedan
  • Do people really make a decision to buy a road car based on the performance of the F1 team or even participation? Porsche etc seem to be doing just without F1.

    Jon DonnellyJon DonnellyMånad sedan
  • The bigger question is why don’t McLaren advertise them selves more? Besides the small speed mark on the nose cone and McLarenF1 on the halo there’s nothing on the car, they need to put more McLaren branding on the car IMO

    Exotic Performance VehiclesExotic Performance VehiclesMånad sedan
  • Instead put our logo why not sell our slot we usally use? They already know thats Mercedes

    Kairi A FaisalKairi A FaisalMånad sedan
  • Why are you disturbed with lack of Mercedes branding on Mc Laren? Does it hurt you?

    Nadir ÜnalNadir ÜnalMånad sedan
  • can ppl buying AMG GT's really afford a McLaren? their cheapest cars are 200K, the AMGs start at about half that I think.

    sadman hoquesadman hoqueMånad sedan
  • how to stretch a 3 min video into over 11mins to answer one simple question

    SimonSimonMånad sedan
  • The puffy signature superficially listen because gymnast arguably harass a a deserted conga. used, guttural H habitual weeder

    wagner jonwagner jonMånad sedan
  • Yea i thought this as well

    Matt HorkanMatt HorkanMånad sedan
  • Because it’s an engine deal, not a partnership...

    Curtis WhyteCurtis WhyteMånad sedan
  • What’s the background music in this video?

    Matthew PotterMatthew PotterMånad sedan
  • We probably forgot to add it 🤣

    BADBOYBADBOYMånad sedan
  • the stretching made to achieve the 10 min mark was so obvious and obnoxious. Dislike

    DuckDuckMånad sedan
  • So the real answer is... because they don't have to

    JezzaJezzaMånad sedan
  • Does anyone know the name of the video at 2:08 ?

    naufal thirafinaufal thirafiMånad sedan
  • Another important point to mention IMO is that Mercedes was a major stake holder in McLaren for a long time - which explains why they used to have much more branding in the past

    DennisDennisMånad sedan
  • I would love to see the orange and chrome mclaren livery again one day. It is by far my favourite f1 livery

    James MiddletonJames MiddletonMånad sedan
  • Only red bull and alpha tauri have the logo on it

    Pedro Daane BolierPedro Daane BolierMånad sedan
  • You didnt mention one of Mclarens companies, 'marketting' and they are probably serious about branding. I would think discussions happened in the leadership team between marketting, automotive and racing companies. But was it mercedes decsion? or mclarens? or mutual? who knows. Or maybe this arrangement was effecting the price of the engine contract? Maybe some handshaking and deals were made? I personally think its weird having a car with a different companies logo on. Its like me driving a VW Golf but with a Porshe badge instead of VW. Its just ''an incorrect label'', if the badge is on the F1 car then its a sponsor, they paid for that space. But to have a badge because of an engine, to me is unnessesary.

    traida111traida111Månad sedan
  • Neither does AM

    Danny RipfadeDanny RipfadeMånad sedan
  • Why is this is even a topic for a video. Is it not obvious that these two teams are close competitors and Mercedes is merely an engine supplier. McLaren don’t have to advertise Mercedes whatsoever. Some teams want to promote their engine supplier. Some teams might have it as part of their deal, as in they have paid in part for their engines through advertising.

    Tawer ZadokTawer ZadokMånad sedan
  • There is no reason to make 11 minute long video about this. It can be explained in one sentence.

    Chris A. NylanderChris A. NylanderMånad sedan
  • Did you really stretch 30 second video into 11:30 minute ? Come on dude, This is stupid waste of time....

    ac0rpbgac0rpbgMånad sedan
  • "Every big manufacturer team are road car businesses first and F1 teams second." Except Ferrari. They're the other way around.

    RodriguezRacer 456RodriguezRacer 456Månad sedan
  • Red Bull never display the Renault

    edward rodriguezedward rodriguezMånad sedan
  • Why is it strange? They are full customers for the Mercedes engines.. You will only see branding if the team is getting support.

    Ryan O'KeefeRyan O'KeefeMånad sedan
  • For the minnow mercedes engine users it's probably a case of merc not wanting to pay for the exposure after taking an enforced loss on the engine supply via the engine supply regs.

    Daniel O'KaneDaniel O'KaneMånad sedan
  • 3 seasons McLaren used Honda and Renault engines what's next in 2024 Ferrari?

    Samet ÖzkanSamet ÖzkanMånad sedan
  • Williams wearing umbro apparel .. They think it's 1995 ...

    Diogo PintoDiogo PintoMånad sedan
  • I had hope McLaren would have had an iconic classic Gulf livery for 2021.

    Matt HannaMatt HannaMånad sedan
  • tal to much and say nothng...

    daniel britosdaniel britosMånad sedan
  • Kinda interesting, but not worth an 11 minute video that's for sure.

    James TaleporosJames TaleporosMånad sedan
  • McL paid to NOT have Merc image anywhere... cmon man

    dtals auto studiodtals auto studioMånad sedan
  • It’s BS, It may not be a requirement or conflict with commercial reasons, but I know I for one was looking forward to seeing the Silver Arrows logo back on the Mclaren, which is when the Mclaren was last successful, but surely it would be a courtesy to display the PU manufacturer, they did with both the Honda and Renault engine, so I know I’m VERY disappointed, and the statement put out by them is a typical avoiding corporate answer... BS, BS, BS....

    Steve ASteve AMånad sedan
  • Ocon and Russell are Merc drivers, thus.

    DoxYDox DeLamancaDoxYDox DeLamancaMånad sedan
  • Now remove the gay stripes and it's perfect😂

    KuKumba GumbaKuKumba GumbaMånad sedan
  • Racing point didn't put the mercedes logo on their car. They just took entire car.

    Yow MamaYow MamaMånad sedan
  • Everybody knows thst Mclaren is now powered my Mercedes again . No biggy .

    Englishman inFranceEnglishman inFranceMånad sedan
  • 2:15 you can also see the merc star through ocons visor

    Sanat PrasadSanat PrasadMånad sedan
  • One other reason they don't use the Merc logo is due to the fact that Mclaren are just mere customers, they do not have a technical partnership like Williams might have and that Honda certainly has with Red Bull. I feel this is the main difference, the PU is simply a component they have to source to build the car, it is not a reason for 'pride' as many people think due to not having technical partnership like they actually had with HPP in the past.

    MiguelÓn CunÍMiguelÓn CunÍMånad sedan
  • shame

    SIL3NTSIL3NTMånad sedan
  • A simple way: “I bought an engine from you, so i am your customer. Why would a customer has manufacturer’s brand on his product?”

    Jize CaiJize CaiMånad sedan
    • Another example: Aston Martin never made their own engine. They buy from Mercedes (Vantage and DB11 use AMG V8). But they don’t put Mercedes on their car body

      Jize CaiJize CaiMånad sedan
  • My guess is because they are paying for the engines , they choose to put the badge on there or not

    Anthony BonhamAnthony BonhamMånad sedan
  • This definitely falls into the category of so what, who cares, nothing to see here.

    chuckschillingchuckschillingMånad sedan
  • It does feel a bit disingenuous. To a casual F1 fan like me it could come across like the gains made in F1 are from McLaren powertrains when they're actually from Mercedes.

    BroskiRoBroskiRoMånad sedan
  • Mercedes honestly don’t need teams to brand them. The championships and the brand’s prestige itself doesnt need branding from other teams, Honda on the other hand does need branding for reasons of proving they can compete with big brands like Mercedes and Ferrari using Honda power. Mclaren just want to brand ‘Mclaren’ even though they’re using Mercedes power units.

    Akando Samee HasanAkando Samee HasanMånad sedan
  • 2:51 14 world championships and more

    part of the group called people of the internetpart of the group called people of the internetMånad sedan
  • But they do have a Coca Cola logo. Coca Cola who recently defined "whiteness" as being arrogant and ignorant, among other things, and told their employees to "be less white". I will not be supporting a team displaying the logo of such a racіst company.

    PiousMoltarPiousMoltarMånad sedan
  • Save that space for sponsors that pay you, not people you pay.

    shaunmark1shaunmark1Månad sedan
  • Mercedes is at the front of the pack and they really don’t need visibility from middle to the back row cars. Unique brand separation is more important as new viewers or sponsors to F1 can see distinction between the cars. The discussion around why McLauren and Ferrari are still aloud to have dominant tobacco sponsorship on their cars, driver clothing and merchandise would be good to have.

    Rory SpicerRory SpicerMånad sedan
  • 12 minutes talking about something that can be told in 12 seconds

    Sameh FakhrySameh FakhryMånad sedan
  • my guess is mclaren probably decided to design their own power unit for their f1 cars

    Patrick MallardPatrick MallardMånad sedan
  • Their not the factory team yet.

    Kenny G GKenny G GMånad sedan
  • The McLaren still look good actually

    muhammad nabilmuhammad nabilMånad sedan
  • Nice video Aidas really good content

    muhammad nabilmuhammad nabilMånad sedan
  • There's another issue you didn't touch on that may, or may not, be relevant. McLaren has a technical partnership with Volvo Trucks who supply the trucks. (shocking, I know). When McLaren moved to Honda in 2015 they replaced their fleet of Merc trucks with Volvo, and renewed said fleet in 2019. (built and delivered in 2019 afaik, so first used in 2020 though I could be off by a year) There may be some clause in the contract that prevents Merc logo's being displayed on the car in spite of there being no Volvo branding. This conflict of interest would not have been an issue with Renault as Renault Trucks is part of the Volvo Group (Renault trucks are effectively Volvo but with a cheap and ugly cab). I'm very curious to see when, or even if they move back to Mercedes trucks and if that would see the return of the Merc logo on McLaren.

    DaHitchDaHitchMånad sedan
  • McLaren should start producing engines

    aminu mohammedaminu mohammedMånad sedan
  • Great observation,Aldas

    Tshepo NcamaneTshepo NcamaneMånad sedan
  • How do u stretch a one sentence explanation to 11 mins. They don’t have a marketing contract. Done.

    RohanRohanMånad sedan
  • My fantasy is thet maybe they don't care about Mercedes because they plan to built their own PU. Who would like to see a McLaren and a RedBull engine in the near future?

    thesleeper90thesleeper90Månad sedan
  • Yeah but Fernando Alonso sucks.

    ThriftybyNatureThriftybyNatureMånad sedan
  • So I guess we’re not going back to the McLaren-Mercedes name then.

    gcm747gcm747Månad sedan
  • Ofc racing point didn’t have any Mercedes logo they had to cover them up on the 2019 Mercedes

    Alex AckermanAlex AckermanMånad sedan
  • Don't have to put merc on the car because the engine paid for by McLaren.not a sponsored engine given to them by merc

    Jason MorganJason MorganMånad sedan
  • Because it's a Coca-Cola engine

    wololo10wololo10Månad sedan
  • What a waste of time that video was 🥱

    Pete PlastowPete PlastowMånad sedan
  • Should've made it part of the deal. Display our logo or no engine for you, and rightfully so..shouldn't be an option

    555 KW555 KWMånad sedan
  • Most road cars have engines manufactured by a different company but they don't need big stickers stating the fact..there an engine supplier end of.

    grant rossgrant rossMånad sedan
  • if im honest i prefer your videos without facecam. You don't have an ugly face or smth but its less distracting to listen to your voice without face.

    Floris GroothuizenFloris GroothuizenMånad sedan

    Charles LeclercCharles LeclercMånad sedan
  • So a story about nothing!

    Cam FCam FMånad sedan
  • I get it but mclaren use mercedes amg engines for their road cars as well

    Bojan BaicBojan BaicMånad sedan
  • Mercedes also had shares of McLaren back in 90s 2000s but sold them and built its own team

    Gökhan VaroğluGökhan VaroğluMånad sedan
  • Until you can beat the silver arrows, you have not earnt the right to to display the Mercedes badge on your car.

    Hashtag. DisguyHashtag. DisguyMånad sedan
  • Because McLaren is it own company? They just don't make engines for f1? So Mercedes does for the mclaren team?? It's business bud looking to mych into it???

    C.K. GriffC.K. GriffMånad sedan
  • Nobody be talking about McLaren Mercedes with drivers 3 and 4 again!

    Thunderbolt BlitzThunderbolt BlitzMånad sedan